The Terraria Application Programming Interface (tAPI) is a third party modding tool for Terraria that allows its users to add their own content to Terraria 1.2 and later through the use of Hooking and JSON files. It is designed to "plug and play" a multitude of mods in a smooth and simple fashion as well as make modding simpler. Do not have any other mods that replace the Terraria.exe file installed when installing tAPI.

tAPI is still under heavy development, but has been released with updates occurring regularly. It can be downloaded from this thread. Or directly [2]


Customize and even completely change out the following:

  • Terraria-like launcher
  • Color coded text
  • Improved menus
    • Saved servers
    • Mod selection screen

Through JSON Files

  • Per Mod Hook Call Orders
  • Items and Blocks
  • Particles and Gore
  • Sounds
  • Item Slots

Through C# code (cs files)

  • NPC/Projectile AI/Kill handling
  • Custom menu pages, menu controls insertion
  • Ingame interface
  • Special weapons
  • Pretty much anything

Supported Mods

Last Updated: June 25, 2015. not complete


  • Most Mods are not designed to work with tAPI.
  • Mods made with tAPI MUST have it to function.
  • Some tAPI mods may not work well with others.
  • Mods must have special code to work under MP.