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	local info={}
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info["es"]["Recipes/By Hand"]="Recipes/By Hand/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Dye Vat"]="Recipes/Dye Vat/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Sky Mill"]="Recipes/Sky Mill/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln"]="Recipes/Glass Kiln/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Work Bench"]="Recipes/Work Bench/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Bone Welder"]="Recipes/Bone Welder/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot"]="Recipes/Cooking Pot/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Ice Machine"]="Recipes/Ice Machine/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Living Loom"]="Recipes/Living Loom/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball"]="Recipes/Crystal Ball/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder"]="Recipes/Meat Grinder/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle"]="Recipes/Placed Bottle/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge"]="Recipes/Hardmode Forge/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil"]="Recipes/Hardmode Anvil/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser"]="Recipes/Honey Dispenser/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station"]="Recipes/Imbuing Station/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench"]="Recipes/Heavy Work Bench/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace"]="Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler"]="Recipes/Steampunk Boiler/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat"]="Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil"]="Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"]="Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/es"
info["es"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop"]="Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop/es"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Dye Vat"]="Recipes/Dye Vat/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln"]="Recipes/Glass Kiln/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Bone Welder"]="Recipes/Bone Welder/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Ice Machine"]="Recipes/Ice Machine/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Living Loom"]="Recipes/Living Loom/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder"]="Recipes/Meat Grinder/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber"]="Recipes/Decay Chamber/yue"
info["cs"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"]="Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/cs"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser"]="Recipes/Honey Dispenser/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station"]="Recipes/Imbuing Station/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench"]="Recipes/Heavy Work Bench/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace"]="Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler"]="Recipes/Steampunk Boiler/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat"]="Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat/yue"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"]="Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/yue"
info["vi"]["Ankh Shield/Crafting tree"]="Ankh Shield/Crafting tree/vi"
info["it"]["Angler Fish"]="Angler Fish/it"
info["tr"]["Copper Bar"]="Copper Bar/tr"
info["da"]["Clay Pot"]="Clay Pot/da"
info["vi"]["Item IDs/row"]="Item IDs/row/vi"
info["sk"]["Cactus Pickaxe"]="Cactus Pickaxe/sk"
info["vi"]["Arctic Diving Gear/Crafting tree"]="Arctic Diving Gear/Crafting tree/vi"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot"]="Recipes/Cooking Pot/yue"
info["it"]["Arms Dealer"]="Arms Dealer/it"
info["it"]["Demon Eye"]="Demon Eye/it"
info["no"]["Silver Pickaxe"]="Silver Pickaxe/no"
info["it"]["Suspicious Looking Eye"]="Suspicious Looking Eye/it"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge"]="Recipes/Hardmode Forge/yue"
info["it"]["Smooth Granite Block"]="Smooth Granite Block/it"
info["nl"]["Meteor Hamaxe"]="Meteor Hamaxe/nl"
info["it"]["Blood Crawler"]="Blood Crawler/it"
info["da"]["Work Benches"]="Work Benches/da"
info["nl"]["Molten Hamaxe"]="Molten Hamaxe/nl"
info["nl"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/nl"
info["it"]["Iron Axe"]="Iron Axe/it"
info["nl"]["The Breaker"]="The Breaker/nl"
info["no"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/no"
info["nl"]["Silver Pickaxe"]="Silver Pickaxe/nl"
info["no"]["Gold Pickaxe"]="Gold Pickaxe/no"
info["it"]["Smooth Granite Wall"]="Smooth Granite Wall/it"
info["es"]["Yellow Slime"]="Yellow Slime/es"
info["tr"]["Copper Ore"]="Copper Ore/tr"
info["es"]["Copper Brick Wall"]="Copper Brick Wall/es"
info["it"]["Life Fruit"]="Life Fruit/it"
info["tr"]["Dog Whistle"]="Dog Whistle/tr"
info["es"]["Axe Statue"]="Axe Statue/es"
info["da"]["Water Candle"]="Water Candle/da"
info["nl"]["Copper Axe"]="Copper Axe/nl"
info["nl"]["Iron Axe"]="Iron Axe/nl"
info["es"]["Rotten Chunk"]="Rotten Chunk/es"
info["no"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/no"
info["es"]["Anomura Fungus"]="Anomura Fungus/es"
info["cs"]["Daedalus Stormbow"]="Daedalus Stormbow/cs"
info["it"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/it"
info["es"]["Bone Block"]="Bone Block/es"
info["yue"]["Version history"]="Version history/yue"
info["cs"]["Fiery Greatsword"]="Fiery Greatsword/cs"
info["nl"]["Wooden Hammer"]="Wooden Hammer/nl"
info["es"]["Red Slime"]="Red Slime/es"
info["nl"]["Silver Axe"]="Silver Axe/nl"
info["it"]["Copper Axe"]="Copper Axe/it"
info["nl"]["Breathing Reed"]="Breathing Reed/nl"
info["it"]["Copper Bar"]="Copper Bar/it"
info["es"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/es"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle"]="Recipes/Placed Bottle/yue"
info["es"]["Green Slime"]="Green Slime/es"
info["es"]["Bottled Water"]="Bottled Water/es"
info["nl"]["War Axe of the Night"]="War Axe of the Night/nl"
info["nl"]["Gold Pickaxe"]="Gold Pickaxe/nl"
info["it"]["Copper Hammer"]="Copper Hammer/it"
info["es"]["Chinese Lantern"]="Chinese Lantern/es"
info["it"]["Silver Pickaxe"]="Silver Pickaxe/it"
info["nl"]["Gold Axe"]="Gold Axe/nl"
info["es"]["Daedalus Stormbow"]="Daedalus Stormbow/es"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop"]="Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop/yue"
info["nl"]["Copper Hammer"]="Copper Hammer/nl"
info["es"]["Goblin Sorcerer"]="Goblin Sorcerer/es"
info["it"]["Gold Axe"]="Gold Axe/it"
info["nl"]["Gold Hammer"]="Gold Hammer/nl"
info["nl"]["Silver Hammer"]="Silver Hammer/nl"
info["it"]["Molten Hamaxe"]="Molten Hamaxe/it"
info["it"]["Meteor Hamaxe"]="Meteor Hamaxe/it"
info["es"]["Purple Slime"]="Purple Slime/es"
info["nl"]["Iron Hammer"]="Iron Hammer/nl"
info["yue"]["Recipes/By Hand"]="Recipes/By Hand/yue"
info["vi"]["NPC IDs/row"]="NPC IDs/row/vi"
info["vi"]["Purchased walls"]="Purchased walls/vi"
info["ja"]["NPC IDs/row"]="NPC IDs/row/ja"
info["it"]["Wooden Hammer"]="Wooden Hammer/it"
info["cs"]["Copper Bar"]="Copper Bar/cs"
info["it"]["Iron Hammer"]="Iron Hammer/it"
info["es"]["Silver Pickaxe"]="Silver Pickaxe/es"
info["nl"]["Armor Bracing"]="Armor Bracing/nl"
info["no"]["Molten Pickaxe"]="Molten Pickaxe/no"
info["it"]["Silver Hammer"]="Silver Hammer/it"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Sky Mill"]="Recipes/Sky Mill/yue"
info["es"]["Goblin Peon"]="Goblin Peon/es"
info["lt"]["Cactus Pickaxe"]="Cactus Pickaxe/lt"
info["es"]["Skull Lantern"]="Skull Lantern/es"
info["es"]["Copper Brick"]="Copper Brick/es"
info["ja"]["Shell Pile"]="Shell Pile/ja"
info["lt"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/lt"
info["es"]["Blue Slime"]="Blue Slime/es"
info["nl"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/nl"
info["es"]["Goblin Thief"]="Goblin Thief/es"
info["es"]["Copper Ore"]="Copper Ore/es"
info["tr"]["Breathing Reed"]="Breathing Reed/tr"
info["cs"]["Anklet of the Wind"]="Anklet of the Wind/cs"
info["lt"]["Wooden Hammer"]="Wooden Hammer/lt"
info["it"]["Silver Axe"]="Silver Axe/it"
info["nl"]["Fast Clock"]="Fast Clock/nl"
info["nl"]["Copper Bar"]="Copper Bar/nl"
info["es"]["Goblin Warrior"]="Goblin Warrior/es"
info["tr"]["Tin Pickaxe"]="Tin Pickaxe/tr"
info["nl"]["Medicated Bandage"]="Medicated Bandage/nl"
info["nl"]["Adhesive Bandage"]="Adhesive Bandage/nl"
info["es"]["Corrupt Bunny"]="Corrupt Bunny/es"
info["es"]["Copper Axe"]="Copper Axe/es"
info["lt"]["Tin Pickaxe"]="Tin Pickaxe/lt"
info["cs"]["Goblin Peon"]="Goblin Peon/cs"
info["tr"]["Lead Pickaxe"]="Lead Pickaxe/tr"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball"]="Recipes/Crystal Ball/yue"
info["es"]["Bottle (crafting station)"]="Bottle (crafting station)/es"
info["nl"]["Countercurse Mantra"]="Countercurse Mantra/nl"
info["es"]["Copper Bar"]="Copper Bar/es"
info["cs"]["Tin Pickaxe"]="Tin Pickaxe/cs"
info["nl"]["Armor Polish"]="Armor Polish/nl"
info["es"]["Fish set"]="Fish set/es"
info["sk"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/sk"
info["nl"]["Molten Pickaxe"]="Molten Pickaxe/nl"
info["cs"]["Ammunition items"]="Ammunition items/cs"
info["nl"]["Copper Ore"]="Copper Ore/nl"
info["es"]["Wizard Hat"]="Wizard Hat/es"
info["it"]["Gold Pickaxe"]="Gold Pickaxe/it"
info["ja"]["World Globe"]="World Globe/ja"
info["vi"]["Tin Brick Wall"]="Tin Brick Wall/vi"
info["es"]["Attack speed"]="Attack speed/es"
info["tr"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/tr"
info["cs"]["The Hallow"]="The Hallow/cs"
info["vi"]["Actuation Rod"]="Actuation Rod/vi"
info["lt"]["Titanium Pickaxe"]="Titanium Pickaxe/lt"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil"]="Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil/yue"
info["nl"]["Demon Eye"]="Demon Eye/nl"
info["es"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/es"
info["lt"]["Titanium Drill"]="Titanium Drill/lt"
info["es"]["Tin Bar"]="Tin Bar/es"
info["vi"]["Crafted walls"]="Crafted walls/vi"
info["cs"]["Healing Potion"]="Healing Potion/cs"
info["lt"]["Titanium Bar"]="Titanium Bar/lt"
info["it"]["Gold Hammer"]="Gold Hammer/it"
info["cs"]["Copper Ore"]="Copper Ore/cs"
info["cs"]["Night's Edge"]="Night's Edge/cs"
info["nl"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"]="Nightmare Pickaxe/nl"
info["tr"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/tr"
info["nl"]["Goblin Tinkerer"]="Goblin Tinkerer/nl"
info["es"]["Servant of Cthulhu"]="Servant of Cthulhu/es"
info["cs"]["Goldfish (NPC)"]="Goldfish (NPC)/cs"
info["es"]["Corrupt Goldfish"]="Corrupt Goldfish/es"
info["vi"]["Tin Bar"]="Tin Bar/vi"
info["es"]["The Groom"]="The Groom/es"
info["lv"]["Terraria News"]="Terraria News/lv"
info["nl"]["Wall of Flesh"]="Wall of Flesh/nl"
info["ja"]["Lava Absorbant Sponge"]="Lava Absorbant Sponge/ja"
info["vi"]["Journey Mode/Research list"]="Journey Mode/Research list/vi"
info["nl"]["Throwing weapons"]="Throwing weapons/nl"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil"]="Recipes/Hardmode Anvil/yue"
info["nl"]["The Plan"]="The Plan/nl"
info["it"]["Enemy list"]="Enemy list/it"
info["vi"]["Gold Goldfish"]="Gold Goldfish/vi"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Ecto Mist"]="Recipes/Ecto Mist/yue"
info["es"]["Copper Shortsword"]="Copper Shortsword/es"
info["yue"]["Game platform"]="Game platform/yue"
info["cs"]["The Twins"]="The Twins/cs"
info["nl"]["Trifold Map"]="Trifold Map/nl"
info["ja"]["Angry Dandelion"]="Angry Dandelion/ja"
info["nl"]["Goldfish (NPC)"]="Goldfish (NPC)/nl"
info["cs"]["Blade of Grass"]="Blade of Grass/cs"
info["nl"]["Pre-Hardmode Anvils"]="Pre-Hardmode Anvils/nl"
info["lt"]["Martian Madness"]="Martian Madness/lt"
info["nl"]["Explosives (class)"]="Explosives (class)/nl"
info["nl"]["Dark Lance"]="Dark Lance/nl"
info["yue"]["Recipes/Work Bench"]="Recipes/Work Bench/yue"
info["it"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/it"
info["vi"]["Tin Brick"]="Tin Brick/vi"
info["ja"]["Tree Globe"]="Tree Globe/ja"
info["cs"]["Copper Shortsword"]="Copper Shortsword/cs"
info["vi"]["Silver Bar"]="Silver Bar/vi"
info["lt"]["Luminite Pickaxes"]="Luminite Pickaxes/lt"
info["ja"]["Garden Gnome"]="Garden Gnome/ja"
info["es"]["Copper armor"]="Copper armor/es"
info["bg"]["NPC flag"]="NPC flag/bg"
info["ja"]["Magic Conch"]="Magic Conch/ja"
info["cs"]["Climbing Claws"]="Climbing Claws/cs"
info["es"]["Gills Potion"]="Gills Potion/es"
info["id"]["Upcoming Features"]="Upcoming Features/id"
info["cs"]["Iron Pickaxe"]="Iron Pickaxe/cs"
info["cs"]["Cactus Pickaxe"]="Cactus Pickaxe/cs"
info["cs"]["Rich Mahogany armor"]="Rich Mahogany armor/cs"
info["it"]["The Breaker"]="The Breaker/it"
info["it"]["Floating Island"]="Floating Island/it"
info["cs"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/cs"
info["cs"]["Tiger Climbing Gear"]="Tiger Climbing Gear/cs"
info["es"]["Gold Pickaxe"]="Gold Pickaxe/es"
info["ja"]["Crystal Slime"]="Crystal Slime/ja"
info["lt"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/lt"
info["ja"]["Windy Balloon"]="Windy Balloon/ja"
info["ja"]["Meteor Shower"]="Meteor Shower/ja"
info["es"]["Upcoming features"]="Upcoming features/es"
info["vi"]["Palladium Bar"]="Palladium Bar/vi"
info["cs"]["Possessed Armor"]="Possessed Armor/cs"
info["lt"]["Martian Saucer"]="Martian Saucer/lt"
info["ja"]["Shadow Scale"]="Shadow Scale/ja"
info["cs"]["Shoe Spikes"]="Shoe Spikes/cs"
info["vi"]["Platinum Bar"]="Platinum Bar/vi"
info["ja"]["Magma Snail"]="Magma Snail/ja"
info["lt"]["Gold Ore"]="Gold Ore/lt"
info["vi"]["Spectre Bar"]="Spectre Bar/vi"
info["es"]["Logic Gate Lamps"]="Logic Gate Lamps/es"
info["es"]["Cursed Inferno"]="Cursed Inferno/es"
info["ja"]["Data IDs"]="Data IDs/ja"
info["it"]["War Axe of the Night"]="War Axe of the Night/it"
info["vi"]["Tin armor"]="Tin armor/vi"
info["cs"]["Mining armor"]="Mining armor/cs"
info["vi"]["Data IDs"]="Data IDs/vi"
info["it"]["List of weapons"]="List of weapons/it"
info["lt"]["Gold Pickaxe"]="Gold Pickaxe/lt"
info["es"]["Tin Ore"]="Tin Ore/es"
info["vi"]["Iron Bar"]="Iron Bar/vi"
info["cs"]["Palm Wood"]="Palm Wood/cs"
info["es"]["Undead Miner"]="Undead Miner/es"
info["vi"]["Tungsten Ore"]="Tungsten Ore/vi"
info["es"]["Angry Bones"]="Angry Bones/es"
info["es"]["Logic Gates"]="Logic Gates/es"
info["es"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"]="Nightmare Pickaxe/es"
info["nl"]["Cloud in a Bottle"]="Cloud in a Bottle/nl"
info["id"]["Dirt Block"]="Dirt Block/id"
info["tr"]["Cactus Pickaxe"]="Cactus Pickaxe/tr"
info["da"]["Demonite Bar"]="Demonite Bar/da"
info["lt"]["Cosmic Car Key"]="Cosmic Car Key/lt"
info["lt"]["Laser Drill"]="Laser Drill/lt"
info["cs"]["Stone Block"]="Stone Block/cs"
info["it"]["Molten Pickaxe"]="Molten Pickaxe/it"
info["nl"]["Santa Claus"]="Santa Claus/nl"
info["cs"]["The Destroyer"]="The Destroyer/cs"
info["vi"]["Copper Bar"]="Copper Bar/vi"
info["it"]["Attack speed"]="Attack speed/it"
info["vi"]["Demonite Bar"]="Demonite Bar/vi"
info["vi"]["Silver Ore"]="Silver Ore/vi"
info["ja"]["NPC IDs"]="NPC IDs/ja"
info["vi"]["Tin Shortsword"]="Tin Shortsword/vi"
info["it"]["Blue Slime"]="Blue Slime/it"
info["cs"]["Boreal Wood"]="Boreal Wood/cs"
info["vi"]["NPC IDs"]="NPC IDs/vi"
info["it"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"]="Nightmare Pickaxe/it"
info["vi"]["Orichalcum Bar"]="Orichalcum Bar/vi"
info["cs"]["Meteor armor"]="Meteor armor/cs"
info["vi"]["Gold Bar"]="Gold Bar/vi"
info["lt"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/lt"
info["el"]["Copper Pickaxe"]="Copper Pickaxe/el"
info["vi"]["Tin Ore"]="Tin Ore/vi"
info["vi"]["Titanium Bar"]="Titanium Bar/vi"
info["es"]["Work Benches"]="Work Benches/es"
info["cs"]["Hero's set"]="Hero's set/cs"
info["ja"]["Potion Sickness"]="Potion Sickness/ja"
info["vi"]["Mythril Ore"]="Mythril Ore/vi"
info["es"]["World size"]="World size/es"
info["vi"]["Platinum Ore"]="Platinum Ore/vi"
info["id"]["Upcoming Features/header"]="Upcoming Features/header/id"
info["cs"]["Wood armor"]="Wood armor/cs"
info["ja"]["Copper Watch"]="Copper Watch/ja"
info["it"]["Ankh Charm"]="Ankh Charm/it"
info["ja"]["Mechanical Eye"]="Mechanical Eye/ja"
info["vi"]["Palladium Ore"]="Palladium Ore/vi"
info["cs"]["Rich Mahogany"]="Rich Mahogany/cs"
info["fi"]["Dirt Block"]="Dirt Block/fi"
info["vi"]["Crimtane Bar"]="Crimtane Bar/vi"
info["nl"]["Old Man"]="Old Man/nl"
info["it"]["World size"]="World size/it"
info["ja"]["Gelatin Crystal"]="Gelatin Crystal/ja"
info["ja"]["Green Slime"]="Green Slime/ja"
info["vi"]["Luminite Bar"]="Luminite Bar/vi"
info["nl"]["Skeletron Prime"]="Skeletron Prime/nl"
info["nl"]["Soul of Might"]="Soul of Might/nl"
info["vi"]["Tungsten Bar"]="Tungsten Bar/vi"
info["es"]["Bone Serpent"]="Bone Serpent/es"
info["vi"]["Lead Bar"]="Lead Bar/vi"
info["vi"]["Shroomite Bar"]="Shroomite Bar/vi"
info["es"]["Dirt Block"]="Dirt Block/es"
info["ja"]["Clay Pot"]="Clay Pot/ja"
info["vi"]["Meteorite Bar"]="Meteorite Bar/vi"
info["it"]["Defense items"]="Defense items/it"
info["it"]["Game mechanics"]="Game mechanics/it"
info["nl"]["The Destroyer"]="The Destroyer/nl"
info["cs"]["World Feeder"]="World Feeder/cs"
info["ja"]["Void Vault"]="Void Vault/ja"
info["cs"]["Voodoo Demon"]="Voodoo Demon/cs"
info["vi"]["Hellstone Bar"]="Hellstone Bar/vi"
info["vi"]["Chlorophyte Bar"]="Chlorophyte Bar/vi"
info["vi"]["Orichalcum Ore"]="Orichalcum Ore/vi"
info["cs"]["Expert Mode"]="Expert Mode/cs"
info["vi"]["Gold Ore"]="Gold Ore/vi"
info["ja"]["Prefix IDs"]="Prefix IDs/ja"
info["es"]["Santa Claus"]="Santa Claus/es"
info["cs"]["Item IDs"]="Item IDs/cs"
info["cs"]["Giant Worm"]="Giant Worm/cs"
info["vi"]["Lead Ore"]="Lead Ore/vi"
info["es"]["Cloud in a Bottle"]="Cloud in a Bottle/es"
info["es"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/es"
info["es"]["Cursed Skull"]="Cursed Skull/es"
info["nl"]["Angry Bones"]="Angry Bones/nl"
info["tr"]["Star Wrath"]="Star Wrath/tr"
info["vi"]["Copper Ore"]="Copper Ore/vi"
info["vi"]["Adamantite Bar"]="Adamantite Bar/vi"
info["vi"]["Converted walls"]="Converted walls/vi"
info["th"]["Arms Dealer"]="Arms Dealer/th"
info["vi"]["Iron Ore"]="Iron Ore/vi"
info["ja"]["Terraspark Boots"]="Terraspark Boots/ja"
info["tr"]["Angry Bones"]="Angry Bones/tr"
info["th"]["NPC names"]="NPC names/th"
info["vi"]["Mythril Bar"]="Mythril Bar/vi"
info["ja"]["Adamantite Bar"]="Adamantite Bar/ja"
info["tr"]["Witch Doctor"]="Witch Doctor/tr"
info["es"]["Queen Bee"]="Queen Bee/es"
info["cs"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/cs"
info["nl"]["Arms Dealer"]="Arms Dealer/nl"
info["cs"]["Crafting stations"]="Crafting stations/cs"
info["vi"]["Cobalt Ore"]="Cobalt Ore/vi"
info["tr"]["Background walls"]="Background walls/tr"
info["vi"]["Crimtane Ore"]="Crimtane Ore/vi"
info["id"]["Chlorophyte Ore"]="Chlorophyte Ore/id"
info["nl"]["Work Benches"]="Work Benches/nl"
info["cs"]["Undead Miner"]="Undead Miner/cs"
info["es"]["Demonite Ore"]="Demonite Ore/es"
info["vi"]["Cobalt Bar"]="Cobalt Bar/vi"
info["vi"]["Copper Shortsword"]="Copper Shortsword/vi"
info["it"]["Day and night cycle"]="Day and night cycle/it"
info["cs"]["Blood Moon"]="Blood Moon/cs"
info["nl"]["Eater of Worlds"]="Eater of Worlds/nl"
info["vi"]["Hallowed Bar"]="Hallowed Bar/vi"
info["lt"]["Arms Dealer"]="Arms Dealer/lt"
info["es"]["The Destroyer"]="The Destroyer/es"
info["vi"]["Demonite Ore"]="Demonite Ore/vi"
info["cs"]["Defense items"]="Defense items/cs"
info["cs"]["Demon Eye"]="Demon Eye/cs"
info["es"]["Magic Mirrors"]="Magic Mirrors/es"
info["es"]["Magic Mirror"]="Magic Mirror/es"
info["es"]["Ice Mirror"]="Ice Mirror/es"
info["es"]["Mobile version"]="Mobile version/es"
info["es"]["Cell Phone"]="Cell Phone/es"
info["es"]["Dungeon Guardian"]="Dungeon Guardian/es"
info["cs"]["Day and night cycle"]="Day and night cycle/cs"
info["nl"]["Day and night cycle"]="Day and night cycle/nl"
info["es"]["Eye of Cthulhu"]="Eye of Cthulhu/es"
info["it"]["Ammunition items"]="Ammunition items/it"
info["cs"]["Dungeon Guardian"]="Dungeon Guardian/cs"
info["es"]["Cell Phone/Crafting tree"]="Cell Phone/Crafting tree/es"
info["es"]["Day and night cycle"]="Day and night cycle/es"
info["cs"]["Snow biome"]="Snow biome/cs"
info["cs"]["Old Man"]="Old Man/cs"
info["ja"]["Obsidian Crate"]="Obsidian Crate/ja"
info["es"]["Map viewers"]="Map viewers/es"
info["vi"]["Informational Accessories"]="Informational Accessories/vi"
info["cs"]["Work Benches"]="Work Benches/cs"
info["vi"]["Naturally occurring walls"]="Naturally occurring walls/vi"
info["cs"]["Player stats"]="Player stats/cs"
info["es"]["Eater of Worlds"]="Eater of Worlds/es"
info["nl"]["Floating Island"]="Floating Island/nl"
info["cs"]["Moon Lord"]="Moon Lord/cs"
info["nl"]["Meteor Head"]="Meteor Head/nl"
info["es"]["Console version"]="Console version/es"
info["ja"]["Zenith/Crafting tree"]="Zenith/Crafting tree/ja"
info["ja"]["Prismatic Lacewing"]="Prismatic Lacewing/ja"
info["vi"]["Item IDs"]="Item IDs/vi"
info["ja"]["Windy Day"]="Windy Day/ja"
info["it"]["The Corruption"]="The Corruption/it"
info["cs"]["Frost Legion"]="Frost Legion/cs"
info["tr"]["Arms Dealer"]="Arms Dealer/tr"
info["ja"]["Console version"]="Console version/ja"
info["it"]["Player stats"]="Player stats/it"
info["no"]["Eye of Cthulhu"]="Eye of Cthulhu/no"
info["it"]["Vanity items"]="Vanity items/it"
info["yue"]["Attack speed"]="Attack speed/yue"
info["it"]["NPC drops"]="NPC drops/it"
info["it"]["Goblin Tinkerer"]="Goblin Tinkerer/it"
info["tr"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/tr"
info["es"]["Game mechanics"]="Game mechanics/es"
info["ja"]["Queen Slime"]="Queen Slime/ja"
info["cs"]["Goblin Army"]="Goblin Army/cs"
info["es"]["3DS version"]="3DS version/es"
info["th"]["Dye Trader"]="Dye Trader/th"
info["cs"]["Arms Dealer"]="Arms Dealer/cs"
info["vi"]["Master Mode"]="Master Mode/vi"
info["tr"]["Brain of Cthulhu"]="Brain of Cthulhu/tr"
info["lv"]["Snow biome"]="Snow biome/lv"
info["it"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/it"
info["vi"]["Ice biome"]="Ice biome/vi"
info["es"]["Ice biome"]="Ice biome/es"
info["es"]["Valid house"]="Valid house/es"
info["vi"]["Ammunition items"]="Ammunition items/vi"
info["es"]["Expert Mode"]="Expert Mode/es"
info["cs"]["Vanity items"]="Vanity items/cs"
info["ja"]["Master Mode"]="Master Mode/ja"
info["ja"]["Slime Rain"]="Slime Rain/ja"
info["cs"]["Traveling Merchant"]="Traveling Merchant/cs"
info["tr"]["Eater of Worlds"]="Eater of Worlds/tr"
info["vi"]["Queen Bee"]="Queen Bee/vi"
info["es"]["Crafting stations"]="Crafting stations/es"
info["it"]["Expert Mode"]="Expert Mode/it"
info["lt"]["Solar Eclipse"]="Solar Eclipse/lt"
info["tr"]["Snow biome"]="Snow biome/tr"
info["ja"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/ja"
info["cs"]["Eye of Cthulhu"]="Eye of Cthulhu/cs"
info["cs"]["Solar Eclipse"]="Solar Eclipse/cs"
info["tr"]["Eye of Cthulhu"]="Eye of Cthulhu/tr"
info["cs"]["Eater of Worlds"]="Eater of Worlds/cs"
info["vi"]["Background walls"]="Background walls/vi"
info["es"]["Blood Moon"]="Blood Moon/es"
info["es"]["Goblin Army"]="Goblin Army/es"
info["ja"]["Journey mode"]="Journey mode/ja"
info["es"]["Cavern Layer"]="Cavern Layer/es"
info["ja"]["Underground Desert"]="Underground Desert/ja"
info["it"]["Blood Moon"]="Blood Moon/it"
info["lt"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/lt"
info["vi"]["King Slime"]="King Slime/vi"
info["es"]["Terraria News"]="Terraria News/es"
info["vi"]["Desktop version history"]="Desktop version history/vi"
info["vi"]["Crafting stations"]="Crafting stations/vi"
info["es"]["Floating Island"]="Floating Island/es"
info["es"]["Floating Islands"]="Floating Islands/es"
info["tr"]["Expert Mode"]="Expert Mode/tr"
info["vi"]["Terraria News"]="Terraria News/vi"
info["tr"]["The Crimson"]="The Crimson/tr"
info["ja"]["Desktop version history"]="Desktop version history/ja"
info["yue"]["Terraria News"]="Terraria News/yue"
info["es"]["Wall of Flesh"]="Wall of Flesh/es"
info["no"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/no"
info["lv"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/lv"
info["es"]["Underground Layer"]="Underground Layer/es"
info["yue"]["Desktop version history"]="Desktop version history/yue"
info["vi"]["Magic weapons"]="Magic weapons/vi"
info["nl"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/nl"
info["vi"]["Journey Mode"]="Journey Mode/vi"
info["sv"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/sv"
info["es"]["Magic weapons"]="Magic weapons/es"
info["es"]["Brain of Cthulhu"]="Brain of Cthulhu/es"
info["es"]["Mobile version history"]="Mobile version history/es"
info["id"]["Expert Mode"]="Expert Mode/id"
info["es"]["Glowing Mushroom biome"]="Glowing Mushroom biome/es"
info["tr"]["The Corruption"]="The Corruption/tr"
info["es"]["Vanity items"]="Vanity items/es"
info["vi"]["Expert Mode"]="Expert Mode/vi"
info["ja"]["Empress of Light"]="Empress of Light/ja"
info["vi"]["Eye of Cthulhu"]="Eye of Cthulhu/vi"
info["vi"]["Brain of Cthulhu"]="Brain of Cthulhu/vi"
info["it"]["Movement Accessories"]="Movement Accessories/it"
info["vi"]["Movement Accessories"]="Movement Accessories/vi"
info["yue"]["Magic weapons"]="Magic weapons/yue"
info["es"]["Snow biome"]="Snow biome/es"
info["es"]["Console version history"]="Console version history/es"
info["vi"]["Snow biome"]="Snow biome/vi"
info["vi"]["Eater of Worlds"]="Eater of Worlds/vi"
info["cs"]["Movement Accessories"]="Movement Accessories/cs"
info["ja"]["The Hallow"]="The Hallow/ja"
info["it"]["Magic weapons"]="Magic weapons/it"
info["vi"]["Food and drink potions"]="Food and drink potions/vi"
info["yue"]["Ranged weapons"]="Ranged weapons/yue"
info["el"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/el"
info["id"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/id"
info["it"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/it"
info["yue"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/yue"
info["cs"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/cs"
info["es"]["Terraria Wiki/editcopy"]="Terraria Wiki/editcopy/es"
info["fi"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/fi"
info["th"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/th"
info["vi"]["Treasure Bag"]="Treasure Bag/vi"
info["es"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/es"
info["tr"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/tr"
info["vi"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/vi"
info["ja"]["Terraria Wiki"]="Terraria Wiki/ja"
info["vi"]["Melee weapons"]="Melee weapons/vi"
info["yue"]["Melee weapons"]="Melee weapons/yue"
info["tr"]["Enemy list"]="Enemy list/tr"
info["es"]["Enemy list"]="Enemy list/es"
info["es"]["Desktop version history"]="Desktop version history/es"
info["vi"]["Mobile version history"]="Mobile version history/vi"
info["yue"]["Mobile version history"]="Mobile version history/yue"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop-Release/es"
info["vi"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/vi"
info["ja"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["vi"]["Category:Entities patched in Switch 1.0.711.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Switch 1.0.711.6/vi"
info["cs"]["Category:Switch content"]="Category:Switch content/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Town NPCs"]="Category:Town NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/es"
info["es"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/es"
info["es"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/es"
info["nl"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/tr"
info["no"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/no"
info["no"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/no"
info["nl"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Critter NPCs"]="Category:Critter NPCs/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Critter NPCs"]="Category:Critter NPCs/es"
info["it"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/it"
info["cs"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/cs"
info["tr"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/tr"
info["da"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/da"
info["tr"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/nl"
info["th"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/th"
info["th"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/th"
info["lt"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/lt"
info["da"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/da"
info["vi"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/vi"
info["vi"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/vi"
info["it"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/it"
info["it"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/it"
info["it"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/it"
info["id"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/id"
info["id"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/id"
info["id"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/id"
info["nl"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/tr"
info["es"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/es"
info["th"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"]="Category:Enemy NPCs/th"
info["vi"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/vi"
info["no"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/no"
info["da"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/da"
info["lt"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"]="Category:NPCs by AI type/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:NPCs by environment"]="Category:NPCs by environment/lt"
info["it"]["Category:Hardmode-only NPCs"]="Category:Hardmode-only NPCs/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Hardmode-only NPCs"]="Category:Hardmode-only NPCs/tr"
info["lt"]["Category:NPC NPCs"]="Category:NPC NPCs/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Accessory items"]="Category:Accessory items/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Accessory items"]="Category:Accessory items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Items of rarity"]="Category:Items of rarity/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Items of rarity"]="Category:Items of rarity/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/es"
info["nl"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Miscellaneous items"]="Category:Miscellaneous items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Vanity items"]="Category:Vanity items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Light source items"]="Category:Light source items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/es"
info["nl"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Seeds items"]="Category:Seeds items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Mechanism items"]="Category:Mechanism items/cs"
info["lt"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/nl"
info["es"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/cs"
info["da"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/da"
info["es"]["Category:Accessory items"]="Category:Accessory items/es"
info["it"]["Category:Accessory items"]="Category:Accessory items/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Ammunition items"]="Category:Ammunition items/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/it"
info["it"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/it"
info["cs"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/it"
info["es"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Potion items"]="Category:Potion items/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Potion items"]="Category:Potion items/es"
info["nl"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/nl"
info["da"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/da"
info["es"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/es"
info["ja"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/ja"
info["it"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/it"
info["it"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/tr"
info["fi"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/fi"
info["it"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/it"
info["it"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Items of rarity"]="Category:Items of rarity/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Items of rarity"]="Category:Items of rarity/it"
info["es"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/es"
info["tr"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Hardmode-only items"]="Category:Hardmode-only items/tr"
info["sk"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/sk"
info["it"]["Category:Ammunition items"]="Category:Ammunition items/it"
info["nl"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Set items"]="Category:Set items/cs"
info["no"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/no"
info["it"]["Category:Hardmode-only items"]="Category:Hardmode-only items/it"
info["es"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/es"
info["it"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/it"
info["fi"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/fi"
info["fi"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/fi"
info["lt"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:Hardmode-only items"]="Category:Hardmode-only items/lt"
info["sk"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/sk"
info["no"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/no"
info["sk"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/sk"
info["es"]["Category:Set items"]="Category:Set items/es"
info["lt"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Armor items"]="Category:Armor items/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Armor items"]="Category:Armor items/es"
info["tr"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Consumable items"]="Category:Consumable items/tr"
info["da"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/da"
info["da"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/da"
info["id"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/id"
info["lt"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/tr"
info["no"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/no"
info["no"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/no"
info["sk"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/sk"
info["es"]["Category:Potion ingredients"]="Category:Potion ingredients/es"
info["id"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/id"
info["lt"]["Category:Accessory items"]="Category:Accessory items/lt"
info["es"]["Category:Ammunition items"]="Category:Ammunition items/es"
info["it"]["Category:Bait items"]="Category:Bait items/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/lt"
info["id"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/id"
info["fi"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/fi"
info["el"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/el"
info["tr"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Crafting material items"]="Category:Crafting material items/th"
info["th"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/th"
info["el"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/el"
info["it"]["Category:Wall items"]="Category:Wall items/it"
info["it"]["Category:Vanity items"]="Category:Vanity items/it"
info["es"]["Category:Vanity items"]="Category:Vanity items/es"
info["es"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/es"
info["el"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/el"
info["es"]["Category:Miscellaneous items"]="Category:Miscellaneous items/es"
info["it"]["Category:Miscellaneous items"]="Category:Miscellaneous items/it"
info["ja"]["Category:Weapon items"]="Category:Weapon items/ja"
info["tr"]["Category:Furniture items"]="Category:Furniture items/tr"
info["ja"]["Category:Potion items"]="Category:Potion items/ja"
info["it"]["Category:Potion items"]="Category:Potion items/it"
info["cs"]["Category:Potion ingredients"]="Category:Potion ingredients/cs"
info["da"]["Category:Potion ingredients"]="Category:Potion ingredients/da"
info["it"]["Category:Potion ingredients"]="Category:Potion ingredients/it"
info["ja"]["Category:Potion ingredients"]="Category:Potion ingredients/ja"
info["lt"]["Category:Potion ingredients"]="Category:Potion ingredients/lt"
info["ja"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/ja"
info["tr"]["Category:Summoning items"]="Category:Summoning items/tr"
info["lt"]["Category:Summoning items"]="Category:Summoning items/lt"
info["th"]["Category:Acquired through"]="Category:Acquired through/th"
info["da"]["Category:Light source items"]="Category:Light source items/da"
info["lt"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Block items"]="Category:Block items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Autoswing items"]="Category:Autoswing items/cs"
info["vi"]["Category:Accessory items"]="Category:Accessory items/vi"
info["vi"]["Category:Items of rarity"]="Category:Items of rarity/vi"
info["vi"]["Category:Tool items"]="Category:Tool items/vi"
info["es"]["Category:Random events"]="Category:Random events/es"
info["lt"]["Category:Random events"]="Category:Random events/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Random events"]="Category:Random events/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Random events"]="Category:Random events/it"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/it"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/es"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/th"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/lt"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/tr"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/lt"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced"]="Category:Entities introduced/es"
info["bg"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/bg"
info["da"]["Category:Entities patched"]="Category:Entities patched/da"
info["it"]["Category:Achievement-related elements"]="Category:Achievement-related elements/it"
info["th"]["Category:Achievement-related elements"]="Category:Achievement-related elements/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Achievement-related elements"]="Category:Achievement-related elements/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:Achievement-related elements"]="Category:Achievement-related elements/nl"
info["es"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/es"
info["es"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Game mechanics"]="Category:Game mechanics/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Game mechanics"]="Category:Game mechanics/nl"
info["bg"]["Category:Game mechanics"]="Category:Game mechanics/bg"
info["es"]["Category:Game mechanics"]="Category:Game mechanics/es"
info["nl"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/tr"
info["es"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/es"
info["es"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/es"
info["es"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/es"
info["fi"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/fi"
info["fi"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/fi"
info["fi"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/fi"
info["fi"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/fi"
info["fi"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/fi"
info["cs"]["Category:Version content"]="Category:Version content/cs"
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info["nl"]["Category:Weapon types"]="Category:Weapon types/nl"
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info["nl"]["Category:Items of rarity 5"]="Category:Items of rarity 5/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Worm AI NPCs"]="Category:Worm AI NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Jellyfish AI NPCs"]="Category:Jellyfish AI NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Vulture AI NPCs"]="Category:Vulture AI NPCs/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Items of rarity 2"]="Category:Items of rarity 2/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Items of rarity 0"]="Category:Items of rarity 0/nl"
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info["nl"]["Category:Passive AI NPCs"]="Category:Passive AI NPCs/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Eye of Cthulhu AI NPCs"]="Category:Eye of Cthulhu AI NPCs/cs"
info["no"]["Category:Eye of Cthulhu AI NPCs"]="Category:Eye of Cthulhu AI NPCs/no"
info["cs"]["Category:Slime NPCs"]="Category:Slime NPCs/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Fighter AI NPCs"]="Category:Fighter AI NPCs/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Bat NPCs"]="Category:Bat NPCs/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Caster AI NPCs"]="Category:Caster AI NPCs/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Head AI NPCs"]="Category:Head AI NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Items of rarity 3"]="Category:Items of rarity 3/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Items of rarity 3"]="Category:Items of rarity 3/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Skeletron Prime Head AI NPCs"]="Category:Skeletron Prime Head AI NPCs/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Swimming AI NPCs"]="Category:Swimming AI NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Demon Eye AI NPCs"]="Category:Demon Eye AI NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Lepus AI NPCs"]="Category:Lepus AI NPCs/cs"
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info["it"]["Category:Items of rarity 1"]="Category:Items of rarity 1/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Antlion AI NPCs"]="Category:Antlion AI NPCs/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Items of rarity 3"]="Category:Items of rarity 3/it"
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info["sk"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/sk"
info["sk"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/sk"
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info["sk"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/sk"
info["tr"]["Category:Passive AI NPCs"]="Category:Passive AI NPCs/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Worm AI NPCs"]="Category:Worm AI NPCs/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:Worm AI NPCs"]="Category:Worm AI NPCs/nl"
info["th"]["Category:Passive AI NPCs"]="Category:Passive AI NPCs/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Fighter AI NPCs"]="Category:Fighter AI NPCs/tr"
info["da"]["Category:Bat AI NPCs"]="Category:Bat AI NPCs/da"
info["vi"]["Category:Brain of Cthulhu AI NPCs"]="Category:Brain of Cthulhu AI NPCs/vi"
info["tr"]["Category:Items of rarity 0"]="Category:Items of rarity 0/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Passive AI NPCs"]="Category:Passive AI NPCs/it"
info["id"]["Category:Caster AI NPCs"]="Category:Caster AI NPCs/id"
info["it"]["Category:Caster AI NPCs"]="Category:Caster AI NPCs/it"
info["nl"]["Category:Demon Eye AI NPCs"]="Category:Demon Eye AI NPCs/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Brain of Cthulhu AI NPCs"]="Category:Brain of Cthulhu AI NPCs/tr"
info["no"]["Category:Fighter AI NPCs"]="Category:Fighter AI NPCs/no"
info["it"]["Category:Flying AI NPCs"]="Category:Flying AI NPCs/it"
info["it"]["Category:Slime AI NPCs"]="Category:Slime AI NPCs/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Slime AI NPCs"]="Category:Slime AI NPCs/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:Skeletron Hand AI NPCs"]="Category:Skeletron Hand AI NPCs/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Pet summon items"]="Category:Pet summon items/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:Passive AI NPCs"]="Category:Passive AI NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:No AI NPCs"]="Category:No AI NPCs/cs"
info["it"]["Category:No AI NPCs"]="Category:No AI NPCs/it"
info["nl"]["Category:No AI NPCs"]="Category:No AI NPCs/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Ocram AI NPCs"]="Category:Ocram AI NPCs/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:King Slime AI NPCs"]="Category:King Slime AI NPCs/cs"
info["it"]["Category:King Slime AI NPCs"]="Category:King Slime AI NPCs/it"
info["lt"]["Category:King Slime AI NPCs"]="Category:King Slime AI NPCs/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:King Slime AI NPCs"]="Category:King Slime AI NPCs/tr"
info["es"]["Category:Head AI NPCs"]="Category:Head AI NPCs/es"
info["nl"]["Category:Head AI NPCs"]="Category:Head AI NPCs/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Martian Saucer AI NPCs"]="Category:Martian Saucer AI NPCs/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:Lost Girl AI NPCs"]="Category:Lost Girl AI NPCs/tr"
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info["lt"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/lt"
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info["lt"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/lt"
info["da"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/da"
info["th"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/th"
info["da"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/da"
info["th"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/th"
info["da"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/da"
info["th"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/th"
info["da"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/da"
info["da"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/da"
info["th"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/th"
info["th"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/th"
info["id"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/id"
info["no"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/no"
info["id"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/id"
info["no"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/no"
info["no"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/no"
info["id"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/id"
info["id"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/id"
info["no"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/no"
info["id"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/id"
info["ja"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/ja"
info["no"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/no"
info["el"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/el"
info["vi"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/vi"
info["vi"]["Category:Desktop content"]="Category:Desktop content/vi"
info["vi"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/vi"
info["vi"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/vi"
info["tr"]["Category:Drop items"]="Category:Drop items/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/th"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched Mobile"]="Category:Entities patched Mobile/it"
info["it"]["Category:Vendor items"]="Category:Vendor items/it"
info["sk"]["Category:Vendor items"]="Category:Vendor items/sk"
info["no"]["Category:Vendor items"]="Category:Vendor items/no"
info["lt"]["Category:Vendor items"]="Category:Vendor items/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Vendor items"]="Category:Vendor items/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Drop items"]="Category:Drop items/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Drop items"]="Category:Drop items/cs"
info["lt"]["Category:Drop items"]="Category:Drop items/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Drop items"]="Category:Drop items/nl"
info["es"]["Category:Loot items"]="Category:Loot items/es"
info["lt"]["Category:Loot items"]="Category:Loot items/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Loot items"]="Category:Loot items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/es"
info["id"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/id"
info["it"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/tr"
info["da"]["Category:Drop items"]="Category:Drop items/da"
info["es"]["Category:Quest rewards"]="Category:Quest rewards/es"
info["da"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/da"
info["fi"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/fi"
info["ja"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/ja"
info["lt"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Plunder items"]="Category:Plunder items/nl"
info["th"]["Category:Loot items"]="Category:Loot items/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Loot items"]="Category:Loot items/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched Console"]="Category:Entities patched Console/th"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched Console"]="Category:Entities patched Console/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched Mobile"]="Category:Entities patched Mobile/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/es"
info["bg"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/bg"
info["da"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched Desktop/da"
info["tr"]["Category:Expert mode content"]="Category:Expert mode content/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/it"
info["it"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"]="Category:Cavern NPCs/it"
info["it"]["Category:Forest NPCs"]="Category:Forest NPCs/it"
info["it"]["Category:Valid house NPCs"]="Category:Valid house NPCs/it"
info["id"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"]="Category:Cavern NPCs/id"
info["nl"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"]="Category:Cavern NPCs/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"]="Category:Cavern NPCs/tr"
info["es"]["Category:Dungeon NPCs"]="Category:Dungeon NPCs/es"
info["it"]["Category:Underground NPCs"]="Category:Underground NPCs/it"
info["it"]["Category:Underground Jungle NPCs"]="Category:Underground Jungle NPCs/it"
info["tr"]["Category:The Crimson NPCs"]="Category:The Crimson NPCs/tr"
info["vi"]["Category:The Crimson NPCs"]="Category:The Crimson NPCs/vi"
info["tr"]["Category:Underground Crimson NPCs"]="Category:Underground Crimson NPCs/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Surface NPCs"]="Category:Surface NPCs/it"
info["no"]["Category:Surface NPCs"]="Category:Surface NPCs/no"
info["da"]["Category:Space NPCs"]="Category:Space NPCs/da"
info["lt"]["Category:Forest NPCs"]="Category:Forest NPCs/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:Forest NPCs"]="Category:Forest NPCs/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Ocean NPCs"]="Category:Ocean NPCs/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:Meteorite NPCs"]="Category:Meteorite NPCs/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Martian Madness NPCs"]="Category:Martian Madness NPCs/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/nl"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"]="Category:Entities introduced 3DS/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"]="Category:Entities introduced 3DS/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"]="Category:Entities introduced 3DS/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced Console"]="Category:Entities introduced Console/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced Console"]="Category:Entities introduced Console/th"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced Console"]="Category:Entities introduced Console/cs"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/th"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced Mobile"]="Category:Entities introduced Mobile/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced Mobile"]="Category:Entities introduced Mobile/tr"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"]="Category:Entities introduced 3DS/lt"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced Console"]="Category:Entities introduced Console/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/lt"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced Mobile"]="Category:Entities introduced Mobile/it"
info["cs"]["Category:Loot items"]="Category:Loot items/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Vendor items"]="Category:Vendor items/nl"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"]="Category:Entities introduced 3DS/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced Mobile"]="Category:Entities introduced Mobile/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced Console"]="Category:Entities introduced Console/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"]="Category:Entities introduced 3DS/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced Switch"]="Category:Entities introduced Switch/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced Desktop/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced Mobile"]="Category:Entities introduced Mobile/cs"
info["lt"]["Category:Iron or Lead Anvil"]="Category:Iron or Lead Anvil/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil"]="Category:Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge"]="Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Iron or Lead Anvil"]="Category:Iron or Lead Anvil/nl"
info["es"]["Category:By Hand"]="Category:By Hand/es"
info["es"]["Category:Living Loom"]="Category:Living Loom/es"
info["es"]["Category:Bone Welder"]="Category:Bone Welder/es"
info["es"]["Category:Flesh Cloning Vat"]="Category:Flesh Cloning Vat/es"
info["es"]["Category:Glass Kiln"]="Category:Glass Kiln/es"
info["es"]["Category:Honey Dispenser"]="Category:Honey Dispenser/es"
info["es"]["Category:Ice Machine"]="Category:Ice Machine/es"
info["es"]["Category:Sky Mill"]="Category:Sky Mill/es"
info["es"]["Category:Steampunk Boiler"]="Category:Steampunk Boiler/es"
info["es"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/es"
info["es"]["Category:Demon or Crimson Altar"]="Category:Demon or Crimson Altar/es"
info["es"]["Category:Iron or Lead Anvil"]="Category:Iron or Lead Anvil/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Iron or Lead Anvil"]="Category:Iron or Lead Anvil/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Lihzahrd Furnace"]="Category:Lihzahrd Furnace/es"
info["lt"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/lt"
info["es"]["Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge"]="Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge/es"
info["es"]["Category:Cooking Pot or Cauldron"]="Category:Cooking Pot or Cauldron/es"
info["es"]["Category:Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil"]="Category:Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil/es"
info["es"]["Category:Water or Sink"]="Category:Water or Sink/es"
info["es"]["Category:Crystal Ball and Water or Sink"]="Category:Crystal Ball and Water or Sink/es"
info["fi"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/fi"
info["id"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/id"
info["nl"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/tr"
info["es"]["Category:Table and Chair"]="Category:Table and Chair/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Steampunk Boiler"]="Category:Steampunk Boiler/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Steampunk Boiler"]="Category:Steampunk Boiler/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Sky Mill"]="Category:Sky Mill/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Sky Mill"]="Category:Sky Mill/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Flesh Cloning Vat"]="Category:Flesh Cloning Vat/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Flesh Cloning Vat"]="Category:Flesh Cloning Vat/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Glass Kiln"]="Category:Glass Kiln/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Glass Kiln"]="Category:Glass Kiln/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Ice Machine"]="Category:Ice Machine/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Ice Machine"]="Category:Ice Machine/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Living Loom"]="Category:Living Loom/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Living Loom"]="Category:Living Loom/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Living Loom"]="Category:Living Loom/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:Bone Welder"]="Category:Bone Welder/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:By Hand"]="Category:By Hand/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Bone Welder"]="Category:Bone Welder/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:By Hand"]="Category:By Hand/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:By Hand"]="Category:By Hand/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:Honey Dispenser"]="Category:Honey Dispenser/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Honey Dispenser"]="Category:Honey Dispenser/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Work Bench"]="Category:Work Bench/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Crystal Ball and Honey"]="Category:Crystal Ball and Honey/es"
info["es"]["Category:Crystal Ball and Lava"]="Category:Crystal Ball and Lava/es"
info["es"]["Category:Ancient Manipulator"]="Category:Ancient Manipulator/es"
info["es"]["Category:Work Bench and Chair"]="Category:Work Bench and Chair/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Gem items"]="Category:Gem items/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Gem items"]="Category:Gem items/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.1.5536"]="Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.1.5536/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.1.8"]="Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.1.8/it"
info["vi"]["Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge"]="Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge/vi"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.5/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4/it"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.1/it"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:Surface NPCs"]="Category:Surface NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Jungle NPCs"]="Category:Jungle NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Underground Crimson NPCs"]="Category:Underground Crimson NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Dungeon NPCs"]="Category:Dungeon NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Snow biome NPCs"]="Category:Snow biome NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Blood Moon NPCs"]="Category:Blood Moon NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Rain NPCs"]="Category:Rain NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Desert NPCs"]="Category:Desert NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Forest NPCs"]="Category:Forest NPCs/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Dungeon NPCs"]="Category:Dungeon NPCs/nl"
info["es"]["Category:Water NPCs"]="Category:Water NPCs/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"]="Category:Cavern NPCs/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"]="Category:Cavern NPCs/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Underground Corruption NPCs"]="Category:Underground Corruption NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:The Corruption NPCs"]="Category:The Corruption NPCs/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Desert NPCs"]="Category:Desert NPCs/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Glowing Mushroom biome NPCs"]="Category:Glowing Mushroom biome NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Ocean NPCs"]="Category:Ocean NPCs/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:The Corruption NPCs"]="Category:The Corruption NPCs/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:The Hallow NPCs"]="Category:The Hallow NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:The Underworld NPCs"]="Category:The Underworld NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Underground Jungle NPCs"]="Category:Underground Jungle NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Underground NPCs"]="Category:Underground NPCs/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Water NPCs"]="Category:Water NPCs/cs"
info["tr"]["Category:Desert NPCs"]="Category:Desert NPCs/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:The Corruption NPCs"]="Category:The Corruption NPCs/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:Surface NPCs"]="Category:Surface NPCs/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop"
info["lt"]["Category:Mount summon items"]="Category:Mount summon items/lt"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release/it"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.2.6508"]="Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.2.6508/cs"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release/lt"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["lt"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/lt"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.1/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.2/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Console 1.2/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.5/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.2/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4/cs"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5/tr"
info["es"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/es"
info["lt"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/lt"
info["da"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/da"
info["no"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/no"
info["sk"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/sk"
info["tr"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/tr"
info["el"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/el"
info["fi"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/fi"
info["id"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/id"
info["cs"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/cs"
info["tr"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/tr"
info["da"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/da"
info["id"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/id"
info["fi"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/fi"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.1/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.07"]="Category:Entities patched in Console 1.07/th"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/lt"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/cs"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/nl"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/tr"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4/nl"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4/tr"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5/lt"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/th"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2/lt"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.2/tr"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/cs"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/th"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.5/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.3.4/it"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/nl"
info["th"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/th"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1/nl"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["it"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.3/nl"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.3/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.750.0"]="Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.750.0/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.933.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.933.1/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.02"]="Category:Entities patched in Console 1.02/cs"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.5/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.4/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.3/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.4/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.3"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.3/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1.1/es"
info["bg"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1/bg"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["da"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2/da"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["bg"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.6/bg"
info["da"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2.1/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"]="Category:Entities patched in Desktop"
info["cs"]["Category:Expert mode content"]="Category:Expert mode content/cs"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.2.6508"]="Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.2.6508/tr"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release/it"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Switch 1.0.711.6"]="Category:Entities introduced in Switch 1.0.711.6/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.0.4"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.0.4/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.1"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.1/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2.3"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2.3/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/it"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2/nl"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release/tr"
info["th"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/th"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2/tr"
info["tr"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.02"]="Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.02/tr"
info["nl"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/nl"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release/it"
info["lt"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/lt"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release/es"
info["es"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.0.5"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.0.5/cs"
info["cs"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2/cs"
info["it"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2.4"]="Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2.4/it"
info["ja"]["Category:Bar items"]="Category:Bar items/ja"
info["es"]["Category:Bar items"]="Category:Bar items/es"
info["cs"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/cs"
info["fi"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/fi"
info["es"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/es"
info["id"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/id"
info["lt"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/lt"
info["nl"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/nl"
info["vi"]["Category:Ore items"]="Category:Ore items/vi"
info["es"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/es"
info["nl"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/nl"
info["it"]["Category:Crafting station items"]="Category:Crafting station items/it"
info["it"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/it"
info["it"]["Category:Mobile content"]="Category:Mobile content/it"
info["da"]["Category:Bar items"]="Category:Bar items/da"
info["lt"]["Category:Bar items"]="Category:Bar items/lt"
info["it"]["Category:Console content"]="Category:Console content/it"
info["vi"]["Category:3DS content"]="Category:3DS content/vi"
info["it"]["Category:Old-gen console content"]="Category:Old-gen console content/it"
info["yue"]["Category:Craftable items"]="Category:Craftable items/yue"
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-- onwiki languages end   --------------------------------------------------------------------

-- de START -------------------------
info["de"] = {}
info["de"]["Angry Trapper"] = "Zorniger Fallensteller"
info["de"]["angry Nimbus"] = "Zorniger Nimbus"
info["de"]["Axes/row"] = "Äxte/row"
info["de"]["Vicious Powder"] = "Übelpulver"
info["de"]["Candy Cane Pickaxe"] = "Zuckerstangen-Spitzhacke"
info["de"]["Influx Waver"] = "Zuflussschwenken"
info["de"]["Candy Cane Sword"] = "Zuckerstangen-Schwert"
info["de"]["Zombies"] = "Zombie"
info["de"]["Zoologist"] = "Zoologin"
info["de"]["Axes"] = "Äxte"
info["de"]["Zombie Arm"] = "Zombiearm"
info["de"]["Tin armor"] = "Zinnrüstung"
info["de"]["Tin Bar"] = "Zinnbarren"
info["de"]["Tin Axe"] = "Zinnaxt"
info["de"]["Target Dummy"] = "Zielpuppe"
info["de"]["Rifle Scope"] = "Zielfernrohr"
info["de"]["Goat Skull"] = "Ziegenschädel"
info["de"]["Bricks"] = "Ziegel"
info["de"]["The Breaker"] = "Zerschmetterer"
info["de"]["Ragged Caster"] = "Zerlumpter Zauberer"
info["de"]["Tattered Cloth"] = "Zerfetzter Stoff"
info["de"]["Broken Hero Sword"] = "Zerbrochenes Heldenschwert"
info["de"]["Zenith/Crafting tree"] = "Zenith/Herstellungsbaum"
info["de"]["Zenith"] = "Zenith"
info["de"]["Spell Tome"] = "Zauberspruchband"
info["de"]["Ruined House"] = "Zerstörtes Haus"
info["de"]["Wizard/Names"] = "Zauberer/Namen"
info["de"]["Wizard"] = "Zauberer"
info["de"]["Shiverthorn Seeds"] = "Zitterdorn-Saat"
info["de"]["Candy Cane Block"] = "Zuckerstangenblock"
info["de"]["Yoraiz0r's Spell"] = "Yoraiz0rs Zauber"
info["de"]["Yeti"] = "Yeti"
info["de"]["Tin Ore"] = "Zinnerz"
info["de"]["Tin Hammer"] = "Zinnhammer"
info["de"]["Xeno Staff"] = "Xenostab"
info["de"]["Tin Bow"] = "Zinnbogen"
info["de"]["Wooden Fence"] = "Zäune"
info["de"]["Tin Broadsword"] = "Zinnbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Wrath Potion"] = "Zorntrank"
info["de"]["0x33's Aviators"] = "0x33s Flieger"
info["de"]["Angry Tumbler"] = "Wütender Steppenroller"
info["de"]["Desert Spirit Lamp"] = "Wüstengeistlampe"
info["de"]["Desert Spirit"] = "Wüstengeist"
info["de"]["Desert"] = "Wüste"
info["de"]["Cloud"] = "Wölkchen"
info["de"]["Candy Cane Wall"] = "Zuckerstangenwand"
info["de"]["Tin Watch"] = "Zinnuhr"
info["de"]["Angry Bones"] = "Wutknochen"
info["de"]["Sky Dragon's Fury"] = "Wut des Himmelsdrachen"
info["de"]["Wormscarf"] = "Wurmschal"
info["de"]["Wormhole Potion"] = "Wurmlochtrank"
info["de"]["Worm Food"] = "Wurmköder"
info["de"]["Superheated Blood"] = "Überhitztes Blut"
info["de"]["Worm AI"] = "Wurm-KI"
info["de"]["Worm"] = "Wurm"
info["de"]["Shuriken"] = "Wurfstern"
info["de"]["Tin Pickaxe"] = "Zinnspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Darts"] = "Wurfpfeile"
info["de"]["Throwing Knife"] = "Wurfmesser"
info["de"]["Tin Shortsword"] = "Zinnkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Adhesive Bandage"] = "Wundschnellverband"
info["de"]["Cloud Wall"] = "Wolkenwand"
info["de"]["Cloud in a Bottle"] = "Wolke in einer Flasche"
info["de"]["Cloud in a Balloon"] = "Wolke in einem Ballon"
info["de"]["Tungsten Pickaxe"] = "Wolframspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Tungsten armor"] = "Wolframrüstung"
info["de"]["Tungsten Shortsword"] = "Wolframkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Tungsten Hammer"] = "Wolframhammer"
info["de"]["Tungsten Ore"] = "Wolframerz"
info["de"]["Tungstenbroadsword"] = "Wolframbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Wolf"] = "Wolf"
info["de"]["Restoration Potion"] = "Wiederherstellungstrank (Statuseffekt-Trank)"
info["de"]["Regeneration Potion"] = "Wiederherstellungstrank"
info["de"]["Band of Regeneration"] = "Wiederherstellungsband"
info["de"]["Sturdy Fossile"] = "Widerstandsfähiges Fossil"
info["de"]["Weather Radio"] = "Wetterradio"
info["de"]["Wasp Gun"] = "Wespenpistole"
info["de"]["Werewolf"] = "Werwolf"
info["de"]["Zombie Elf"] = "Zombie-Elf"
info["de"]["Toolbelt"] = "Werkzeuggürtel"
info["de"]["Tools"] = "Werkzeuge"
info["de"]["Work Bench"] = "Werkbänke"
info["de"]["Launchers/row"] = "Werfer/row"
info["de"]["Launchers"] = "Werfer"
info["de"]["World Feeder"] = "Weltspeiser"
info["de"]["desert fossil"] = "Wüstenfossil"
info["de"]["Value"] = "Wert"
info["de"]["Wizard Hat"] = "Zauberhut"
info["de"]["Space Gun"] = "Weltraumpistole"
info["de"]["Space"] = "Weltraum"
info["de"]["World size"] = "Weltgröße"
info["de"]["Spawn"] = "Welterscheinungspunkt"
info["de"]["Zapinator"] = "Zapinator"
info["de"]["Eater of Worlds"] = "Weltenfresser"
info["de"]["Santa NK1"] = "Weihnachtspanzer"
info["de"]["Christmas Tree decorations"] = "Weihnachtsbaumschmuck"
info["de"]["Christmas Tree Sword"] = "Weihnachtsbaum-Schwert"
info["de"]["Christmas"] = "Weihnachten"
info["de"]["Wolf Fang"] = "Wolfszahn"
info["de"]["Loom"] = "Webstuhl"
info["de"]["Santa Claus"] = "Weihnachtsmann"
info["de"]["Water Walking Boots"] = "Wasserwanderstiefel"
info["de"]["Water Chest"] = "Wassertruhe"
info["de"]["Water Walking Potion"] = "Wasserlauftrank"
info["de"]["Water Candle"] = "Wasserkerze"
info["de"]["Xenopopper"] = "Xenopopper"
info["de"]["Waterleaf"] = "Wasserblatt"
info["de"]["Water"] = "Wasser"
info["de"]["Cog"] = "Zahnrad"
info["de"]["Wandering Eye"] = "Wanderndes Auge"
info["de"]["Wall IDs"] = "Wand-IDs"
info["de"]["Forest"] = "Wald"
info["de"]["Arms Dealer/Names"] = "Waffenhändler/Namen"
info["de"]["Arms Dealer"] = "Waffenhändler"
info["de"]["Worm Tooth"] = "Wurmzahn"
info["de"]["Weapons"] = "Waffen"
info["de"]["S.D.M.G."] = "W.D.M.G."
info["de"]["Tungsten Watch"] = "Wolframuhr"
info["de"]["Tungsten Bar"] = "Wolframbarren"
info["de"]["Tungsten Axe"] = "Wolframaxt"
info["de"]["Viking Helmet"] = "Wikingerhelm"
info["de"]["Goodie Bag"] = "Wundertüte"
info["de"]["Feral Claws"] = "Wilde Klauen"
info["de"]["Wolf Mask"] = "Wolfsset"
info["de"]["Vortex armor"] = "Vortexrüstung"
info["de"]["Fast Clock"] = "Vorgehender Wecker"
info["de"]["Voodoo Demon"] = "Voodoo-Dämon"
info["de"]["Vitamins"] = "Vitamine"
info["de"]["Violet Husk"] = "Violette Hülse"
info["de"]["Enchanted Sword Shrine"] = "Verzaubertes Schwert (Gegenstand)"
info["de"]["Enchanted Sword Shrine"] = "Verzaubertes-Schwert-Schrein"
info["de"]["Hardy Saddle"] = "Widerstandsfähiger Sattel"
info["de"]["Enchanted Sundial"] = "Verzauberte Sonnenuhr"
info["de"]["Waterleaf Seeds"] = "Wasserblatt-Saat"
info["de"]["Defense items"] = "Verteidigungsgegenstände"
info["de"]["Defender Medal"] = "Verteidigermedaille"
info["de"]["Miscellaneous"] = "Verschiedenes"
info["de"]["Dungeon Bricks"] = "Verliesziegel"
info["de"]["Valkyries"] = "Walküre"
info["de"]["Blue Horseshoe Balloon"] = "Weißer Hufeisenballon"
info["de"]["Dungeon Crate"] = "Verlieskiste"
info["de"]["Dungeon Spirit"] = "Verliesgeist"
info["de"]["Dungeon Guardian"] = "Verlies-Wächter"
info["de"]["Water Sphere"] = "Wasserkugel"
info["de"]["Water Bolt"] = "Wasserbolzen"
info["de"]["Dungeon"] = "Verlies"
info["de"]["Celebration Mk2"] = "Verherrlichung Mk2"
info["de"]["Cursed Arrow"] = "Verfluchter Pfeil"
info["de"]["Space Creature Mask"] = "Weltraumwesenset"
info["de"]["Water Gun"] = "Wasserpistole"
info["de"]["Wall Skeleton"] = "Wandskelett"
info["de"]["Familiar Clothes"] = "Vertrautes Set"
info["de"]["Cursed Flames"] = "Verfluchte Flammen"
info["de"]["Rotten Chunk"] = "Verfaulter Fleischbrocken"
info["de"]["Cursed Flame"] = "Verfluchte Flamme"
info["de"]["Suspicious Looking Tentacle"] = "Verdächtig aussehendes Tentakel"
info["de"]["Suspicious Looking Eye"] = "Verdächtig aussehendes Auge"
info["de"]["Corrupt Crate"] = "Verdorbene Kiste"
info["de"]["Corrupt Seeds"] = "Verderbte Saat"
info["de"]["corrupt penguin"] = "Verderbnispinguin"
info["de"]["Corrupt Bunny"] = "Verderbnishase"
info["de"]["Enchanted Boomerang"] = "Verzauberter Bumerang"
info["de"]["Vortex Fragment Block"] = "Vortex-Fragment-Block"
info["de"]["Vortex Dye"] = "Vortex-Farbstoff"
info["de"]["Corrupto"] = "Verderber"
info["de"]["Forbidden Fragment"] = "Verbotenes Fragment"
info["de"]["Enchanted Sword (NPC)"] = "Verzaubertes Schwert (NPC)"
info["de"]["Forbidden Armor"] = "Verbotene Rüstung"
info["de"]["Posion"] = "Vergiftet"
info["de"]["Venus Magnum"] = "Venus-Magnum"
info["de"]["Vases"] = "Vasen"
info["de"]["Vampire Mask"] = "Vampirset"
info["de"]["Vampire Knives"] = "Vampirmesser"
info["de"]["Dungeon Slime"] = "Verliesschleim"
info["de"]["Vampire"] = "Vampir"
info["de"]["Valor"] = "Valor"
info["de"]["Uzi"] = "Uzi"
info["de"]["Ancient Manipulator"] = "Uralter Manipulator"
info["de"]["Birds"] = "Vogel"
info["de"]["Ancient Shadow Armor"] = "Uralte Schattenrüstung"
info["de"]["Ancient Cobalt Armor"] = "Uralte Kobaltrüstung"
info["de"]["The Underworld"] = "Unterwelt"
info["de"]["Underground Desert"] = "Untergrund-Wüste"
info["de"]["Devourer"] = "Verschlinger"
info["de"]["Ice biome"] = "Untergrund-Tundra"
info["de"]["Biome backgrounds"] = "Untergrund-Purpur"
info["de"]["Underground Jungle"] = "Untergrund-Dschungel"
info["de"]["Underground"] = "Untergrund"
info["de"]["Invisibility Potion"] = "Unsichtbarkeitstrank"
info["de"]["Unholy Arrow"] = "Unheiliger Pfeil"
info["de"]["Unlucky Yarn"] = "Unglücksfaden"
info["de"]["Poisoned Knife"] = "Vergiftetes Messer"
info["de"]["Naughty Present"] = "Unartiges Geschenk"
info["de"]["Capes"] = "Umhänge"
info["de"]["Doors/resultcell"] = "Türen/resultcell"
info["de"]["Scarecrow"] = "Vogelscheuche"
info["de"]["Doors"] = "Türen"
info["de"]["Suspicious Looking Egg"] = "Verdächtig aussehendes Ei"
info["de"]["Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Tüftler-Werkstatt"
info["de"]["Deadly Sphere Staff"] = "Tödliche Sphäre-Stab"
info["de"]["Cursed Bullet"] = "Verfluchte Patrone"
info["de"]["Turkor the Ungrateful"] = "Turkor der Undankbare"
info["de"]["Burning"] = "Verbrennung"
info["de"]["Tsunami in a bottle"] = "Tsunami in der Flasche"
info["de"]["Snow biome"] = "Tundra"
info["de"]["Truffle Worm"] = "Trüffelwurm"
info["de"]["Tsunami"] = "Tsunami"
info["de"]["Truffle/Names"] = "Trüffel/Namen"
info["de"]["Corrupt Slime"] = "Verderbnisschleim"
info["de"]["Imbuing Station"] = "Tränkungsstation"
info["de"]["Potions"] = "Tränke"
info["de"]["Mirage Crate"] = "Trugbildkiste"
info["de"]["Chests"] = "Truhen"
info["de"]["Truffle"] = "Trüffel"
info["de"]["Drippler"] = "Tropfer"
info["de"]["Safe"] = "Tresor"
info["de"]["Mourning Wood"] = "Trauerndes Holz"
info["de"]["Cursed Bullet"] = "Verfluchte Kugel"
info["de"]["Tragic Umbrella"] = "Tragischer Regenschirm"
info["de"]["Venom Arrow"] = "Toxikumpfeil"
info["de"]["Venom Staff"] = "Toxikumstab"
info["de"]["Venom Bullet"] = "Toxikumkugel"
info["de"]["Pot"] = "Topf"
info["de"]["Valentine Ring"] = "Valentinsring"
info["de"]["Clay Pot"] = "Tontopf"
info["de"]["Tonbogiri"] = "Tonbogiri"
info["de"]["Death Sickle"] = "Todessichel"
info["de"]["Deathweed"] = "Todeskraut"
info["de"]["Deathbringer Pickaxe"] = "Todbringerspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Cursed Hammer"] = "Verfluchter Hammer"
info["de"]["Death"] = "Tod"
info["de"]["Tizona"] = "Tizona"
info["de"]["Tooltips"] = "Tooltips"
info["de"]["Titanium Pickaxe"] = "Titanspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Titanium Sword"] = "Titanschwert"
info["de"]["Titan armor"] = "Titanrüstung (3DS)"
info["de"]["Titan armor"] = "Titanrüstung"
info["de"]["Titanium Repeater"] = "Titanrepetierer"
info["de"]["Titanium Waraxe"] = "Titankriegsaxt"
info["de"]["Corrupt Goldfish"] = "Verderbnisgoldfisch"
info["de"]["Titanium Chainsaw"] = "Titankettensäge"
info["de"]["Titan Glove"] = "Titanhandschuh"
info["de"]["Titanium Ore"] = "Titanerz"
info["de"]["Titanium Trident"] = "Titandreizack"
info["de"]["Titanium Drill"] = "Titanbohrer"
info["de"]["Titanium Bar"] = "Titanbarren"
info["de"]["Tables"] = "Tische"
info["de"]["Squid"] = "Tintenfisch"
info["de"]["Tiki armor"] = "Tikirüstung"
info["de"]["Critters"] = "Tiere"
info["de"]["Mandible Blade"] = "Unterkieferknochenklinge"
info["de"]["Depth Meter"] = "Tiefenmesser"
info["de"]["Tesla Turret"] = "Teslakanonenturm"
info["de"]["Terraria Wiki"] = "Terraria Wiki"
info["de"]["Terraria"] = "Terraria"
info["de"]["Terraria News"] = "Terraria-Neuigkeiten"
info["de"]["Undead Viking"] = "Untoter Wikinger"
info["de"]["Terrarian"] = "Terraner"
info["de"]["Terra Blade/Crafting tree"] = "Terraklinge/Herstellungsbaum"
info["de"]["Terra Blade"] = "Terraklinge"
info["de"]["Temple Key"] = "Tempelschlüssel"
info["de"]["Tavernkeep/Names"] = "Tavernenwirt/Namen"
info["de"]["Necromancer"] = "Totenbeschwörer"
info["de"]["Tavernkeeper"] = "Tavernenwirt"
info["de"]["Depth Meter"] = "Taucheruhr"
info["de"]["Diving Helmet"] = "Taucherhelm"
info["de"]["Portable Cement Mixer"] = "Tragbarer Zementmischer"
info["de"]["Diving gear"] = "Tauchausrüstung"
info["de"]["Pocket Mirror"] = "Taschenspiegel"
info["de"]["Deathweed Seeds"] = "Todeskraut-Saat"
info["de"]["Dayflower"] = "Tagesblume"
info["de"]["Daybloom Seeds"] = "Tagesblumen-Saat"
info["de"]["Daybreak"] = "Tagesanbruch"
info["de"]["Timer"] = "Timer"
info["de"]["Day and night cycle"] = "Tag-und-Nacht-Zyklus"
info["de"]["Undead Miner"] = "Untoter Minenarbeiter"
info["de"]["Tabi"] = "Tabi"
info["de"]["Acid Dye"] = "Säurefarbstoff"
info["de"]["Seedling"] = "Sämling"
info["de"]["Deadly Sphere"] = "Tödliche Sphäre"
info["de"]["Sawmill"] = "Sägewerk"
info["de"]["Topaz Staff"] = "Topasstab"
info["de"]["Topaz Robe"] = "Topasrobe"
info["de"]["Super Mana Potion"] = "Supermanatrank"
info["de"]["Chairs"] = "Stühle"
info["de"]["Tally Counter"] = "Stückzähler"
info["de"]["Stylist/Names"] = "Stylistin/Namen"
info["de"]["Tempest Staff"] = "Sturmstab"
info["de"]["Mace"] = "Streitkolben"
info["de"]["Shine Potion"] = "Strahlentrank"
info["de"]["Titanstone Block"] = "Titansteinblock"
info["de"]["Beam Sword"] = "Strahlenschwert"
info["de"]["Stopwatch"] = "Stoppuhr"
info["de"]["Tax Collector/Names"] = "Steuereintreiber/Namen"
info["de"]["Fallen Star"] = "Sternschnuppe"
info["de"]["Star Wrath"] = "Sternenzorn"
info["de"]["Star Cloak"] = "Sternenumhang"
info["de"]["Starfury"] = "Sternenwut"
info["de"]["Stardust Armor"] = "Sternenstaubrüstung"
info["de"]["Tim"] = "Tim"
info["de"]["Stardust Fragment"] = "Sternenstaubfragment"
info["de"]["Stardust Dragon Staff"] = "Sternenstaub-Drachenstab"
info["de"]["Star Veil"] = "Sternenschleier"
info["de"]["Starlight"] = "Sternenlicht"
info["de"]["terrarium"] = "Terrarium"
info["de"]["Tiki Totem"] = "Tikitotem"
info["de"]["Band of Starpower"] = "Sternenkraftband"
info["de"]["Star Cannon"] = "Sternenkanone"
info["de"]["Throne"] = "Thron"
info["de"]["Star"] = "Stern"
info["de"]["Flintlock Pistol"] = "Steinschlosspistole"
info["de"]["Stone Block"] = "Steinblock"
info["de"]["Philosopher's Stone"] = "Stein der Weisen"
info["de"]["Teleporter"] = "Teleporter"
info["de"]["Titanium Crate"] = "Titankiste"
info["de"]["Steampunk Boiler"] = "Steampunkheizkessel"
info["de"]["Steampunker/Names"] = "Steampunkerin/Namen"
info["de"]["Steampunker"] = "Steampunkerin"
info["de"]["Steampunk Goggles"] = "Steampunk-Schutzbrille"
info["de"]["Team Dye"] = "Team-Farbstoff"
info["de"]["Tactical Skeleton"] = "Taktisches Skelett"
info["de"]["Statues"] = "Statuen"
info["de"]["Spike"] = "Stachel (Block)"
info["de"]["Stinger"] = "Stachel"
info["de"]["Staff of Regrowth"] = "Stab des Nachwachsens"
info["de"]["Super Healing Potion"] = "Superheiltrank"
info["de"]["Staff of Earth"] = "Stab der Erde"
info["de"]["Stucco"] = "Stuck"
info["de"]["Explosives"] = "Sprengstoff"
info["de"]["Explosive Powder"] = "Sprengpulver"
info["de"]["Demolitionist/Names"] = "Sprengmeister/Namen"
info["de"]["Super Dart Trap"] = "Super-Pfeilfalle"
info["de"]["Star in a bottle"] = "Stern in der Flasche"
info["de"]["Demolitionist"] = "Sprengmeister"
info["de"]["Splinterling"] = "Splitterling"
info["de"]["Picksaw"] = "Spitzsäge"
info["de"]["Stardust Dye"] = "Sternenstaub-Farbstoff"
info["de"]["Pickaxe Axe"] = "Spitzhackenaxt"
info["de"]["Fetid Baghnakhs"] = "Stinkende Tigerkrallen"
info["de"]["Pickaxes/row"] = "Spitzhacken/row"
info["de"]["Spider Staff"] = "Spinnenstab"
info["de"]["Pickaxes"] = "Spitzhacken"
info["de"]["Spider armor"] = "Spinnenrüstung"
info["de"]["Cobweb"] = "Spinnennetz"
info["de"]["Queen Spider Staff"] = "Spinnenköniginnenstab"
info["de"]["Spider Fang"] = "Spinnengiftzahn"
info["de"]["Music Box"] = "Spieluhren"
info["de"]["Stardust Cell Staff"] = "Sternenstaub-Zellenstab"
info["de"]["Tax Collector"] = "Steuereintreiber"
info["de"]["Game mechanics"] = "Spielmechaniken"
info["de"]["Spectral Arrow"] = "Spektralpfeil"
info["de"]["Sailfish Boots"] = "Speerfischstiefel"
info["de"]["Spear Trap"] = "Speerfalle"
info["de"]["Spears/row"] = "Speere/row"
info["de"]["Stardust Fragment Block"] = "Sternenstaubfragment-Block"
info["de"]["Spear"] = "Speer"
info["de"]["Piggy Bank"] = "Sparschwein"
info["de"]["Game platform"] = "Spielplattform"
info["de"]["Sunfury"] = "Sonnenzorn"
info["de"]["Ray Gunner"] = "Strahlenschütze"
info["de"]["Solar Tablet Fragment"] = "Sonnentafelfragment"
info["de"]["Sun Stone"] = "Sonnenstein"
info["de"]["Sunplate Block"] = "Sonnenplattenblock"
info["de"]["Grandfather Clock"] = "Standuhren"
info["de"]["Solar Dye"] = "Sonnenfarbstoff"
info["de"]["Solar Flare Armor"] = "Sonneneruptionsrüstung"
info["de"]["Stone Wall"] = "Steinwand"
info["de"]["Hydra Staff"] = "Stab der Eishydra"
info["de"]["Sunflower"] = "Sonnenblume"
info["de"]["Probe"] = "Sonde"
info["de"]["Sonar Potion"] = "Sonartrank"
info["de"]["Summer Hat"] = "Sommerhut"
info["de"]["Sofas/resultcell"] = "Sofas/resultcell"
info["de"]["Sniper Scope"] = "Sniper-Zielfernrohr"
info["de"]["Sniper Rifle"] = "Snipergewehr"
info["de"]["Star Anise"] = "Sternanis"
info["de"]["Sign"] = "Spruchschild"
info["de"]["Skeleton Merchant/Names"] = "Skeletthändler/Namen"
info["de"]["Skeleton Merchant"] = "Skeletthändler"
info["de"]["Skeleton"] = "Skelett"
info["de"]["Stynger"] = "Stachler"
info["de"]["Stynger Bolt"] = "Stachlerbolzen"
info["de"]["Spiky Ball Trap"] = "Stachelkugelfalle"
info["de"]["Skeletron Prime"] = "Skeletron Prime"
info["de"]["Soul Scythe"] = "Soul Scythe"
info["de"]["Skeletron"] = "Skeletron"
info["de"]["Silver Watch"] = "Silberuhr"
info["de"]["Silver Pickaxe"] = "Silberspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Silver Bullet"] = "Silberkugel"
info["de"]["Silver Ore"] = "Silbererz"
info["de"]["Steampunk set"] = "Steampunkset"
info["de"]["Tuxedo"] = "Smokingset"
info["de"]["Solar Fragment Block"] = "Sonnenfragment-Block"
info["de"]["Spore Sac"] = "Sporenbläschen"
info["de"]["Silver Broadsword"] = "Silberbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Destroyer Emblem"] = "Siegel des Zerstörers"
info["de"]["Ranger Emblem"] = "Siegel des Schützen"
info["de"]["Avenger Emblem"] = "Siegel des Rächers"
info["de"]["Sorcerer Emblem"] = "Siegel des Magiers"
info["de"]["Warrior Emblem"] = "Siegel des Kriegers"
info["de"]["Emerald Robe"] = "Smaragdrobe"
info["de"]["Summoner Emblem"] = "Siegel des Beschwörers"
info["de"]["Celestial Emblem"] = "Siegel des Himmlischen"
info["de"]["Sextant"] = "Sextant"
info["de"]["Seedler"] = "Setzling"
info["de"]["Sunglasses"] = "Sonnenbrille"
info["de"]["Smaragd Staff"] = "Smaragdstab"
info["de"]["Reaper"] = "Sensenmann"
info["de"]["Silver armor"] = "Silberrüstung"
info["de"]["Solar Eruption"] = "Sonnenausbruch"
info["de"]["Skeleton Sniper"] = "Skelettsniper"
info["de"]["Strange Plants"] = "Seltsame Pflanze"
info["de"]["Strange Glowing Mushroom"] = "Seltsam leuchtender Pilz"
info["de"]["Rarity"] = "Seltenheit"
info["de"]["Ropes"] = "Seile"
info["de"]["Silk"] = "Seide"
info["de"]["Tendon Bow"] = "Sehnenbogen"
info["de"]["Angler Fish"] = "Seeteufel"
info["de"]["Eater of Souls"] = "Seelenfresser"
info["de"]["Skeleton Archer"] = "Skelettbogenschütze"
info["de"]["Silver Hammer"] = "Silberhammer"
info["de"]["Soul of Fright"] = "Seele des Schreckens"
info["de"]["Soul of Light"] = "Seele des Lichts"
info["de"]["Soul of Flight"] = "Seele des Flugs"
info["de"]["Sluggy"] = "Sluggy"
info["de"]["Soul of Night"] = "Seele der Nacht"
info["de"]["Scythe"] = "Sense"
info["de"]["Soul of Might"] = "Seele der Macht"
info["de"]["Silver Brick"] = "Silberziegel"
info["de"]["Silver Brick Wall"] = "Silberne Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Soul of Sight"] = "Seele der Einsicht"
info["de"]["Scutlix"] = "Scutlix"
info["de"]["Silver Axe"] = "Silberaxt"
info["de"]["Bowl of Soup"] = "Schüssel mit Suppe"
info["de"]["Skull Lantern"] = "Schädellaterne"
info["de"]["Difficulty"] = "Schwierigkeit"
info["de"]["Swords/row"] = "Schwerter/row"
info["de"]["Pigron"] = "Schwrache"
info["de"]["Swordfish"] = "Schwertfisch"
info["de"]["Silver Shortsword"] = "Silberkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Swords"] = "Schwerter"
info["de"]["Gravity Globe"] = "Schwerkraftglobus"
info["de"]["Heavy Work Bench"] = "Schwere Werkbank"
info["de"]["Silver Bow"] = "Silberbogen"
info["de"]["Floaty Gross"] = "Schwebender Ekel"
info["de"]["Black Belt"] = "Schwarzer Gürtel"
info["de"]["Black Ink"] = "Schwarze Tinte"
info["de"]["Black Lens"] = "Schwarze Linsen"
info["de"]["Black Recluse"] = "Schwarze Einsiedlerin"
info["de"]["Lesser Mana Potion"] = "Schwacher Manatrank"
info["de"]["Weak"] = "Schwach"
info["de"]["Guns/row"] = "Schusswaffen/row"
info["de"]["Guns"] = "Schusswaffen"
info["de"]["Scaly Truffle"] = "Schuppentrüffel"
info["de"]["Sharanga"] = "Sharanga"
info["de"]["Silver Bar"] = "Silberbarren"
info["de"]["Reaper Hood"] = "Sensenmannset"
info["de"]["Light's Bane"] = "Schrecken des Tages"
info["de"]["Wrench"] = "Schraubenschlüssel"
info["de"]["Aglet"] = "Schnürsenkelkappe"
info["de"]["White String"] = "Schnüre"
info["de"]["Sea Slug"] = "Seeschnecke"
info["de"]["Clothier/Names"] = "Schneider/Namen"
info["de"]["Clothier Voodoo Doll"] = "Schneider-Voodoopuppe"
info["de"]["Clothier"] = "Schneider"
info["de"]["Sickle"] = "Sichel"
info["de"]["Blizzard Staff"] = "Schneesturmstab"
info["de"]["Sergeant United Shield"] = "Sergeant United-Schild"
info["de"]["Snowstrorm in Baloon"] = "Schneesturm im Ballon"
info["de"]["Snowman Cannon"] = "Schneemannkanone"
info["de"]["Snow Globe"] = "Schneekugel"
info["de"]["Snowfall Block"] = "Schneefallblock"
info["de"]["Snowball Cannon"] = "Schneeballkanone"
info["de"]["Snail"] = "Schnecke"
info["de"]["Selenian"] = "Selenier"
info["de"]["Black Fairy Dust"] = "Schwarzer Feenstaub"
info["de"]["Pigronata"] = "Schwrachnata"
info["de"]["Sofas"] = "Sofas"
info["de"]["Breaker Blade"] = "Schmetterklinge"
info["de"]["Furnace"] = "Schmelzofen"
info["de"]["Goggles"] = "Schutzbrille"
info["de"]["Bowl"] = "Schüsseln"
info["de"]["Key of Light"] = "Schlüssel des Lichts"
info["de"]["Key of Night"] = "Schlüssel der Nacht"
info["de"]["Keys"] = "Schlüssel"
info["de"]["Ice Skates"] = "Schlittschuhe"
info["de"]["Silt Block"] = "Schlickblock"
info["de"]["Slime Staff"] = "Schleimstab"
info["de"]["Slimy Saddle"] = "Schleimsattel"
info["de"]["Black Scorpion"] = "Schwarzer Skorpion"
info["de"]["Slime Rain"] = "Schleimregen"
info["de"]["Lesser Restoration Potion"] = "Schwacher Wiederherstellungstrank"
info["de"]["Mother Slime"] = "Schleimmami"
info["de"]["Black Slime"] = "Schwarzer Schleim"
info["de"]["King Slime"] = "Schleimkönig"
info["de"]["Slime Crown"] = "Schleimkrone"
info["de"]["Slimer"] = "Schleimer"
info["de"]["Slimes"] = "Schleime"
info["de"]["queen slime"] = "Schleimkönigin"
info["de"]["Sharpening Station"] = "Schleifstation"
info["de"]["Mud Block"] = "Schlammblock"
info["de"]["Chimney"] = "Schornstein"
info["de"]["Slush Block"] = "Schlackeblock"
info["de"]["Butcher"] = "Schlachter"
info["de"]["Shotgun"] = "Schrotflinte"
info["de"]["Turtle amor"] = "Schildkrötenrüstung"
info["de"]["Breathing Reed"] = "Schilfrohr"
info["de"]["Turtle Shell"] = "Schildkrötenpanzer"
info["de"]["Shield of Cthulhu"] = "Schild von Cthulhu"
info["de"]["Snow Brick Wall"] = "Schnee-Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Lesser Healing Potion"] = "Schwacher Heiltrank"
info["de"]["Spooky armor"] = "Schaurige Rüstung"
info["de"]["Mannequin"] = "Schaufensterpuppe"
info["de"]["Treasure Bag"] = "Schatzbeutel"
info["de"]["Shadow Chest"] = "Schattentruhe"
info["de"]["Shadowbeam Staff"] = "Schattenstrahlstab"
info["de"]["Shadow Scale"] = "Schattenschuppe"
info["de"]["Snow Brick"] = "Schneeziegel"
info["de"]["Shadow Armor"] = "Schattenrüstung"
info["de"]["Shadow Orb (item)"] = "Schattenkugel (Gegenstand)"
info["de"]["Shadow Key"] = "Schattenschlüssel"
info["de"]["Shadow Orb"] = "Schattenkugel"
info["de"]["Snowball Launcher"] = "Schneeballwerfer"
info["de"]["Slimeblock"] = "Schleimblock"
info["de"]["Shadewood Sword"] = "Schattenholzschwert"
info["de"]["Shadowflame Knife"] = "Schattenflammenmesser"
info["de"]["Snow Balla"] = "Schnee Balla"
info["de"]["Slimeling"] = "Schleimling"
info["de"]["Snatcher"] = "Schnapper"
info["de"]["Shadowflame Bow"] = "Schattenflammenbogen"
info["de"]["Shadowflame Hex Doll"] = "Schattenflammen-Voodoopuppe"
info["de"]["Eyezor"] = "Schandfleck"
info["de"]["Switch"] = "Schalter"
info["de"]["Sapphire"] = "Sapphire"
info["de"]["Mudstone Block"] = "Schlammsteinziegel"
info["de"]["Sapphire Robe"] = "Saphirrobe"
info["de"]["Sandstorm in a Bottle"] = "Sandsturm in der Flasche"
info["de"]["Sandstorm in a Baloon"] = "Sandsturm im Ballon"
info["de"]["Sandstorm"] = "Sandsturm"
info["de"]["Snow Block"] = "Schnee-Block"
info["de"]["Ball 'O Hurt"] = "Schmerzball"
info["de"]["Sandstone Block"] = "Sandstein-Block"
info["de"]["Sand Sharks"] = "Sandhaie"
info["de"]["Sandgun"] = "Sandgewehr"
info["de"]["Sand Blocks"] = "Sandblöcke"
info["de"]["Sand Elemental"] = "Sand-Elementar"
info["de"]["Iridescent Brick"] = "Schillernder Ziegel"
info["de"]["Mudstone Brick Wall"] = "Schlammstein-Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Slime Block Wall"] = "Schleimblockwand"
info["de"]["Disc Wall"] = "Scheibenwand"
info["de"]["Armor Polish"] = "Rüstungspolitur"
info["de"]["Armor Bracing"] = "Rüstungskorsett"
info["de"]["Damage"] = "Schaden"
info["de"]["Shadewood armor"] = "Schattenholzrüstung"
info["de"]["Iridescent Brick Wall"] = "Schillernde Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Armor"] = "Rüstung"
info["de"]["Knockback"] = "Rückstoß"
info["de"]["Recall Potion"] = "Rückruftrank"
info["de"]["Vertebrae"] = "Rückenwirbel"
info["de"]["Reaver Shark"] = "Räuberhai"
info["de"]["Rod of Discord"] = "Rute der Zwietracht"
info["de"]["Rune Wizard"] = "Runenzauberer"
info["de"]["Spooky Wood"] = "Schauriges Holz"
info["de"]["Ruby"] = "Ruby"
info["de"]["Rubin Staff"] = "Rubinstab"
info["de"]["Ruby Robe"] = "Rubinrobe"
info["de"]["Treasure Hunter Shirt"] = "Schatzjägerset"
info["de"]["Red Devil"] = "Roter Teufel"
info["de"]["Shadewood Hammer"] = "Schattenholzhammer"
info["de"]["Rusty Armored Bones"] = "Rostige Gepanzerte Knochen"
info["de"]["Shadowflame Apparition"] = "Schattenflammenerscheinung"
info["de"]["pink prickly pear"] = "Rosa Kaktusfeige"
info["de"]["Shadewood"] = "Schattenholz"
info["de"]["Shadewood Bow"] = "Schattenholzbogen"
info["de"]["Seeds"] = "Saat"
info["de"]["Robe"] = "Robe"
info["de"]["Giant Fungi Bulb"] = "Riesige Pilzknolle"
info["de"]["Sapphire Staff"] = "Saphirstab"
info["de"]["Giant Harpy Feather"] = "Riesige Harpyienfeder"
info["de"]["Sandfall Block"] = "Sandstromblock"
info["de"]["Seed"] = "Samen"
info["de"]["Giant Tortoise"] = "Riesenschildkröte"
info["de"]["Sandstone Chest"] = "Sandsteintruhe"
info["de"]["Big glowing mushroom"] = "Riesenpilz"
info["de"]["DPS Meter"] = "SPS-Meter"
info["de"]["Recipes/Work Bench"] = "Rezepte/Werkbank"
info["de"]["Recipes/Loom"] = "Rezepte/Webstuhl"
info["de"]["SWAT Helmet"] = "SWAT-Helm"
info["de"]["Recipes/Water"] = "Rezepte/Wasser"
info["de"]["Salamander"] = "Salamander"
info["de"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"] = "Rezepte/Uralter Manipulator"
info["de"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Rezepte/Tüftler-Werkstatt"
info["de"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station"] = "Rezepte/Tränkungsstation"
info["de"]["Recipes/Table"] = "Rezepte/Tisch"
info["de"]["Recipes/Teapot"] = "Rezepte/Teapot"
info["de"]["Recipes/Sawmill"] = "Rezepte/Sägewerk"
info["de"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler"] = "Rezepte/Steampunkkessel"
info["de"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench"] = "Rezepte/Schwere Werkbank"
info["de"]["Recipes/Furnace"] = "Rezepte/Schmelzofen"
info["de"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil"] = "Rezepte/Pre-Hardmode-Amboss"
info["de"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle"] = "Rezepte/Platzierte Flasche"
info["de"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic"] = "Rezepte/Misch-O-Matik"
info["de"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Rezepte/Lihzahrd-Schmelzofen"
info["de"]["Recipes/Living Loom"] = "Rezepte/Lebender Webstuhl"
info["de"]["Recipes/Lava"] = "Rezepte/Lava"
info["de"]["Recipes/Campfire"] = "Rezepte/Lagerfeuer"
info["de"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball"] = "Rezepte/Kristallkugel"
info["de"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot"] = "Rezepte/Kochtopf"
info["de"]["Red Slime"] = "Roter Schleim"
info["de"]["Recipes/Bone Welder"] = "Rezepte/Knochenschweißer"
info["de"]["Recipes/By Hand"] = "Rezepte/Kein Objekt"
info["de"]["Red Brick Wall"] = "Rote Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Red Brick"] = "Roter Ziegel"
info["de"]["Recipes/Hellforge"] = "Rezepte/Höllenschmiede"
info["de"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser"] = "Rezepte/Honigspender"
info["de"]["Recipes/Honey"] = "Rezepte/Honig"
info["de"]["Recipes/Sky Mill"] = "Rezepte/Himmelsmühle"
info["de"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge"] = "Rezepte/Hardmode-Schmiede"
info["de"]["Red Squirrel"] = "Roteichhörnchen"
info["de"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil"] = "Rezepte/Hardmode-Amboss"
info["de"]["Recipes/Keg"] = "Rezepte/Gärbottich"
info["de"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln"] = "Rezepte/Glasmeiler"
info["de"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder"] = "Rezepte/Fleischwolf"
info["de"]["Pink Gel"] = "Rosa Glibber"
info["de"]["Recipes/Solidifier"] = "Rezepte/Festiger"
info["de"]["Recipes/Ice Machine"] = "Rezepte/Eismaschine"
info["de"]["Recipes/Ecto Mist"] = "Rezepte/Ecto Mist"
info["de"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber"] = "Rezepte/Decay Chamber"
info["de"]["Pink Vase"] = "Rosa Vase"
info["de"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "Rezepte/Bottich zum Fleischklonen"
info["de"]["Recipes/Autohammer"] = "Rezepte/Autohammer"
info["de"]["Recipes/Bookcase"] = "Rezepte/Bücherregal"
info["de"]["Recipes/Dye Vat"] = "Rezepte/Färbebottich"
info["de"]["Recipes/Altar"] = "Rezepte/Altar"
info["de"]["Recipes"] = "Rezepte"
info["de"]["Revolver"] = "Revolver"
info["de"]["Antlion Charger"] = "Riesiger Ameisenlöwenläufer"
info["de"]["Repeaters"] = "Repetierer"
info["de"]["Repeaters/row"] = "Repetierer/row"
info["de"]["Mounts"] = "Reittiere"
info["de"]["Mount IDs/row"] = "Reittier-IDs/row"
info["de"]["Mount IDs"] = "Reittier-IDs"
info["de"]["Rich Mahogany"] = "Reiches Mahagoni"
info["de"]["Giant Flying Fox"] = "Riesiger Flughund"
info["de"]["Rich Mahogany Bow"] = "Reicher Mahagonibogen"
info["de"]["Rain Cloud"] = "Regenwolke"
info["de"]["Rich Mahogany Hammer"] = "Reicher Mahagonihammer"
info["de"]["Raincoat Zombie"] = "Regenmantelzombie"
info["de"]["Robot Mask"] = "Roboterset"
info["de"]["Rainbow Slime"] = "Regenbogenschleim"
info["de"]["Rainbow Rod"] = "Regenbogenrute"
info["de"]["Rolling Cactus"] = "Rollender Kaktus"
info["de"]["Rainbow-Crystal-Staff"] = "Regenbogenkristallstab"
info["de"]["Rainbow Gun"] = "Regenbogengewehr"
info["de"]["Rain"] = "Regen"
info["de"]["Red's Throw"] = "Reds Überwurf"
info["de"]["Red Ryder"] = "Red Ryder"
info["de"]["Rune set"] = "Runenset"
info["de"]["Antlion Swarmer"] = "Riesieger Ameisenlöwenschwärmer"
info["de"]["Recipes/Teapot/register"] = "Recipes/Teapot/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Table/register"] = "Recipes/Table/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder/register"] = "Recipes/Meat Grinder/register"
info["de"]["Giant Worm"] = "Riesenwurm"
info["de"]["Recipes/Lava/register"] = "Recipes/Lava/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler/register"] = "Recipes/Steampunk Boiler/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Water/register"] = "Recipes/Water/register"
info["de"]["Giant Bat"] = "Riesenfledermaus"
info["de"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop/register"] = "Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Solidifier/register"] = "Recipes/Solidifier/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Keg/register"] = "Recipes/Keg/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Honey/register"] = "Recipes/Honey/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Sky Mill/register"] = "Recipes/Sky Mill/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle/register"] = "Recipes/Placed Bottle/register"
info["de"]["Rich Mahogany armor"] = "Reiche Mahagonirüstung"
info["de"]["Recipes/Loom/register"] = "Recipes/Loom/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Living Loom/register"] = "Recipes/Living Loom/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace/register"] = "Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Sawmill/register"] = "Recipes/Sawmill/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber/register"] = "Recipes/Decay Chamber/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station/register"] = "Recipes/Imbuing Station/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln/register"] = "Recipes/Glass Kiln/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Ice Machine/register"] = "Recipes/Ice Machine/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat/register"] = "Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat/register"
info["de"]["Rainbow Brick"] = "Regenbogenziegel"
info["de"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser/register"] = "Recipes/Honey Dispenser/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil/register"] = "Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Hellforge/register"] = "Recipes/Hellforge/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Campfire/register"] = "Recipes/Campfire/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic/register"] = "Recipes/Blend-O-Matic/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge/register"] = "Recipes/Hardmode Forge/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Autohammer/register"] = "Recipes/Autohammer/register"
info["de"]["Razorblade Typhoon"] = "Rasierklingentaifun"
info["de"]["Rich Mahogany Sword"] = "Reiches Mahagonischwert"
info["de"]["Razorpine"] = "Rasierfichte"
info["de"]["Recipes/Work Bench/register"] = "Recipes/Work Bench/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench/register"] = "Recipes/Heavy Work Bench/register"
info["de"]["Tattered Bee Wing"] = "Ramponierter Bienenflügel"
info["de"]["Rocket Launcher"] = "Raketenwerfer"
info["de"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball/register"] = "Recipes/Crystal Ball/register"
info["de"]["Rocket Boots"] = "Raketenstiefel"
info["de"]["Rockets"] = "Raketen"
info["de"]["Radar"] = "Radar"
info["de"]["Recipes/Furnace/register"] = "Recipes/Furnace/register"
info["de"]["Raven Staff"] = "Rabenstab"
info["de"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot/register"] = "Recipes/Cooking Pot/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil/register"] = "Recipes/Hardmode Anvil/register"
info["de"]["Umbrella"] = "Regenschirm"
info["de"]["Jellyfish Diving Gear"] = "Quallentaucherausrüstung"
info["de"]["Jellyfish Necklace"] = "Quallenhalskette"
info["de"]["Recipes/Altar/register"] = "Recipes/Altar/register"
info["de"]["Recipes/Bone Welder/register"] = "Recipes/Bone Welder/register"
info["de"]["pylon"] = "Pylonen"
info["de"]["Recipes/Dye Vat/register"] = "Recipes/Dye Vat/register"
info["de"]["Pygmy Staff"] = "Pygmäenstab"
info["de"]["Pwnhammer"] = "Pwnhammer"
info["de"]["Crimtane Ore"] = "Purpurtanerz"
info["de"]["Recipes/Bookcase/register"] = "Recipes/Bookcase/register"
info["de"]["Crimtane Bar"] = "Purpurtanbarren"
info["de"]["Crimson armor"] = "Purpurne Rüstung"
info["de"]["Crimson Rod"] = "Purpurne Rute"
info["de"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/register"] = "Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/register"
info["de"]["Crimson Heart (item)"] = "Purpurherz (Gegenstand)"
info["de"]["Crimera"] = "Purmere"
info["de"]["Crimson Heart"] = "Purpurherz"
info["de"]["Inle/Outlet pump"] = "Pumpen"
info["de"]["Psycho Knife"] = "Psycho-Messer"
info["de"]["Psycho"] = "Psycho"
info["de"]["Velocity"] = "Projektilgeschwindigkeit"
info["de"]["Projectile IDs/row"] = "Projektil-IDs/row"
info["de"]["Projectile IDs"] = "Projektil-IDs"
info["de"]["Prismite"] = "Prismit"
info["de"]["Princess"] = "Prinzessin"
info["de"]["Pre-Hardmode Anvils"] = "Pre-Hardmode-Ambosse"
info["de"]["Pre-Hardmode"] = "Pre-Hardmode"
info["de"]["Power Glove"] = "Powerhandschuh"
info["de"]["Recipes/By Hand/register"] = "Recipes/By Hand/register"
info["de"]["Smokegrenade"] = "Rauchbombe"
info["de"]["Buffs"] = "Positive Statuseffekte"
info["de"]["Portal Gun"] = "Portalrevolver"
info["de"]["Portal Gun"] = "Portalkanone"
info["de"]["Platinum Watch"] = "Platinuhr"
info["de"]["Platinum Pickaxe"] = "Platinspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Platinum Shortsword"] = "Platinkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Platinum Crown"] = "Platinkrone"
info["de"]["Platinum Hammer"] = "Platinhammer"
info["de"]["Platinum Ore"] = "Platinerz"
info["de"]["Platinum Broadsword"] = "Platinbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Platinum Bow"] = "Platinbogen"
info["de"]["Platinum Bar"] = "Platinbarren"
info["de"]["Platinum Axe"] = "Platinaxt"
info["de"]["Plantera's Bulb"] = "Planteras Knolle"
info["de"]["Plantera"] = "Plantera"
info["de"]["Planked Wall"] = "Plankenwand"
info["de"]["Pixie Dust"] = "Pixie-Staub"
info["de"]["Pirate Staff"] = "Piratenstab"
info["de"]["Vine"] = "Ranke"
info["de"]["Rally"] = "Rally"
info["de"]["Raven"] = "Rabe"
info["de"]["Pirate Captain"] = "Piratenkäpt'n"
info["de"]["Pirate Corsair"] = "Piratenkorsar"
info["de"]["Pirate Map"] = "Piratenkarte"
info["de"]["Crimson Tigerfish"] = "Purpurner Tigerfisch"
info["de"]["Pirate Invasion"] = "Pirateninvasion"
info["de"]["Platinum armor"] = "Platinrüstung"
info["de"]["R.E.K. 3000"] = "R.E.K. 3000"
info["de"]["Pirate Crossbower"] = "Piratenarmbruster"
info["de"]["Pirate/Names"] = "Pirat/Namen"
info["de"]["Pirate"] = "Pirat"
info["de"]["Piranha Gun"] = "Piranhapistole"
info["de"]["Piranha"] = "Piranha"
info["de"]["Pygmy Necklace"] = "Pygmäenhalsband"
info["de"]["Pinky"] = "Pinky"
info["de"]["Shroomite armor"] = "Pilzmitrüstung"
info["de"]["Re-Logic"] = "Re-Logic"
info["de"]["Shroomite Bar"] = "Pilzmitbarren"
info["de"]["Mushroom Grass Seeds"] = "Pilzgras-Saat"
info["de"]["Mushrooms"] = "Pilze"
info["de"]["Glowing Mushroom biome"] = "Pilzbiom"
info["de"]["Mushroom"] = "Pilz"
info["de"]["Princess Hat"] = "Prinzessinnenset"
info["de"]["Crimson Axe"] = "Purpurne Axt"
info["de"]["Piano"] = "Pianos"
info["de"]["Vial of Venom"] = "Phiole mit Toxikum"
info["de"]["Poltergeist"] = "Poltergeist"
info["de"]["Pulse Bow"] = "Pulsbogen"
info["de"]["Scourge of the Corruptor"] = "Plage des Verderbers"
info["de"]["Stake"] = "Pflock"
info["de"]["Plants"] = "Pflanzen"
info["de"]["Arrows/row"] = "Pfeile/row"
info["de"]["Arrows"] = "Pfeile"
info["de"]["Crimson Crate"] = "Purpurkiste"
info["de"]["Petri Dish"] = "Petrischale"
info["de"]["Pearlstonebrick Wall"] = "Perlstein-Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Pearlstone Block"] = "Perlsteinblock"
info["de"]["Pearlwood Sword"] = "Perlholzschwert"
info["de"]["Pixie Shirt"] = "Pixieset"
info["de"]["Pearlwood Bow"] = "Perlholzbogen"
info["de"]["Pirate Deckhand"] = "Piratenmatrose"
info["de"]["Handgun"] = "Pistole"
info["de"]["Vial of Blood"] = "Phiole mit Blut"
info["de"]["Party Girl/Names"] = "Partygirl/Namen"
info["de"]["Shroomerang"] = "Pilzerang"
info["de"]["Party Girl"] = "Partygirl"
info["de"]["Pixie"] = "Pixie"
info["de"]["Pirate Deadeye"] = "Piratenjungfer"
info["de"]["Party"] = "Party"
info["de"]["Papyrus Scarab"] = "Papyrusskarabäus"
info["de"]["Mushroom Spear"] = "Pilzspeer"
info["de"]["Parrot Cracker"] = "Papageienkräcker"
info["de"]["Parrot"] = "Papagei"
info["de"]["Penguin"] = "Pinguin"
info["de"]["Panic Necklace"] = "Panikhalskette"
info["de"]["Palm Wood Bow"] = "Palmholzbogen"
info["de"]["Mushroom Cap"] = "Pilzmütze"
info["de"]["Pearlwood armor"] = "Perlholzrüstung"
info["de"]["Shroomite Digging Claw"] = "Pilzmitgrabeforke"
info["de"]["Palladium Column"] = "Palladiumsäule"
info["de"]["Palladium Pickaxe"] = "Palladiumspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Palladium armor"] = "Palladiumrüstung"
info["de"]["Stake Launcher"] = "Pflockwerfer"
info["de"]["Palladium Repeater"] = "Palladiumrepetierer"
info["de"]["Phoenix Blaster"] = "Phoenix-Blaster"
info["de"]["Palladium Drill"] = "Palladiumbohrer"
info["de"]["palladium bar"] = "Palladiumbarren"
info["de"]["Stockade Crate"] = "Palisadenkiste"
info["de"]["PDA"] = "PDA"
info["de"]["Pearlwood"] = "Perlholz"
info["de"]["Ocean"] = "Ozean"
info["de"]["Obsidian Swordfish"] = "Osidianschwertfisch"
info["de"]["Dart Trap"] = "Pfeilfalle"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Pichaxe"] = "Oreichalkosspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Parka-Outfit"] = "Parka-Set"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Armor"] = "Oreichalkosrüstung"
info["de"]["Pearlstone Brick"] = "Perlsteinziegel"
info["de"]["Pearlwood Hammer"] = "Perlholzhammer"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Ore"] = "Oreichalkoserz"
info["de"]["Party Bullet"] = "Partykugel"
info["de"]["Orichalcum"] = "Oreichalkosbarren"
info["de"]["Palmwood"] = "Palmholz"
info["de"]["Optic Staff"] = "Optischer Stab"
info["de"]["Pearls"] = "Perlen"
info["de"]["Old-gen console version"] = "Old-gen-Konsolenversion"
info["de"]["Ocram"] = "Ocram"
info["de"]["Mime Mask"] = "Pantomimen-Maske"
info["de"]["Obsidian Brick Wall"] = "Obsidianziegelwand"
info["de"]["Obsidian Brick"] = "Obsidianziegel"
info["de"]["Pearlwood Crate"] = "Perlholzkiste"
info["de"]["Obsidian Water Walking Boots"] = "Obsidianwasserwanderstiefel"
info["de"]["Obsidian Skull"] = "Obsidianschädel"
info["de"]["Palm Wood Sword"] = "Palmholzschwert"
info["de"]["Obsidian Shield"] = "Obsidianschild"
info["de"]["Obsidian Rose"] = "Obsidianrose"
info["de"]["Palladium Waraxe"] = "Palladiumkriegsaxt"
info["de"]["Obsidian Skin Potion"] = "Obsidianhaut-Trank"
info["de"]["Obsidian Horseshoe"] = "Obsidian-Hufeisen"
info["de"]["Obsidian"] = "Obsidian"
info["de"]["Palladium Sword"] = "Palladiumschwert"
info["de"]["Nymph"] = "Nymphe"
info["de"]["Palladium Pike"] = "Palladiumspieß"
info["de"]["North Pole"] = "Nordpol"
info["de"]["Palladium Ore"] = "Palladiumerz"
info["de"]["Paladin Hammer"] = "Paladins Hammer"
info["de"]["Nimbus Rod"] = "Nimbusrute"
info["de"]["Nettle Burst"] = "Nesselstoß"
info["de"]["Neptune's Shell"] = "Neptuns Muschel"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Repeater"] = "Oreichalkosrepetierer"
info["de"]["Necro Armor"] = "Nekrorüstung"
info["de"]["Necromantic Scroll"] = "Nekromantische Schriftrolle"
info["de"]["Nectar"] = "Nektar"
info["de"]["Debuffs"] = "Negative Statuseffekte"
info["de"]["Nebula Armor"] = "Nebularüstung"
info["de"]["Nebula Arcanum"] = "Nebula Arcanum"
info["de"]["Nebula Dye"] = "Nebula-Farbstoff"
info["de"]["Ocean Crate"] = "Ozeankiste"
info["de"]["Nebula Blaze"] = "Nebula-Aufflammen"
info["de"]["Nazar"] = "Nazar"
info["de"]["Paladin"] = "Paladin"
info["de"]["Jester's Arrow"] = "Narrenpfeil"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Halberd"] = "Oreichalkoshellebarde"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Sword"] = "Oreichalkosschwert"
info["de"]["Nano Bullet"] = "Nanokugel"
info["de"]["Nanites"] = "Naniten"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Waraxe"] = "Oreichalkoskriegsaxt"
info["de"]["Melee weapons"] = "Nahkampfwaffen"
info["de"]["Nailgun"] = "Nagelpistole"
info["de"]["Nailhead"] = "Nagelkopf"
info["de"]["Nail"] = "Nagel"
info["de"]["Melee weapons/row"] = "Nahkampfwaffen/row"
info["de"]["Night Vision Helmet"] = "Nachtsichthelm"
info["de"]["NPCs"] = "NPCs"
info["de"]["NPC drops"] = "NPC-Drops"
info["de"]["Coin Gun"] = "Münzgewehr"
info["de"]["Coins"] = "Münzen"
info["de"]["Trash Can"] = "Mülleimer"
info["de"]["Mysterious Tablet"] = "Mysteriöse Tafel"
info["de"]["Musket Ball"] = "Musketenkugel"
info["de"]["Muramasa"] = "Muramasa"
info["de"]["Ammo Box"] = "Munitionskiste"
info["de"]["Ammunition items"] = "Munition"
info["de"]["Mummies"] = "Mumien"
info["de"]["Mothron"] = "Mottron"
info["de"]["Ninja Clothes"] = "Ninjarüstung"
info["de"]["Moss Hornet"] = "Mooshornisse"
info["de"]["Moon Charm"] = "Mondzauber"
info["de"]["Moon Stone"] = "Mondstein"
info["de"]["Moonglow Seeds"] = "Mondschein-Saat"
info["de"]["Orichalcum Drill"] = "Oreichalkosbohrer"
info["de"]["Moss"] = "Moos"
info["de"]["Moon phase"] = "Mondphasen"
info["de"]["Moon Shell"] = "Mondmuschel"
info["de"]["Moon Lord"] = "Mondherr"
info["de"]["Moonglow"] = "Mondglanz"
info["de"]["Lunar Flare"] = "Monderuption"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Complete"] = "Modifikation/Vollständig"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Universal"] = "Modifikation/Universell"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Melee"] = "Modifikation/Nahkampf"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Magic"] = "Modifikation/Magie"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Common"] = "Modifikation/Gewöhnlich"
info["de"]["NPC names"] = "NPC-Namen"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Ranged"] = "Modifikation/Fernkampf"
info["de"]["Modifiers/Accessory"] = "Modifikation/Accessoire"
info["de"]["Modifiers"] = "Modifikation"
info["de"]["Stylish Scissors"] = "Modeschere"
info["de"]["Vanity Accessories/row"] = "Mode-Accessoires/row"
info["de"]["Vanity Accessories/tip"] = "Mode-Accessoires/Tipp"
info["de"]["Mobile version"] = "Mobilversion"
info["de"]["Nebula Blaze"] = "Nebula Blaze"
info["de"]["Obsidian Lock Box"] = "Obsidianschließkassette"
info["de"]["Mythril armor"] = "Mithrilrüstung"
info["de"]["Mythril Crate"] = "Mithrilkiste"
info["de"]["Nebula Fragment Block"] = "Nebula-Fragment-Block"
info["de"]["Nutcracker"] = "Nussknacker"
info["de"]["Mythril Ore"] = "Mithrilerz"
info["de"]["Vanity Accessories"] = "Mode-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Mythril Bar"] = "Mithrilbarren"
info["de"]["Night Owl Potion"] = "Nachteulentrank"
info["de"]["Spike Ball"] = "Nagelball"
info["de"]["Wraith"] = "Monstergeist"
info["de"]["Blend-O-Matic"] = "Misch-O-Matik"
info["de"]["Coin Ring"] = "Münzenring"
info["de"]["Minishark"] = "Minihai"
info["de"]["Mimic"] = "Mimics"
info["de"]["Meteor Staff"] = "Meteorstab"
info["de"]["Meteorite Bar"] = "Meteoritenbarren"
info["de"]["Lunar Portal Staff"] = "Mondportalstab"
info["de"]["Musket"] = "Muskete"
info["de"]["Obsidian Crate"] = "Obsidiankiste"
info["de"]["Meteorite"] = "Meteorit"
info["de"]["Meteor Shot"] = "Meteorenschuss"
info["de"]["Meteorite (biome)"] = "Meteorit (Biom)"
info["de"]["Meteor Head"] = "Meteorenkopf"
info["de"]["Meteor Hamaxe"] = "Meteor-Hamaxt"
info["de"]["Metal Detector"] = "Metalldetektor"
info["de"]["Ammo Reservation Potion"] = "Munitioneinsparungstrank"
info["de"]["Meowmere"] = "Meowmere"
info["de"]["Man Eater"] = "Menschenfresser"
info["de"]["Master Ninja Gear"] = "Meister-Ninjaausrüstung"
info["de"]["Oasis Crate"] = "Oasiskiste"
info["de"]["Medusa Head"] = "Medusa-Kopf"
info["de"]["Multicolor-Wrench"] = "Mehrfarbiger Schraubenschlüssel"
info["de"]["Medusa"] = "Medusa"
info["de"]["Megaphone"] = "Megafon"
info["de"]["Witch Doctor/Names"] = "Medizinmann/Namen"
info["de"]["Witch Doctor"] = "Medizinmann"
info["de"]["Multiplayer"] = "Mehrspieler"
info["de"]["Mechanical Wheel Piece"] = "Mechanisches Radstück"
info["de"]["Mechanical Battery Piece"] = "Mechanisches Batteriestück"
info["de"]["Mythril Pickaxe"] = "Mithrilspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Mechanical Eye"] = "Mechanisches Auge"
info["de"]["Mechanical Worm"] = "Mechanischer Wurm"
info["de"]["Mechanical Skull"] = "Mechanischer Schädel"
info["de"]["Power Glove"] = "Mechanischer Handschuh"
info["de"]["Mechanical Lens"] = "Mechanische Linse"
info["de"]["Mechanic/Names"] = "Mechanikerin/Namen"
info["de"]["Mechanic"] = "Mechanikerin"
info["de"]["Megashark"] = "Maxihai"
info["de"]["Mouse"] = "Maus"
info["de"]["Brick Layer"] = "Maurer"
info["de"]["Masks"] = "Masken"
info["de"]["Mythril Chainsaw"] = "Mithrilkettensäge"
info["de"]["Mythril Drill"] = "Mithrilbohrer"
info["de"]["Martian Madness"] = "Marsianerwahnsinn"
info["de"]["Mythril Brick"] = "Mithrilziegel"
info["de"]["Martian Probe"] = "Marsianersonde"
info["de"]["Martian Saucer"] = "Marsianer-UFO"
info["de"]["Martian Drone"] = "Marsianer-Drohne"
info["de"]["Marshmallow on a Stick"] = "Marshmallow am Stock"
info["de"]["Marshmallow"] = "Marshmallow"
info["de"]["Marble Block"] = "Marmorblock"
info["de"]["Mana Potion"] = "Manatrank"
info["de"]["Mana Sickness"] = "Manakrankheit"
info["de"]["Mana regeneration band"] = "Mana-Regenerationsband"
info["de"]["Mana Crystal"] = "Mana-Kristall"
info["de"]["Mana Flower"] = "Mana-Blume"
info["de"]["Mythril Repeater"] = "Mithrilrepetierer"
info["de"]["Mana"] = "Mana"
info["de"]["Painter/Names"] = "Maler/Namen"
info["de"]["Painter"] = "Maler"
info["de"]["Malaise"] = "Malaise"
info["de"]["Magnet Sphere"] = "Magnetsphäre"
info["de"]["Magma Stone"] = "Magmastein"
info["de"]["Mythril Sword"] = "Mithrilschwert"
info["de"]["Magic Missile"] = "Magische Rakete"
info["de"]["Magic Conch"] = "Magische Muschel"
info["de"]["Magical Harp"] = "Magische Harfe"
info["de"]["Magic Cuffs"] = "Magische Handschellen"
info["de"]["Magic weapons"] = "Magiewaffen"
info["de"]["Caster AI"] = "Magier-KI"
info["de"]["Magic Power Potion"] = "Magiekraft-Trank"
info["de"]["Magic Lantern"] = "Magielaterne"
info["de"]["Meteor armor"] = "Meteorrüstung"
info["de"]["Mythril Waraxe"] = "Mithrilkriegsaxt"
info["de"]["Maggot"] = "Made"
info["de"]["Mythril Brick Wall"] = "Mithril-Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Luminite Bar"] = "Luminitbarren"
info["de"]["Luminite Pickaxes"] = "Luminit-Spitzhacken"
info["de"]["Luminite"] = "Luminit"
info["de"]["Minecart Track"] = "Lorengleis"
info["de"]["Minecarts"] = "Lore"
info["de"]["Mythril Halberd"] = "Mithrilhellebarde"
info["de"]["List of melee weapons"] = "Liste der Nahkampfwaffen"
info["de"]["List of NPCs/row"] = "Liste der NPCs/row"
info["de"]["List of NPCs"] = "Liste der NPCs"
info["de"]["List of magic weapons"] = "Liste der Magiewaffen"
info["de"]["List of ranged weapons"] = "Liste der Fernkampfwaffen"
info["de"]["List of summon weapons"] = "Liste der Beschwörungswaffen"
info["de"]["Lens"] = "Linse"
info["de"]["Ruler"] = "Lineal"
info["de"]["Wyvern"] = "Lindwurm"
info["de"]["Puple Slime"] = "Lila Schleim"
info["de"]["Mechanical Battery Piece"] = "Mechanisches Wagenstück"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd Brick"] = "Lihzahrdziegel"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd Altar"] = "Lihzahrdaltar"
info["de"]["Martian Engineer"] = "Marsianer-Ingenieur"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd Power Cell"] = "Lihzahrd-Energiezelle"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd"] = "Lihzahrd"
info["de"]["Light Shard"] = "Lichtscherbe"
info["de"]["Light Disc"] = "Lichtscheibe"
info["de"]["Vanity items"] = "Mode-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Luminite Drills"] = "Luminitbohrer"
info["de"]["Martian Officer"] = "Marsianer-Offizier"
info["de"]["Flare Gun"] = "Leuchtpistole"
info["de"]["Magic Dagger"] = "Magischer Dolch"
info["de"]["Martian Walker"] = "Marsianer-Läufer"
info["de"]["Shiny Red Balloon"] = "Leuchtend roter Ballon"
info["de"]["Magical Pumpkin Seed"] = "Magische Kürbissamen"
info["de"]["Magic Hat"] = "Magiehut"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd Brick Block"] = "Lihzahrd-Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Lepus"] = "Lepus"
info["de"]["Leprechaun Hat"] = "Leprechaunset"
info["de"]["Clay"] = "Lehmblock"
info["de"]["Mana Regeneration Potion"] = "Mana-Wiederherstellungstrank"
info["de"]["Empty Bullet"] = "Leere Kugel"
info["de"]["Leather"] = "Leder"
info["de"]["Life Crystal"] = "Lebenskristall"
info["de"]["Life Fruit"] = "Lebensfrucht"
info["de"]["Lifeforce Potion"] = "Lebenskrafttrank"
info["de"]["Lifeform Analyzer/List of detected creatures"] = "Lebensform-Analysator/Liste der Kreaturen"
info["de"]["Template:Lifeform Analyzer note"] = "Lebensform-Analysator/Hinweis"
info["de"]["Lifeform Analyzer"] = "Lebensform-Analysator"
info["de"]["Purple Clubberfish"] = "Lila Keulenfisch"
info["de"]["Life drain"] = "Lebensentweichung"
info["de"]["Life Drain"] = "Lebensabfluss"
info["de"]["Luminite Arrow"] = "Luminit-Pfeil"
info["de"]["Living Fire Block"] = "Lebendes-Feuer-Block"
info["de"]["Lava Waders"] = "Lavawatstiefel"
info["de"]["Pin Flags"] = "Lochfahnen"
info["de"]["Lava Charm"] = "Lavaamulet"
info["de"]["Lava"] = "Lava"
info["de"]["Lamp Post"] = "Laternen"
info["de"]["Phaseblade"] = "Laserklinge"
info["de"]["Phasesaber"] = "Laserschwerter"
info["de"]["Laser Rifle"] = "Lasergewehr"
info["de"]["Laser Drill"] = "Laserbohrer"
info["de"]["Blinkroot Seeds"] = "Leuchtwurzel-Saat"
info["de"]["Land Mine"] = "Landmine"
info["de"]["Campfire"] = "Lagerfeuer"
info["de"]["Glowstick"] = "Leuchtstab"
info["de"]["Blinkroot"] = "Leuchtwurzel"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Lihzahrd-Schmelzofen"
info["de"]["Jack 'O Lantern Launcher"] = "Kürbislaternenwerfer"
info["de"]["Lihzahrd Chest"] = "Lihzahrdtruhe"
info["de"]["Living Wood"] = "Lebendes Holz"
info["de"]["Pumpkin"] = "Kürbis"
info["de"]["Illuminant Slime"] = "Leuchtschleim"
info["de"]["Illuminant Bat"] = "Leuchtfledermaus"
info["de"]["Royal Gel"] = "Königlicher Glibber"
info["de"]["Bait/row"] = "Köder/row"
info["de"]["Last Prism"] = "Letztes Prisma"
info["de"]["Fighter AI"] = "Kämpfer-KI"
info["de"]["Beetle Husk"] = "Käferschale"
info["de"]["Living Wood Chest"] = "Lebendes-Holz-Truhe"
info["de"]["Bait"] = "Köder"
info["de"]["Beetle Armor"] = "Käferrüstung"
info["de"]["Lava Bat"] = "Lavafledermaus"
info["de"]["Copper Watch"] = "Kupferuhr"
info["de"]["Copper Pickaxe"] = "Kupferspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Gingerbread Man"] = "Lebkuchenmann"
info["de"]["Copper Shortsword"] = "Kupferkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Copper Ore"] = "Kupfererz"
info["de"]["Copper Broadsword"] = "Kupferbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Copper Bow"] = "Kupferbogen"
info["de"]["Copper Bar"] = "Kupferbarren"
info["de"]["Leaf Blower"] = "Laubsauger"
info["de"]["Proximity Mine Launcher"] = "Landminenwerfer"
info["de"]["Ornate Shadow Key"] = "Kunstvoller Schattenschlüssel"
info["de"]["Discount Card"] = "Kundenkarte"
info["de"]["Laser Machinegun"] = "Laser-Maschinengewehr"
info["de"]["Cultists"] = "Kultisten"
info["de"]["Bullets/row"] = "Kugeln/row"
info["de"]["Bullets"] = "Kugeln"
info["de"]["Lava Slime"] = "Lavaschleim"
info["de"]["Mug"] = "Krug"
info["de"]["List of tooltips"] = "Liste der Tooltips"
info["de"]["Chandelier"] = "Kronleuchter"
info["de"]["Critical hit/row"] = "Kritischer Treffer/row"
info["de"]["Crystal Storm"] = "Kristallsturm"
info["de"]["Pumpkin Mask"] = "Kürbisset"
info["de"]["Pumpkin Seed"] = "Kürbissamen"
info["de"]["Crystal Shard"] = "Kristallsplitter"
info["de"]["Crystal Vile Shard"] = "Kristallschandsplitter"
info["de"]["Crystal Heart"] = "Kristallherz"
info["de"]["Crystal Ball"] = "Kristallglaskugel"
info["de"]["War Axe of the Night"] = "Kriegsaxt der Nacht"
info["de"]["Creeper Egg"] = "Kriecherei"
info["de"]["Nurse/Names"] = "Krankenschwester/Namen"
info["de"]["Nurse"] = "Krankenschwester"
info["de"]["Pumpkin Pie"] = "Kürbiskuchen"
info["de"]["Kraken"] = "Kraken"
info["de"]["Crawltipede"] = "Krabbelfüßler"
info["de"]["Pumpkin Moon Medallion"] = "Kürbismondmedaillon"
info["de"]["List of weapons"] = "Liste der Waffen"
info["de"]["Crab"] = "Krabbe"
info["de"]["Cosmic Car Key"] = "Kosmische Autoschlüssel"
info["de"]["Pumpking"] = "Kürbiskönig"
info["de"]["Coral"] = "Koralle"
info["de"]["Headless Horseman"] = "Kopfloser Reiter"
info["de"]["Console version"] = "Konsolenversion"
info["de"]["Copper armor"] = "Kupferrüstung"
info["de"]["Confetti"] = "Konfetti"
info["de"]["Compass"] = "Kompass"
info["de"]["Dresser"] = "Kommoden"
info["de"]["Cabbage"] = "Kohl"
info["de"]["Cooking Pots"] = "Kochtöpfe"
info["de"]["Imp Staff"] = "Koboldstab"
info["de"]["Cobalt Brick"] = "Kobaltziegel"
info["de"]["Cobalt Pickaxe"] = "Kobaltspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Cobalt Sword"] = "Kobaltschwert"
info["de"]["Cobalt Shield"] = "Kobaltschild"
info["de"]["Cobalt armor"] = "Kobaltrüstung"
info["de"]["Cobalt Bar"] = "Kobaltrepetierer"
info["de"]["Copper Brick Wall"] = "Kupferne Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Cobalt Ore"] = "Kobalterz"
info["de"]["Cobalt Repeater"] = "Kobaltarmbrust"
info["de"]["Copper Brick"] = "Kupferziegel"
info["de"]["Cobalt Drill"] = "Kobalt-Bohrer"
info["de"]["Crispy Honey"] = "Knuspriger Honigblock"
info["de"]["Herbs"] = "Kräuter"
info["de"]["Copper Axe"] = "Kupferaxt"
info["de"]["Copper Hammer"] = "Kupferhammer"
info["de"]["Bone Throwing Knife"] = "Knochenwurfmesser"
info["de"]["Critical hit"] = "Kritischer Treffer"
info["de"]["Bone Pickaxe"] = "Knochenspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Herb Bag"] = "Kräuterbeutel"
info["de"]["Seaside Crate"] = "Küstenkiste"
info["de"]["Bone Sword"] = "Knochenschwert"
info["de"]["Bone Welder"] = "Knochenschweißer"
info["de"]["Bone Key"] = "Knochenschlüssel"
info["de"]["Bone Serpent"] = "Knochenschlange"
info["de"]["Bone Rattle"] = "Knochenrassel"
info["de"]["Bone Feather"] = "Knochenfeder"
info["de"]["Blade tongue"] = "Klingenzunge"
info["de"]["Bladed Glove"] = "Klingenhandschuh"
info["de"]["Night's Edge"] = "Klinge der Nacht"
info["de"]["Climbing Claws"] = "Kletterklauen"
info["de"]["Clinger Staff"] = "Klettenstab"
info["de"]["Plumber's Clothes"] = "Klempnerset"
info["de"]["Creature from the Deep"] = "Kreatur aus der Tiefe"
info["de"]["Platforms"] = "Klappen"
info["de"]["Crate Potion"] = "Kistentrank"
info["de"]["User:Blaust/1.3 Update"] = "Kisten"
info["de"]["Gills Potion"] = "Kiementrank"
info["de"]["Keybrand"] = "Keybrand"
info["de"]["Creeper Mask"] = "Kriecherset"
info["de"]["Chainsaws/row"] = "Kettensägen/row"
info["de"]["Chain Knife"] = "Kettenmesser"
info["de"]["Chain Guillotines"] = "Kettenguillotinen"
info["de"]["Chain"] = "Kette"
info["de"]["Candle"] = "Kerzen"
info["de"]["Krampus"] = "Krampus"
info["de"]["Bubblegum Block"] = "Kaugummiblock"
info["de"]["Cobalt Chainsaw"] = "Kobalt-Kettensäge"
info["de"]["Cat Mask"] = "Katzenset"
info["de"]["Cross Necklace"] = "Kreuzhalskette"
info["de"]["Cascade"] = "Kaskade"
info["de"]["Katana"] = "Katana"
info["de"]["Bone Javelin"] = "Knochenwurfspeer"
info["de"]["Candelabra"] = "Kandelaber"
info["de"]["Battle Potion"] = "Kampftrank"
info["de"]["Cobalt Naginata"] = "Kobalt-Naginata"
info["de"]["Well Fed"] = "Kleine Stärkung"
info["de"]["Cobalt Waraxe"] = "Kobaltkriegsaxt"
info["de"]["Combat Accessories"] = "Kampf-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Cactus armor"] = "Kaktusrüstung"
info["de"]["Marrow"] = "Knochenmark"
info["de"]["Cactus Pickaxe"] = "Kaktus-Spitzhacke"
info["de"]["Cactus Sword"] = "Kaktus-Schwert"
info["de"]["Cactus"] = "Kaktus"
info["de"]["Exmpress of Light"] = "Kaiserin des Lichts"
info["de"]["Wire"] = "Kabel"
info["de"]["Cobalt Chainsaw"] = "Kobaltkettensäge"
info["de"]["AI"] = "KI"
info["de"]["Hunter Potion"] = "Jägertrank"
info["de"]["Yoyos/row"] = "Jojos/row"
info["de"]["AI/row"] = "KI/row"
info["de"]["Yoyos"] = "Jojos"
info["de"]["Bone"] = "Knochen"
info["de"]["Yoyo Glove"] = "Jojohandschuh"
info["de"]["YoYo bag"] = "Jojobeutel"
info["de"]["Bone Block"] = "Knochenblock"
info["de"]["Wisp in a Bottle"] = "Irrlicht aus der Flasche"
info["de"]["Inventory"] = "Inventar"
info["de"]["Informational Accessories/row"] = "Informations-Accessoires/row"
info["de"]["Informational Accessories/note"] = "Informations-Accessoires/Hinweis"
info["de"]["Informational Accessories"] = "Informations-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Inferno Fork"] = "Infernogabel"
info["de"]["On Fire!"] = "In Brand stehen!"
info["de"]["Butcher's Chainsaw"] = "Kettensäge des Schlachters"
info["de"]["Medicated Bandage"] = "Imprägnierter Verband"
info["de"]["Everscream"] = "Immerschrei"
info["de"]["Illegal Gun Parts"] = "Illegale Gewehrteile"
info["de"]["Ichor Arrow"] = "Ichorpfeil"
info["de"]["Clinger"] = "Klette"
info["de"]["Ichor"] = "Ichor"
info["de"]["Classy Cane"] = "Klassischer Stock"
info["de"]["Woods"] = "Hölzer"
info["de"]["Hellstone Bar"] = "Höllenstein-Barren"
info["de"]["Hellstone Crate"] = "Höllensteinkiste"
info["de"]["Hellstone"] = "Höllenstein"
info["de"]["Hellforge"] = "Höllenschmiede"
info["de"]["Hellhound"] = "Höllenhund"
info["de"]["Hellbat"] = "Höllenfledermaus"
info["de"]["Hellfire Arrow"] = "Höllenfeuerpfeil"
info["de"]["Cat Ears"] = "Katzenohren"
info["de"]["Cannonball"] = "Kanonenkugel"
info["de"]["Spelunker Potion"] = "Höhlenforschertrank"
info["de"]["Cavern"] = "Höhle"
info["de"]["Merchant/Names"] = "Händler/Namen"
info["de"]["Combat Wrench"] = "Kampfschraubenschlüssel"
info["de"]["Merchant"] = "Händler"
info["de"]["Hammers/row"] = "Hämmer/row"
info["de"]["Carrot"] = "Karotte"
info["de"]["Hammers"] = "Hämmer"
info["de"]["Hematic Crate"] = "Hämatische Kiste"
info["de"]["By Hand"] = "Kein Objekt"
info["de"]["Hoverboard"] = "Hoverboard"
info["de"]["Hornet Staff"] = "Hornissenstab"
info["de"]["Horned God set"] = "Horned-God-Set"
info["de"]["Unicorn Horn"] = "Horn des Einhorns"
info["de"]["Unicorn on a Stick"] = "Hoppe-Reiter-Einhorn"
info["de"]["Icemourne"] = "Icemourne"
info["de"]["KO Cannon"] = "K.O.-Kanone"
info["de"]["Karate Tortoise Mask"] = "Karate-Schildkröten-Set"
info["de"]["Honey Dispender"] = "Honigspender"
info["de"]["Wire Cutter"] = "Kabelabschneider"
info["de"]["Honey Balloon"] = "Honigballon"
info["de"]["Honey"] = "Honig"
info["de"]["Arrow"] = "Holzpfeil"
info["de"]["Wooden Crate"] = "Holzkiste"
info["de"]["Ichor Dart"] = "Ichorwurfpfeil"
info["de"]["Hell armored Bones"] = "Höllisch gepanzerte Knochen"
info["de"]["Wooden Boomerang"] = "Holzbumerang"
info["de"]["Wooden Hammer"] = "Holzhammer"
info["de"]["Yelets"] = "Jelez"
info["de"]["Hel-Fire"] = "Höllenfeuer"
info["de"]["Void Bag"] = "Hohlraumbeutel"
info["de"]["High Velocity Bullet"] = "Hochgeschwindigkeitskugel"
info["de"]["Heat Ray"] = "Hitzestrahl"
info["de"]["Background walls"] = "Hintergrundwände"
info["de"]["Cave Bat"] = "Höhlenfledermaus"
info["de"]["Bunny Cannon"] = "Häschenkanone"
info["de"]["Ichor Sticker"] = "Ichor-Sticker"
info["de"]["Celestial Sigil"] = "Himmlisches Siegel"
info["de"]["Celestial Stone"] = "Himmlischer Stein"
info["de"]["Celestial Magnet"] = "Himmlischer Magnet"
info["de"]["Celestial Shell"] = "Himmlische Hülle"
info["de"]["Skyware Chest"] = "Himmelswarentruhe"
info["de"]["Sky Mill"] = "Himmelsmühle"
info["de"]["Sky Crate"] = "Himmelskiste"
info["de"]["Hellstone Brick"] = "Höllensteinziegel"
info["de"]["Hay"] = "Heu"
info["de"]["Heart Arrow"] = "Herzpfeil"
info["de"]["Duke Fishron"] = "Herzog Fischron"
info["de"]["Heart Lantern"] = "Herzlaterne"
info["de"]["Crafting stations"] = "Herstellungsobjekte"
info["de"]["Brand of the Inferno"] = "Höllenbrand"
info["de"]["Mister Stabby"] = "Herr Stabby"
info["de"]["Spelunker Glowstick"] = "Höhlengänger-Leuchtstab"
info["de"]["Hercules Beetle"] = "Herkuleskäfer"
info["de"]["Hermes Boots"] = "Hermes-Stiefel"
info["de"]["Wooden armor"] = "Holzrüstung"
info["de"]["Crafted walls"] = "Hergestellte Wände"
info["de"]["Healing Potion"] = "Heiltrank"
info["de"]["Holy Arrow"] = "Heiliger Pfeil"
info["de"]["Hallowed Seeds"] = "Heilige Saat"
info["de"]["Hallowed armor"] = "Heilige Rüstung"
info["de"]["Hallowed Crate"] = "Heilige Kiste"
info["de"]["Holy Hand Grenade"] = "Heilige Handgranate"
info["de"]["Pets"] = "Haustiere"
info["de"]["House"] = "Haus"
info["de"]["Bunny"] = "Hase"
info["de"]["Harpy"] = "Harpyie"
info["de"]["Giant Harpy Feather"] = "Harpyenfeder"
info["de"]["Harp"] = "Harfe"
info["de"]["Honeyed Goggles"] = "Honigsüße Brille"
info["de"]["Hardmode Forges"] = "Hardmode-Schmieden"
info["de"]["Wooden Yo-Yo"] = "Holzjojo"
info["de"]["Hardmode Anvils"] = "Hardmode-Ambosse"
info["de"]["Wizard's Hat"] = "Hut des Zauberers"
info["de"]["Hardmode"] = "Hardmode"
info["de"]["Cell Phone"] = "Handy"
info["de"]["Slap Hand"] = "Handklatsche"
info["de"]["Traveling Merchant/Names"] = "Handelsreisender/Namen"
info["de"]["Traveling Merchant"] = "Handelsreisender"
info["de"]["Fisherman's Pocket Guide"] = "Handbuch für Angler"
info["de"]["Hammush"] = "Hammpilz"
info["de"]["Halloween"] = "Halloween"
info["de"]["Hook"] = "Haken"
info["de"]["Shark Fin"] = "Haifinne"
info["de"]["Shark"] = "Hai"
info["de"]["Sticky Glowstick"] = "Haftleuchtstab"
info["de"]["Sticky Bomb"] = "Haftbombe"
info["de"]["Wooden Sword"] = "Holzschwert"
info["de"]["Greedy Ring"] = "Habgierring"
info["de"]["Keg"] = "Gärbottich"
info["de"]["Gungnir"] = "Gungnir"
info["de"]["Green Candy Cane-Block"] = "Grüner Zuckerstangenblock"
info["de"]["Wood Wall"] = "Holzwand"
info["de"]["Wooden Bow"] = "Holzbogen"
info["de"]["Hornet"] = "Hornissen"
info["de"]["Chlorophythe Shotbow"] = "Grünalgenschussbogen"
info["de"]["Witch Hat"] = "Hexenset"
info["de"]["Hamaxes"] = "Hamäxte"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Armor"] = "Grünalgenrüstung"
info["de"]["Hay Wall"] = "Heuwand"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Arrow"] = "Grünalgenpfeil"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Bullet"] = "Grünalgenkugel"
info["de"]["Heart"] = "Herz"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Ore"] = "Grünalgenerz"
info["de"]["Lever"] = "Hebel"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Jackhammer"] = "Grünalgendrucklufthammer"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Claymore"] = "Grünalgenclaymore"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Bar"] = "Grünalgenbarren"
info["de"]["Herpling"] = "Herpling"
info["de"]["Bunny Hood"] = "Hasenkapuze"
info["de"]["Giant Cursed Skull"] = "Großer verfluchter Schädel"
info["de"]["Hero's set"] = "Heldenset"
info["de"]["Harpoon"] = "Harpune"
info["de"]["Hallowed Repeater"] = "Heiliger Repetierer"
info["de"]["Greater Mana Potion"] = "Großer Manatrank"
info["de"]["Greater Healing Potion"] = "Großer Heiltrank"
info["de"]["Shark Bait"] = "Haiköder"
info["de"]["Hooks"] = "Greifhaken"
info["de"]["Old Man"] = "Greis"
info["de"]["Template:•"] = "Vorlage:•"
info["de"]["Template:Worms"] = "Vorlage:Würmer"
info["de"]["Flesh Grinder"] = "Hackfleischmacher"
info["de"]["Template:Tungsten"] = "Vorlage:Wolfram"
info["de"]["Green Candy Cane Wall"] = "Grüne Zuckerstangenwand"
info["de"]["Template:Wikipedia"] = "Vorlage:Wikipedia"
info["de"]["Green Cap"] = "Grüne Mütze"
info["de"]["Green Mushroom"] = "Grüner Pilz"
info["de"]["Chlorophyre Saber"] = "Grünalgensäbel"
info["de"]["Green Slime"] = "Grüner Schleim"
info["de"]["Template:Wiki admin"] = "Vorlage:Wiki admin"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Greataxe"] = "Grünalgengroßaxt"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Pickaxe"] = "Grünalgenspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Chainsaw"] = "Grünalgenkettensäge"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Drill"] = "Grünalgenbohrer"
info["de"]["Template:Version icons"] = "Vorlage:Version icons"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Warhammer"] = "Grünalgenkriegshammer"
info["de"]["Template:Version"] = "Vorlage:Version"
info["de"]["Template:Versions"] = "Vorlage:Versions"
info["de"]["Template:Vandal"] = "Vorlage:Vandal"
info["de"]["Chlorophyte Partisan"] = "Grünalgenpartisane"
info["de"]["Template:User"] = "Vorlage:User"
info["de"]["Template:UnitTest"] = "Vorlage:UnitTest"
info["de"]["Template:Unobtainium"] = "Vorlage:Unobtainium"
info["de"]["Digger"] = "Gräber"
info["de"]["Template:Transform"] = "Vorlage:Transform"
info["de"]["Grubby"] = "Grubby"
info["de"]["Template:Tocright"] = "Vorlage:Tocright"
info["de"]["Template:Toc limit"] = "Vorlage:Toc limit"
info["de"]["Template:Titanium"] = "Vorlage:Titanium"
info["de"]["Template:Tin"] = "Vorlage:Tin"
info["de"]["Template:Tl"] = "Vorlage:Tl"
info["de"]["Template:Tr"] = "Vorlage:Tr"
info["de"]["Template:Strategies"] = "Vorlage:Strategies"
info["de"]["Template:Stub"] = "Vorlage:Stub"
info["de"]["Template:Store"] = "Vorlage:Store"
info["de"]["Template:Game mechanics"] = "Vorlage:Spielmechaniken"
info["de"]["Template:Spears"] = "Vorlage:Speere"
info["de"]["Template:Star"] = "Vorlage:Star"
info["de"]["Template:Stack"] = "Vorlage:Stack"
info["de"]["Template:Spaces"] = "Vorlage:Spaces"
info["de"]["Template:Souls"] = "Vorlage:Souls"
info["de"]["Template:Solar Eclipse Enemies"] = "Vorlage:Sonnenfinsternis-Gegner"
info["de"]["Template:Sound"] = "Vorlage:Sound"
info["de"]["Template:Silver"] = "Vorlage:Silber"
info["de"]["Template:Slines"] = "Vorlage:Schleime"
info["de"]["Template:Souls"] = "Vorlage:Seelen"
info["de"]["Template:Novelty items"] = "Vorlage:Scherzgegenstände"
info["de"]["Template:Rewrite"] = "Vorlage:Rewrite"
info["de"]["Template:Regex"] = "Vorlage:Regex"
info["de"]["Template:Redirect"] = "Vorlage:Redirect"
info["de"]["Template:Sell expr"] = "Vorlage:Sell expr"
info["de"]["Template:Recipes/register"] = "Vorlage:Recipes/register"
info["de"]["Template:Sc"] = "Vorlage:Sc"
info["de"]["Template:Recipes"] = "Vorlage:Recipes"
info["de"]["Template:Crimtane"] = "Vorlage:Purpurtan"
info["de"]["Template:Quotation"] = "Vorlage:Quotation"
info["de"]["Template:This.value"] = "Vorlage:This.value"
info["de"]["Template:Rare"] = "Vorlage:Rare"
info["de"]["Template:Placed Bottles"] = "Vorlage:Platzierte Flaschen"
info["de"]["Template:Platinum"] = "Vorlage:Platin"
info["de"]["Template:Pirate Invasion Enemies"] = "Vorlage:Pirateninvasions-Gegner"
info["de"]["Template:Shroomite"] = "Vorlage:Pilzmit"
info["de"]["Template:Arrows"] = "Vorlage:Pfeile"
info["de"]["Template:Palladium"] = "Vorlage:Palladium"
info["de"]["Template:Orichalcum"] = "Vorlage:Oreichalkos"
info["de"]["Template:Outdent"] = "Vorlage:Outdent"
info["de"]["Template:Pc"] = "Vorlage:Pc"
info["de"]["Template:Old-gen console items"] = "Vorlage:Old-gen console items"
info["de"]["Template:Old-gen console enemies"] = "Vorlage:Old-gen-Konsolen-Gegner"
info["de"]["Template:Old-gen"] = "Vorlage:Old-gen"
info["de"]["Template:Obsidian"] = "Vorlage:Obsidian"
info["de"]["Gravitation Potion"] = "Gravitationstrank"
info["de"]["Gray Grunt"] = "Graugrunzer"
info["de"]["Gray Brick"] = "Grauer Ziegel"
info["de"]["Gray Brick Wall"] = "Graue Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Gras Seeds"] = "Grassaat"
info["de"]["blade of grass"] = "Grasklinge"
info["de"]["Grasses"] = "Gras"
info["de"]["Granite Golem"] = "Granitgolem"
info["de"]["Granite Elemental"] = "Granit-Elementar"
info["de"]["Grenade Launcher"] = "Granatwerfer"
info["de"]["Template:Recipes/extract"] = "Vorlage:Recipes/extract"
info["de"]["Tombstone"] = "Grabsteine"
info["de"]["Golfer"] = "Golfer"
info["de"]["Eye of the Golem"] = "Golemauge"
info["de"]["Golem"] = "Golem"
info["de"]["Gold Brick"] = "Goldziegel"
info["de"]["Gold Watch"] = "Golduhr"
info["de"]["Gold Chest"] = "Goldtruhe"
info["de"]["Gold Dust"] = "Goldstaub"
info["de"]["Gold Pickaxe"] = "Goldspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Gold armor"] = "Goldrüstung"
info["de"]["Gold Ring"] = "Goldring"
info["de"]["Gold Hammer"] = "Goldhammer"
info["de"]["Goldfish"] = "Goldfisch"
info["de"]["Golden Shower"] = "Goldener Schauer"
info["de"]["Golden Key"] = "Goldener Schlüssel"
info["de"]["Golden Lock Box"] = "Goldene Schließkassette"
info["de"]["Gold Brick Wall"] = "Goldene Ziegelwand"
info["de"]["Golden Crate"] = "Goldene Kiste"
info["de"]["Gold Squirrel"] = "Goldeichhörnchen"
info["de"]["Gold Broadsword"] = "Goldbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Gold Bar"] = "Goldbarren"
info["de"]["Angler/Names"] = "Goblin-Tüftler/Namen"
info["de"]["Goblin Tinkerer"] = "Goblin-Tüftler"
info["de"]["Goblin Tech"] = "Goblin-Technik"
info["de"]["Goblin Scout"] = "Goblin-Späher"
info["de"]["Goblin Warrior"] = "Goblin-Krieger"
info["de"]["Goblin Battle Standard"] = "Goblin-Kampfstandarte"
info["de"]["Goblin Thief"] = "Goblin-Dieb"
info["de"]["Goblin Summoner"] = "Goblin-Beschwörer"
info["de"]["Goblin Army"] = "Goblin-Armee"
info["de"]["Glowing Mushroom"] = "Glühender Pilz"
info["de"]["Lucky Coin"] = "Glücksmünze"
info["de"]["Lucky Horseshoe"] = "Glückshufeisen"
info["de"]["Grasshopper"] = "Grashüpfer"
info["de"]["Gold Ore"] = "Golderz"
info["de"]["Gold Shortsword"] = "Goldkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Shiny Stone"] = "Glänzender Stein"
info["de"]["Granite Chest"] = "Granite Chest"
info["de"]["Gold Axe"] = "Goldaxt"
info["de"]["Grenade"] = "Granate"
info["de"]["Golemfist"] = "Golemfaust"
info["de"]["Bell"] = "Glocke"
info["de"]["Glass Wall"] = "Glaswand"
info["de"]["Glass Kiln"] = "Glasmeiler"
info["de"]["Tomb Crawler"] = "Grabkriecher"
info["de"]["Glass"] = "Glas"
info["de"]["Gold Butterfly"] = "Goldschmetterling"
info["de"]["Golden Bullet"] = "Goldene Kugel"
info["de"]["Poison Dart"] = "Giftdartpfeil"
info["de"]["Ghouls"] = "Ghule"
info["de"]["Tissue Sample"] = "Gewebeprobe"
info["de"]["Health and Mana Accessories"] = "Gesundheits- und Mana-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Goblin Sorcerer"] = "Goblin-Hexer"
info["de"]["Health"] = "Gesundheit"
info["de"]["Roman candle"] = "Goldregen"
info["de"]["Flurry Boots"] = "Gestöberstiefel"
info["de"]["Gold Crown"] = "Goldkrone"
info["de"]["Spectre Staff"] = "Gespensterstab"
info["de"]["Gradient"] = "Gradient"
info["de"]["Spectre Pickaxe"] = "Gespensterspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Spectre Armor"] = "Gespensterrüstung"
info["de"]["Spectre Hamaxe"] = "Gespensterhammaxt"
info["de"]["Face Monster"] = "Gesichtsmonster"
info["de"]["Blessed Apple"] = "Gesegneter Apfel"
info["de"]["Molten Pickaxe"] = "Geschmolzene Spitzhacke"
info["de"]["Molten Armor"] = "Geschmolzene Rüstung"
info["de"]["Gender Change Potion"] = "Geschlechtsumwandlungstrank"
info["de"]["Presents"] = "Geschenke"
info["de"]["Nature's Gift"] = "Geschenk der Natur"
info["de"]["Present Mimic"] = "Geschenk-Mimic"
info["de"]["Tortured Soul"] = "Gequälite Seele"
info["de"]["Armored Skeleton"] = "Gepanzertes Skelett"
info["de"]["Armored Cavefish"] = "Gepanzerter Blindfisch"
info["de"]["Money Trough"] = "Geldtrog"
info["de"]["Gold Bow"] = "Goldbogen"
info["de"]["Goblin Archer"] = "Goblin-Bogenschütze"
info["de"]["Spectre Boots"] = "Geisterstiefel"
info["de"]["Ghost Mask"] = "Geisterset"
info["de"]["Possessed Armor"] = "Geisterrüstung"
info["de"]["Spirit Flame"] = "Geisterflamme"
info["de"]["Spectre Bar"] = "Geisterbarren"
info["de"]["Goblin Peon"] = "Goblin-Arbeiter"
info["de"]["Brain Scrambler"] = "Gehirnverwirrer (Gegenstand)"
info["de"]["Brain of Cthulhu"] = "Gehirn von Cthulhu"
info["de"]["Brain"] = "Gehirn"
info["de"]["Hallowed Bar"] = "Geheiligter Barren"
info["de"]["Divine Crate"] = "Geheiligte Kiste"
info["de"]["Poison Staff"] = "Giftstab"
info["de"]["Enemies"] = "Gegner"
info["de"]["Gel"] = "Glibber"
info["de"]["Items"] = "Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Item IDs/row"] = "Gegenstands-IDs/row"
info["de"]["Item IDs"] = "Gegenstands-IDs"
info["de"]["Stinger"] = "Giftstachel"
info["de"]["Counterweigth"] = "Gegengewichte"
info["de"]["Grab bags"] = "Glücksbeutel"
info["de"]["Toxic Sludge"] = "Giftiger Schlamm"
info["de"]["Frozen Chest"] = "Gefrorene Truhe"
info["de"]["Gigazapper"] = "Gigazapper"
info["de"]["Frostbrand"] = "Gefrierbrand"
info["de"]["Frostburn Arrow"] = "Gefrierbrandpfeil"
info["de"]["Broken bat Wings"] = "Gebrochener Fledermausflügel"
info["de"]["Yellow Marigold"] = "Gelbe Ringelblume"
info["de"]["Ghost (enemy)"] = "Gespenst (NPC)"
info["de"]["Ghost"] = "Geist"
info["de"]["Molten Hamaxe"] = "Geschmolzene Hamaxt"
info["de"]["Armored Viking"] = "Gepanzerter Wikinger"
info["de"]["Gatligator"] = "Gatligator"
info["de"]["Molten Fury"] = "Geschmolzene Wut"
info["de"]["GPS"] = "GPS"
info["de"]["Conveyor Belt"] = "Förderband"
info["de"]["Putrid Scent"] = "Fäulnisgeruch"
info["de"]["Dye Vat"] = "Färbebottich"
info["de"]["Threads"] = "Fäden"
info["de"]["Anklet of the Wind"] = "Fusskette des Windes"
info["de"]["Whoopie Cushion"] = "Furzkissen"
info["de"]["Fart in a jar"] = "Furz im Glas"
info["de"]["Fart in a Balloon"] = "Furz im Ballon"
info["de"]["Fruitcake Chakram"] = "Früchtebrot-Chakram"
info["de"]["Yellow Slime"] = "Gelber Schleim"
info["de"]["Frost Staff"] = "Froststab"
info["de"]["Frost armor"] = "Frostrüstung"
info["de"]["Frost Moon"] = "Frostmond"
info["de"]["Frost Legion"] = "Frostlegion"
info["de"]["Yellow Horseshoe Balloon"] = "Gelber Hufeisenballon"
info["de"]["Frostspark Boots"] = "Frostfunkenstiefel"
info["de"]["Frostburn"] = "Frostbrand"
info["de"]["Flower of Frost"] = "Frostblume"
info["de"]["Frog"] = "Frosch"
info["de"]["Fritz"] = "Fritz"
info["de"]["Graveyard"] = "Friedhof"
info["de"]["Guide/Names"] = "Fremdenführer/Namen"
info["de"]["Guide Voodoo Doll"] = "Fremdenführer-Voodoopuppe"
info["de"]["Guide"] = "Fremdenführer"
info["de"]["Bride of Frankenstein Mask"] = "Frankensteins-Braut-Set"
info["de"]["Format:C"] = "Format:C"
info["de"]["Wings/List"] = "Flügel/List"
info["de"]["Wings"] = "Flügel"
info["de"]["Cooked Marshmallow"] = "Gerösteter Marshmallow"
info["de"]["Cursed Skull"] = "Fluchschädel"
info["de"]["Flipper"] = "Flosse"
info["de"]["Flocko"] = "Flocki"
info["de"]["Bug Net"] = "Fliegennetz"
info["de"]["Swiftness Potion"] = "Flinkheitstrank"
info["de"]["Flying Carpet"] = "Fliegender Teppich"
info["de"]["flying fish"] = "Fliegender Fisch"
info["de"]["Flying Dragon"] = "Fliegender Drache"
info["de"]["Flying Snake"] = "Fliegende Schlange"
info["de"]["Floating Island"] = "Fliegende Insel"
info["de"]["Meat Grinder"] = "Fleischwolf"
info["de"]["Wall of Flesh"] = "Fleischwand"
info["de"]["Flesh Knuckles"] = "Fleischknöchel"
info["de"]["Vulture"] = "Geier"
info["de"]["Flesh Block"] = "Fleischblock"
info["de"]["Bat Scepter"] = "Fledermauszepter"
info["de"]["Fuzzy Carrot"] = "Flaumkarotte"
info["de"]["Bottled Water"] = "Flaschenwasser"
info["de"]["Brain Scrambler"] = "Gehirnverwirrer"
info["de"]["Bottle (crafting station)"] = "Flasche (Herstellungsobjekt)"
info["de"]["Bottle"] = "Flasche"
info["de"]["Flaming Arrow"] = "Flammenpfeil"
info["de"]["Flamelash"] = "Flammenpeitsche"
info["de"]["Burning Sphere"] = "Flammenkugel"
info["de"]["Flametrap"] = "Flammenfalle"
info["de"]["Flamarang"] = "Flammarang"
info["de"]["Fish Finder"] = "Fischsucher"
info["de"]["Fish (item)"] = "Fisch (Gegenstand)"
info["de"]["fossil amor"] = "Fossilrüstung"
info["de"]["Dark Lance"] = "Finstere Lanze"
info["de"]["Fiery Greatsword"] = "Feuriges Großschwert"
info["de"]["Fire Imp"] = "Feuerkobold"
info["de"]["Fire Gauntlet/Crafting tree"] = "Feuerkampfhandschuh/Herstellungsbaum"
info["de"]["Snowman Gangsta"] = "Gangster Schneemann"
info["de"]["Fire Gauntlet"] = "Feuerkampfhandschuh"
info["de"]["Fire feather"] = "Feuerfeder"
info["de"]["Bats"] = "Fledermäuse"
info["de"]["Eaters Bone"] = "Fresserknochen"
info["de"]["Flower of Fire"] = "Feuerblume"
info["de"]["Solidifier"] = "Festiger"
info["de"]["Shackle"] = "Fessel"
info["de"]["Ranged weapons"] = "Fernkampfwaffen"
info["de"]["Binoculars"] = "Fernglas"
info["de"]["Tiki Torch"] = "Gartenfackel"
info["de"]["Fairy Bell"] = "Feenglocke"
info["de"]["Feather"] = "Feder"
info["de"]["Rotten Egg"] = "Faules Ei"
info["de"]["Frost Core"] = "Frostkern"
info["de"]["Dye Trader/Names"] = "Farbstoffhändler/Namen"
info["de"]["Dye Trader"] = "Farbstoffhändler"
info["de"]["Dyes/Compound"] = "Farbstoffe/Zusammengesetzte Farbstoffe"
info["de"]["Fox Mask"] = "Fuchsset"
info["de"]["Template:Nutshell"] = "Vorlage:Nutshell"
info["de"]["Template:Number"] = "Vorlage:Number"
info["de"]["Frankenstein"] = "Frankenstein"
info["de"]["Pirate's Curse"] = "Fluch des Piraten"
info["de"]["Frozen Crate"] = "Gefrorene Kiste"
info["de"]["Flairon"] = "Flairon"
info["de"]["Blazing Wheel"] = "Flammenrad"
info["de"]["Flying Dutchman"] = "Fliegender Holländer"
info["de"]["Template:Npc infobox"] = "Vorlage:Npc infobox"
info["de"]["Template:NpcIdFromName"] = "Vorlage:NpcIdFromName"
info["de"]["Fish set"] = "Fischkostüm-Set"
info["de"]["Template:Nowrap"] = "Vorlage:Nowrap"
info["de"]["Fish Bowl"] = "Fischgläser"
info["de"]["Barrel"] = "Fass"
info["de"]["Boulder"] = "Felsen"
info["de"]["Fireblossom Seeds"] = "Feuerblüten-Saat"
info["de"]["Template:Nodelete"] = "Vorlage:Nodelete"
info["de"]["Template:Note"] = "Vorlage:Note"
info["de"]["Template:Navbox/v.d.e"] = "Vorlage:Navbox/v.d.e"
info["de"]["Template:Navbar/right"] = "Vorlage:Navbar/right"
info["de"]["Template:Navbar/left"] = "Vorlage:Navbar/left"
info["de"]["Template:Names list"] = "Vorlage:Names list"
info["de"]["Template:Projectile melee weapons"] = "Vorlage:Nahkampfwaffen mit Projektil"
info["de"]["Template:Move"] = "Vorlage:Move"
info["de"]["Featherfall Potion"] = "Federsturz-Trank"
info["de"]["Template:Moons"] = "Vorlage:Moons"
info["de"]["Template:Mobile"] = "Vorlage:Mobile"
info["de"]["Template: Mythril"] = "Vorlage:Mithril"
info["de"]["Template:Meteorite"] = "Vorlage:Meteorit"
info["de"]["Template:Metal"] = "Vorlage:Metall"
info["de"]["Template:Modifier"] = "Vorlage:Modifier"
info["de"]["Template:Merge"] = "Vorlage:Merge"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Weapons/doc"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Weapons/Dokumentation"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Weapons"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Weapons"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Tools/doc"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Tools/Dokumentation"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Tools"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Tools"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Furniture"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Furniture"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Consumables/doc"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Consumables/Dokumentation"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Equipables"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Equipables"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Consumables"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Consumables"
info["de"]["Template:Master Template Characters"] = "Vorlage:Master Template Characters"
info["de"]["Template:Casters"] = "Vorlage:Magier"
info["de"]["Template:Lua/doc"] = "Vorlage:Lua/Dokumentation"
info["de"]["Template:Main"] = "Vorlage:Main"
info["de"]["Template:Lua"] = "Vorlage:Lua"
info["de"]["Template:Hp"] = "Vorlage:Lp"
info["de"]["Template:Guides"] = "Vorlage:Leitfäden"
info["de"]["Template:Multi-column list"] = "Vorlage:Multi-column list"
info["de"]["Template:LangInfo"] = "Vorlage:LangInfo"
info["de"]["Template:Pumpkin"] = "Vorlage:Kürbis"
info["de"]["Template:Copper"] = "Vorlage:Kupfer"
info["de"]["Template:Bullets"] = "Vorlage:Kugeln"
info["de"]["Template:Herbs"] = "Vorlage:Kräuter"
info["de"]["Template:Cobalt"] = "Vorlage:Kobalt"
info["de"]["Template:Language info"] = "Vorlage:Language info"
info["de"]["Template:Key/doc"] = "Vorlage:Key/Dokumentation"
info["de"]["Template:Wiring"] = "Vorlage:Kabel"
info["de"]["Template:Yoyos"] = "Vorlage:Jojos"
info["de"]["Template:Knockback"] = "Vorlage:Knockback"
info["de"]["Template:Key"] = "Vorlage:Key"
info["de"]["Template:Itemlist"] = "Vorlage:Itemlist"
info["de"]["Template:ItemTooltip"] = "Vorlage:ItemTooltip"
info["de"]["Template:Item infobox"] = "Vorlage:Item infobox"
info["de"]["Template:Image/storeinfo"] = "Vorlage:Image/storeinfo"
info["de"]["Template:Image/size"] = "Vorlage:Image/size"
info["de"]["Template:Image/query"] = "Vorlage:Image/query"
info["de"]["Template:Image"] = "Vorlage:Image"
info["de"]["Template:Inventory"] = "Vorlage:Inventory"
info["de"]["Template:Ifexists"] = "Vorlage:Ifexists"
info["de"]["Template:Item"] = "Vorlage:Item"
info["de"]["Template:Hellstone"] = "Vorlage:Höllenstein"
info["de"]["Template:i18n-ready"] = "Vorlage:I18n-ready"
info["de"]["Template:Hrsp"] = "Vorlage:Hrsp"
info["de"]["Template:Wood"] = "Vorlage:Holz"
info["de"]["Template:History/title"] = "Vorlage:History/title"
info["de"]["Template:Icon"] = "Vorlage:Icon"
info["de"]["Template:History/cate"] = "Vorlage:History/cate"
info["de"]["Template:Hp"] = "Vorlage:Hp"
info["de"]["Template:Hallowed"] = "Vorlage:Heiliges"
info["de"]["Template:Hardmode accessories"] = "Vorlage:Hardmode accessories"
info["de"]["Template:Hardmode accessories/content"] = "Vorlage:Hardmode accessories/content"
info["de"]["Template:Hallowed"] = "Vorlage:Hallowed"
info["de"]["Template:Hairsp"] = "Vorlage:Hairsp"
info["de"]["Template:History"] = "Vorlage:History"
info["de"]["Template:Chlorophyte"] = "Vorlage:Grünalge"
info["de"]["Template:Gold"] = "Vorlage:Gold"
info["de"]["Template:Goblin Invasion Enemies"] = "Vorlage:Goblin-Armee-Gegner"
info["de"]["Template:GetWallInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetWallInfo"
info["de"]["Template:GetMountInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetMountInfo"
info["de"]["Dyes/Bright"] = "Farbstoffe/Helle Farbstoffe"
info["de"]["Dyes/Basic"] = "Farbstoffe/Grund-Farbstoffe"
info["de"]["Dyes/Gradient"] = "Farbstoffe/Gradient-Farbstoffe"
info["de"]["Dyes"] = "Farbstoffe"
info["de"]["Paintbrush"] = "Farbpinsel"
info["de"]["Template:GetProjectileInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetProjectileInfo"
info["de"]["Paints"] = "Farbe"
info["de"]["Trapped Chests"] = "Fallen-Truhen"
info["de"]["Traps"] = "Fallen"
info["de"]["Falcon Blade"] = "Falkenschneide"
info["de"]["Torches/color"] = "Fackeln/color"
info["de"]["Torches"] = "Fackeln"
info["de"]["Extractinator"] = "Extraktinator"
info["de"]["Explosives (class)/row"] = "Explosiva/row"
info["de"]["Explosives (class)"] = "Explosiva"
info["de"]["Exploding Bullet"] = "Explodierende Kugel"
info["de"]["Expert Mode"] = "Experten-Modus"
info["de"]["Excalibur"] = "Excalibur"
info["de"]["Events"] = "Events"
info["de"]["Eternia Crystal"] = "Eternia-Kristall"
info["de"]["Ores/row"] = "Erze/row"
info["de"]["Ores/ore"] = "Erze/ore"
info["de"]["Ores"] = "Erze"
info["de"]["Extendo Grip"] = "Erweiterungsgriff"
info["de"]["NPC spawning"] = "Erscheinen von NPCs"
info["de"]["Achievements"] = "Erfolge"
info["de"]["Duck"] = "Enten"
info["de"]["Cutlass"] = "Entermesser"
info["de"]["Endless Quiver"] = "Endloser Köcher"
info["de"]["Explosion-proof objects"] = "Explosionsresistente Objekte"
info["de"]["Electrosphere Launcher"] = "Elektrosphärenraketenwerfer"
info["de"]["Ectoplasm"] = "Ektoplasma"
info["de"]["Vile Powder"] = "Ekelpulver"
info["de"]["Vile Mushroom"] = "Ekelpilz"
info["de"]["Vilethorn"] = "Ekeldorn"
info["de"]["Ice Sickle"] = "Eissichel"
info["de"]["Template:Infobox wrapper"] = "Vorlage:Infobox wrapper"
info["de"]["Ice Tortoise"] = "Eisschildkröte"
info["de"]["Template:GetNpcInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetNpcInfo"
info["de"]["Fall damage"] = "Fallschaden"
info["de"]["Ice Rod"] = "Eisrute"
info["de"]["Ice Queen"] = "Eiskönigin"
info["de"]["Ice Blade"] = "Eisklinge"
info["de"]["Ice Golem"] = "Eisgolem"
info["de"]["Ice feather"] = "Eisfeder"
info["de"]["Iron Pickaxe"] = "Eisenspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Template:GetSetInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetSetInfo"
info["de"]["Ironskin Potion"] = "Eisenhaut-Trank"
info["de"]["Iron Crate"] = "Eisenkiste"
info["de"]["Iron Ore"] = "Eisenerz"
info["de"]["Iron Broadsword"] = "Eisenbreitschwert"
info["de"]["Iron Bar"] = "Eisenbarren"
info["de"]["Ice Boomerang"] = "Eisbumerang"
info["de"]["Ice-Elemental"] = "Eis-Elementar"
info["de"]["Furniture"] = "Einrichtungsgegenstände"
info["de"]["Unicorn"] = "Einhorn"
info["de"]["Buckets"] = "Eimer"
info["de"]["Paint Sprayer"] = "Farbensprüher"
info["de"]["Gems"] = "Edelsteine"
info["de"]["Endless Musket Pouch"] = "Endloser Musketenbeutel"
info["de"]["Iron armor"] = "Eisenrüstung"
info["de"]["Ebonstone Block"] = "Ebensteinblock"
info["de"]["Elf Copter"] = "Elfkopter"
info["de"]["Ice Slime"] = "Eisschleim"
info["de"]["Ebonwood Hammer"] = "Ebenholzhammer"
info["de"]["Iron Axe"] = "Eisenaxt"
info["de"]["Elf Archer"] = "Elfenbogenschütze"
info["de"]["Layers"] = "Ebenen"
info["de"]["Iron Hammer"] = "Eisenhammer"
info["de"]["Web Covered Chest"] = "Eingesponnene Truhe"
info["de"]["Ice Machine"] = "Eismaschine"
info["de"]["Demonite Ore"] = "Dämoniterz"
info["de"]["Acorn"] = "Eichel"
info["de"]["Iron Shortsword"] = "Eisenkurzschwert"
info["de"]["Demonite Bar"] = "Dämonitbarren"
info["de"]["Ice Blocks"] = "Eisblöcke"
info["de"]["Demon Scythe"] = "Dämonensense"
info["de"]["Demon Heart"] = "Dämonenherz"
info["de"]["Lihzard Egg"] = "Echsenei"
info["de"]["Egg Cannon"] = "Eierkanone"
info["de"]["Ebonwood armor"] = "Ebenholzrüstung"
info["de"]["Demon Eye"] = "Dämonenauge"
info["de"]["Iron Bow"] = "Eisenbogen"
info["de"]["Ice Bow"] = "Eisbogen"
info["de"]["Demon"] = "Dämon"
info["de"]["Ivy Chest"] = "Efeutruhe"
info["de"]["Dark Harvest"] = "Dunkle Ernte"
info["de"]["Dark Mage"] = "Dunkelmagier"
info["de"]["Jungle Temple"] = "Dschungeltempel"
info["de"]["Jungle Slime"] = "Dschungelschleim"
info["de"]["Unicorn Mask"] = "Einhornset"
info["de"]["Jungle Rose"] = "Dschungelrose"
info["de"]["Jungle Crate"] = "Dschungelkiste"
info["de"]["Jungle Creeper"] = "Dschungelkriecher"
info["de"]["Jungle Grass Seeds"] = "Dschungelgras-Saat"
info["de"]["Squirrel"] = "Eichhörnchen"
info["de"]["Jungle Bat"] = "Dschungelfledermaus"
info["de"]["Jungle"] = "Dschungel"
info["de"]["Dryad/Names"] = "Dryade/Namen"
info["de"]["Dryad"] = "Dryade"
info["de"]["Pressure Plates"] = "Druckplatten"
info["de"]["Trident"] = "Dreizack"
info["de"]["Trifold Map"] = "Dreifachkarte"
info["de"]["Dirt Rod"] = "Dreckrute"
info["de"]["Drax"] = "Drax"
info["de"]["Ebonwood Sword"] = "Ebenholzschwert"
info["de"]["Dragon Armor"] = "Drachenrüstung"
info["de"]["Dr. Man Fly"] = "Dr. Mann-Fliege"
info["de"]["Ebonwood Bow"] = "Ebenholzbogen"
info["de"]["Ebonkoi"] = "Ebenkoi"
info["de"]["Dune Splicer"] = "Dünenstecher"
info["de"]["Boomstick"] = "Donnerstock"
info["de"]["Dr. Bones"] = "Doktor Bones"
info["de"]["Thin Ice"] = "Dünnes Eis"
info["de"]["True Night's Edge"] = "Die wahre Klinge der Nacht"
info["de"]["The Rotted Fork"] = "Die verwittere Gabel"
info["de"]["Dryad's Blessing"] = "Dyradensegen"
info["de"]["The Twins"] = "Die Zwillinge"
info["de"]["The Bee's Knees"] = "Die Knie der Biene"
info["de"]["The Axe"] = "Die Axt"
info["de"]["Diamond Staff"] = "Diamantstab"
info["de"]["Jungle armor"] = "Dschungelrüstung"
info["de"]["Demonite Brick"] = "Dämonitziegel"
info["de"]["Dark Caster"] = "Düstermagier"
info["de"]["Diamond"] = "Diamant"
info["de"]["Diabolist"] = "Diabolist"
info["de"]["Template:Desktop versions"] = "Desktopversionsgeschichte"
info["de"]["The Horseman's Blade"] = "Des Reitersmannes Klinge"
info["de"]["Dark Shard"] = "Dunkle Scherbe"
info["de"]["Demon Bow"] = "Dämonenbogen"
info["de"]["Dynamite"] = "Dynamit"
info["de"]["The Destroyer"] = "Der Zerstörer"
info["de"]["The Plan"] = "Der Plan"
info["de"]["True Excalibur"] = "Das wahre Excalibur"
info["de"]["The Corruption"] = "Das Verderben"
info["de"]["Can Of Worms"] = "Dose Würmer"
info["de"]["Servants of Cthulhu"] = "Diener von Cthulhu"
info["de"]["The Crimson"] = "Das Purpur"
info["de"]["The Hallow"] = "Das Heilige"
info["de"]["Jungle Spores"] = "Dschungelsporen"
info["de"]["Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Das Auge von Cthulhu"
info["de"]["Dart Rifle"] = "Dartpfeilgewehr"
info["de"]["Dirt Wall"] = "Dreckwand"
info["de"]["Dao of Pow"] = "Dao von Pow"
info["de"]["Spiky Ball"] = "Dornenball"
info["de"]["Daedalus Stormbow"] = "Daedalus Sturmbogen"
info["de"]["Dirt Block"] = "Dreckblock"
info["de"]["Drakanian"] = "Drakanier"
info["de"]["Cyborg/Names"] = "Cyborg/Namen"
info["de"]["Cyborg"] = "Cyborg"
info["de"]["Double Cod"] = "Doppeldorsch"
info["de"]["Code 2"] = "Code 2"
info["de"]["Code 1"] = "Code 1"
info["de"]["Thorn Chakram"] = "Dornen-Chakram"
info["de"]["Clown set"] = "Clownsset"
info["de"]["Clown"] = "Clown"
info["de"]["Clentaminator"] = "Clentaminator"
info["de"]["Chik"] = "Chik"
info["de"]["Disco Ball"] = "Diskokugel"
info["de"]["Diamond Robe"] = "Diamantrobe"
info["de"]["The Possessed"] = "Die Bessesene"
info["de"]["The Undertaker"] = "Der Leichenbestatter"
info["de"]["Bramble Crate"] = "Dornenkiste"
info["de"]["Template:Spectre"] = "Vorlage:Gespenster"
info["de"]["Cyborg Costume"] = "Cyborgset"
info["de"]["Template:GetBuffInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetBuffInfo"
info["de"]["Derpling"] = "Derpling"
info["de"]["The Meatball"] = "Der Fleischklops"
info["de"]["Template:GetArmorInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetArmorInfo"
info["de"]["Template:Gc"] = "Vorlage:Gc"
info["de"]["Cluster Rocket I"] = "Clusterrakete I"
info["de"]["Swamp Thing"] = "Das Ding aus dem Sumpf"
info["de"]["Template:GetItemInfo"] = "Vorlage:GetItemInfo"
info["de"]["Cluster Rocket II"] = "Clusterrakete II"
info["de"]["Chaos Elemental"] = "Chaos-Elementar"
info["de"]["Template:Fossils"] = "Vorlage:Fossilien"
info["de"]["Template:Forums thread"] = "Vorlage:Forums thread"
info["de"]["Template:Gadget"] = "Vorlage:Gadget"
info["de"]["Template:Fullurl"] = "Vorlage:Fullurl"
info["de"]["Template:Liquids"] = "Vorlage:Flüssigkeiten"
info["de"]["Template:Float file box"] = "Vorlage:Float file box"
info["de"]["Template:For"] = "Vorlage:For"
info["de"]["Template:Flails"] = "Vorlage:Flegel"
info["de"]["Template:Bats"] = "Vorlage:Fledermäuse"
info["de"]["Template:Traps"] = "Vorlage:Fallen"
info["de"]["Template:Explosives"] = "Vorlage:Explosiva"
info["de"]["Template:Events"] = "Vorlage:Events"
info["de"]["Template:GameText"] = "Vorlage:GameText"
info["de"]["Template:Exclusive icons"] = "Vorlage:Exclusive icons"
info["de"]["Template:EditMainpage"] = "Vorlage:EditMainpage"
info["de"]["Template:Gems"] = "Vorlage:Edelsteine"
info["de"]["Template:Demonite"] = "Vorlage:Dämonit"
info["de"]["Template:Expert"] = "Vorlage:Expert"
info["de"]["Template:Exclusive"] = "Vorlage:Exclusive"
info["de"]["Template:Duration"] = "Vorlage:Duration"
info["de"]["Template:Duration/doc"] = "Vorlage:Duration/Dokumentation"
info["de"]["Template:Dotlist"] = "Vorlage:Dotlist"
info["de"]["Template:Doc"] = "Vorlage:Doc"
info["de"]["Template:Discussion header"] = "Vorlage:Discussion header"
info["de"]["Template:Desktop versions"] = "Vorlage:Desktopversionen"
info["de"]["Template:Desktop"] = "Vorlage:Desktop"
info["de"]["Template:Diagram"] = "Vorlage:Diagram"
info["de"]["Template:Delete"] = "Vorlage:Delete"
info["de"]["Template:Exclusive icon link"] = "Vorlage:Exclusive icon link"
info["de"]["Template:Dablink"] = "Vorlage:Dablink"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts top"] = "Vorlage:Crafts top"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts row"] = "Vorlage:Crafts row"
info["de"]["Template:Distinguish"] = "Vorlage:Distinguish"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts bottom"] = "Vorlage:Crafts bottom"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts/tool"] = "Vorlage:Crafts/tool"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts/row"] = "Vorlage:Crafts/row"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts/ingredient"] = "Vorlage:Crafts/ingredient"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts/group"] = "Vorlage:Crafts/group"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts/expand"] = "Vorlage:Crafts/expand"
info["de"]["Template:Console"] = "Vorlage:Console"
info["de"]["Template:Flexbox"] = "Vorlage:Flexbox"
info["de"]["Template:Collapse top"] = "Vorlage:Collapse top"
info["de"]["Template:Collapse bottom"] = "Vorlage:Collapse bottom"
info["de"]["Template:Crafts"] = "Vorlage:Crafts"
info["de"]["Template:Code"] = "Vorlage:Code"
info["de"]["Template:Clear"] = "Vorlage:Clear"
info["de"]["Template:Coin total"] = "Vorlage:Coin total"
info["de"]["Template:Coin"] = "Vorlage:Coin"
info["de"]["Template:Category/db-de"] = "Vorlage:Category/db-de"
info["de"]["Template:Cargo query/Table footer"] = "Vorlage:Cargo query/Table footer"
info["de"]["Template:Cargo query"] = "Vorlage:Cargo query"
info["de"]["Template:Cell"] = "Vorlage:Cell"
info["de"]["Template:Buy expr"] = "Vorlage:Buy expr"
info["de"]["Template:Cc"] = "Vorlage:Cc"
info["de"]["Template:Biomes"] = "Vorlage:Biome"
info["de"]["Template:Buff"] = "Vorlage:Buff"
info["de"]["Template:Buffduration"] = "Vorlage:Buffduration"
info["de"]["Template:Antlions"] = "Vorlage:Ameisenlöwen"
info["de"]["Template:Anchor"] = "Vorlage:Anchor"
info["de"]["Template:Ambox"] = "Vorlage:Ambox"
info["de"]["Template:Adamantite"] = "Vorlage:Adamantite"
info["de"]["Template:All versions"] = "Vorlage:All versions"
info["de"]["Template:Age"] = "Vorlage:Age"
info["de"]["Template:="] = "Vorlage:="
info["de"]["Template:3DS"] = "Vorlage:3DS"
info["de"]["Template:,"] = "Vorlage:,"
info["de"]["Template:*"] = "Vorlage:*"
info["de"]["Template:)"] = "Vorlage:)"
info["de"]["Template:(!"] = "Vorlage:(!"
info["de"]["Template:("] = "Vorlage:("
info["de"]["Template:!-"] = "Vorlage:!-"
info["de"]["Template:!)"] = "Vorlage:!)"
info["de"]["Template:Hint"] = "Leitfaden:Walkthrough/Hinweis"
info["de"]["Template:!!"] = "Vorlage:!!"
info["de"]["Guide:Walkthrough"] = "Leitfaden:Walkthrough"
info["de"]["Template:Armornosetbonus"] = "Vorlage:Armornosetbonus"
info["de"]["Guide:Game Progression graph"] = "Leitfaden:Spielverlauf (Graph)"
info["de"]["Guide:Class setups"] = "Leitfaden:Klassen-Setups"
info["de"]["Guide:Wiring"] = "Leitfaden:Kabel"
info["de"]["Guide:Crafting 101"] = "Leitfaden:Herstellung 101"
info["de"]["Template:Achievement"] = "Vorlage:Achievement"
info["de"]["Category:Axes"] = "Kategorie:Äxte"
info["de"]["Category:Sentry summon items"] = "Kategorie:Wächterbeschwörungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Wilderness NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Wildnis-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Wiki files"] = "Kategorie:Wiki-Dateien"
info["de"]["Category:Work Bench and Chair"] = "Kategorie:Werkbank und Stuhl"
info["de"]["Category:Work Bench"] = "Kategorie:Werkbank"
info["de"]["Category:Launchers"] = "Kategorie:Werfer"
info["de"]["Category:Christmas"] = "Kategorie:Weihnachten"
info["de"]["Category:Redirection and link templates"] = "Kategorie:Weiterleitungs- und Linkvorlagen"
info["de"]["Category:Loom"] = "Kategorie:Webstuhl"
info["de"]["Category:Water or Sink"] = "Kategorie:Wasser oder Waschbecken"
info["de"]["Category:Things to do"] = "Kategorie:Was zu tun ist"
info["de"]["Category:Weapon types"] = "Kategorie:Waffenarten"
info["de"]["Category:Weapon items"] = "Kategorie:Waffen-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Templates with unit test failed"] = "Kategorie:Vorlagen mit fehlgeschlagenem Unit-Test"
info["de"]["Category:Templates using Lua"] = "Kategorie:Vorlagen, die Lua verwenden"
info["de"]["Category:Versions"] = "Kategorie:Versionen"
info["de"]["Category:Misc weapons"] = "Kategorie:Verschiedene Waffen"
info["de"]["Category:Consumable items"] = "Kategorie:Verbrauchbare Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Consumables"] = "Kategorie:Verbrauchbare Waffen"
info["de"]["Category:Patches"] = "Kategorie:Updates"
info["de"]["Category:Undead Enemy NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Untoter Gegner-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Undead Enemy NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Untoter-Gegner-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Formatting subpages"] = "Kategorie:Unterseiten zur Formatierung"
info["de"]["Category:Localization subtemplates"] = "Kategorie:Untervorlagen zur Lokalisierung"
info["de"]["Category:Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Kategorie:Tüftler-Werkstatt"
info["de"]["Category:Imbuing Station"] = "Kategorie:Tränkungsstation"
info["de"]["Category:Pages to transclude"] = "Kategorie:Transklusionsseiten"
info["de"]["Category:Potion ingredients"] = "Kategorie:Trankzutaten"
info["de"]["Category:Potion items"] = "Kategorie:Trank-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Miscellaneous items"] = "Kategorie:Verschiedene Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Ancient Manipulator"] = "Kategorie:Uralter Manipulator"
info["de"]["Category:Table and Chair"] = "Kategorie:Tisch und Stuhl"
info["de"]["Category:Critter NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Tier-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Terraria Wiki"] = "Kategorie:Terraria Wiki"
info["de"]["Category:Terraria files"] = "Kategorie:Terraria-Dateien"
info["de"]["Category:Terraria"] = "Kategorie:Terraria"
info["de"]["Category:Table helper templates"] = "Kategorie:Tabellenhilfsvorlagen"
info["de"]["Category:Sawmill"] = "Kategorie:Sägewerk"
info["de"]["Category:Steampunk Boiler"] = "Kategorie:Steampunkkessel"
info["de"]["Category:NPC NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Stadt-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:I18n-ready templates"] = "Kategorie:Synchronisiert-lokalisierte Vorlagen"
info["de"]["Category:Stub"] = "Kategorie:Stubs"
info["de"]["Category:Pickaxes"] = "Kategorie:Spitzhacken"
info["de"]["Category:Games"] = "Kategorie:Spiele"
info["de"]["Category:Set items"] = "Kategorie:Set-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Pages to be merged"] = "Kategorie:Seiten zum Zusammenfügen"
info["de"]["Category:Pages to be moved"] = "Kategorie:Seiten zum Verschieben"
info["de"]["Category:Pages where expansion depth is exceeded"] = "Kategorie:Seiten, die die Expansionstiefe überschritten haben"
info["de"]["Category:Swords"] = "Kategorie:Schwerter"
info["de"]["Category:Heavy Work Bench"] = "Kategorie:Schwere Werkbank"
info["de"]["Category:Guns"] = "Kategorie:Schusswaffen"
info["de"]["Category:Furnace"] = "Kategorie:Schmelzofen"
info["de"]["Category:Key items"] = "Kategorie:Schlüssel-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Slime NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Schleim-NPCs"
info["de"]["Treasure Bag loot items"] = "Kategorie:Schatzbeutelinhalt-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Novelty items"] = "Kategorie:Scherzgegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Loot items"] = "Kategorie:Schatz-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Seasonal events"] = "Kategorie:Saisonale Events"
info["de"]["Category:Seeds items"] = "Kategorie:Saat-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Armor sets"] = "Kategorie:Rüstungs-Sets"
info["de"]["Category:Armor items"] = "Kategorie:Rüstungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Policies"] = "Kategorie:Richtlinien"
info["de"]["Category:Recipes templates"] = "Kategorie:Rezepte-Vorlagen"
info["de"]["Category:Recipes"] = "Kategorie:Rezepte"
info["de"]["Category:Repeaters"] = "Kategorie:Repetierer"
info["de"]["Category:Summoning items (all)"] = "Kategorie:Reittierbeschwörungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Recipes table with unexpected total number of rows"] = "Kategorie:Rezepte-Tabelle mit unerwarteter Gesamtzahl an Zeilen"
info["de"]["Category:Quest rewards"] = "Kategorie:Questbelohnungen"
info["de"]["Category:Recipes table with no row"] = "Kategorie:Rezepte-Tabelle ohne Zeilen"
info["de"]["Category:Buffs"] = "Kategorie:Positive Statuseffekte"
info["de"]["Category:Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table"] = "Kategorie:Platzierte Flasche oder Alchemietisch"
info["de"]["Category:Npc infobox"] = "Kategorie:Npc infobox"
info["de"]["Category:Naturally generated"] = "Kategorie:Natürlich generiert"
info["de"]["Category:Unobtainable items"] = "Kategorie:Nicht erhältliche Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Projectile melee"] = "Kategorie:Nahkampfwaffen mit Projektil"
info["de"]["Category:Melee weapons"] = "Kategorie:Nahkampfwaffen"
info["de"]["Category:NPCs by environment"] = "Kategorie:NPCs nach Umgebung"
info["de"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"] = "Kategorie:NPCs nach KI-Typ"
info["de"]["Category:Worm AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Wurm-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Tesla Turret AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Teslakanonenturm-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Swimming AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Schwimmend-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Hovering AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Schwebend-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Snowman AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Schneemann-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Sand Shark AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Sandhai-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Plant AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Pflanzen-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Ocram AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Ocram-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Passive AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Passiver KI"
info["de"]["Category:Mothron AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Mottron-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Slime AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Schleim-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Passive Worm AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Passiver-Wurm-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Rider AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Reiter-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Mothron Egg AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Mottron-Ei-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Mimic AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Mimic-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Caster AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Magier-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Fighter AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Kämpfer-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Corite AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Korit-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Flocko AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Flocki-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Flying Dutchman AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Fliegender-Holländer-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Flying Weapon AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Fliegende-Waffe-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Flying AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Fliegend-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Bat AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Fledermaus-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Elf Copter AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Elfkopter-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Unicorn AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Einhorn-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Baby Mothron AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Baby-Mottron-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Antlion AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Ameisenlöwen-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Ancient Vision AI NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs mit Alte-Vision-KI"
info["de"]["Category:Desert NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Wüste"
info["de"]["Category:Space NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Weltraum"
info["de"]["Category:Dungeon NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Verlies"
info["de"]["Category:Christmas NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Weihnachten"
info["de"]["Category:Water NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Wasser"
info["de"]["Category:Forest NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Wald"
info["de"]["Category:Corrupted Underground Desert NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Verdorbene Untergrundwüste"
info["de"]["Category:Underground Desert NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Untergrundwüste"
info["de"]["Category:Underground Corruption NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Untergrundverderben"
info["de"]["Category:Underground Hallow NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Untergrundheiligtum"
info["de"]["Category:Underground Jungle NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Untergrunddschungel"
info["de"]["Category:Underground NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Untergrund"
info["de"]["Category:Snow biome NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Tundra"
info["de"]["Category:Solar Eclipse NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Sonnenfinsternis"
info["de"]["Category:Sandstorm NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Sandsturm"
info["de"]["Category:Rain NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Regen"
info["de"]["Category:Crimson Underground Desert NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Purpur-Untergrundwüste"
info["de"]["Category:Pirate Invasion NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Pirateninvasion"
info["de"]["Category:Mushroom biome NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Pilzbiom"
info["de"]["Category:Ocean NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Ozean"
info["de"]["Category:Surface NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Oberfläche"
info["de"]["Category:Lunar Events NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Mondinvasion"
info["de"]["Category:Meteorite (biome) NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Meteorit (Biom)"
info["de"]["Category:Martian Madness NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Marsianerwahnsinn"
info["de"]["Category:Pumpkin Moon NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Kürbismond"
info["de"]["Category:Cavern NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Höhle"
info["de"]["Category:Hallowed Underground Desert NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Heilige Untergrundwüste"
info["de"]["Category:Halloween NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Halloween"
info["de"]["Category:Valid house NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Gültiges Haus"
info["de"]["Category:Goblin Army NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Goblin-Armee"
info["de"]["Category:Frost Moon NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Frostmond"
info["de"]["Category:Frost Legion NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Frostlegion"
info["de"]["Category:Jungle Temple NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Dschungeltempel"
info["de"]["Category:Jungle NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Dschungel"
info["de"]["Category:The Underworld NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Die Unterwelt"
info["de"]["Category:The Crimson NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Das Purpur"
info["de"]["Category:The Corruption NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Das Verderben"
info["de"]["Category:The Hallow NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Das Heiligtum"
info["de"]["Category:Blood Moon NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Blutmond"
info["de"]["Category:Bee Hive NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Bienenwabe (Biom)"
info["de"]["Category:Old One's Army NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs der Umgebung Armee des Alten"
info["de"]["Category:NPCs"] = "Kategorie:NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:NPC names"] = "Kategorie:NPC-Namen"
info["de"]["Category:Ammunition items"] = "Kategorie:Munitions-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Module documentation"] = "Kategorie:Moduldokumentation"
info["de"]["Category:Modifiers"] = "Kategorie:Modifikationen"
info["de"]["Category:Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil"] = "Kategorie:Mithril- oder Oreichalkosamboss"
info["de"]["Category:Modules"] = "Kategorie:Module"
info["de"]["Category:Blend-O-Matic"] = "Kategorie:Misch-O-Matik"
info["de"]["Category:Mechanism items"] = "Kategorie:Mechanismus-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Vanity items"] = "Kategorie:Mode-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Minecart track items"] = "Kategorie:Lorengleis-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Magic weapons"] = "Kategorie:Magiewaffen"
info["de"]["Category:Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Kategorie:Lihzahrd-Schmelzofen"
info["de"]["Category:Light Source items"] = "Kategorie:Lichtquellen-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Light Pet items"] = "Kategorie:Licht-Haustier-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Living Wood"] = "Kategorie:Lebendes Holz"
info["de"]["Category:Living Loom"] = "Kategorie:Lebender Webstuhl"
info["de"]["Category:Shortswords"] = "Kategorie:Kurzschwerter"
info["de"]["Category:Crystall Ball and Water or Sink"] = "Kategorie:Kristallkugel und Wasser oder Waschbecken"
info["de"]["Category:Crystall Ball and Lava"] = "Kategorie:Kristallkugel und Lava"
info["de"]["Category:Crystall Ball and Honey"] = "Kategorie:Kristallkugel und Honig"
info["de"]["Category:Crystal Ball"] = "Kategorie:Kristallkugel"
info["de"]["Category:Crystal Ball"] = "Kategorie:Kristallglaskugel"
info["de"]["Category:Cooking Pot or Cauldron"] = "Kategorie:Kochtopf oder Kessel"
info["de"]["Category:Bone Welder"] = "Kategorie:Knochenschweißer"
info["de"]["Category:By Hand"] = "Kategorie:Kein Objekt"
info["de"]["Category:Yoyos"] = "Kategorie:Jojos"
info["de"]["Category:Item infobox"] = "Kategorie:Item infobox"
info["de"]["Category:Hellforge"] = "Kategorie:Höllenschmiede"
info["de"]["Category:Vendor items"] = "Kategorie:Händler-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Hammers"] = "Kategorie:Hämmer"
info["de"]["Category:Honey Dispenser"] = "Kategorie:Honigspender"
info["de"]["Category:Honey"] = "Kategorie:Honig"
info["de"]["Category:Background object items"] = "Kategorie:Hintergrundobjekt-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Sky Mill and Water or Sink"] = "Kategorie:Himmelsmühle und Wasser oder Waschbecken"
info["de"]["Category:Sky Mill and Snow Biome"] = "Kategorie:Himmelsmühle und Tundra"
info["de"]["Category:Sky Mill"] = "Kategorie:Himmelsmühle"
info["de"]["Category:Crafting station items"] = "Kategorie:Herstellungsobjekt-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Crafting tree subpages"] = "Kategorie:Herstellungsbaum-Unterseiten"
info["de"]["Category:Hardmode-only NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Hardmode-exklusive NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Craftable items"] = "Kategorie:Herstellbare Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Hardmode-only items"] = "Kategorie:Hardmode-exklusive Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Hamaxes"] = "Kategorie:Hamäxte"
info["de"]["Category:Minion summon items"] = "Kategorie:Günstlingsbeschwörungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Halloween"] = "Kategorie:Halloween"
info["de"]["Category:Keg"] = "Kategorie:Gärbottich"
info["de"]["Category:Burrowing Enemy NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Grabender Gegner-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Burrowing Enemy NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Grabender-Gegner-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Goblin NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Goblin-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Grab bag items"] = "Kategorie:Glücksbeutel-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Bag loot items"] = "Kategorie:Glücksbeutelinhalt-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Glass Kiln"] = "Kategorie:Glasmeiler"
info["de"]["Category:Terraria"] = "Kategorie:Geschichte"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity Fiery Red"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe Feuerrot"
info["de"]["Category:Autoswing items"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände mit Autoschwingen"
info["de"]["Category:Acquired through"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände nach Aneignungsmethode"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 8"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 8"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 7"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 7"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 9"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 9"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity Quest"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe Quest"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 6"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 6"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 5"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 5"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 4"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 4"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 3"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 3"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 1"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 1"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 0"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 0"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 10"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 10"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 2"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 2"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity -1"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe -1"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity 11"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe 11"
info["de"]["Category:Fished items"] = "Kategorie:Geangelte Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Dye Vat"] = "Kategorie:Färbebottich"
info["de"]["Category:Flying Enemy NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Fliegender-Gegner-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Items of rarity Rainbow"] = "Kategorie:Gegenstände der Seltenheitsstufe Regenbogen"
info["de"]["Category:Meat Grinder"] = "Kategorie:Fleischwolf"
info["de"]["Category:Solidifier"] = "Kategorie:Festiger"
info["de"]["Category:Ranged weapons"] = "Kategorie:Fernkampfwaffen"
info["de"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Feindliche NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Issues related to recipes table"] = "Kategorie:Fehler in Rezepte-Tabellen"
info["de"]["Category:Drop items"] = "Kategorie:Fallen gelassene Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Explosives"] = "Kategorie:Explosiva"
info["de"]["Category:Exclusive content"] = "Kategorie:Exklusiver Inhalt"
info["de"]["Category:Event summon items"] = "Kategorie:Eventbeschwörungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Ore items"] = "Kategorie:Erz-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten nach Einführung"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten nach Aktualisierung"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Switch 1.0.1096.2"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Switch 1.0.1096.2 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced Switch"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Switch-Aktualisierungen eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched Switch"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Switch-Aktualisierungen aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.2.6508"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.6508 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.2.6508"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.6508 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.2.11212"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.11212 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.2.11212"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.11212 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.2.11964"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.11964 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.2.12715"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.12715 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.2.12773"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.12773 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.2.10061"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.2.10061 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.1.933"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.1.933 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.1.8"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.1.8 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile 1.1.5536"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.1.5536 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.1.5536"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.1.5536 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Mobile 1.0.1"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil 1.0.1 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Mobile-Release"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil-Veröffentlichung eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced Mobile"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil-Aktualisierungen eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched Mobile"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Mobil-Aktualisierungen aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console-Release"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsolen-Veröffentlichung eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched Console"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsolen-Aktualisierungen aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.17"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.17 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.09"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.09 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.08"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.08 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.07"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.07 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.07"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.07 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.07 Holiday Update"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.07 Holiday Update aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.06"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.06 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.06"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.06 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.04"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.04 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.02"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.02 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced Console"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsolen-Aktualisierungen eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.02"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.02 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.0.933.1"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.0.933.1 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.933.1"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.0.933.1 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Console 1.0.750.0"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.0.750.0 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.750.0"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.0.750.0 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Console 1.0.1372.5"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Konsole 1.0.1372.5 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.4.1"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop 1.4.1 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.3.4"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop 1.3.4 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.2"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop 1.2 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop 1.2.2"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop 1.2.2 eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.1"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop 1.1 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in Desktop 1.0.2"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop 1.0.2 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in Desktop-Release"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop-Veröffentlichung eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop-Aktualisierungen eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched Desktop"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in Desktop-Aktualisierungen aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in 3DS 1.05"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in 3DS 1.05 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in 3DS 1.03"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in 3DS 1.03 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched in 3DS 1.01"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in 3DS 1.01 aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced in 3DS-Release"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in 3DS-Veröffentlichung eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities introduced 3DS"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in 3DS-Aktualisierungen eingeführt wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Entities patched 3DS"] = "Kategorie:Entitäten, die in 3DS-Aktualisierungen aktualisiert wurden"
info["de"]["Category:Ice Machine"] = "Kategorie:Eismaschine"
info["de"]["Category:Furniture items"] = "Kategorie:Einrichtungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Eicons template with all platforms"] = "Kategorie:Eicons template with all platforms"
info["de"]["Gem items"] = "Kategorie:Edelstein-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Iron or Lead Anvil"] = "Kategorie:Eisen- oder Bleiamboss"
info["de"]["Category:Demon or Crimson Altar"] = "Kategorie:Dämonen- oder Purpur-Altar"
info["de"]["Category:Data IDs"] = "Kategorie:Daten-IDs"
info["de"]["Category:Copyright templates"] = "Kategorie:Copyrightvorlagen"
info["de"]["Category:CSS"] = "Kategorie:CSS"
info["de"]["Category:Bookcase"] = "Kategorie:Bücherregal"
info["de"]["Category:Bows"] = "Kategorie:Bögen"
info["de"]["Category:Broadswords"] = "Kategorie:Breitschwerter"
info["de"]["Category:Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "Kategorie:Bottich zum Fleischklonen"
info["de"]["Category:Boss summon items"] = "Kategorie:Bossgegnerbeschwörungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category: Boss NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Bossgegner-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Boss Part NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Bossgegner-Bestandteil-NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Drills"] = "Kategorie:Bohrer"
info["de"]["Category:Block items"] = "Kategorie:Block-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Plunder items"] = "Kategorie:Beute-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Special subpages"] = "Kategorie:Besondere Unterseiten"
info["de"]["Category:Summon weapons"] = "Kategorie:Beschwörungswaffen"
info["de"]["Category:Summoning items (all)"] = "Kategorie:Beschwörungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Terraria Wiki"] = "Kategorie:Begriffsklärung"
info["de"]["Category:Bar items"] = "Kategorie:Barren-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Verify"] = "Kategorie:Beleg erforderlich"
info["de"]["Category:Autohammer"] = "Kategorie:Autohammer"
info["de"]["Category:Storage items"] = "Kategorie:Aufbewahrungs-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Category:Aquatic NPCs"] = "Kategorie:Aquatische NPCs"
info["de"]["Category:Adamantite or Titanium Forge"] = "Kategorie:Adamantit- oder Titanschmiede"
info["de"]["Category:Accessory items"] = "Kategorie:Accessoire-Gegenstände"
info["de"]["Bookcase"] = "Bücherregale"
info["de"]["Bows/row"] = "Bögen/row"
info["de"]["Bows"] = "Bögen"
info["de"]["Trees"] = "Bäume"
info["de"]["Boomerangs/row"] = "Bumerangs/row"
info["de"]["Buggy"] = "Buggy"
info["de"]["Book"] = "Buch"
info["de"]["Bosses"] = "Bossgegner"
info["de"]["Boreal Wood Sword"] = "Borealholzschwert"
info["de"]["Boreal Wood"] = "Borealholz"
info["de"]["Bone Lee"] = "Bone Lee"
info["de"]["Bosses/box"] = "Bossgegner/box"
info["de"]["Bomb"] = "Bombe"
info["de"]["Drills/row"] = "Bohrer/row"
info["de"]["Drills"] = "Bohrer"
info["de"]["Drill Containment Unit"] = "Bohrdämmungseinheit"
info["de"]["Archery Potion"] = "Bogenschießtrank"
info["de"]["Blocks"] = "Blöcke"
info["de"]["Blood Butcherer"] = "Blutschlächter"
info["de"]["Blood Lust Cluster"] = "Blutrauschkluster"
info["de"]["Blood Moon"] = "Blutmond"
info["de"]["Blood Crawler"] = "Blutkriecher"
info["de"]["Bloody Spine"] = "Blutige Wirbelsäule"
info["de"]["Bloody Machete"] = "Blutige Machete"
info["de"]["Leech"] = "Blutegel"
info["de"]["Flower Pow"] = "Blumenpeng"
info["de"]["Lightning Boots"] = "Blitzstiefel"
info["de"]["Lead Pickaxe"] = "Bleispitzhacke"
info["de"]["Lead armor"] = "Bleirüstung"
info["de"]["Lead Ore"] = "Bleierz"
info["de"]["Lead Bar"] = "Bleibarren"
info["de"]["Soils"] = "Böden"
info["de"]["Blue Berries"] = "Blaubeeren"
info["de"]["Bubble Gun"] = "Blasenpistole"
info["de"]["Biome Keys"] = "Biomschlüssel"
info["de"]["Biomes"] = "Biome"
info["de"]["Bee Keeper"] = "Bienenzüchter"
info["de"]["Honeycomb"] = "Bienenwachs (3DS)"
info["de"]["Bee Wax"] = "Bienenwachs"
info["de"]["Bee Hive"] = "Bienenwabe (Biom)"
info["de"]["Honey Comb"] = "Bienenwabe"
info["de"]["Candy Corn Rifle"] = "Bonbonmaisgewehr"
info["de"]["Bench"] = "Bänke"
info["de"]["Hive"] = "Bienenstock"
info["de"]["Beecostume"] = "Bienenset"
info["de"]["Book of Skulls"] = "Buch der Schädel"
info["de"]["Bee Armor"] = "Bienenrüstung"
info["de"]["Bee Gun"] = "Bienenpistole"
info["de"]["Bee"] = "Biene"
info["de"]["Queen Bee"] = "Bienenkönigin"
info["de"]["Beenade"] = "Bienate"
info["de"]["Bezoar"] = "Bezoar"
info["de"]["Movement Accessories"] = "Bewegungs-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Beds/resultcell"] = "Betten/resultcell"
info["de"]["Beds"] = "Betten"
info["de"]["Betsy"] = "Betsy"
info["de"]["Blowpipe"] = "Blasrohr"
info["de"]["Defiled Crate"] = "Besudelte Kiste"
info["de"]["Lead Axe"] = "Bleiaxt"
info["de"]["Bestiary/List"] = "Bestiarium/Liste"
info["de"]["Bestiary"] = "Bestiarium"
info["de"]["Blue Moon"] = "Blauer Mond"
info["de"]["Summon weapons"] = "Beschwörungswaffen"
info["de"]["Amber Staff"] = "Bernsteinstab"
info["de"]["Lead Shortsword"] = "Bleikurzschwert"
info["de"]["Amber Mosquito"] = "Bernsteinmoskito"
info["de"]["Mining Potion"] = "Bergbautrank"
info["de"]["Teal Mushroom"] = "Blaugrüner Pilz"
info["de"]["Blue Slime"] = "Blauer Schleim"
info["de"]["Blowgun"] = "Blasgewehr"
info["de"]["Blue Horseshoe Balloon"] = "Blauer Hufeisenballon"
info["de"]["Use time"] = "Benutzungsgeschwindigkeit"
info["de"]["Construction Accessories"] = "Bau-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Gastropod"] = "Bauchfüßler"
info["de"]["Bubble Machine"] = "Blasenmaschine"
info["de"]["Block-placing wands"] = "Block-platzierende Stäbe"
info["de"]["Bars/result"] = "Barren/result"
info["de"]["Bars"] = "Barren"
info["de"]["Lead Broadsword"] = "Bleibreitschwert"
info["de"]["Banners (enemy)"] = "Banner (Gegner)"
info["de"]["Bananrang"] = "Bananarang"
info["de"]["Wooden Beam"] = "Balken"
info["de"]["Bathtub"] = "Badewannen"
info["de"]["Bundle of Balloons"] = "Ballonbündel"
info["de"]["Azure Crate"] = "Azurblaue Kiste"
info["de"]["Autoswing"] = "Autoschwingen"
info["de"]["Clockwork Assault Rifle"] = "Automatiksturmwaffe"
info["de"]["autohammer"] = "Autohammer"
info["de"]["Endurance Potion"] = "Ausdauertrank"
info["de"]["Eye Patch"] = "Augenklappe"
info["de"]["Blindfold"] = "Augenbinde"
info["de"]["Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Auge von Cthulhu"
info["de"]["Charged Blaster Cannon"] = "Aufgeladene Blasterkanone"
info["de"]["Ash Block"] = "Aschenblock"
info["de"]["Artery"] = "Arterie"
info["de"]["Old One's Army"] = "Armee des Alten"
info["de"]["Arctic Diving Gear"] = "Arktische Taucherausrüstung"
info["de"]["Archaeologist's Suit"] = "Archäologenset"
info["de"]["Arkhalis"] = "Arkhalis"
info["de"]["Architect Gizmo Pack"] = "Architekten-Gizmo-Paket"
info["de"]["Arapaima"] = "Arapaima"
info["de"]["Aqua Scepter"] = "Aqua-Zepter"
info["de"]["Boreal Crate"] = "Borealkiste"
info["de"]["Ale"] = "Bier"
info["de"]["Mining armor"] = "Bergbaurüstung"
info["de"]["Angler/Names"] = "Angler/Namen"
info["de"]["Angler"] = "Angler"
info["de"]["Attack speed"] = "Angriffsgeschwindigkeit"
info["de"]["Fishing"] = "Angeln"
info["de"]["Fishing Accessories"] = "Angel-Accessoires"
info["de"]["Fishing poles"] = "Angel"
info["de"]["Ankh Shield/Crafting tree"] = "Anchschild/Herstellungsbaum"
info["de"]["Ankh Shield"] = "Anchschild"
info["de"]["Ankh Charm"] = "Anchamulett"
info["de"]["Amethyst Staff"] = "Amethyststab"
info["de"]["Amethyst Robe"] = "Amethystrobe"
info["de"]["Amethyst"] = "Amethyst"
info["de"]["Broken Armor"] = "Beschädigte Rüstung"
info["de"]["Amarok"] = "Amarok"
info["de"]["Altars"] = "Altäre"
info["de"]["Alternative crafting ingredients"] = "Alternative Herstellungsmaterialien"
info["de"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"] = "Albtraum-Spitzhacke"
info["de"]["Adamantite Pickaxe"] = "Adamantitspitzhacke"
info["de"]["Baby slime"] = "Babyschleim"
info["de"]["Eye spring"] = "Augenfeder"
info["de"]["Calming Potion"] = "Beruhigungstrank"
info["de"]["Adamantite Ore"] = "Adamantiterz"
info["de"]["Possessed Hatchet"] = "Besessenes Beil"
info["de"]["Adamantite Drill"] = "Adamant-Bohrer"
info["de"]["basilisk"] = "Basilisk"
info["de"]["Accessories"] = "Accessoires"
info["de"]["Bamboo Leaf"] = "Bambusblatt"
info["de"]["Defense"] = "Abwehr"
info["de"]["Abeemination"] = "Abiescheulichkeit"
info["de"]["Bottled Honey"] = "Abgefüllter Honig"
info["de"]["3DS version"] = "3DS-Version"
info["de"]["Template:Desktop versions"] = ""
info["de"]["Oyster"] = "Auster"
info["de"]["Actuation Rod"] = "Antriebsstab"
info["de"]["Fishing Potion"] = "Angelertrank"
info["de"]["Anchor"] = "Anker"
info["de"]["Angler armor"] = "Anglerrüstung"
info["de"]["Adamantite Waraxe"] = "Adamantitkriegsaxt"
info["de"]["Antlion Mandible"] = "Ameisenlöwenkiefer"
info["de"]["Amazon"] = "Amazone"
info["de"]["Antlion"] = "Ameisenlöwe"
info["de"]["Adamantite Chainsaw"] = "Adamantkettensäge"
info["de"]["Adamantite Repeater"] = "Adamantitrepetierer"
info["de"]["Adamantite armor"] = "Adamantitrüstung"

-- de END -------------------------

-- fr START -------------------------
info["fr"] = {}
info["fr"]["Dragon Egg"] = "Œuf de dragon"
info["fr"]["Gato Egg"] = "Œuf de gato"
info["fr"]["Fried Egg"] = "Œufs au plat"
info["fr"]["Deerclops Eyeball"] = "Œil de Deerclops"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Grinning Eye"] = "Œil suspect souriant"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Looking Eye"] = "Œil suspect"
info["fr"]["Rotten Egg"] = "Œuf pourri"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Looking Egg"] = "Œuf douteux"
info["fr"]["Betsy's Egg"] = "Œuf de Betsy"
info["fr"]["Lizard Egg"] = "Œuf de lézard"
info["fr"]["Creeper Egg"] = "Œuf de Creeper"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Eye"] = "Œil mécanique"
info["fr"]["Eye Spring"] = "Œil à ressort"
info["fr"]["1.1"] = "1.1"
info["fr"]["Eyebrella"] = "Œilbrella"
info["fr"]["Eye of the Golem"] = "Œil du golem"
info["fr"]["Wandering Eye"] = "Œil errant"
info["fr"]["Demon Eye"] = "Œil de démon"
info["fr"]["Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Œil de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Eye"] = "Œil"
info["fr"]["Seasonal events"] = "Évènements saisonniers"
info["fr"]["Lunar Events"] = "Évènements lunaires"
info["fr"]["Events"] = "Évènements"
info["fr"]["Sinks/resultcell"] = "Éviers/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Sinks"] = "Éviers"
info["fr"]["Strange Glowing Mushroom"] = "Étrange champignon luisant"
info["fr"]["Fallen Star"] = "Étoile filante"
info["fr"]["Star in a Bottle"] = "Étoile en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Racks/resultcell"] = "Étagères/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Tin"] = "Étain"
info["fr"]["Star"] = "Étoile"
info["fr"]["Racks"] = "Étagères"
info["fr"]["Work Benches"] = "Établis"
info["fr"]["Work Benches/resultcell"] = "Établis/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Heavy Work Bench"] = "Établi lourd"
info["fr"]["Frog Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Équipement grenouille/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Frog Gear"] = "Équipement grenouille"
info["fr"]["Swords/row"] = "Épées/row"
info["fr"]["Swords"] = "Épées"
info["fr"]["Influx Waver"] = "Épée à flot"
info["fr"]["Beam Sword"] = "Épée rayonnante"
info["fr"]["Events/box"] = "Évènements/box"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Lead Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en plomb"
info["fr"]["Iron Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en fer"
info["fr"]["Copper Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Silver Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en argent"
info["fr"]["Enchanted Sword (NPC)"] = "Épée envoûtée (PNJ)"
info["fr"]["Enchanted Sword (item)"] = "Épée envoûtée"
info["fr"]["Ebonwood Sword"] = "Épée en ébène"
info["fr"]["Palm Wood Sword"] = "Épée en palmier"
info["fr"]["Palladium Sword"] = "Épée en palladium"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Sword"] = "Épée en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Mythril Sword"] = "Épée en mithril"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Sword"] = "Épée en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Cactus Sword"] = "Épée en cactus"
info["fr"]["Shadewood Sword"] = "Épée en bois d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood Sword"] = "Épée en bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Sword"] = "Épée en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Night's Edge/Crafting tree"] = "Épée des ténèbres/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Night's Edge"] = "Épée des ténèbres"
info["fr"]["Floating Island"] = "Île flottante"
info["fr"]["Broken Hero Sword"] = "Épée de héros cassée"
info["fr"]["Ice Blade"] = "Épée de glace"
info["fr"]["Tin Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en étain"
info["fr"]["Antlion Eggs"] = "Œufs de fourmilion"
info["fr"]["Copper Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Spider Egg"] = "Œuf d'araignée"
info["fr"]["Dazed"] = "Étourdissement"
info["fr"]["Meowmere"] = "Épée arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Goblin Battle Standard"] = "Étendard de bataille de gobelins"
info["fr"]["Mandible Blade"] = "Épée-mandibule"
info["fr"]["Scarecrow"] = "Épouvantail"
info["fr"]["Gold Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en or"
info["fr"]["Super Absorbant Sponge"] = "Éponge très absorbante"
info["fr"]["Lava Absorbant Sponge"] = "Éponge absorbe-lave"
info["fr"]["Blood Thorn"] = "Épine de sang"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Partisan"] = "Épieu en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Tin Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en étain"
info["fr"]["Platinum Broadsword"] = "Épée longue en platine"
info["fr"]["Emerald"] = "Émeraude"
info["fr"]["Sand Elemental"] = "Élémentaire de sable"
info["fr"]["Ice Elemental"] = "Élémentaire de glace"
info["fr"]["Christmas Tree Sword"] = "Épée en sapin de Noël"
info["fr"]["Candy Cane Sword"] = "Épée en sucre d'orge"
info["fr"]["Chaos Elemental"] = "Élémentaire de chaos"
info["fr"]["Elemental"] = "Élémentaire"
info["fr"]["Love Potion"] = "Élixir d'amour"
info["fr"]["Solar Eruption"] = "Éruption solaire"
info["fr"]["Inventory editors"] = "Éditeurs d'inventaire"
info["fr"]["Bone Sword"] = "Épée en os"
info["fr"]["Red Squirrel"] = "Écureuil roux"
info["fr"]["Gold Squirrel"] = "Écureuil doré"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany Sword"] = "Épée en acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Sergeant United Shield"] = "Écu uni de sergent"
info["fr"]["Solar Eclipse"] = "Éclipse solaire"
info["fr"]["Wooden Sword"] = "Épée en bois"
info["fr"]["Titanium Sword"] = "Épée de titane"
info["fr"]["Lead Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en plomb"
info["fr"]["Boreal Wood Sword"] = "Épée en bois boréal"
info["fr"]["Iron Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en fer"
info["fr"]["Moonglow"] = "Éclalunaire"
info["fr"]["Goblin Scout"] = "Éclaireur gobelin"
info["fr"]["Worm Scarf"] = "Écharpe de ver"
info["fr"]["Apprentice's Scarf"] = "Écharpe d'apprenti"
info["fr"]["Platinum Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en platine"
info["fr"]["Splinterling"] = "Échardet"
info["fr"]["Tissue Sample"] = "Échantillon de tissu"
info["fr"]["Shadow Scale"] = "Écaille de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Block Swap"] = "Échange de blocs"
info["fr"]["Ankh"] = "Ânkh"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Souls"] = "Âmes"
info["fr"]["Tortured Soul"] = "Âme torturée"
info["fr"]["Soul of Blight"] = "Âme du fléau"
info["fr"]["Soul of Sight"] = "Âme de vision"
info["fr"]["Gold Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en or"
info["fr"]["Soul of Fright"] = "Âme d'effroi"
info["fr"]["Soul of Night"] = "Âme de nuit"
info["fr"]["Soul of Light"] = "Âme de lumière"
info["fr"]["Soul of Might"] = "Âme de puissance"
info["fr"]["Soul of Flight"] = "Âme d'envol"
info["fr"]["By Hand"] = "À la main"
info["fr"]["Zenith/Crafting tree"] = "Zénith/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Silver Shortsword"] = "Épée courte en argent"
info["fr"]["Zenith"] = "Zénith"
info["fr"]["Zoologist"] = "Zoologiste"
info["fr"]["Eyezor"] = "Zombolaire"
info["fr"]["Spore Zombie"] = "Zombie à spores"
info["fr"]["Blood Zombie"] = "Zombie de sang"
info["fr"]["Raincoat Zombie"] = "Zombie en imper"
info["fr"]["Zombie"] = "Zombie"
info["fr"]["Orange Zapinator"] = "Zapinator orange"
info["fr"]["Gray Zapinator"] = "Zapinator gris"
info["fr"]["Zapinator"] = "Zapinator"
info["fr"]["Yoyos/row"] = "Yoyos/row"
info["fr"]["Yoyos"] = "Yoyos"
info["fr"]["Valkyrie Yoyo"] = "Yoyo Valkyrie"
info["fr"]["Yelets"] = "Yelets"
info["fr"]["Wiesnbräu"] = "Wiesnbräu"
info["fr"]["Digging Molecart"] = "Wagontaupe"
info["fr"]["Minecarts"] = "Wagonnets"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Cart"] = "Wagonnet mécanique"
info["fr"]["True Excalibur/Crafting tree"] = "Véritable Excalibur/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["True Excalibur"] = "Véritable Excalibur"
info["fr"]["Velocity"] = "Vélocité"
info["fr"]["True Night's Edge/Crafting tree"] = "Vraie Épée des ténèbres/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["True Night's Edge"] = "Vraie Épée des ténèbres"
info["fr"]["Etherian Wyvern"] = "Vouivre d'Etheria"
info["fr"]["Phasic Warp Ejector"] = "Éjecteur de distorsion phasique"
info["fr"]["Wyvern"] = "Vouivre"
info["fr"]["Vortex"] = "Vortex"
info["fr"]["Wisp in a Bottle"] = "Volute en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Goblin Thief"] = "Voleur gobelin"
info["fr"]["Electrified"] = "Électrification"
info["fr"]["Star Veil"] = "Voile d'étoiles"
info["fr"]["Stained Glass"] = "Vitraux"
info["fr"]["Mining speed"] = "Vitesse de minage"
info["fr"]["Vulcan Bolt"] = "Éclair de Vulcain"
info["fr"]["Grilled Squirrel"] = "Écureuil grillé"
info["fr"]["Attack speed"] = "Vitesse d'attaque"
info["fr"]["Vitamins"] = "Vitamines"
info["fr"]["Map viewers"] = "Visualiseurs de carte"
info["fr"]["Angry Tumbler"] = "Virevoltant furieux"
info["fr"]["Vilethorn"] = "Vilépine"
info["fr"]["Armored Viking"] = "Viking en armure"
info["fr"]["Ebonwood"] = "Ébène"
info["fr"]["Old Man"] = "Vieil homme"
info["fr"]["Monster Meat"] = "Viande de monstre"
info["fr"]["Vertebra"] = "Vertèbre"
info["fr"]["Green"] = "Vert"
info["fr"]["Squirrel"] = "Écureuil"
info["fr"]["Mobile version"] = "Version Mobile"
info["fr"]["Old-gen console version"] = "Version Console old-gen"
info["fr"]["Console version"] = "Version Console"
info["fr"]["Granite Elemental"] = "Élémentaire de granite"
info["fr"]["3DS version"] = "Version 3DS"
info["fr"]["Lock on"] = "Verrouillage"
info["fr"]["Gem Squirrels"] = "Écureuils de pierre précieuse"
info["fr"]["Maggot Zombie"] = "Zombie aux asticots"
info["fr"]["Glass"] = "Verre"
info["fr"]["Truffle Worm"] = "Ver truffe"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Worm"] = "Ver mécanique"
info["fr"]["Etherian Lightning Bug"] = "Ver luisant d'Etheria"
info["fr"]["Lightning Bug"] = "Ver luisant"
info["fr"]["Giant Worm"] = "Ver géant"
info["fr"]["Gold Worm"] = "Ver doré"
info["fr"]["Worm (disambiguation)"] = "Ver (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Worm"] = "Ver"
info["fr"]["Mighty Wind"] = "Vent puissant"
info["fr"]["Wind"] = "Vent"
info["fr"]["Town"] = "Ville"
info["fr"]["Acid Venom"] = "Venin acide"
info["fr"]["Arms Dealer"] = "Vendeur d'armes"
info["fr"]["Wooden Yoyo"] = "Yoyo en bois"
info["fr"]["Vulture"] = "Vautour"
info["fr"]["Vases"] = "Vases"
info["fr"]["Vase"] = "Vase (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Vampire"] = "Vampire"
info["fr"]["Value"] = "Valeur"
info["fr"]["Frost Minnow"] = "Vairon de givre"
info["fr"]["Uzi"] = "Uzi"
info["fr"]["Nailhead"] = "Tête à clous"
info["fr"]["Meteor Head"] = "Tête de météore"
info["fr"]["Medusa Head"] = "Tête de Médusa"
info["fr"]["Teleporter"] = "Téléporteur"
info["fr"]["Cell Phone/Crafting tree"] = "Téléphone portable/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Cell Phone"] = "Téléphone portable"
info["fr"]["Yeti"] = "Yéti"
info["fr"]["Recon Scope/Crafting tree"] = "Télescope de reconnaissance/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["True Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Véritable Œil de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Recon Scope"] = "Télescope de reconnaissance"
info["fr"]["Razorblade Typhoon"] = "Typhon rasoir"
info["fr"]["Vortexian"] = "Vortexien"
info["fr"]["Roasted Bird"] = "Volaille rôtie"
info["fr"]["Turkor the Ungrateful"] = "Turkor l'ingrat"
info["fr"]["Old Walking Stick"] = "Vieille cane"
info["fr"]["Tungsten"] = "Tungstène"
info["fr"]["Tsunami in a Bottle"] = "Tsunami en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Throne"] = "Trône"
info["fr"]["Trout"] = "Truite"
info["fr"]["Wall IDs"] = "Wall IDs"
info["fr"]["Scaly Truffle"] = "Truffe à écailles"
info["fr"]["Ancient Vision"] = "Vision antique"
info["fr"]["Shrimpy Truffle"] = "Truffe crevette"
info["fr"]["Truffle"] = "Truffe"
info["fr"]["Tsunami"] = "Tsunami"
info["fr"]["Brick Layer"] = "Truelle"
info["fr"]["Trophies"] = "Trophées"
info["fr"]["Luminite Chainsaws"] = "Tronçonneuses en luminite"
info["fr"]["Chainsaws/row"] = "Tronçonneuses/row"
info["fr"]["Palladium Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en palladium"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Butcher's Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse de boucher"
info["fr"]["Frozen Zombie"] = "Zombie gelé"
info["fr"]["Sail"] = "Voile"
info["fr"]["Zombie Merman"] = "Triton zombie"
info["fr"]["Icy Merman"] = "Triton glacial"
info["fr"]["Unholy Trident"] = "Trident profane"
info["fr"]["Trident"] = "Trident"
info["fr"]["Shiverthorn"] = "Tremblépine"
info["fr"]["Angry Trapper"] = "Trappeur irrité"
info["fr"]["Toxikarp"] = "Toxikarp"
info["fr"]["Sunflower"] = "Tournesol"
info["fr"]["Pink Vase"] = "Vase rose"
info["fr"]["Ice biome"] = "Toundra souterraine"
info["fr"]["Snow biome"] = "Toundra"
info["fr"]["Tiki Totem"] = "Totem Tiki"
info["fr"]["Jungle Turtle"] = "Tortue de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Ice Tortoise"] = "Tortue de glace"
info["fr"]["Turtle (disambiguation)"] = "Tortue (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Turtle"] = "Tortue"
info["fr"]["Torches/color"] = "Torches/color"
info["fr"]["Torches"] = "Torches"
info["fr"]["Barrel"] = "Tonneau"
info["fr"]["Fancy Dishes"] = "Vaisselle de luxe"
info["fr"]["Undead Viking"] = "Viking mort-vivant"
info["fr"]["Lawn Mower"] = "Tondeuse à gazon"
info["fr"]["Valor"] = "Valeur (objet)"
info["fr"]["Rock Golem Head"] = "Tête de golem de roche"
info["fr"]["Spell Tome"] = "Tome de sorts"
info["fr"]["Chainsaws"] = "Tronçonneuses"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Tome of Infinite Wisdom"] = "Tome de Sagesse infinie"
info["fr"]["Eventide"] = "Tombée du jour"
info["fr"]["Jungle Shrine"] = "Tombeau de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Enchanted Sword Shrine"] = "Tombeau de l'épée envoûtée"
info["fr"]["Toilets/resultcell"] = "Toilettes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Toilets"] = "Toilettes"
info["fr"]["Cobweb"] = "Toile d'araignée"
info["fr"]["Tizona"] = "Tizona"
info["fr"]["Titanium"] = "Titane"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Ancient Cloth"] = "Tissu antique"
info["fr"]["Tattered Cloth"] = "Tissu abîmé"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Piggy Bank"] = "Tirelire"
info["fr"]["Titanium Trident"] = "Trident en titane"
info["fr"]["Tim"] = "Tim"
info["fr"]["Golf trophies"] = "Trophées de golf"
info["fr"]["Mythril Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en mithril"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part6"] = "Tile IDs Partie 6"
info["fr"]["Titanium Chainsaw"] = "Tronçonneuse en titane"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part1"] = "Tile IDs Partie 1"
info["fr"]["BBQ Ribs"] = "Travers de porc caramélisés"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs"] = "Tile IDs"
info["fr"]["Teapot"] = "Théière"
info["fr"]["Tuna"] = "Thon"
info["fr"]["Terrarium"] = "Terrarium"
info["fr"]["Terraria Wiki"] = "Terraria Wiki"
info["fr"]["Tiki Torch"] = "Torche Tiki"
info["fr"]["Tesla Turret"] = "Tourelle de Tesla"
info["fr"]["Terraria"] = "Terraria"
info["fr"]["Terraria News"] = "Terraria News"
info["fr"]["Terraprisma"] = "Terraprisma"
info["fr"]["Topaz"] = "Topaze"
info["fr"]["Terragrim"] = "Terragrim"
info["fr"]["Terrarian"] = "Terarrien"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Looking Tentacle"] = "Tentacule bizarre"
info["fr"]["Sea Turtle"] = "Tortue de mer"
info["fr"]["Tentacle Spike"] = "Tentacule"
info["fr"]["Sandstorm in a Balloon"] = "Tempête de sable dans un ballon"
info["fr"]["Sandstorm in a Bottle"] = "Tempête de sable en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Giant Tortoise"] = "Tortue géante"
info["fr"]["Crystal Storm"] = "Tempête de cristal"
info["fr"]["Use time"] = "Temps d'utilisation"
info["fr"]["Jungle Temple"] = "Temple"
info["fr"]["Dye Trader"] = "Teinturier"
info["fr"]["Dyes/dye3"] = "Teintures/dye3"
info["fr"]["Dyes/dye2"] = "Teintures/dye2"
info["fr"]["Dyes/dye"] = "Teintures/dye"
info["fr"]["Dyes"] = "Teintures"
info["fr"]["Thanksgiving"] = "Thanksgiving"
info["fr"]["Advanced Combat Techniques"] = "Techniques de combat avancées"
info["fr"]["Chat"] = "Tchat"
info["fr"]["Goblin Tech"] = "Technicien gobelin"
info["fr"]["Tavernkeep"] = "Tavernier"
info["fr"]["Sandstorm"] = "Tempête de sable"
info["fr"]["Mug"] = "Tasse"
info["fr"]["Coin Piles"] = "Tas de pièces"
info["fr"]["Ray Gunner"] = "Tireur laser"
info["fr"]["Psycho"] = "Taré"
info["fr"]["Milkyway Weaver"] = "Tisseur de voie lactée"
info["fr"]["Apple Pie"] = "Tarte aux pommes"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin Pie"] = "Tarte au potiron"
info["fr"]["Flying Carpet"] = "Tapis volant"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part5"] = "Tile IDs Partie 5"
info["fr"]["Tonbogiri"] = "Tonbogiri"
info["fr"]["Terraria Wiki/editcopy"] = "Terraria Wiki/editcopy"
info["fr"]["Tam O' Shanter"] = "Tam O' Shanter"
info["fr"]["Charm of Myths"] = "Talisman de mythes"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part2"] = "Tile IDs Partie 2"
info["fr"]["Dark Mage's Tome"] = "Tome de mage noir"
info["fr"]["World size"] = "Taille du monde"
info["fr"]["Clothier"] = "Tailleur"
info["fr"]["Solar Tablet"] = "Tablette solaire"
info["fr"]["Mysterious Tablet"] = "Tablette mystérieuse"
info["fr"]["Tables/resultcell"] = "Tables/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Tables"] = "Tables"
info["fr"]["Paintings/painting"] = "Tableaux/tableau"
info["fr"]["Paintings"] = "Tableaux"
info["fr"]["Bewitching Table"] = "Table ensorcelante"
info["fr"]["War Table"] = "Table de guerre"
info["fr"]["Alchemy Table"] = "Table d'alchimie"
info["fr"]["Tabi"] = "Tabi"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part7"] = "Tile IDs Partie 7"
info["fr"]["Eucalyptus Sap"] = "Sève d'eucalyptus"
info["fr"]["Well Fed"] = "Sustenté"
info["fr"]["Eternia Crystal Stand"] = "Support de cristal Eternia"
info["fr"]["Pwnhammer"] = "Supermarteau"
info["fr"]["Super Healing Potion"] = "Super potion de soin"
info["fr"]["Super Mana Potion"] = "Super potion de mana"
info["fr"]["Super Star Shooter"] = "Super canon à étoiles"
info["fr"]["Creeper"] = "Suiveur"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part3"] = "Tile IDs Partie 3"
info["fr"]["Suffocation"] = "Suffocation"
info["fr"]["Brain Suckler"] = "Suceur de cerveau"
info["fr"]["Achievements"] = "Succès"
info["fr"]["Stylist"] = "Styliste"
info["fr"]["Character styles"] = "Styles du personnage"
info["fr"]["Tile IDs Part4"] = "Tile IDs Partie 4"
info["fr"]["Stucco"] = "Stuc"
info["fr"]["Golf Tee"] = "Tee de golf"
info["fr"]["TModLoader"] = "TModLoader"
info["fr"]["Steampunker"] = "Steampunker"
info["fr"]["Statues/statue"] = "Statues/statue"
info["fr"]["Statues/critter statue recipe"] = "Statues/critter statue recipe"
info["fr"]["Statues"] = "Statues"
info["fr"]["Bast Statue"] = "Statue de Bastet"
info["fr"]["Player stats"] = "Statistiques du joueur"
info["fr"]["Crafting stations"] = "Stations d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Portal Gun Station"] = "Station de fusil à portails"
info["fr"]["Imbuing Station"] = "Station d'infusion"
info["fr"]["Sharpening Station"] = "Station d'affûtage"
info["fr"]["Station"] = "Station"
info["fr"]["Starlight"] = "Starlight"
info["fr"]["Bloodbath Dye"] = "Teinture bain de sang"
info["fr"]["Tactical Skeleton"] = "Squelette tactique"
info["fr"]["Angry Bones"] = "Squelette furieux"
info["fr"]["Rusty Armored Bones"] = "Squelette en armure rouillée"
info["fr"]["Blue Armored Bones"] = "Squelette en armure bleue"
info["fr"]["Armored Skeleton"] = "Squelette en armure"
info["fr"]["Bone Serpent"] = "Squelette de serpent"
info["fr"]["Conveyor Belt"] = "Tapis roulant"
info["fr"]["Prismatic Dye"] = "Teinture prismatique"
info["fr"]["Fogbound Dye"] = "Teinture embrumée"
info["fr"]["Blood Crawler"] = "Tikenfer"
info["fr"]["Shell Pile"] = "Tas de coquillages"
info["fr"]["Jungle Spores"] = "Spores de jungle"
info["fr"]["Skeleton"] = "Squelette"
info["fr"]["Water Sphere"] = "Sphère d'eau"
info["fr"]["Skeletron"] = "Squeletron"
info["fr"]["Armored Bones"] = "Squelettes en armure (Donjon)"
info["fr"]["Magnet Sphere"] = "Sphère aimantée"
info["fr"]["Phantasm"] = "Spectre (Objet)"
info["fr"]["Wraith"] = "Spectre"
info["fr"]["Underground Corruption"] = "Souterrain corrompu"
info["fr"]["Underground Crimson"] = "Souterrain carmin"
info["fr"]["Underground"] = "Souterrain"
info["fr"]["Teacup"] = "Tasse de thé"
info["fr"]["Gold Mouse"] = "Souris dorée"
info["fr"]["Mouse"] = "Souris"
info["fr"]["Light sources"] = "Sources de lumière"
info["fr"]["Soul Scythe"] = "Soul Scythe"
info["fr"]["Martian Saucer"] = "Soucoupe martienne"
info["fr"]["Yellow Marigold"] = "Souci jaune"
info["fr"]["Water Bolt"] = "Sort de l'eau"
info["fr"]["Super Dart Trap"] = "Super piège à fléchettes"
info["fr"]["Martian Probe"] = "Sonde martienne"
info["fr"]["Deactivated Probe"] = "Sonde désactivée"
info["fr"]["Soils"] = "Sols"
info["fr"]["Gray Grunt"] = "Soldat gris"
info["fr"]["Solidifier"] = "Solidificateur"
info["fr"]["Hanging Skeleton"] = "Squelette suspendu"
info["fr"]["Underground Hallow"] = "Souterrain sacré"
info["fr"]["Selenian"] = "Sélénien"
info["fr"]["Solar"] = "Solaire"
info["fr"]["Silk"] = "Soie"
info["fr"]["Cream Soda"] = "Soda à la vanille"
info["fr"]["Skeleton Sniper"] = "Sniper squelette"
info["fr"]["Smoothie of Darkness"] = "Smoothie des ténèbres"
info["fr"]["Fallen Tuxedo set"] = "Smoking déchu"
info["fr"]["Wall Skeleton"] = "Squelette de mur"
info["fr"]["Cosmic Skateboard"] = "Skateboard cosmique"
info["fr"]["Silenced"] = "Silence forcé"
info["fr"]["Dog Whistle"] = "Sifflet pour chien"
info["fr"]["Mollusk Whistle"] = "Sifflet mollusque"
info["fr"]["Steak"] = "Steak"
info["fr"]["Golf Whistle"] = "Sifflet de golf"
info["fr"]["Deadly Sphere"] = "Sphère mortelle"
info["fr"]["Sharanga"] = "Sharanga"
info["fr"]["Spore Skeleton"] = "Squelette à spores"
info["fr"]["Critter Shampoo"] = "Shampoing de créature"
info["fr"]["Burning Sphere"] = "Sphère brûlante"
info["fr"]["Servant of Cthulhu"] = "Serviteur de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Sextant"] = "Sextant"
info["fr"]["Bone Welder"] = "Soudeuse d'os"
info["fr"]["Server"] = "Serveur"
info["fr"]["Grub Soup"] = "Soupe de larves"
info["fr"]["Flying Snake"] = "Serpent volant"
info["fr"]["Yoraiz0r's spell"] = "Sort de Yoraiz0r"
info["fr"]["Explosive Trap sentry summons"] = "Sentinelles de piège explosif"
info["fr"]["Crystal Serpent"] = "Serpent en cristal"
info["fr"]["Lightning Aura sentry summons"] = "Sentinelles de l'aura foudroyante"
info["fr"]["Goblin Sorcerer"] = "Sorcier gobelin"
info["fr"]["Ballista sentry summons"] = "Sentinelles de Baliste"
info["fr"]["Spaghetti"] = "Spaghetti"
info["fr"]["Flameburst sentry summons"] = "Sentinelles d'embrasement"
info["fr"]["Seedler"] = "Semeuse"
info["fr"]["Saddles"] = "Selles"
info["fr"]["Hardy Saddle"] = "Selle robuste"
info["fr"]["Leaf Blower"] = "Souffleur de feuilles"
info["fr"]["Slimy Saddle"] = "Selle en gelée"
info["fr"]["Saddle"] = "Selle"
info["fr"]["Moon Lord"] = "Seigneur de la lune"
info["fr"]["Sandcastle Bucket"] = "Seau à château de sable"
info["fr"]["Bottomless Lava Bucket"] = "Seau de lave sans fond"
info["fr"]["Bottomless Water Bucket"] = "Seau d'eau sans fond"
info["fr"]["Chum Bucket"] = "Seau d'appâts"
info["fr"]["Scythe"] = "Scythe"
info["fr"]["Scutlix"] = "Scutlix"
info["fr"]["Sawmill"] = "Scierie"
info["fr"]["Gem staves/row"] = "Sceptres de pierre précieuse/row"
info["fr"]["Gem staves"] = "Sceptres de pierre précieuse"
info["fr"]["Venom Staff"] = "Sceptre à venin"
info["fr"]["Blade Staff"] = "Sceptre à lame"
info["fr"]["Probe"] = "Sonde"
info["fr"]["Xeno Staff"] = "Sceptre xéno"
info["fr"]["Old One's Skeleton"] = "Squelette de l'Ancien"
info["fr"]["Sanguine Staff"] = "Sceptre sanguin"
info["fr"]["Royal Scepter"] = "Sceptre royal"
info["fr"]["Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle"] = "Sifflet de bêtises du petit Grinch"
info["fr"]["Optic Staff"] = "Sceptre optique"
info["fr"]["Servant of Ocram"] = "Serviteur d'Ocram"
info["fr"]["Thunder Zapper"] = "Sceptre foudroyant"
info["fr"]["Topaz Staff"] = "Sceptre de topaze"
info["fr"]["Desert Tiger Staff/row"] = "Sceptre de tigre du désert/row"
info["fr"]["Desert Tiger Staff"] = "Sceptre de tigre du désert"
info["fr"]["Finch Staff"] = "Sceptre pinson"
info["fr"]["Ruby Staff"] = "Sceptre de rubis"
info["fr"]["Sapphire Staff"] = "Sceptre de saphir"
info["fr"]["Pygmy Staff"] = "Sceptre de pygmée"
info["fr"]["Staff of Regrowth"] = "Sceptre de repousse"
info["fr"]["Lunar Portal Staff"] = "Sceptre de portail lunaire"
info["fr"]["Hell Armored Bones"] = "Squelette en armure infernale"
info["fr"]["Poison Staff"] = "Sceptre de poison"
info["fr"]["Pirate Staff"] = "Sceptre de pirate"
info["fr"]["Meteor Staff"] = "Sceptre de météore"
info["fr"]["Queen Spider Staff"] = "Sceptre de la Reine-araignée"
info["fr"]["Gelatinous Pillion"] = "Siège gélatineux"
info["fr"]["Shadowbeam Staff"] = "Sceptre de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Vampire Frog Staff"] = "Sceptre de grenouille vampirique"
info["fr"]["Tropical Smoothie"] = "Smoothie tropical"
info["fr"]["Hornet Staff"] = "Sceptre de frelon"
info["fr"]["Flinx Staff"] = "Sceptre de flinx"
info["fr"]["Shuriken"] = "Shuriken"
info["fr"]["Stardust Dragon Staff"] = "Sceptre de dragon astral"
info["fr"]["Diamond Staff"] = "Sceptre de diamant"
info["fr"]["Streamers"] = "Serpentins"
info["fr"]["Imp Staff"] = "Sceptre de diablotin"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Crystal Staff"] = "Sceptre de cristal arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Stardust Cell Staff"] = "Sceptre de cellules astrales"
info["fr"]["Raven Staff"] = "Sceptre de corbeau"
info["fr"]["White Tuxedo set"] = "Smoking blanc"
info["fr"]["Blizzard Staff"] = "Sceptre de blizzard"
info["fr"]["Tuxedo set"] = "Smoking"
info["fr"]["Staff of Earth"] = "Sceptre de Terre"
info["fr"]["Deadly Sphere Staff"] = "Sceptre de Sphère mortelle"
info["fr"]["Emerald Staff"] = "Sceptre d'émeraude"
info["fr"]["Staff of the Frost Hydra"] = "Sceptre d'hydre givrée"
info["fr"]["Spider Staff"] = "Sceptre d'araignée"
info["fr"]["Amethyst Staff"] = "Sceptre d'améthyste"
info["fr"]["Amber Staff"] = "Sceptre d'ambre"
info["fr"]["Clinger Staff"] = "Sceptre d'Accrocheur"
info["fr"]["Aqua Scepter"] = "Sceptre aquatique"
info["fr"]["Celestial Sigil"] = "Sceau céleste"
info["fr"]["Beetles"] = "Scarabées"
info["fr"]["Hercules Beetle"] = "Scarabée Hercule"
info["fr"]["Scarab Bomb"] = "Scarabombe"
info["fr"]["Gold Grasshopper"] = "Sauterelle dorée"
info["fr"]["Grasshopper"] = "Sauterelle"
info["fr"]["Extra jump"] = "Saut supplémentaire"
info["fr"]["Tartar Sauce"] = "Sauce tartare"
info["fr"]["Blowgun"] = "Sarbafeu"
info["fr"]["Blowpipe"] = "Sarbacane"
info["fr"]["Health"] = "Santé"
info["fr"]["Leech"] = "Sangsue"
info["fr"]["Sapphire"] = "Saphir"
info["fr"]["Spectre Staff"] = "Sceptre spectral"
info["fr"]["Jungle Sanctum"] = "Sanctuaire de la Jungle"
info["fr"]["Salamander"] = "Salamandre"
info["fr"]["Staff"] = "Sceptre"
info["fr"]["Bleeding"] = "Saignement"
info["fr"]["Black Scorpion"] = "Scorpion noir"
info["fr"]["Tempest Staff"] = "Sceptre de tempête"
info["fr"]["Scorpion"] = "Scorpion"
info["fr"]["Void Bag"] = "Sac du néant"
info["fr"]["Treasure Bag/nav"] = "Sac de trésors/nav"
info["fr"]["Treasure Bag"] = "Sac de trésors"
info["fr"]["Resonance Scepter"] = "Sceptre de résonnance"
info["fr"]["Spore Sac"] = "Sac de spores"
info["fr"]["Lavaproof Tackle Bag/Crafting tree"] = "Sac de pêche résistant à la lave/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Lavaproof Tackle Bag"] = "Sac de pêche résistant à la lave"
info["fr"]["Herb Bag"] = "Sac d'herbes"
info["fr"]["Angler Tackle Bag"] = "Sac complet de pêche"
info["fr"]["Goodie Bag"] = "Sac-surprise"
info["fr"]["Slime Staff"] = "Sceptre de gelée"
info["fr"]["Valentine's Day"] = "Saint-Valentin"
info["fr"]["Phasesabers"] = "Sabres laser (supérieur)"
info["fr"]["Bat Scepter"] = "Sceptre de chauve-souris"
info["fr"]["Frost Staff"] = "Sceptre de givre"
info["fr"]["Phaseblades"] = "Sabres laser"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Saber"] = "Sabre en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Sandgun"] = "Sableuse"
info["fr"]["Buckets"] = "Seaux"
info["fr"]["Health regeneration"] = "Régénération de santé"
info["fr"]["NPC drops"] = "Récompenses de PNJ"
info["fr"]["Lac Beetle"] = "Scarabée de lac"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Ruler"] = "Règle mécanique"
info["fr"]["Dark Harvest"] = "Récolte noire"
info["fr"]["Salmon"] = "Saumon"
info["fr"]["Ruler"] = "Règle"
info["fr"]["Bee Hive"] = "Ruche d'abeilles"
info["fr"]["Beehive"] = "Ruche (objet)"
info["fr"]["Hive"] = "Ruche"
info["fr"]["Rope Coils/resultcell"] = "Rouleaux de corde/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Superheated Blood"] = "Sang surchauffé"
info["fr"]["Red"] = "Rouge"
info["fr"]["Blazing Wheel"] = "Roue embrasée"
info["fr"]["Cyan Beetle"] = "Scarabée cyan"
info["fr"]["Cog"] = "Roue dentée"
info["fr"]["Pinky"] = "Rosie"
info["fr"]["Breathing Reed"] = "Roseau de respiration"
info["fr"]["Christmas Tree"] = "Sapin de Noël"
info["fr"]["Jungle Rose"] = "Rose de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Rose"] = "Rose d'obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Pink"] = "Rose"
info["fr"]["Liquid rockets"] = "Roquettes de liquide"
info["fr"]["Cluster Rocket II"] = "Roquette à sous-munitions II"
info["fr"]["Cluster Rocket I"] = "Roquette à sous-munitions I"
info["fr"]["Sake"] = "Saké"
info["fr"]["King Slime"] = "Roi des gelées"
info["fr"]["Mystic Robe"] = "Robe mystique"
info["fr"]["Topaz Robe"] = "Robe en topaze"
info["fr"]["Diamond Robe"] = "Robe en diamant"
info["fr"]["Amethyst Robe"] = "Robe en améthyste"
info["fr"]["Peach Sangria"] = "Sangria à la pêche"
info["fr"]["Froggle Bunwich"] = "Sandwich de grenouille"
info["fr"]["Yoyo Bag"] = "Sac à yoyos"
info["fr"]["Robe"] = "Robe"
info["fr"]["Shrimp Po' Boy"] = "Sandwich aux crevettes"
info["fr"]["Revolver"] = "Revolver"
info["fr"]["Writhing Remains"] = "Restes gigotant"
info["fr"]["Sand Sharks"] = "Requins des sables"
info["fr"]["Hemogoblin Shark"] = "Requin hémogobelin"
info["fr"]["Sawtooth Shark"] = "Requin-scieur"
info["fr"]["Reaver Shark"] = "Requin-piqueur"
info["fr"]["Shark"] = "Requin"
info["fr"]["Relics"] = "Reliques"
info["fr"]["Fruit Salad"] = "Salade de fruits"
info["fr"]["Ice Queen"] = "Reine des glaces"
info["fr"]["Queen Slime"] = "Reine des gelées"
info["fr"]["Queen Bee"] = "Reine des abeilles"
info["fr"]["Compass Rose"] = "Rose des vents"
info["fr"]["Queen"] = "Reine"
info["fr"]["Red Ryder"] = "Red Ryder"
info["fr"]["Knockback"] = "Recul"
info["fr"]["Black Recluse"] = "Recluse noire"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench"] = "Recettes/Établi lourd"
info["fr"]["Rope Coils"] = "Rouleaux de corde"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Work Bench"] = "Recettes/Établi"
info["fr"]["Ruby"] = "Rubis"
info["fr"]["Recipes/By Hand"] = "Recettes/À la main"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Teapot"] = "Recettes/Théière"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Table"] = "Recettes/Table"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Teapot/register"] = "Recettes/Théière/register"
info["fr"]["Boulder"] = "Rocher"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Table/register"] = "Recettes/Table/register"
info["fr"]["Emerald Robe"] = "Robe en émeraude"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station"] = "Recettes/Station d'infusion"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench/register"] = "Recettes/Établi lourd/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Bone Welder"] = "Recettes/Soudeuse d'os"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station/register"] = "Recettes/Station d'infusion/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Solidifier"] = "Recettes/Solidificateur"
info["fr"]["Hive Pack"] = "Ruche pack"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Sawmill"] = "Recettes/Scierie"
info["fr"]["Spectre Paint Roller"] = "Rouleau à peinture spectral"
info["fr"]["Paint Roller"] = "Rouleau à peinture"
info["fr"]["Ruby Robe"] = "Robe en rubis"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Solidifier/register"] = "Recettes/Solidificateur/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Living Loom"] = "Recettes/Métier à bois vivant"
info["fr"]["Sapphire Robe"] = "Robe en saphir"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Loom"] = "Recettes/Métier"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Sky Mill"] = "Recettes/Moulin céleste"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Bone Welder/register"] = "Recettes/Soudeuse d'os/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic"] = "Recettes/Mixomatique"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Living Loom/register"] = "Recettes/Métier à bois vivant/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/By Hand/register"] = "Recettes/À la main/register"
info["fr"]["Giant Flying Fox"] = "Roussette géante"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Honey"] = "Recettes/Miel"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Autohammer"] = "Recettes/Marteau automatique"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic/register"] = "Recettes/Mixomatique/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Loom/register"] = "Recettes/Métier/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Sawmill/register"] = "Recettes/Scierie/register"
info["fr"]["Amber Robe"] = "Robe ambre"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Honey/register"] = "Recettes/Miel/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Sky Mill/register"] = "Recettes/Moulin céleste/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot"] = "Recettes/Marmite"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Autohammer/register"] = "Recettes/Marteau automatique/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"] = "Recettes/Manipulateur antique"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Ice Machine"] = "Recettes/Machine à glace"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Lava"] = "Recettes/Lave"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder/register"] = "Recettes/Hachoir à viande/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder"] = "Recettes/Hachoir à viande"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Keg"] = "Recettes/Fût"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot/register"] = "Recettes/Marmite/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln"] = "Recettes/Four à verre"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Lava/register"] = "Recettes/Lave/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Recettes/Four de lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Ice Machine/register"] = "Recettes/Machine à glace/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Furnace"] = "Recettes/Four"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge"] = "Recettes/Forge du Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Fallen Log"] = "Rondin tombé"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Hellforge"] = "Recettes/Forge d'enfer"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace/register"] = "Recettes/Four de lihzahrd/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Keg/register"] = "Recettes/Fût/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln/register"] = "Recettes/Four à verre/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Campfire"] = "Recettes/Feu de camp"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/register"] = "Recettes/Manipulateur antique/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil"] = "Recettes/Enclume du pré-Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil"] = "Recettes/Enclume du Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Ecto Mist"] = "Recettes/Ectobrume"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Hellforge/register"] = "Recettes/Forge d'enfer/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge/register"] = "Recettes/Forge du Hardmode/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Work Bench/register"] = "Recettes/Établi/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Water"] = "Recettes/Eau"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Campfire/register"] = "Recettes/Feu de camp/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser"] = "Recettes/Distributeur de miel"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "Recettes/Cuve à clonage de chair"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler"] = "Recettes/Chaudière steampunk"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber"] = "Recettes/Chambre de décomposition"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Water/register"] = "Recettes/Eau/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle"] = "Recettes/Bouteille placée"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball"] = "Recettes/Boule de cristal"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Bookcase/register"] = "Recettes/Bibliothèque/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Bookcase"] = "Recettes/Bibliothèque"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat/register"] = "Recettes/Cuve à clonage de chair/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Furnace/register"] = "Recettes/Four/register"
info["fr"]["Chilled"] = "Refroidissement"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber/register"] = "Recettes/Chambre de décomposition/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Dye Vat"] = "Recettes/Bac à teinture"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Altar"] = "Recettes/Autel"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball/register"] = "Recettes/Boule de cristal/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Recettes/Atelier de bricolage"
info["fr"]["Recipes"] = "Recettes"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser/register"] = "Recettes/Distributeur de miel/register"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle/register"] = "Recettes/Bouteille placée/register"
info["fr"]["Heat Ray"] = "Rayon thermique"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler/register"] = "Recettes/Chaudière steampunk/register"
info["fr"]["Rarity"] = "Rareté"
info["fr"]["Crawltipede"] = "Rampipède"
info["fr"]["Tomb Crawler"] = "Rampant de tombes"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Altar/register"] = "Recettes/Autel/register"
info["fr"]["Rambutan"] = "Ramboutan"
info["fr"]["Grapes"] = "Raisins"
info["fr"]["Booster Track"] = "Rail turbo"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil/register"] = "Recettes/Enclume du Hardmode/register"
info["fr"]["Minecart Track"] = "Rail de wagonnet"
info["fr"]["Track"] = "Rail"
info["fr"]["Weather Radio"] = "Radio du temps"
info["fr"]["Radio Thing"] = "Radio"
info["fr"]["Alien Queen"] = "Reine extraterrestre"
info["fr"]["Radar"] = "Radar"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop/register"] = "Recettes/Atelier de bricolage/register"
info["fr"]["Orange Bloodroot"] = "Racine sanglante orange"
info["fr"]["R.E.K. 3000"] = "R.E.K. 3000"
info["fr"]["North Pole"] = "Pôle Nord"
info["fr"]["Angler/Quests/row"] = "Pêcheur/Quêtes/row"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Dye Vat/register"] = "Recettes/Bac à teinture/register"
info["fr"]["Angler/Quests"] = "Pêcheur/Quêtes"
info["fr"]["Angler"] = "Pêcheur"
info["fr"]["Fishing"] = "Pêcher"
info["fr"]["Firecracker"] = "Pétard"
info["fr"]["Santa-NK1"] = "Père Noël-NK1"
info["fr"]["Santa Claus"] = "Père Noël"
info["fr"]["Pyramid"] = "Pyramide"
info["fr"]["Pylons/Map icon"] = "Pylônes/Map icon"
info["fr"]["Universal Pylon"] = "Pylône universel"
info["fr"]["Pylons"] = "Pylônes"
info["fr"]["Dead Man's Sweater"] = "Pull d'homme mort"
info["fr"]["Pickaxe power"] = "Puissance de pioche"
info["fr"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil/register"] = "Recettes/Enclume du pré-Hardmode/register"
info["fr"]["Pre-Hardmode"] = "Pré-Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Plum"] = "Prune"
info["fr"]["Biome spread"] = "Propagation de biome"
info["fr"]["Projectile IDs/row"] = "Projectile IDs/row"
info["fr"]["Projectile IDs"] = "Projectile IDs"
info["fr"]["Phantasmal Deathray"] = "Rayon de la mort spectral"
info["fr"]["Last Prism"] = "Prisme ultime"
info["fr"]["Princess"] = "Princesse"
info["fr"]["Prefix IDs"] = "Prefix IDs"
info["fr"]["Beams/resultcell"] = "Poutres/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Beams"] = "Poutres"
info["fr"]["Black Fairy Dust"] = "Poussière noire de bonne fée"
info["fr"]["Butterfly Dust"] = "Poussière de papillon"
info["fr"]["Pixie Dust"] = "Poussière de fée"
info["fr"]["Dust"] = "Poussière"
info["fr"]["Clothier Voodoo Doll"] = "Poupée vaudou du tailleur"
info["fr"]["Guide Voodoo Doll"] = "Poupée vaudou du guide"
info["fr"]["Re-Logic"] = "Re-Logic"
info["fr"]["Shadowflame Hex Doll"] = "Poupée maudite en flamme d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Doll"] = "Poupée"
info["fr"]["Thrown Powder"] = "Poudres de lancer"
info["fr"]["Powder"] = "Poudre"
info["fr"]["Planter Boxes"] = "Pots à plante"
info["fr"]["Pumpking"] = "Potiroi"
info["fr"]["Recovery potions"] = "Potions de récupération"
info["fr"]["Trash Can"] = "Poubelle"
info["fr"]["Food and drink potions"] = "Potions de nourriture et boisson"
info["fr"]["Luck Potions"] = "Potions de chance"
info["fr"]["Buff potions"] = "Potions de buffs"
info["fr"]["Potions"] = "Potions"
info["fr"]["Water Walking Potion"] = "Potion pour marcher sur l'eau"
info["fr"]["Inferno Potion"] = "Potion infernale"
info["fr"]["Pressure Plate Track"] = "Rail à plaque de pression"
info["fr"]["Teleportation Potion"] = "Potion de téléportation"
info["fr"]["Wormhole Potion"] = "Potion de trou de ver"
info["fr"]["Titan Potion"] = "Potion de titan"
info["fr"]["Spelunker Potion"] = "Potion de spéléologue"
info["fr"]["Healing Potion"] = "Potion de soin"
info["fr"]["Other potions"] = "Potions diverses"
info["fr"]["Beetle Might"] = "Puissance de scarabée"
info["fr"]["Potion of Return"] = "Potion de retour"
info["fr"]["Ugly Sweater"] = "Pull moche"
info["fr"]["Restoration Potion"] = "Potion de restauration"
info["fr"]["Recall Potion"] = "Potion de rappel"
info["fr"]["Rally"] = "Rallye"
info["fr"]["Swiftness Potion"] = "Potion de rapidité"
info["fr"]["Rage Potion"] = "Potion de rage"
info["fr"]["Prismatic Punch"] = "Punch prismatique"
info["fr"]["Fishing Potion"] = "Potion de pêche"
info["fr"]["Magic Power Potion"] = "Potion de puissance magique"
info["fr"]["Goblin Peon"] = "Péon gobelin"
info["fr"]["Ammo Reservation Potion"] = "Potion de munitions"
info["fr"]["Mana Potion"] = "Potion de mana"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Beam"] = "Poutre d'adamantite"
info["fr"]["Explosive Powder"] = "Poudre explosive"
info["fr"]["Lifeforce Potion"] = "Potion de longuevie"
info["fr"]["Gravitation Potion"] = "Potion de gravitation"
info["fr"]["Dangersense Potion"] = "Potion de danger"
info["fr"]["Rat"] = "Rat"
info["fr"]["Battle Potion"] = "Potion de combat"
info["fr"]["Gold Dust"] = "Poussière d'or"
info["fr"]["Stink Potion"] = "Potion de puanteur"
info["fr"]["Peach"] = "Pêche (fruit)"
info["fr"]["Featherfall Potion"] = "Potion de chute lente"
info["fr"]["Warmth Potion"] = "Potion de chaleur"
info["fr"]["Crate Potion"] = "Potion de caisse"
info["fr"]["Shine Potion"] = "Potion de brillance"
info["fr"]["Gills Potion"] = "Potion de branchies"
info["fr"]["Thorns Potion"] = "Potion d'épines"
info["fr"]["Night Owl Potion"] = "Potion d'oiseau de nuit"
info["fr"]["Wrath Potion"] = "Potion d'ire"
info["fr"]["Christmas Pudding"] = "Pudding de Noël"
info["fr"]["Summoning Potion"] = "Potion d'invocation"
info["fr"]["Invisibility Potion"] = "Potion d'invisibilité"
info["fr"]["Mining Potion"] = "Potion d'extraction"
info["fr"]["Ironskin Potion"] = "Potion d'enveloppe de fer"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Skin Potion"] = "Potion d'enveloppe d'obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Endurance Potion"] = "Potion d'endurance"
info["fr"]["Archery Potion"] = "Potion d'archerie"
info["fr"]["Calming Potion"] = "Potion apaisante"
info["fr"]["Red Potion"] = "Potion rouge"
info["fr"]["Potion Sickness"] = "Potion affaiblie"
info["fr"]["Clay Pot"] = "Pot en argile"
info["fr"]["Bottled Honey"] = "Pot de miel"
info["fr"]["Logic Gates"] = "Portes logiques"
info["fr"]["Doors/resultcell"] = "Portes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Gem Locks/resultcell"] = "Portes-gemmes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Gem Locks"] = "Portes-gemmes"
info["fr"]["Doors"] = "Portes"
info["fr"]["Gender Change Potion"] = "Potion pour changer de sexe"
info["fr"]["Trap Door"] = "Porte à piège"
info["fr"]["Weapon Rack"] = "Porte-armes"
info["fr"]["Pork of the Sea"] = "Porc de la mer"
info["fr"]["Announcement Box"] = "Poste d'annonces"
info["fr"]["Tipsy"] = "Pompette"
info["fr"]["Predictor"] = "Prédicteur"
info["fr"]["Pumps"] = "Pompes"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Looking Apple"] = "Pomme douteuse"
info["fr"]["Blessed Apple"] = "Pomme bénite"
info["fr"]["Apple (disambiguation)"] = "Pomme (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Apple"] = "Pomme"
info["fr"]["Fishing catches"] = "Poissons"
info["fr"]["Wandering Eye Fish"] = "Poisson œil errant"
info["fr"]["Flying Fish"] = "Poisson volant"
info["fr"]["Specular Fish"] = "Poisson spéculaire"
info["fr"]["Variegated Lardfish"] = "Poisson gras panaché"
info["fr"]["Chaos Fish"] = "Poisson du chaos"
info["fr"]["Sonar Potion"] = "Potion de sonar"
info["fr"]["Vicious Goldfish"] = "Poisson doré cruel"
info["fr"]["Goldfish"] = "Poisson doré"
info["fr"]["Armored Cavefish"] = "Poisson cavernicole"
info["fr"]["Bomb Fish"] = "Poisson bombe"
info["fr"]["Fish (item)"] = "Poisson (objet)"
info["fr"]["Zephyr Fish"] = "Poisson-zéphyr"
info["fr"]["Crimson Tigerfish"] = "Poisson-tigre carmin"
info["fr"]["Rockfish"] = "Poisson-roche"
info["fr"]["Mana Regeneration Potion"] = "Potion de régénération de mana"
info["fr"]["Fish"] = "Poisson"
info["fr"]["Spike"] = "Pointe"
info["fr"]["Daybreak"] = "Point du jour"
info["fr"]["Regeneration Potion"] = "Potion de régénération"
info["fr"]["Golem Fist"] = "Poing de Golem"
info["fr"]["Flesh Knuckles"] = "Poing américain en chair"
info["fr"]["Hunter Potion"] = "Potion de chasse"
info["fr"]["Giant Harpy Feather"] = "Plume géante de harpie"
info["fr"]["Ice Feather"] = "Plume de glace"
info["fr"]["Fire Feather"] = "Plume de feu"
info["fr"]["Turkey feather"] = "Plume de dinde"
info["fr"]["Flipper Potion"] = "Potion de nage"
info["fr"]["Builder Potion"] = "Potion de construction"
info["fr"]["Bone Feather"] = "Plume d'os"
info["fr"]["Feather"] = "Plume"
info["fr"]["Meteor Shower"] = "Pluie de météores"
info["fr"]["Seaweed Planter"] = "Pot d'algues"
info["fr"]["Rain"] = "Pluie"
info["fr"]["Slime Rain"] = "Pluie de gelées"
info["fr"]["Heartreach Potion"] = "Potion de cœurs"
info["fr"]["Fishing foods"] = "Plats de pêche"
info["fr"]["Team Platforms"] = "Plateformes d'équipe"
info["fr"]["Platforms/resultcell"] = "Plateformes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Platforms"] = "Plateformes"
info["fr"]["Pressure Plates"] = "Plaques de pression"
info["fr"]["Hat Rack"] = "Porte-chapeau"
info["fr"]["Martian Conduit Plating"] = "Plaque de conduit martienne"
info["fr"]["Copper Plating"] = "Plaquage en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Hanging Pot"] = "Pot suspendu"
info["fr"]["Shroomite Plating"] = "Plaquage de champignite"
info["fr"]["Potted Lava Plants"] = "Plantes de lave en pot"
info["fr"]["Moss"] = "Plantes"
info["fr"]["Plantera"] = "Plantera"
info["fr"]["Strange Plant"] = "Plante étrange"
info["fr"]["Celestial Starboard"] = "Planche étoile céleste"
info["fr"]["Mysterious Portal"] = "Portail mystérieux"
info["fr"]["Lead"] = "Plomb"
info["fr"]["Stinkfish"] = "Poisson infect"
info["fr"]["Presserator"] = "Placeuromatique"
info["fr"]["Placement"] = "Placement"
info["fr"]["Game platform"] = "Plateforme de jeu"
info["fr"]["Pigronata"] = "Piñachon"
info["fr"]["Piña Colada"] = "Piña colada"
info["fr"]["Traps"] = "Pièges"
info["fr"]["Pink Prickly Pear"] = "Poire piquante rose"
info["fr"]["Platinum"] = "Platine"
info["fr"]["Dart Trap"] = "Piège à fléchette"
info["fr"]["Illegal Gun Parts"] = "Pièces d'arme illégales"
info["fr"]["Lucky Coin"] = "Pièce porte-bonheur"
info["fr"]["Coins"] = "Pièces"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Wagon Piece"] = "Pièce de wagonnet mécanique"
info["fr"]["Dragon Fruit"] = "Pitaya"
info["fr"]["Piranha Gun"] = "Pistoranha"
info["fr"]["Flintlock Pistol"] = "Pistolet à silex"
info["fr"]["Damselfish"] = "Poisson-demoiselle"
info["fr"]["Paint Sprayer"] = "Pistolet à peinture"
info["fr"]["Wooden Spike"] = "Pointe en bois"
info["fr"]["Dart Pistol"] = "Pistolet à fléchettes"
info["fr"]["Water Gun"] = "Pistolet à eau"
info["fr"]["Flare Gun"] = "Pistolet à fusées"
info["fr"]["Confetti Gun"] = "Pistolet à confetti"
info["fr"]["Nail Gun"] = "Pistolet à clous"
info["fr"]["Bubble Gun"] = "Pistolet à bulles"
info["fr"]["Space Gun"] = "Pistolet spatial"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Gun"] = "Pistolet arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Phoenix Blaster"] = "Pistolet Phénix"
info["fr"]["Handgun"] = "Pistolet"
info["fr"]["Wasp Gun"] = "Pistoguêpe"
info["fr"]["Angry Dandelion"] = "Pissenlit irrité"
info["fr"]["Pirate (disambiguation)"] = "Pirate (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Gold Goldfish"] = "Poisson en or"
info["fr"]["Pirate"] = "Pirate"
info["fr"]["Palladium Pike"] = "Pique en palladium"
info["fr"]["Magic Droppers/resultcell"] = "Pipettes magiques/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Luminite Pickaxes"] = "Pioches en luminite"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Goldfish"] = "Poisson doré corrompu"
info["fr"]["Pickaxes/tier"] = "Pioches/tier"
info["fr"]["Pickaxes/row"] = "Pioches/row"
info["fr"]["Pickaxes"] = "Pioches"
info["fr"]["Spectre Pickaxe"] = "Pioche spectrale"
info["fr"]["Potted Crystal Plants"] = "Plantes de cristal en pot"
info["fr"]["Magic Droppers"] = "Pipettes magiques"
info["fr"]["Tin Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en étain"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Titanium Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en titane"
info["fr"]["Lead Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en plomb"
info["fr"]["Platinum Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en platine"
info["fr"]["Palladium Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en palladium"
info["fr"]["Storm Diver"] = "Plongeur d'orage"
info["fr"]["Bone Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en os"
info["fr"]["Gold Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en or"
info["fr"]["Spear Trap"] = "Piège à lance"
info["fr"]["Mythril Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en mithril"
info["fr"]["Tin Plating"] = "Plaquage d'étain"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Wheel Piece"] = "Pièce de roue mécanique"
info["fr"]["Iron Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en fer"
info["fr"]["Copper Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Silver Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en argent"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Battery Piece"] = "Pièce de batterie mécanique"
info["fr"]["Deathbringer Pickaxe"] = "Pioche de la mort"
info["fr"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"] = "Pioche de cauchemar"
info["fr"]["Pickaxe Axe"] = "Pioche-hache"
info["fr"]["Picksaw"] = "Piochache"
info["fr"]["Spiky Ball Trap"] = "Piège à boule à pointes"
info["fr"]["Spectre Paintbrush"] = "Pinceau spectral"
info["fr"]["Paintbrush"] = "Pinceau"
info["fr"]["Wire Cutter"] = "Pince coupante"
info["fr"]["Flame Trap"] = "Piège à flamme"
info["fr"]["Razorpine"] = "Pin acéré"
info["fr"]["Celestial Pillars"] = "Piliers Célestes"
info["fr"]["Stake"] = "Pieu"
info["fr"]["Tombstones"] = "Pierres tombales"
info["fr"]["Sun Stone"] = "Pierre solaire"
info["fr"]["Philosopher's Stone"] = "Pierre philosophale"
info["fr"]["Moon Stone"] = "Pierre lunaire"
info["fr"]["Hellstone"] = "Pierre infernale"
info["fr"]["Encumbering Stone"] = "Pierre encombrante"
info["fr"]["Magma Stone"] = "Pierre de magma"
info["fr"]["Celestial Stone"] = "Pierre céleste"
info["fr"]["Shiny Stone"] = "Pierre brillante"
info["fr"]["Stone (disambiguation)"] = "Pierre (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Pianos/resultcell"] = "Pianos/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Grab bags"] = "Pochettes surprises"
info["fr"]["Pianos"] = "Pianos"
info["fr"]["Pizza"] = "Pizza"
info["fr"]["Baby Slime"] = "Petite gelée"
info["fr"]["Fart in a Jar"] = "Pet en pot"
info["fr"]["Fart in a Balloon"] = "Pet dans un ballon"
info["fr"]["Character"] = "Personnage"
info["fr"]["Slime Gun"] = "Pistolet à gelée"
info["fr"]["Parrot"] = "Perroquet"
info["fr"]["Pearls"] = "Perles"
info["fr"]["Rabbit Perch"] = "Perchoir de lapin"
info["fr"]["Tax Collector"] = "Percepteur d'impôts"
info["fr"]["Cross Necklace"] = "Pendentif en croix"
info["fr"]["Boomstick"] = "Pistoboum"
info["fr"]["Gravedigger's Shovel"] = "Pelle de fossoyeur"
info["fr"]["Paints"] = "Peintures"
info["fr"]["Painter"] = "Peintre"
info["fr"]["Ice Skates"] = "Patins à glace"
info["fr"]["Slice of Hell Cake"] = "Part de gâteau infernal"
info["fr"]["Slice of Cake"] = "Part de gâteau"
info["fr"]["Necromantic Scroll"] = "Parchemin nécromancien"
info["fr"]["Config.json settings"] = "Paramètres de Config.json"
info["fr"]["Settings"] = "Paramètres"
info["fr"]["Papyrus Scarab"] = "Papyrus scarabée"
info["fr"]["Butterflies"] = "Papillons"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Butterfly Jars/resultcell"] = "Papillon en pots/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Butterfly Jars"] = "Papillon en pots"
info["fr"]["Fossil Pickaxe"] = "Pioche fossile"
info["fr"]["Gold Butterfly"] = "Papillon doré"
info["fr"]["Moth"] = "Papillon de nuit"
info["fr"]["Glass Slipper"] = "Pantoufle de verre"
info["fr"]["Hellfire Treads/Crafting tree"] = "Pantalon de l'enfer/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Medicated Bandage"] = "Pansement médicalisé"
info["fr"]["Adhesive Bandage"] = "Pansement"
info["fr"]["Sign"] = "Panneau"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Piranha"] = "Piranha"
info["fr"]["Cactus Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en cactus"
info["fr"]["Grapefruit"] = "Pamplemousse"
info["fr"]["Candy Cane Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en sucre d'orge"
info["fr"]["Frog Webbing"] = "Palmure de grenouille"
info["fr"]["Palm Wood"] = "Palmier"
info["fr"]["Frog Flipper"] = "Palmes grenouille"
info["fr"]["Flipper"] = "Palmes"
info["fr"]["Parallax"] = "Parallaxe"
info["fr"]["Palladium"] = "Palladium"
info["fr"]["Paladin"] = "Paladin"
info["fr"]["Pair of Eyeballs"] = "Paire de globes oculaires"
info["fr"]["Pad Thai"] = "Pad thaï"
info["fr"]["Resource Pack"] = "Pack de ressources"
info["fr"]["NPCs/dropnote"] = "PNJs/dropnote"
info["fr"]["NPCs"] = "PNJs"
info["fr"]["PDA/Crafting tree"] = "PDA/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["PDA"] = "PDA"
info["fr"]["Eye Bone"] = "Ossœil"
info["fr"]["Exotic Chew Toy"] = "Os à mâcher exotique"
info["fr"]["Moon phase"] = "Phase lunaire"
info["fr"]["Eater's Bone"] = "Os de Dévoreur"
info["fr"]["Tools"] = "Outils"
info["fr"]["Bone"] = "Os"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum"] = "Orichalque"
info["fr"]["Molten Pickaxe"] = "Pioche en fusion"
info["fr"]["Cat Ears"] = "Oreilles de chat"
info["fr"]["Shadow Orb (item)"] = "Orbe de l'ombre (objet)"
info["fr"]["Shadow Orb"] = "Orbe de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Blood Orange"] = "Orange sanguine"
info["fr"]["Thunderstorm"] = "Orage"
info["fr"]["Gold"] = "Or"
info["fr"]["Birds"] = "Oiseaux"
info["fr"]["Pho"] = "Pho"
info["fr"]["Ogre"] = "Ogre"
info["fr"]["Martian Officer"] = "Officier martien"
info["fr"]["Apple Pie Slice"] = "Part de tarte aux pommes"
info["fr"]["Ocean"] = "Océan"
info["fr"]["Sleepy Octopod"] = "Octopode endormi"
info["fr"]["Ocram"] = "Ocram"
info["fr"]["Putrid Scent"] = "Odeur putride"
info["fr"]["Obsidian"] = "Obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Darkness"] = "Obscurité"
info["fr"]["Explosion-proof objects"] = "Objets résistants aux explosions"
info["fr"]["Unobtainable items"] = "Objets inobtenables"
info["fr"]["Animal skins"] = "Peaux d'animaux"
info["fr"]["Pre-Hardmode items"] = "Objets du pré-Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Ammunition items"] = "Objets de type Munition"
info["fr"]["Flat surface items"] = "Objets de surface plane"
info["fr"]["Vanity items"] = "Objets de style"
info["fr"]["Biome-specific vendor items"] = "Objets spécifiques au biome"
info["fr"]["Storage items"] = "Objets de stockage"
info["fr"]["Umbrella"] = "Parapluie"
info["fr"]["Ambient objects"] = "Objets ambiants"
info["fr"]["Items"] = "Objets"
info["fr"]["Oasis"] = "Oasis"
info["fr"]["Nymph"] = "Nymphe"
info["fr"]["Lantern Night"] = "Nuit des lanternes"
info["fr"]["Tattered Wood Sign"] = "Panneau en bois usé"
info["fr"]["Tragic Umbrella"] = "Parapluie tragique"
info["fr"]["Cloud in a Bottle"] = "Nuage en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Ballista Panic!"] = "Panique de Baliste !"
info["fr"]["Cloud"] = "Nuage"
info["fr"]["Christmas"] = "Noël"
info["fr"]["Frost Core"] = "Noyau de givre"
info["fr"]["Drowning"] = "Noyade"
info["fr"]["NPC names"] = "Noms des PNJs"
info["fr"]["Coconut"] = "Noix de coco"
info["fr"]["Ninja"] = "Ninja"
info["fr"]["Spider Cave"] = "Nid d'araignées"
info["fr"]["Arapaima"] = "Paiche"
info["fr"]["Clentaminator"] = "Nettoyeur"
info["fr"]["Bedazzled Nectar"] = "Nectar ébloui"
info["fr"]["Creative Shock"] = "Onde créative"
info["fr"]["Hellfire Treads"] = "Pantalon de l'enfer"
info["fr"]["Panda Ears"] = "Oreilles de panda"
info["fr"]["Nazar"] = "Nazar"
info["fr"]["Nectar"] = "Nectar"
info["fr"]["Dreadnautilus"] = "Nautileffroi"
info["fr"]["Nanites"] = "Nanites"
info["fr"]["Garden Gnome"] = "Nain de jardin"
info["fr"]["Gnome"] = "Nain"
info["fr"]["Shark Fin"] = "Nageoire de requin"
info["fr"]["Honeyfin"] = "Nagemiel"
info["fr"]["NPC IDs/row"] = "NPC IDs/row"
info["fr"]["Meteorite (biome)"] = "Météorite (biome)"
info["fr"]["NPC IDs"] = "NPC IDs"
info["fr"]["Meteorite"] = "Météorite"
info["fr"]["Living Loom"] = "Métier à bois vivant"
info["fr"]["Weather"] = "Météo"
info["fr"]["Wallpapers"] = "Papiers peints"
info["fr"]["Loom"] = "Métier"
info["fr"]["Stellar Tune"] = "Mélodie stellaire"
info["fr"]["Megashark"] = "Mégarequin"
info["fr"]["Megaphone"] = "Mégaphone"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish Jars/resultcell"] = "Méduse en pots/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish"] = "Méduses"
info["fr"]["Medusa"] = "Médusa"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin Moon Medallion"] = "Médaillon de lune de citrouille"
info["fr"]["Defender Medal"] = "Médaille de défenseur"
info["fr"]["Mechanisms"] = "Mécanismes"
info["fr"]["Mechanic"] = "Mécano"
info["fr"]["Snow Cloud"] = "Nuage de neige"
info["fr"]["Game mechanics"] = "Mécaniques du jeu"
info["fr"]["Mechanical"] = "Mécanique"
info["fr"]["Giant Bow"] = "Nœud géant"
info["fr"]["Cloud in a Balloon"] = "Nuage dans un ballon"
info["fr"]["Developer items"] = "Objets de développeur"
info["fr"]["Rain Cloud"] = "Nuage de pluie"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Walls"] = "Murs sacrés"
info["fr"]["Crafted walls/resultcell"] = "Murs façonnables/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Crafted walls"] = "Murs façonnables"
info["fr"]["Gold Bird"] = "Oiseau doré"
info["fr"]["Stucco Walls"] = "Murs en stuc"
info["fr"]["Sandstone Walls"] = "Murs en grès"
info["fr"]["Dirt Walls (natural)"] = "Murs de terre (naturel)"
info["fr"]["Defense items"] = "Objets de défense"
info["fr"]["Hardened Sand Walls"] = "Murs de sable durci"
info["fr"]["Gemstone Walls/resultcell"] = "Murs de pierre précieuse/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Lava Walls"] = "Murs de lave"
info["fr"]["Jungle Walls (natural)"] = "Murs de jungle (naturel)"
info["fr"]["Cave Walls"] = "Murs de grottes"
info["fr"]["Background walls"] = "Murs de fond"
info["fr"]["Offline Gemspark Walls/resultcell"] = "Murs de blocs sans brillance/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Offline Gemspark Walls"] = "Murs de blocs sans brillance"
info["fr"]["Chicken Nugget"] = "Nugget de poulet"
info["fr"]["Gemspark Walls/resultcell"] = "Murs de blocs brillance/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Walls"] = "Murs corrompus"
info["fr"]["Converted walls"] = "Murs convertis"
info["fr"]["Naturally occurring walls"] = "Murs apparaissant naturellement"
info["fr"]["Purchased walls/row"] = "Murs achetables/row"
info["fr"]["Crimson Wall"] = "Murs carmin"
info["fr"]["Purchased walls"] = "Murs achetables"
info["fr"]["Muramasa"] = "Muramasa"
info["fr"]["Nachos"] = "Nachos"
info["fr"]["Gold Starry Wall"] = "Mur étoilé or"
info["fr"]["Planked Wall"] = "Mur à planches"
info["fr"]["Ebonwood Wall"] = "Mur en ébène"
info["fr"]["Mythical Wyvern"] = "Mythical Wyvern"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Naginata"] = "Naginata en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Necromancer"] = "Nécromancien"
info["fr"]["Shroomite Plating Wall"] = "Mur en plaquage de champignite"
info["fr"]["Angry Nimbus"] = "Nimbus furieux"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish Jars"] = "Méduse en pots"
info["fr"]["Music"] = "Musique"
info["fr"]["Nano Bullet"] = "Nanoballe"
info["fr"]["Smooth Marble Wall"] = "Mur en marbre lisse"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish (bait)"] = "Méduse (appât)"
info["fr"]["Candy Cane Walls"] = "Murs en sucre d'orge"
info["fr"]["Marble Wall"] = "Mur en marbre"
info["fr"]["Granite Wall"] = "Mur en granite"
info["fr"]["Hay Wall"] = "Mur en foin"
info["fr"]["Mother Slime"] = "Mère Gelée"
info["fr"]["Blue Starry Wall"] = "Mur étoilé bleu"
info["fr"]["Living Leaf Wall"] = "Mur en feuilles vivant"
info["fr"]["Stone Slab Wall"] = "Mur en dalles de pierre"
info["fr"]["Glass Wall"] = "Mur en verre"
info["fr"]["Dynasty Walls"] = "Murs de dynastie"
info["fr"]["Gemstone Walls"] = "Murs de pierre précieuse"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Beam Wall"] = "Mur en poutres d'adamantite"
info["fr"]["Ebonstone Wall"] = "Mur en pierre d'ébène"
info["fr"]["Mushroom Wall"] = "Mur en champignons"
info["fr"]["Cog Wall"] = "Mur en roues dentées"
info["fr"]["Iridescent Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique irisée"
info["fr"]["Gold Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique dorée"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de tungstène"
info["fr"]["Crimstone Wall"] = "Mur en pierre carmin"
info["fr"]["Lead Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de plomb"
info["fr"]["Gemspark Walls"] = "Murs de blocs brillance"
info["fr"]["Platinum Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de platine"
info["fr"]["Stone Wall"] = "Mur en pierre"
info["fr"]["Pearlstone Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de pierre perlée"
info["fr"]["Hellstone Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de pierre infernale"
info["fr"]["Crimstone Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de pierre carmin"
info["fr"]["Nebula Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de nébuleuse"
info["fr"]["Pearlstone Wall"] = "Mur en pierre perlée"
info["fr"]["Snow Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de neige"
info["fr"]["Silly Balloon Walls"] = "Murs de ballons loufoques"
info["fr"]["Tin Plating Wall"] = "Mur en plaquage d'étain"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Sandstone Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de grès"
info["fr"]["Spider Nest Wall"] = "Mur en nid d'araignées"
info["fr"]["Dungeon Brick Walls"] = "Mur en brique de donjon"
info["fr"]["Smooth Sandstone Wall"] = "Mur en grès lisse"
info["fr"]["Smooth Granite Wall"] = "Mur en granite lisse"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Tin Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique d'étain"
info["fr"]["Palm Wood Wall"] = "Mur en palmier"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Gray Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique grise"
info["fr"]["Mushroom Wall (natural)"] = "Mur en champignons (naturel)"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin Wall"] = "Mur en citrouille"
info["fr"]["Solar Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique solaire"
info["fr"]["Red Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique rouge"
info["fr"]["Living Wood Wall"] = "Mur en bois vivant"
info["fr"]["Ebonstone Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de pierre d'ébène"
info["fr"]["Vortex Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique du vortex"
info["fr"]["Wood Wall"] = "Mur en bois"
info["fr"]["Titanstone Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs de pierre de titane"
info["fr"]["Slime Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs de gelée"
info["fr"]["Mythril Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de mithril"
info["fr"]["Copper Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de cuivre"
info["fr"]["Demonite Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de démonite"
info["fr"]["Meteorite Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de météorite"
info["fr"]["Mudstone Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de pierre boueuse"
info["fr"]["Ice Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de glace"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de cobalt"
info["fr"]["Luminite Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de luminite"
info["fr"]["Dirt Wall"] = "Mur de terre"
info["fr"]["Iron Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de fer"
info["fr"]["Crimtane Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique de carmitane"
info["fr"]["Shadewood Wall"] = "Mur en bois d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Cloud Wall"] = "Mur de nuage"
info["fr"]["Snow Wall"] = "Mur de neige"
info["fr"]["Silver Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique argentée"
info["fr"]["Desert Fossil Wall"] = "Mur de fossiles du désert"
info["fr"]["Stardust Brick Wall"] = "Mur en brique astrale"
info["fr"]["Boreal Wood Wall"] = "Mur en bois boréal"
info["fr"]["Flower Wall"] = "Mur de fleurs"
info["fr"]["Disc Wall"] = "Mur de disques"
info["fr"]["Spooky Wood Wall"] = "Mur en bois sinistre"
info["fr"]["Lesion Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs de plaie"
info["fr"]["Martian Conduit Wall"] = "Mur de conduits martiens"
info["fr"]["Bamboo Wall"] = "Mur en bambou"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood Wall"] = "Mur en bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Sandfall Wall"] = "Mur de chute de sable"
info["fr"]["Crystal Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs de cristal"
info["fr"]["Lavafall Wall"] = "Mur de chute de lave"
info["fr"]["Waterfall Wall"] = "Mur de chute d'eau"
info["fr"]["Wall of Flesh"] = "Mur de chair"
info["fr"]["Bubblegum Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs de chewing-gum"
info["fr"]["Flesh Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs de chair"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany Wall"] = "Mur en acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Bone Block Wall"] = "Mur en blocs d'os"
info["fr"]["Arcane Rune Wall"] = "Mur de runes"
info["fr"]["Large Bamboo Wall"] = "Mur de bambou épais"
info["fr"]["Rocks Wall"] = "Mur de rochers"
info["fr"]["Grass Wall"] = "Mur d'herbe"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Grass Wall"] = "Mur d'herbe corrompue"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Back Wall"] = "Mur de fond en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Copper Plating Wall"] = "Mur de plaquage en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Stynger Bolt"] = "Munition de cingleur"
info["fr"]["Multiplayer"] = "Multijoueur"
info["fr"]["Purple Mucus"] = "Mucus violet"
info["fr"]["Amber Mosquito"] = "Moustique ambré"
info["fr"]["Moss/Placed on bricks"] = "Mousse/Placed on bricks"
info["fr"]["Hive Wall"] = "Mur de miel"
info["fr"]["Moss"] = "Mousse"
info["fr"]["Confetti Wall"] = "Mur de confetti"
info["fr"]["Jungle Wall"] = "Mur de jungle"
info["fr"]["Musket"] = "Mousquet"
info["fr"]["Ice Wall"] = "Mur de glace"
info["fr"]["Mount IDs/row"] = "Mount IDs/row"
info["fr"]["Pin Wheel"] = "Moulin à vent"
info["fr"]["Sky Mill"] = "Moulin céleste"
info["fr"]["Biome Key Molds"] = "Moules de clé de biome"
info["fr"]["Seagull"] = "Mouette"
info["fr"]["Mothron"] = "Mothron"
info["fr"]["Atlantic Cod"] = "Morue de l'Atlantique"
info["fr"]["Deathweed"] = "Mortherbe"
info["fr"]["Palladium Column Wall"] = "Mur de colonnes en palladium"
info["fr"]["Death"] = "Mort"
info["fr"]["Morning Star"] = "Morning Star"
info["fr"]["Feral Bite"] = "Morsure sauvage"
info["fr"]["Midnight Confetti Wall"] = "Mur de confetti de minuit"
info["fr"]["Rotten Chunk"] = "Morceau avarié"
info["fr"]["Mounts"] = "Montures"
info["fr"]["Watches"] = "Montres"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Brick Wall (natural)"] = "Mur de brique en obsidienne (naturel)"
info["fr"]["Snowfall Wall"] = "Mur de chute de neige"
info["fr"]["Honeyfall Wall"] = "Mur de chute de miel"
info["fr"]["Platinum Watch"] = "Montre en platine"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Brick Wall"] = "Mur de brique en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Gold Watch"] = "Montre en or"
info["fr"]["Silver Watch"] = "Montre en argent"
info["fr"]["Face Monster"] = "Monstre grimaçant"
info["fr"]["Enemies"] = "Monstre"
info["fr"]["Spider Wall"] = "Mur d'araignées"
info["fr"]["Mister Stabby"] = "Monsieur Poignard"
info["fr"]["Monoliths/resultcell"] = "Monolithes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Cactus Wall"] = "Mur de cactus"
info["fr"]["Crimson Grass Wall"] = "Mur d'herbe carmin"
info["fr"]["Monoliths"] = "Monolithes"
info["fr"]["World/Name"] = "Monde/Nom"
info["fr"]["World"] = "Monde"
info["fr"]["Mummies"] = "Momies"
info["fr"]["Striking Moment"] = "Moment frappant"
info["fr"]["Mud Wall"] = "Mur de boue"
info["fr"]["Marrow"] = "Moelle"
info["fr"]["Mount IDs"] = "Mount IDs"
info["fr"]["Mods"] = "Mods"
info["fr"]["Modifiers/row"] = "Modificateurs/row"
info["fr"]["Modifiers/Complete"] = "Modificateurs/Complete"
info["fr"]["Modifiers"] = "Modificateurs"
info["fr"]["Modifiers/row0"] = "Modificateurs/row0"
info["fr"]["Camera Mode"] = "Mode appareil photo"
info["fr"]["Master Mode"] = "Mode Maître"
info["fr"]["Expert Mode"] = "Mode Expert"
info["fr"]["Modifiers/table"] = "Modificateurs/table"
info["fr"]["Journey Mode"] = "Mode Aventure"
info["fr"]["Celebration Mk2"] = "Mk2 de célébration"
info["fr"]["Blend-O-Matic"] = "Mixomatique"
info["fr"]["Laser Machinegun"] = "Mitrailleuse laser"
info["fr"]["Chain Gun"] = "Mitrailleuse"
info["fr"]["Mythril"] = "Mithril"
info["fr"]["Magic Missile"] = "Missile magique"
info["fr"]["Magic Mirrors"] = "Miroirs magiques"
info["fr"]["Mirror or Conch"] = "Miroir ou Conque"
info["fr"]["Pocket Mirror"] = "Miroir de poche"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Grass Wall"] = "Mur d'herbe sacrée"
info["fr"]["Minishark"] = "Minirequin"
info["fr"]["Mini Nuke II"] = "Mini-Nuke II"
info["fr"]["Mini Nuke I"] = "Mini-Nuke I"
info["fr"]["Ancient Doom"] = "Mort antique"
info["fr"]["Undead Miner"] = "Mineur mort-vivant"
info["fr"]["Wet"] = "Mouillé"
info["fr"]["Ores/row"] = "Minerais/row"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Piece"] = "Morceaux d'arc en ciel"
info["fr"]["Ores/ore"] = "Minerais/minerai"
info["fr"]["Ores"] = "Minerais"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Ore"] = "Minerai de tungstène"
info["fr"]["Titanium Ore"] = "Minerai de titane"
info["fr"]["Lead Ore"] = "Minerai de plomb"
info["fr"]["Platinum Ore"] = "Minerai de platine"
info["fr"]["Palladium Ore"] = "Minerai de palladium"
info["fr"]["Mythril Ore"] = "Minerai de mithril"
info["fr"]["Iron Ore"] = "Minerai de fer"
info["fr"]["Demonite Ore"] = "Minerai de démonite"
info["fr"]["Copper Ore"] = "Minerai de cuivre"
info["fr"]["Lighting mode"] = "Mode d'éclairage"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Ore"] = "Minerai de cobalt"
info["fr"]["Cursor modes"] = "Modes de curseur"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Ore"] = "Minerai de chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Crimtane Ore"] = "Minerai de carmitane"
info["fr"]["Tin Ore"] = "Minerai d'étain"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Ore"] = "Minerai d'orichalque"
info["fr"]["Gold Ore"] = "Minerai d'or"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Ore"] = "Minerai d'adamantite"
info["fr"]["Silver Ore"] = "Minerai d'argent"
info["fr"]["Sparkling Honey"] = "Miel scintillant"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Watch"] = "Montre en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Honey (buff)"] = "Miel (buff)"
info["fr"]["Honey"] = "Miel"
info["fr"]["Martian furniture"] = "Mobilier martien"
info["fr"]["Wooden furniture"] = "Meubles en bois"
info["fr"]["Obsidian furniture"] = "Meubles en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Copper Watch"] = "Montre en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Dungeon furniture"] = "Meubles du Donjon"
info["fr"]["Golden furniture"] = "Meubles dorés"
info["fr"]["Stardust furniture"] = "Meubles astraux"
info["fr"]["Furniture"] = "Meuble"
info["fr"]["Status messages"] = "Messages de statut"
info["fr"]["Tin Watch"] = "Montre en étain"
info["fr"]["Magic Cuffs/Crafting tree"] = "Menottes magiques/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Magic Cuffs"] = "Menottes magiques"
info["fr"]["Celestial Cuffs/Crafting tree"] = "Menottes célestes/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Celestial Cuffs"] = "Menottes célestes"
info["fr"]["Shackle"] = "Menotte"
info["fr"]["Curse"] = "Maudit"
info["fr"]["Pirate Deckhand"] = "Moussaillon"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish Diving Gear"] = "Matériel de plongée de méduse"
info["fr"]["Arctic Diving Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Matériel de plongée arctique/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Title messages"] = "Messages du menu"
info["fr"]["Arctic Diving Gear"] = "Matériel de plongée arctique"
info["fr"]["Diving Gear"] = "Matériel de plongée"
info["fr"]["Master Ninja Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Matériel de ninja pro/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Master Ninja Gear"] = "Matériel de ninja pro"
info["fr"]["Tiger Climbing Gear"] = "Matériel d'escalade de tigre"
info["fr"]["Flaming Mace"] = "Massue enflammée"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish Diving Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Matériel de plongée de méduse/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Mace"] = "Massue"
info["fr"]["Nebula furniture"] = "Meubles nébuleux"
info["fr"]["Masks"] = "Masques"
info["fr"]["Purple Clubberfish"] = "Massue-poisson violette"
info["fr"]["Sun Mask"] = "Masque du soleil"
info["fr"]["Vortex furniture"] = "Meubles de vortex"
info["fr"]["Mime Mask"] = "Masque de mime"
info["fr"]["Moon Mask"] = "Masque de lune"
info["fr"]["Jack 'O Lantern Mask"] = "Masque de citrouille menaçante"
info["fr"]["Guy Fawkes Mask"] = "Masque de Guy Fawkes"
info["fr"]["Martian"] = "Martien"
info["fr"]["Luminite Hammers"] = "Marteaux en luminite"
info["fr"]["Sandstone furniture"] = "Meubles en grès"
info["fr"]["Mini Volcano"] = "Mini volcan"
info["fr"]["Hammers/row"] = "Marteaux/row"
info["fr"]["Hammers"] = "Marteaux"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Hammer"] = "Marteau en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Solar furniture"] = "Meubles solaires"
info["fr"]["Gold Hammer"] = "Marteau en or"
info["fr"]["Iron Hammer"] = "Marteau en fer"
info["fr"]["Lesion furniture"] = "Meubles de plaie"
info["fr"]["Giant Shelly"] = "Mollusque géant"
info["fr"]["Shadewood Hammer"] = "Marteau en bois d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Wooden Hammer"] = "Marteau en bois"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany Hammer"] = "Marteau en acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Autohammer"] = "Marteau automatique"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Jackhammer"] = "Marteau-piqueur en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Luminite Hamaxes"] = "Martaches en luminite"
info["fr"]["Spectre Hamaxe"] = "Martache spectrale"
info["fr"]["Meteor Hamaxe"] = "Martache de météore"
info["fr"]["Brand of the Inferno"] = "Marque du Brasier"
info["fr"]["Molten Hamaxe"] = "Martache en fusion"
info["fr"]["Midas"] = "Midas"
info["fr"]["Cooking Pots"] = "Marmites"
info["fr"]["Pot o' Gold"] = "Marmite d'or"
info["fr"]["Skeleton Merchant"] = "Marchand squelette"
info["fr"]["Traveling Merchant"] = "Marchand ambulant"
info["fr"]["Land Mine"] = "Mine"
info["fr"]["Merchant"] = "Marchand"
info["fr"]["Witch Doctor"] = "Marabout"
info["fr"]["Countercurse Mantra"] = "Mantra protecteur"
info["fr"]["Mana Cloak"] = "Manteau de mana"
info["fr"]["Mannequin"] = "Mannequin"
info["fr"]["Ancient Manipulator"] = "Manipulateur antique"
info["fr"]["Mango"] = "Mangue"
info["fr"]["Antlion Mandible"] = "Mandibule de fourmilion"
info["fr"]["Milkshake"] = "Milk-shake"
info["fr"]["Tin Hammer"] = "Marteau en étain"
info["fr"]["Penguin"] = "Manchot"
info["fr"]["Etherian Mana"] = "Mana d'Etheria"
info["fr"]["Hamaxes"] = "Martaches"
info["fr"]["Mana Sickness"] = "Mana affaibli"
info["fr"]["Lead Hammer"] = "Marteau en plomb"
info["fr"]["Mana"] = "Mana"
info["fr"]["Ebonwood Hammer"] = "Marteau en ébène"
info["fr"]["Pirate's Curse"] = "Malédiction de pirate"
info["fr"]["Copper Hammer"] = "Marteau en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Djinn's Curse"] = "Malédiction de Djinn"
info["fr"]["Cursed"] = "Malédiction"
info["fr"]["Malaise"] = "Malaise"
info["fr"]["Ruined House"] = "Maison en ruine"
info["fr"]["House"] = "Maison"
info["fr"]["Hammush"] = "Marteaugnon"
info["fr"]["Platinum Hammer"] = "Marteau en platine"
info["fr"]["Venus Magnum"] = "Magnum Venus"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood Hammer"] = "Marteau en bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Magiluminescence"] = "Magiluminescence"
info["fr"]["Rune Wizard"] = "Magicien de runes"
info["fr"]["Wizard"] = "Magicien"
info["fr"]["Dark Mage"] = "Mage noir"
info["fr"]["Boreal Wood Hammer"] = "Marteau en bois boréal"
info["fr"]["Paladin's Hammer"] = "Marteau de paladin"
info["fr"]["Silver Hammer"] = "Marteau en argent"
info["fr"]["Palm Wood Hammer"] = "Marteau en palmier"
info["fr"]["Ice Machine"] = "Machine à glace"
info["fr"]["Fog Machine"] = "Machine à brouillard"
info["fr"]["Bloody Machete"] = "Machette sanglante"
info["fr"]["S.D.M.G."] = "M.D.S"
info["fr"]["Flinx Fur Coat"] = "Manteau de flinx"
info["fr"]["Frost Legion"] = "Légion de givre"
info["fr"]["Release Lantern"] = "Lâcher de lanterne"
info["fr"]["Release Doves"] = "Lâcher de colombes"
info["fr"]["Honeyed Goggles"] = "Lunettes mielleuses"
info["fr"]["Cursed Hammer"] = "Marteau maudit"
info["fr"]["Sunglasses"] = "Lunettes de soleil"
info["fr"]["HiTek Sunglasses"] = "Lunettes HiTek"
info["fr"]["0x33's Aviators"] = "Lunettes 0x33"
info["fr"]["Goggles"] = "Lunettes"
info["fr"]["Rifle Scope"] = "Lunette de visée"
info["fr"]["Sniper Scope/Crafting tree"] = "Lunette de sniper/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Sniper Scope"] = "Lunette de sniper"
info["fr"]["Blood Moon"] = "Lune de sang"
info["fr"]["Frost Moon"] = "Lune de givre"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin Moon"] = "Lune citrouille"
info["fr"]["Ancient Light"] = "Lumière antique"
info["fr"]["Moon (disambiguation)"] = "Lune (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Luminite"] = "Luminite"
info["fr"]["Toy Sled"] = "Luge factice"
info["fr"]["Solar Flare"] = "Lueur solaire"
info["fr"]["Lunar Flare"] = "Lueur lunaire"
info["fr"]["Lucy the Axe"] = "Lucy la hache"
info["fr"]["Werewolf"] = "Loup-garou"
info["fr"]["Wolf"] = "Loup"
info["fr"]["Architect Gizmo Pack"] = "Lot de bidules d'architecte"
info["fr"]["Bundled Party Balloons"] = "Lot de ballons festifs"
info["fr"]["Bundle of Balloons/Crafting tree"] = "Lot de ballons/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Bundle of Balloons"] = "Lot de ballons"
info["fr"]["Logo"] = "Logo"
info["fr"]["Book of Skulls"] = "Livre de crânes"
info["fr"]["Book"] = "Livre"
info["fr"]["Beds"] = "Lits"
info["fr"]["List of tooltips/row"] = "Liste des infobulles/row"
info["fr"]["Beds/resultcell"] = "Lits/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Martian Walker"] = "Marcheur martien"
info["fr"]["List of ranged weapons/row"] = "Liste des armes à distance/row"
info["fr"]["Vicious Penguin"] = "Manchot cruel"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Penguin"] = "Manchot corrompu"
info["fr"]["Steampunk Goggles"] = "Lunettes steampunk"
info["fr"]["List of magic weapons/row"] = "Liste des armes magiques/row"
info["fr"]["List of magic weapons"] = "Liste des armes magiques"
info["fr"]["Bubble Machine"] = "Machine à bulles"
info["fr"]["List of melee weapons/row"] = "Liste des armes de mêlée/row"
info["fr"]["List of throwing weapons/row"] = "Liste des armes de lancer/row"
info["fr"]["List of throwing weapons"] = "Liste des armes de lancer"
info["fr"]["Twinkle Popper"] = "Machine à scintillements"
info["fr"]["List of summon weapons/row"] = "Liste des armes d'invocation/row"
info["fr"]["List of summon weapons"] = "Liste des armes d'invocation"
info["fr"]["List of weapons/row"] = "Liste des armes/row"
info["fr"]["Silly Balloon Machine"] = "Machine à ballons loufoques"
info["fr"]["List of NPCs/row"] = "Liste des PNJs/row"
info["fr"]["List of NPCs"] = "Liste des PNJs"
info["fr"]["Liquids"] = "Liquides"
info["fr"]["Bars/result"] = "Lingots/result"
info["fr"]["Bars"] = "Lingots"
info["fr"]["Spectre Goggles"] = "Lunettes spectrales"
info["fr"]["Slap Hand"] = "Main à claques"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Bar"] = "Lingot de tungstène"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Bar"] = "Lingot sacré"
info["fr"]["Spectre Bar"] = "Lingot spectral"
info["fr"]["Titanium Bar"] = "Lingot de titane"
info["fr"]["World Feeder"] = "Mangeur de monde"
info["fr"]["Hellstone Bar"] = "Lingot de pierre infernale"
info["fr"]["Lead Bar"] = "Lingot de plomb"
info["fr"]["Palladium Bar"] = "Lingot de palladium"
info["fr"]["Platinum Bar"] = "Lingot de platine"
info["fr"]["Christmas lights"] = "Lumières de Noël"
info["fr"]["Meteorite Bar"] = "Lingot de météorite"
info["fr"]["Mythril Bar"] = "Lingot de mithril"
info["fr"]["Luminite Bar"] = "Lingot de luminite"
info["fr"]["Iron Bar"] = "Lingot de fer"
info["fr"]["Demonite Bar"] = "Lingot de démonite"
info["fr"]["Copper Bar"] = "Lingot de cuivre"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Bar"] = "Lingot de cobalt"
info["fr"]["Lavafly"] = "Magmouche"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Bar"] = "Lingot de chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Shroomite Bar"] = "Lingot de champignite"
info["fr"]["Crimtane Bar"] = "Lingot de carmitane"
info["fr"]["Tin Bar"] = "Lingot d'étain"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Bar"] = "Lingot d'orichalque"
info["fr"]["Gold Bar"] = "Lingot d'or"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Bar"] = "Lingot d'adamantite"
info["fr"]["Lemonade"] = "Limonade"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd"] = "Lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Unicorn"] = "Licorne"
info["fr"]["Blue Moon"] = "Lune bleue"
info["fr"]["Bunny License"] = "Licence pour lapin"
info["fr"]["Dog License"] = "Licence pour chien"
info["fr"]["Cat License"] = "Licence pour chat"
info["fr"]["Dragonfly Jars/resultcell"] = "Libellules en pot/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Dragonflies"] = "Libellules"
info["fr"]["Vine"] = "Liane"
info["fr"]["Lever"] = "Levier"
info["fr"]["The Twins"] = "Les Jumeaux"
info["fr"]["Lepus"] = "Lepus"
info["fr"]["Black Lens"] = "Lentilles noires"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Lens"] = "Lentille mécanique"
info["fr"]["Lens"] = "Lentille"
info["fr"]["The Hallow"] = "Le sacré"
info["fr"]["The Crimson"] = "Le carmin"
info["fr"]["Silly Tied Bundle of Balloons"] = "Lot de ballons loufoques"
info["fr"]["The Plan"] = "Le Plan"
info["fr"]["The Groom"] = "Le Marié"
info["fr"]["The Grand Design"] = "Le Grand dessein"
info["fr"]["The Torch God"] = "Le Dieu des torches"
info["fr"]["The Destroyer"] = "Le Destructeur"
info["fr"]["The Undertaker"] = "Le Croque-mort"
info["fr"]["The Breaker"] = "Le Casseur"
info["fr"]["Lava"] = "Lave"
info["fr"]["Alien Larva"] = "Larve extraterrestre"
info["fr"]["Larva"] = "Larve"
info["fr"]["The Grand Design/Crafting tree"] = "Le Grand dessein/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Vicious Bunny"] = "Lapin cruel"
info["fr"]["Firefly"] = "Luciole"
info["fr"]["Bunny"] = "Lapin"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Bunny"] = "Lapin corrompu"
info["fr"]["Unicorn on a Stick"] = "Licorne à bâton"
info["fr"]["List of ranged weapons"] = "Liste des armes à distance"
info["fr"]["Lanterns/resultcell"] = "Lanternes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Lanterns"] = "Lanternes"
info["fr"]["Magic Lantern"] = "Lanterne magique"
info["fr"]["Heart Lantern"] = "Lanterne en cœur"
info["fr"]["Slow"] = "Lenteur"
info["fr"]["Bladetongue"] = "Langacérée"
info["fr"]["Launchers/row"] = "Lanceurs/row"
info["fr"]["Silver Bar"] = "Lingot d'argent"
info["fr"]["Spears/row"] = "Lances/row"
info["fr"]["Red's Throw"] = "Lancer de Red"
info["fr"]["Dragonfly Jars"] = "Libellules en pot"
info["fr"]["Storm Spear"] = "Lance éclair"
info["fr"]["Dark Lance"] = "Lance du mal"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Jousting Lance"] = "Lance de joute sacrée"
info["fr"]["Stoned"] = "Lapidation"
info["fr"]["Shadow Jousting Lance"] = "Lance de joute de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Gold Dragonfly"] = "Libellule dorée"
info["fr"]["Jousting Lance"] = "Lance de joute"
info["fr"]["List of melee weapons"] = "Liste des armes de mêlée"
info["fr"]["Mushroom Spear"] = "Lance de champignon"
info["fr"]["Electrosphere Launcher"] = "Lance-électrosphère"
info["fr"]["Rocket Launcher"] = "Lance-roquettes"
info["fr"]["The Possessed"] = "Le Possédé"
info["fr"]["Monster Lasagna"] = "Lasagne de monstre"
info["fr"]["Explosive Bunny"] = "Lapin explosif"
info["fr"]["Skull Lantern"] = "Lanterne crâne"
info["fr"]["Jack 'O Lantern"] = "Lanterne de citrouille"
info["fr"]["Antlion Larva"] = "Larve de fourmilion"
info["fr"]["Grenade Launcher"] = "Lance-grenades"
info["fr"]["Flamethrower"] = "Lance-flammes"
info["fr"]["Grubby"] = "Limace"
info["fr"]["Ale Tosser"] = "Lance-bière"
info["fr"]["Logic Gate Lamps"] = "Lampes de porte logique"
info["fr"]["Lamps/resultcell"] = "Lampes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Lamps"] = "Lampes"
info["fr"]["Plasma Lamp"] = "Lampe à plasma"
info["fr"]["Gold Bunny"] = "Lapin doré"
info["fr"]["Desert Spirit Lamp"] = "Lampe d'Esprit du désert"
info["fr"]["Lamia"] = "Lamia"
info["fr"]["Frostbrand"] = "Lame de givre"
info["fr"]["Falcon Blade"] = "Lame de faucon"
info["fr"]["Blade of Grass"] = "Lame d'herbe"
info["fr"]["Gem Bunnies"] = "Lapins de pierre précieuse"
info["fr"]["Terra Blade/Crafting tree"] = "Lame Terra/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Terra Blade"] = "Lame Terra"
info["fr"]["Unlucky Yarn"] = "Laine malchanceuse"
info["fr"]["The Black Spot"] = "La marque noire"
info["fr"]["List of possible modifiers"] = "Liste de tous les modificateurs possibles"
info["fr"]["The Corruption"] = "La corruption"
info["fr"]["The Bride"] = "La Mariée"
info["fr"]["The Tongue"] = "La Langue"
info["fr"]["Breaker Blade"] = "La Briseuse"
info["fr"]["The Meatball"] = "La Boulette de viande"
info["fr"]["The Eye of Cthulhu"] = "L'Œil de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["The Horseman's Blade"] = "L'épée du cavalier"
info["fr"]["The Underworld"] = "L'Enfer"
info["fr"]["Spears"] = "Lances"
info["fr"]["Kraken"] = "Kraken"
info["fr"]["Flarefin Koi"] = "Koï lumineux"
info["fr"]["Ebonkoi"] = "Koï d'ébène"
info["fr"]["Kobold Glider"] = "Kobold planeur"
info["fr"]["Town Bunny"] = "Lapin urbain"
info["fr"]["Keybrand"] = "Keybrand"
info["fr"]["Katana"] = "Katana"
info["fr"]["Kaleidoscope"] = "Kaléidoscope"
info["fr"]["Etherian Javelin Thrower"] = "Lanceur de javelot d'Etheria"
info["fr"]["Underground Jungle"] = "Jungle souterraine"
info["fr"]["Jungle"] = "Jungle"
info["fr"]["Snowball Launcher"] = "Lance-boules de neige"
info["fr"]["Proximity Mine Launcher"] = "Lance-mines de proximité"
info["fr"]["Stake Launcher"] = "Lance-pieu"
info["fr"]["Jewel of Light"] = "Joyau de lumière"
info["fr"]["Binoculars"] = "Jumelles"
info["fr"]["Windy Day"] = "Jour venteux"
info["fr"]["Daybroken"] = "Jour perçant"
info["fr"]["Full Moon Squeaky Toy"] = "Jouet sonore de pleine lune"
info["fr"]["Toy Tank"] = "Jouet char"
info["fr"]["Lamp Post"] = "Lampadaire"
info["fr"]["Yellow Willow Sapling"] = "Jeune saule jaune"
info["fr"]["Sakura Sapling"] = "Jeune sakura"
info["fr"]["Spear"] = "Lance"
info["fr"]["Seedling"] = "Jeune plant"
info["fr"]["Plantera Seedling"] = "Jeune Plantera"
info["fr"]["Lava Lamp"] = "Lampe de lave"
info["fr"]["DPS Meter"] = "Jauge de DGS"
info["fr"]["Moon Lord Legs"] = "Jambes du Seigneur de la lune"
info["fr"]["Breath meter"] = "Jauge de respiration"
info["fr"]["Pot"] = "Jarre"
info["fr"]["Jack 'O Lantern Launcher"] = "Lance-citrouilles menaçantes"
info["fr"]["Item IDs/row"] = "Item IDs/row"
info["fr"]["Rockets"] = "Lanceurs"
info["fr"]["Item IDs"] = "Item IDs"
info["fr"]["Goblin Summoner"] = "Invocateur gobelin"
info["fr"]["Inventory"] = "Inventaire"
info["fr"]["Pirate Invasion"] = "Invasion pirate"
info["fr"]["Switch"] = "Interrupteur"
info["fr"]["Instruments"] = "Instruments"
info["fr"]["Eggnog"] = "Lait de poule"
info["fr"]["Soaring Insignia"] = "Insigne volante"
info["fr"]["Strange Brew"] = "Infusion bizarre"
info["fr"]["Tooltips"] = "Infobulles"
info["fr"]["Jungle Creeper"] = "Insecte de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Alternative crafting ingredients"] = "Ingrédients alternatifs d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Nurse"] = "Infirmière"
info["fr"]["Ragged Caster"] = "Incantateur en loques"
info["fr"]["Kimono"] = "Kimono"
info["fr"]["Empress of Light"] = "Impératrice de lumière"
info["fr"]["Floaty Gross"] = "Immondice flottante"
info["fr"]["Present Mimic"] = "Imitation de cadeau"
info["fr"]["Mimics"] = "Imitations"
info["fr"]["Nightglow"] = "Illuminuit"
info["fr"]["Ichor (debuff)"] = "Ichor (débuff)"
info["fr"]["Ichor"] = "Ichor"
info["fr"]["Worm AI"] = "IA Ver"
info["fr"]["List of tooltips"] = "Liste des infobulles"
info["fr"]["Caster AI"] = "IA Magicien"
info["fr"]["Slime AI"] = "IA Gelée"
info["fr"]["Fighter AI"] = "IA Combattant"
info["fr"]["AI/row"] = "IA/row"
info["fr"]["AI"] = "IA"
info["fr"]["Haemorrhaxe"] = "Hémorrhache"
info["fr"]["Oyster"] = "Huître"
info["fr"]["Everscream"] = "Hurléternel"
info["fr"]["Oiled"] = "Huilé"
info["fr"]["Krampus"] = "Krampus"
info["fr"]["Hoverboard"] = "Hoverboard"
info["fr"]["Houndius Shootius"] = "Houndius Shootius"
info["fr"]["Apple Juice"] = "Jus de pommes"
info["fr"]["Fruit Juice"] = "Jus de fruits"
info["fr"]["Grandfather Clocks/resultcell"] = "Horloges de grand-père/resultcell"
info["fr"]["The Rotted Fork"] = "La Fourche pourrie"
info["fr"]["Grandfather Clocks"] = "Horloges de grand-père"
info["fr"]["Fast Clock"] = "Horloge en avance"
info["fr"]["Hoplite"] = "Hoplite"
info["fr"]["Corruption and Crimson counterparts"] = "Homologues de la corruption et du carmin"
info["fr"]["Flying Dutchman"] = "Hollandais volant"
info["fr"]["Birdie Rattle"] = "Hochet oiseau"
info["fr"]["Grape Juice"] = "Jus de raisin"
info["fr"]["Kobold"] = "Kobold"
info["fr"]["Bone Rattle"] = "Hochet en os"
info["fr"]["Mobile Version history"] = "Historique des versions Mobile"
info["fr"]["Console version history"] = "Historique des versions Console"
info["fr"]["Desktop version history"] = "Historique des versions Bureau"
info["fr"]["3DS version history"] = "Historique des versions 3DS"
info["fr"]["Version history"] = "Historique des versions"
info["fr"]["Seahorse"] = "Hippocampe"
info["fr"]["Javelin"] = "Javelot"
info["fr"]["Hanging Herbs/resultcell"] = "Herbes suspendues/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Herbs"] = "Herbes"
info["fr"]["Grasses"] = "Herbe"
info["fr"]["Bone Helm"] = "Heaume osseux"
info["fr"]["Ivy"] = "Ivy"
info["fr"]["Magical Harp"] = "Harpe magique"
info["fr"]["Harp"] = "Harpe"
info["fr"]["Hardmode"] = "Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Lavaproof Fishing Hook"] = "Hameçon pour lave"
info["fr"]["Hamburger"] = "Hamburger"
info["fr"]["Angel Halo"] = "Halo d'ange"
info["fr"]["Mythril Halberd"] = "Hallebarde en mithril"
info["fr"]["Meat Grinder"] = "Hachoir à viande"
info["fr"]["Axes/row"] = "Haches/row"
info["fr"]["Axes"] = "Haches"
info["fr"]["Tin Axe"] = "Hache en étain"
info["fr"]["Icemourne"] = "Icemourne"
info["fr"]["Lead Axe"] = "Hache en plomb"
info["fr"]["Platinum Axe"] = "Hache en platine"
info["fr"]["Bone Javelin"] = "Javelot en os"
info["fr"]["Iron Axe"] = "Hache en fer"
info["fr"]["Enchanted Nightcrawler"] = "Insecte nocturne envoûté"
info["fr"]["Titanium Waraxe"] = "Hache de guerre en titane"
info["fr"]["Martian Engineer"] = "Ingénieur martien"
info["fr"]["Dark Caster"] = "Incantateur du mal"
info["fr"]["Holly"] = "Houx"
info["fr"]["Rock Lobster"] = "Homard de roche"
info["fr"]["Crimson Axe"] = "Hache carmin"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Halberd"] = "Hallebarde en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Geode"] = "Géode"
info["fr"]["Volatile Gelatin"] = "Gélatine volatile"
info["fr"]["Hotdog"] = "Hot-dog"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Axe"] = "Hache en tungstène"
info["fr"]["The Axe"] = "Guithache"
info["fr"]["Halloween"] = "Halloween"
info["fr"]["Harpoon"] = "Harpon"
info["fr"]["Marshmallow"] = "Guimauve"
info["fr"]["Guide To Critter Companionship"] = "Guides des créatures de compagnie"
info["fr"]["Hanging herbs"] = "Herbes suspendues"
info["fr"]["Fisherman's Pocket Guide"] = "Guide de poche du pêcheur"
info["fr"]["Guide"] = "Guide"
info["fr"]["Palladium Waraxe"] = "Hache de guerre en palladium"
info["fr"]["Goblin Warrior"] = "Guerrier gobelin"
info["fr"]["Harpy"] = "Harpie"
info["fr"]["Smooth Sandstone"] = "Grès lisse"
info["fr"]["Gold Axe"] = "Hache en or"
info["fr"]["Grebe"] = "Grèbe"
info["fr"]["Mythril Waraxe"] = "Hache de guerre en mithril"
info["fr"]["Large Gems/resultcell"] = "Grosses gemmes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Large Gems"] = "Grosses gemmes"
info["fr"]["Silver Axe"] = "Hache en argent"
info["fr"]["Wall Creeper"] = "Grimpeur de murs"
info["fr"]["Grate"] = "Grille"
info["fr"]["Feral Claws"] = "Griffes sauvages"
info["fr"]["Shroomite Digging Claw"] = "Griffes de champignite"
info["fr"]["Climbing Claws"] = "Griffes d'escalade"
info["fr"]["Gold Seahorse"] = "Hippocampe doré"
info["fr"]["Claws"] = "Griffes"
info["fr"]["Gold Frog"] = "Grenouille dorée"
info["fr"]["Frog"] = "Grenouille"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Waraxe"] = "Hache de guerre en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Holy Hand Grenade"] = "Grenade sacrée"
info["fr"]["Copper Axe"] = "Hache en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Sticky Grenade"] = "Grenade collante"
info["fr"]["Grenade"] = "Grenade"
info["fr"]["Shrub Star"] = "Greffon étoile"
info["fr"]["Beenade"] = "Grebeille"
info["fr"]["Gravity"] = "Gravité"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Waraxe"] = "Hache de guerre en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Hooks"] = "Grappins"
info["fr"]["Fiery Greatsword"] = "Grande épée flambante"
info["fr"]["Possessed Hatchet"] = "Hachette possédée"
info["fr"]["Tall Gate"] = "Grande porte"
info["fr"]["Luminite Axes"] = "Haches en luminite"
info["fr"]["Skeletron Prime"] = "Grand Squeletron"
info["fr"]["Secret world seeds"] = "Graines secrètes du monde"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Seeds"] = "Graines sacrées"
info["fr"]["Shiverthorn Seeds"] = "Graines de tremblépine"
info["fr"]["War Axe of the Night"] = "Hache de guerre de la nuit"
info["fr"]["Jungle Grass Seeds"] = "Graines de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Daybloom Seeds"] = "Graines de fleurjour"
info["fr"]["Fireblossom Seeds"] = "Graines de fleurfeu"
info["fr"]["Flower Seeds"] = "Graines de fleur"
info["fr"]["Blinkroot Seeds"] = "Graines de clignotherbe"
info["fr"]["Moonglow Seeds"] = "Graines d'éclalunaire"
info["fr"]["Grass Seeds"] = "Graines d'herbe"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Seeds"] = "Graines corrompues"
info["fr"]["Crimson Seeds"] = "Graines carmin"
info["fr"]["Magical Pumpkin Seed"] = "Graine magique de citrouille"
info["fr"]["Seeds"] = "Graines"
info["fr"]["World Seed"] = "Graine du monde"
info["fr"]["Waterleaf Seeds"] = "Graine de feuilleau"
info["fr"]["Gungnir"] = "Gungnir"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Waraxe"] = "Hache de guerre en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Mushroom Grass Seeds"] = "Graine d'herbe de champignon"
info["fr"]["Seed"] = "Graine"
info["fr"]["Bloody Tear"] = "Goutte sanglante"
info["fr"]["Ghouls"] = "Goules"
info["fr"]["Chasms"] = "Gouffres"
info["fr"]["Golfer"] = "Golfeur"
info["fr"]["Golf"] = "Golf"
info["fr"]["Guardian Golem"] = "Golem gardien"
info["fr"]["Granite Golem"] = "Golem en granite"
info["fr"]["Cooked Marshmallow"] = "Guimauve cuite"
info["fr"]["Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage"] = "Guide pour planter des cordes de fibre"
info["fr"]["Ice Golem"] = "Golem de glace"
info["fr"]["Golem"] = "Golem"
info["fr"]["Large Volcano"] = "Grand volcan"
info["fr"]["Etherian Goblin Bomber"] = "Gobelin à bombes d'Etheria"
info["fr"]["Etherian Goblin"] = "Gobelin d'Etheria"
info["fr"]["Goblin Tinkerer"] = "Gobelin bricoleur"
info["fr"]["Cups/resultcell"] = "Gobelets/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Tree Globe/tree styles"] = "Globe à arbre/tree styles"
info["fr"]["Paint Scraper"] = "Grattoir"
info["fr"]["Tree Globe"] = "Globe à arbre"
info["fr"]["World Globe"] = "Globe du monde"
info["fr"]["Gravity Globe"] = "Globe de gravité"
info["fr"]["Spectre Paint Scraper"] = "Grattoir spectral"
info["fr"]["Globe"] = "Globe"
info["fr"]["Gemcorns/resultcell"] = "Glands de pierre précieuse/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Gemcorns"] = "Glands de pierre précieuse"
info["fr"]["Deathweed Seeds"] = "Graines de mortherbe"
info["fr"]["Acorn"] = "Gland"
info["fr"]["Ghastly Glaive"] = "Glaive atroce"
info["fr"]["Gladius"] = "Gladius"
info["fr"]["Thin Ice"] = "Glace fine"
info["fr"]["Goblin"] = "Gobelin"
info["fr"]["Weather Vane"] = "Girouette"
info["fr"]["Hunter Cloak"] = "Gilet de chasse"
info["fr"]["Weather Pain"] = "Girouette houleuse"
info["fr"]["Buggy"] = "Grimace"
info["fr"]["Bouncy Grenade"] = "Grenade à rebonds"
info["fr"]["Gems"] = "Gemmes"
info["fr"]["Slimes/row1"] = "Gelées/row1"
info["fr"]["Slimes/row0"] = "Gelées/row0"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin Seed"] = "Graine de citrouille"
info["fr"]["Slimes/row"] = "Gelées/row"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Warhammer"] = "Grand marteau en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Slimes"] = "Gelées"
info["fr"]["Spiked Slime"] = "Gelée à pointes"
info["fr"]["Umbrella Slime"] = "Gelée à parapluie"
info["fr"]["Slimer"] = "Gelée volante"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Greataxe"] = "Grande hache en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Black Slime"] = "Gelée noire"
info["fr"]["Ship's Wheel"] = "Gouvernail"
info["fr"]["Illuminant Slime"] = "Gelée lumineuse"
info["fr"]["Golden Slime"] = "Gelée dorée"
info["fr"]["Mud Bud"] = "Grain de copain"
info["fr"]["Heavenly Slime"] = "Gelée divine"
info["fr"]["Sand Slime"] = "Gelée des sables"
info["fr"]["Spiked Jungle Slime"] = "Gelée de jungle à pointes"
info["fr"]["Jungle Slime"] = "Gelée de jungle"
info["fr"]["Spiked Ice Slime"] = "Gelée de glace à pointes"
info["fr"]["Ogre's Club"] = "Gourdin d'ogre"
info["fr"]["Ice Slime"] = "Gelée de glace"
info["fr"]["Dungeon Slime"] = "Gelée de donjon"
info["fr"]["Slime Crown"] = "Gelée couronnée"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Slime"] = "Gelée corrompue"
info["fr"]["Blue Slime"] = "Gelée bleue"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Slime"] = "Gelée arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Crimslime"] = "Gelarmin"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Glaive"] = "Glaive en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Gi"] = "Gi"
info["fr"]["Royal Gel"] = "Gel royal"
info["fr"]["Cups"] = "Gobelets"
info["fr"]["Gastropod"] = "Gastropode"
info["fr"]["Dungeon Guardian"] = "Gardien de donjon"
info["fr"]["Fire Gauntlet/Crafting tree"] = "Gantelet de feu/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Fire Gauntlet"] = "Gantelet de feu"
info["fr"]["Ice Cream"] = "Glace (nourriture)"
info["fr"]["Yoyo Glove"] = "Gant à yoyo"
info["fr"]["Bladed Glove"] = "Gant à lames"
info["fr"]["Rock Golem"] = "Golem de roche"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Glove"] = "Gant mécanique"
info["fr"]["Happy Grenade"] = "Grenade de joie"
info["fr"]["Titan Glove"] = "Gant de titan"
info["fr"]["Power Glove"] = "Gant de puissance"
info["fr"]["Berserker's Glove"] = "Gant de berserker"
info["fr"]["Glove"] = "Gant"
info["fr"]["GPS/Crafting tree"] = "GPS/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Geyser"] = "Geyser"
info["fr"]["Party Girl"] = "Fêtarde"
info["fr"]["Party"] = "Fête"
info["fr"]["Keg"] = "Fût"
info["fr"]["Fairy Jars/resultcell"] = "Fées en pot/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Fairies"] = "Fées (créature)"
info["fr"]["Pixie"] = "Fée"
info["fr"]["Fedora"] = "Fédora"
info["fr"]["Firework Rockets"] = "Fusées d'artifice"
info["fr"]["Rockets/behavior"] = "Fusées (lanceur)/behavior"
info["fr"]["Rockets"] = "Fusées (lanceur)"
info["fr"]["Xenopopper"] = "Fusil à xéno"
info["fr"]["Gigazapper"] = "Gigataser"
info["fr"]["Quad-Barrel Shotgun"] = "Fusil à quatre canons"
info["fr"]["Bouncy Slime"] = "Gelée à rebonds"
info["fr"]["Pink Gel"] = "Gel rose"
info["fr"]["Portal Gun"] = "Fusil à portails"
info["fr"]["Shotgun"] = "Fusil à pompe"
info["fr"]["Tactical Shotgun"] = "Fusil à pompe tactique"
info["fr"]["Coin Gun"] = "Fusil à pièces"
info["fr"]["Gel"] = "Gel"
info["fr"]["Laser Rifle"] = "Fusil à laser"
info["fr"]["Dart Rifle"] = "Fusil à fléchettes"
info["fr"]["Onyx Blaster"] = "Fusil onyx"
info["fr"]["Sniper Rifle"] = "Fusil de sniper"
info["fr"]["Molten"] = "Fusion"
info["fr"]["Clockwork Assault Rifle"] = "Fusil d'assaut mécanique"
info["fr"]["Womannequin"] = "Fémannequin"
info["fr"]["Yellow Slime"] = "Gelée jaune"
info["fr"]["Candy Corn Rifle"] = "Fusil bonbon au maïs"
info["fr"]["Bee Gun"] = "Fusil abeille"
info["fr"]["Purple Slime"] = "Gelée violette"
info["fr"]["Starfury"] = "Furie étoilée"
info["fr"]["Sunfury"] = "Furie solaire"
info["fr"]["Red Slime"] = "Gelée rouge"
info["fr"]["Molten Fury"] = "Furie en fusion"
info["fr"]["Sky Dragon's Fury"] = "Furie de dragon céleste"
info["fr"]["Smoke"] = "Fumée"
info["fr"]["Fruits"] = "Fruits"
info["fr"]["Green Slime"] = "Gelée verte"
info["fr"]["Life Fruit"] = "Fruit de vie"
info["fr"]["Bone Glove"] = "Gant en os"
info["fr"]["Moss Hornet"] = "Frelon de mousse"
info["fr"]["Crystal Slime"] = "Gelée de cristal"
info["fr"]["Dynasty Shingles"] = "Galets de dynastie"
info["fr"]["Lava Slime"] = "Gelée de lave"
info["fr"]["Frankenstein"] = "Frankenstein"
info["fr"]["Hornet"] = "Frelon"
info["fr"]["Crystal Vile Shard"] = "Fragment vil de cristal"
info["fr"]["Solar Fragment (NPC)"] = "Fragment solaire (PNJ)"
info["fr"]["Solar Fragment"] = "Fragment solaire"
info["fr"]["Dark Shard"] = "Fragment obscur"
info["fr"]["GPS"] = "GPS"
info["fr"]["Forbidden Fragment"] = "Fragment interdit"
info["fr"]["Vortex Fragment"] = "Fragment de vortex"
info["fr"]["Fairy Jars"] = "Fées en pot"
info["fr"]["Solar Tablet Fragment"] = "Fragment de tablette solaire"
info["fr"]["Tablet Fragment"] = "Fragment de table"
info["fr"]["Nebula Fragment"] = "Fragment de nébuleuse"
info["fr"]["Light Shard"] = "Fragment clair"
info["fr"]["Stardust Fragment"] = "Fragment astral"
info["fr"]["Fragment"] = "Fragment"
info["fr"]["Sky Fracture"] = "Fracture céleste"
info["fr"]["Flinx Fur"] = "Fourrure de flinx"
info["fr"]["Antlion Swarmer"] = "Fourmilion envahisseur"
info["fr"]["Inferno Fork"] = "Fourche infernale"
info["fr"]["Glass Kiln"] = "Four à verre"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Four de lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Furnace"] = "Four"
info["fr"]["Whips"] = "Fouets"
info["fr"]["Dao of Pow"] = "Fouet taoïste"
info["fr"]["Cool Whip"] = "Fouet glacial"
info["fr"]["Snowman Gangsta"] = "Gangster de neige"
info["fr"]["Leather Whip"] = "Fouet en cuir"
info["fr"]["Sturdy Fossil"] = "Fossile solide"
info["fr"]["Desert Fossil"] = "Fossile du désert"
info["fr"]["Official Terraria Forums"] = "Forum officiel de Terraria"
info["fr"]["Forest"] = "Forêt"
info["fr"]["Armor Bracing"] = "Fortifiant d'armure"
info["fr"]["Greater Healing Potion"] = "Forte potion de soin"
info["fr"]["Greater Mana Potion"] = "Forte potion de mana"
info["fr"]["Format:C"] = "Format:C"
info["fr"]["Hardmode Forges"] = "Forges du Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Defender's Forge"] = "Forge de défenseur"
info["fr"]["Hellforge"] = "Forge d'enfer"
info["fr"]["Luminite Drills"] = "Foreuses en luminite"
info["fr"]["Drills"] = "Foreuses"
info["fr"]["Drills/row"] = "Foreuses/row"
info["fr"]["Laser Drill"] = "Foreuse laser"
info["fr"]["Titanium Drill"] = "Foreuse en titane"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Drill"] = "Foreuse en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Palladium Drill"] = "Foreuse en palladium"
info["fr"]["Mythril Drill"] = "Foreuse en mithril"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Drill"] = "Foreuse en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Drill"] = "Foreuse en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Drax"] = "Forche"
info["fr"]["Water fountains"] = "Fontaines d'eau"
info["fr"]["Firework Fountain"] = "Fontaine d'artifice"
info["fr"]["Martian Madness"] = "Folie martienne"
info["fr"]["Hay"] = "Foin"
info["fr"]["Snake Charmer's Flute"] = "Flûte de charmeur de serpent"
info["fr"]["Darts/row"] = "Fléchettes/row"
info["fr"]["Darts"] = "Fléchettes"
info["fr"]["Cursed Dart"] = "Fléchette maudite"
info["fr"]["Flails/row"] = "Fléaux/row"
info["fr"]["Toxic Sludge"] = "Gadoue toxique"
info["fr"]["Flails"] = "Fléaux"
info["fr"]["Scourge of the Corruptor"] = "Fléau de malédiction"
info["fr"]["Paintball Gun"] = "Fusil de paintball"
info["fr"]["Light's Bane"] = "Fléau de la lumière"
info["fr"]["Aerial Bane"] = "Fléau aérien"
info["fr"]["Arrows/row"] = "Flèches/row"
info["fr"]["Arrows"] = "Flèches"
info["fr"]["Venom Arrow"] = "Flèche venimeuse"
info["fr"]["Flaming Arrow"] = "Flèche enflammée"
info["fr"]["Lunar Fragments"] = "Fragments lunaires"
info["fr"]["Luminite Arrow"] = "Flèche en luminite"
info["fr"]["Heart Arrow"] = "Flèche en cœur"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Arrow"] = "Flèche en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Wooden Arrow"] = "Flèche en bois"
info["fr"]["Hellfire Arrow"] = "Flèche de l'enfer"
info["fr"]["Alien Hornet"] = "Frelon extraterrestre"
info["fr"]["Fries"] = "Frites"
info["fr"]["Jester's Arrow"] = "Flèche de bouffon"
info["fr"]["Ichor Arrow"] = "Flèche d'ichor"
info["fr"]["Holy Arrow"] = "Flèche bénite"
info["fr"]["Snow Flinx"] = "Flinx des neiges"
info["fr"]["Fritz"] = "Fritz"
info["fr"]["Flower Pow"] = "Fleuréau"
info["fr"]["Daybloom"] = "Fleurjour"
info["fr"]["Fireblossom"] = "Fleurfeu"
info["fr"]["Magnet Flower"] = "Fleur à aimant"
info["fr"]["Arcane Flower"] = "Fleur obscure"
info["fr"]["Mana Flower"] = "Fleur de mana"
info["fr"]["Flinx (disambiguation)"] = "Flinx (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Drill"] = "Foreuse en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Flower of Frost"] = "Fleur de givre"
info["fr"]["Flower of Fire"] = "Fleur de feu"
info["fr"]["Flairon"] = "Fléon"
info["fr"]["Abigail's Flower"] = "Fleur d'Abigail"
info["fr"]["Crystal Dart"] = "Fléchette de cristal"
info["fr"]["Flower"] = "Fleur"
info["fr"]["Flounder"] = "Flet"
info["fr"]["Flasks"] = "Flasques"
info["fr"]["Toxic Flask"] = "Flasque toxique"
info["fr"]["Flamelash"] = "Flammissile"
info["fr"]["Cursed Flames"] = "Flammes maudites"
info["fr"]["Elf Melter"] = "Fondue d'elfe"
info["fr"]["Flamarang"] = "Flammerang"
info["fr"]["Antlion"] = "Fourmilion"
info["fr"]["Poison Dart"] = "Fléchette de poison"
info["fr"]["Cursed Flame"] = "Flamme maudite"
info["fr"]["Unholy Arrow"] = "Flèche profane"
info["fr"]["Spirit Flame"] = "Flamme d'esprit"
info["fr"]["Nebula Blaze"] = "Flambée nébuleuse"
info["fr"]["Firecracker (mobile)"] = "Firecracker (mobile)"
info["fr"]["Ichor Dart"] = "Fléchette d'ichor"
info["fr"]["Vial of Venom"] = "Fiole de venin"
info["fr"]["Threads"] = "Fils"
info["fr"]["Lavaproof Bug Net"] = "Filet à insectes pour lave"
info["fr"]["Frostburn Arrow"] = "Flèche de brûledegivre"
info["fr"]["Golden Bug Net"] = "Filet à insectes doré"
info["fr"]["Bug Net"] = "Filet à insectes"
info["fr"]["Arrow Signs"] = "Flèches directionnelles"
info["fr"]["Cursed Arrow"] = "Flèche maudite"
info["fr"]["Spectral Arrow"] = "Flèche spectrale"
info["fr"]["Campfires/resultcell"] = "Feux de camp/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Campfires"] = "Feux de camp"
info["fr"]["Waterleaf"] = "Feuilleau"
info["fr"]["Flame"] = "Flamme"
info["fr"]["Aglet"] = "Ferret"
info["fr"]["Crystal Shard"] = "Fragment de cristal"
info["fr"]["Lucky Horseshoe"] = "Fer à cheval porte-bonheur"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Horseshoe"] = "Fer à cheval en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Iron"] = "Fer"
info["fr"]["Demon Scythe"] = "Faux démoniaque"
info["fr"]["Ice Sickle"] = "Faux de glace"
info["fr"]["Bone Arrow"] = "Flèche en os"
info["fr"]["Flocko"] = "Flocko"
info["fr"]["Sickle"] = "Faux"
info["fr"]["Fake Unicorn Horn"] = "Fausse corne de licorne"
info["fr"]["Death Sickle"] = "Faucille de la mort"
info["fr"]["Reaper"] = "Faucheuse"
info["fr"]["Leaf"] = "Feuille"
info["fr"]["Cursed stuffing"] = "Farce maudite"
info["fr"]["Fire"] = "Feu"
info["fr"]["Phantom Phoenix"] = "Fantôme Phénix"
info["fr"]["Ghost (enemy)"] = "Fantôme (PNJ)"
info["fr"]["Ghost"] = "Fantôme"
info["fr"]["Pets"] = "Familiers"
info["fr"]["Lesser Healing Potion"] = "Faible potion de soin"
info["fr"]["Sky Blue Flower"] = "Fleur bleu ciel"
info["fr"]["Extractinator"] = "Extractinateur"
info["fr"]["Lesser Mana Potion"] = "Faible potion de mana"
info["fr"]["Weak"] = "Faible"
info["fr"]["Nettle Burst"] = "Explosion d'orties"
info["fr"]["Explosives"] = "Explosifs"
info["fr"]["Explosives (class)"] = "Explosif (classe)"
info["fr"]["Excalibur"] = "Excalibur"
info["fr"]["Poltergeist"] = "Esprit frappeur"
info["fr"]["Flask of Venom"] = "Flasque de venin"
info["fr"]["Glommer's Flower"] = "Fleur de Glommer"
info["fr"]["Desert Spirit"] = "Esprit du désert"
info["fr"]["Sickle (disambiguation)"] = "Faux (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Dungeon Spirit"] = "Esprit de donjon"
info["fr"]["Nebula Floater"] = "Flotteur nébuleux"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Swordfish"] = "Espadon en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Space"] = "Espace"
info["fr"]["Swordfish"] = "Espadon"
info["fr"]["Silly Tied Balloons"] = "Ensembles de ballons loufoques"
info["fr"]["Snail"] = "Escargot (créature)"
info["fr"]["Oktoberfest sets"] = "Ensembles d'Oktoberfest"
info["fr"]["Lawn Flamingo"] = "Flamant à gazon"
info["fr"]["Pretty Pink set"] = "Ensemble joli rose"
info["fr"]["Shadowflame"] = "Flamme d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Wandering set"] = "Ensemble errant"
info["fr"]["Fez"] = "Fez"
info["fr"]["Vial of Blood"] = "Fiole de sang"
info["fr"]["Floret Protector set"] = "Ensemble du protecteur de fleuron"
info["fr"]["Plaguebringer's set"] = "Ensemble du portefléau"
info["fr"]["Capricorn set"] = "Ensemble du capricorne"
info["fr"]["Torch God's Favor"] = "Faveur du Dieu des torches"
info["fr"]["The Doctor's set"] = "Ensemble du Docteur"
info["fr"]["Bamboo Leaf"] = "Feuille en bambou"
info["fr"]["TV Head set"] = "Ensemble de tête de TV"
info["fr"]["Silly Sunflower set"] = "Ensemble de tournesol loufoque"
info["fr"]["Clothier's set"] = "Ensemble de tailleur"
info["fr"]["Ambient entities"] = "Entités ambiantes"
info["fr"]["Superhero set"] = "Ensemble de superhéros"
info["fr"]["Lesser Restoration Potion"] = "Faible potion de restauration"
info["fr"]["Witch set"] = "Ensemble de sorcière"
info["fr"]["Rune set"] = "Ensemble de rune"
info["fr"]["Fox set (Zoologist)"] = "Ensemble de renard (Zoologiste)"
info["fr"]["Fox set"] = "Ensemble de renard"
info["fr"]["Step Stool"] = "Escabeau"
info["fr"]["Princess set (Clothier)"] = "Ensemble de princesse (Tailleur)"
info["fr"]["Flow Invader"] = "Envahisseur"
info["fr"]["Escargot"] = "Escargots cuits"
info["fr"]["Plumber's set"] = "Ensemble de plombier"
info["fr"]["Glowing Snail"] = "Escargot luisant"
info["fr"]["Pirate set"] = "Ensemble de pirate"
info["fr"]["Pharaoh's set"] = "Ensemble de pharaon"
info["fr"]["Tax Collector's set"] = "Ensemble de percepteur d'impôts"
info["fr"]["Magma Snail"] = "Escargot de magma"
info["fr"]["Mummy set"] = "Ensemble de momie"
info["fr"]["Royal set"] = "Ensemble royal"
info["fr"]["Mythical set"] = "Ensemble mythique"
info["fr"]["Victorian Goth set"] = "Ensemble gothique victorien"
info["fr"]["Pedguin's set"] = "Ensemble de manchot"
info["fr"]["Dr. Man Fly set"] = "Ensemble du Dr Mouche"
info["fr"]["Familiar set"] = "Ensemble ordinaire"
info["fr"]["Wizard set/row0"] = "Ensemble de magicien/row0"
info["fr"]["Wizard set/row"] = "Ensemble de magicien/row"
info["fr"]["Wizard set"] = "Ensemble de magicien"
info["fr"]["Steampunk set"] = "Ensemble steampunk"
info["fr"]["Wolf set"] = "Ensemble de loup"
info["fr"]["Vampire set"] = "Ensemble de vampire"
info["fr"]["Unicorn set"] = "Ensemble de licorne"
info["fr"]["Dye Trader's set"] = "Ensemble de teinturier"
info["fr"]["Lamia set"] = "Ensemble de lamia"
info["fr"]["Karate Tortoise set"] = "Ensemble de tortue karatéka"
info["fr"]["Bride of Frankenstein set"] = "Ensemble de la fiancée de Frankenstein"
info["fr"]["Hero's set"] = "Ensemble de héros"
info["fr"]["Timeless Traveler's set"] = "Ensemble du voyageur intemporel"
info["fr"]["Pixie set"] = "Ensemble de fée"
info["fr"]["Santa set"] = "Ensemble de père Noël"
info["fr"]["Mermaid set"] = "Ensemble de sirène"
info["fr"]["Fabulous set"] = "Ensemble somptueux"
info["fr"]["Princess set"] = "Ensemble de princesse"
info["fr"]["Maroon Graduation set"] = "Ensemble de diplômé bordeaux"
info["fr"]["Horned God set"] = "Ensemble de dieu à cornes"
info["fr"]["Robot set"] = "Ensemble de robot"
info["fr"]["Cyborg set"] = "Ensemble de cyborg"
info["fr"]["Prince set"] = "Ensemble de prince"
info["fr"]["Cowboy set"] = "Ensemble de cow-boy"
info["fr"]["Fish set"] = "Ensemble de poisson"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin set"] = "Ensemble de citrouille"
info["fr"]["Chef set"] = "Ensemble de chef"
info["fr"]["Mrs. Claus set"] = "Ensemble de mère Noël"
info["fr"]["Parka set"] = "Ensemble de parka"
info["fr"]["Mushroom set"] = "Ensemble de champignon"
info["fr"]["Sailor set"] = "Ensemble de marin"
info["fr"]["Butcher's set"] = "Ensemble de boucher"
info["fr"]["Wedding set"] = "Ensemble de mariée"
info["fr"]["Bunny set"] = "Ensemble de lapin"
info["fr"]["Yoraiz0r's set"] = "Ensemble de Yoraiz0r"
info["fr"]["Star Princess set"] = "Ensemble de la princesse des étoiles"
info["fr"]["Lizard set"] = "Ensemble de lézard"
info["fr"]["Safeman's set"] = "Ensemble de Safeman"
info["fr"]["Black Graduation set"] = "Ensemble de diplômé noir"
info["fr"]["Gravedigger set"] = "Ensemble de fossoyeur"
info["fr"]["Reaper set"] = "Ensemble de faucheuse"
info["fr"]["Loki's set"] = "Ensemble de Loki"
info["fr"]["Blue Graduation set"] = "Ensemble de diplômé bleu"
info["fr"]["Buccaneer set"] = "Ensemble de flibustier"
info["fr"]["Leinfors' set"] = "Ensemble de Leinfors"
info["fr"]["Dryad set"] = "Ensemble de dryade"
info["fr"]["Martian Costume set"] = "Ensemble de costume martien"
info["fr"]["Ghostar's set"] = "Ensemble de Ghostar"
info["fr"]["Ghost set"] = "Ensemble de fantôme"
info["fr"]["Space Creature set"] = "Ensemble de créature spatiale"
info["fr"]["Dog set"] = "Ensemble de chien"
info["fr"]["Gentleman's set"] = "Ensemble de gentleman"
info["fr"]["FoodBarbarian's set"] = "Ensemble de FoodBarbarian"
info["fr"]["Creeper set"] = "Ensemble de Creeper"
info["fr"]["Master Gamer's set"] = "Ensemble de Captain N"
info["fr"]["Scarecrow set"] = "Ensemble d'épouvantail"
info["fr"]["Martian Uniform set"] = "Ensemble d'uniforme martien"
info["fr"]["Clown set"] = "Ensemble de clown"
info["fr"]["Cat set"] = "Ensemble de chat"
info["fr"]["Treasure Hunter set"] = "Ensemble de chasseur de trésor"
info["fr"]["Nurse set"] = "Ensemble d'infirmière"
info["fr"]["Elf set"] = "Ensemble d'elfe"
info["fr"]["Cultist set"] = "Ensemble d'adepte"
info["fr"]["Pink Maid set"] = "Ensemble de bonne rose"
info["fr"]["Will's set"] = "Ensemble de Will"
info["fr"]["Maid set"] = "Ensemble de bonne"
info["fr"]["Aaron's set"] = "Ensemble d'Aaron"
info["fr"]["Ancient set"] = "Ensemble antique"
info["fr"]["Firestarter's set"] = "Ensemble de Pyromane"
info["fr"]["Flying enemies/list"] = "Ennemi volant/list"
info["fr"]["Red's set"] = "Ensemble de Red"
info["fr"]["Lazure's set"] = "Ensemble de Lazure"
info["fr"]["Black Ink"] = "Encre noire"
info["fr"]["Pre-Hardmode Anvils"] = "Enclumes du pré-Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Hardmode Anvils"] = "Enclumes du Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Crowno's set"] = "Ensemble de Crowno"
info["fr"]["Skiphs' set"] = "Ensemble de Skiphs"
info["fr"]["Anvil"] = "Enclume"
info["fr"]["On Fire!"] = "En feu !"
info["fr"]["Leprechaun set"] = "Ensemble de Leprechaun"
info["fr"]["Poisoned"] = "Empoisonné"
info["fr"]["Social slots"] = "Emplacements sociaux"
info["fr"]["Brain Scrambler (item)"] = "Embrouilleur (objet)"
info["fr"]["Destroyer Emblem/Crafting tree"] = "Emblème du Destructeur/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["George's set"] = "Ensemble de George"
info["fr"]["Destroyer Emblem"] = "Emblème du Destructeur"
info["fr"]["Avenger Emblem/Crafting tree"] = "Emblème de vengeur/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Avenger Emblem"] = "Emblème de vengeur"
info["fr"]["Ranger Emblem"] = "Emblème de ranger"
info["fr"]["Sorcerer Emblem"] = "Emblème de mage"
info["fr"]["Warrior Emblem"] = "Emblème de guerrier"
info["fr"]["Summoner Emblem"] = "Emblème d'invocateur"
info["fr"]["Cenx's set"] = "Ensemble de Cenx"
info["fr"]["Cenx's Dress set"] = "Ensemble de Robe de Cenx"
info["fr"]["Celestial Emblem/Crafting tree"] = "Emblème céleste/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Jim's set"] = "Ensemble de Jim"
info["fr"]["Celestial Emblem"] = "Emblème céleste"
info["fr"]["Grox The Great's set"] = "Ensemble de Grox The Great"
info["fr"]["Emblem"] = "Emblème"
info["fr"]["Zombie Elf"] = "Elfe zombie"
info["fr"]["Elf Copter"] = "Elfe Coptère"
info["fr"]["Ectoplasm"] = "Ectoplasme"
info["fr"]["Ecto Mist"] = "Ectobrume"
info["fr"]["Thrown Water"] = "Eaux de lancer"
info["fr"]["D-Town's set"] = "Ensemble de D-Town"
info["fr"]["Water"] = "Eau"
info["fr"]["Eater of Worlds"] = "Dévoreur des mondes"
info["fr"]["Eater of Souls"] = "Dévoreur d'âmes"
info["fr"]["Devourer"] = "Dévoreur"
info["fr"]["Fish Finder"] = "Détecteur de poissons"
info["fr"]["Metal Detector"] = "Détecteur de métaux"
info["fr"]["Lifeform Analyzer/List of detected creatures"] = "Détecteur d'organismes vivants/List of detected creatures"
info["fr"]["Lifeform Analyzer"] = "Détecteur d'organismes vivants"
info["fr"]["Underground Desert"] = "Désert souterrain"
info["fr"]["Beetle Endurance"] = "Endurance de scarabée"
info["fr"]["Desert"] = "Désert"
info["fr"]["Demonite"] = "Démonite"
info["fr"]["Voodoo Demon"] = "Démon vaudou"
info["fr"]["Demon"] = "Démon"
info["fr"]["Demolitionist"] = "Démolisseur"
info["fr"]["Archaeologist's set"] = "Ensemble d'archéologue"
info["fr"]["Royal Delight"] = "Délice royal (Roi des gelées)"
info["fr"]["Regal Delicacy"] = "Délice royal (Reine des gelées)"
info["fr"]["Golden Delight"] = "Délice doré"
info["fr"]["Fall damage"] = "Dégâts de chute"
info["fr"]["Damage"] = "Dégâts"
info["fr"]["Gradient"] = "Dégradé"
info["fr"]["Christmas Tree decorations"] = "Décorations d'arbre de Noël"
info["fr"]["Debuffs/row"] = "Débuffs/row"
info["fr"]["Debuffs"] = "Débuffs"
info["fr"]["Sticky Dynamite"] = "Dynamite collante"
info["fr"]["Arkhalis' set"] = "Ensemble d'Arkhalis"
info["fr"]["Bee set"] = "Ensemble d'abeille"
info["fr"]["Durendal"] = "Durendal"
info["fr"]["Duke Fishron"] = "Duc Dracosson"
info["fr"]["Dryad"] = "Dryade"
info["fr"]["Sharkron"] = "Draquin"
info["fr"]["Defense"] = "Défense"
info["fr"]["NPC flag"] = "Drapeau de PNJ"
info["fr"]["Drakin"] = "Drakin"
info["fr"]["Drakanian"] = "Drakanian"
info["fr"]["Webbed"] = "En toile"
info["fr"]["Flying Dragon"] = "Dragon volant"
info["fr"]["Phantasm Dragon"] = "Dragon spectre"
info["fr"]["Flying enemies"] = "Ennemi volant"
info["fr"]["Funeral set"] = "Ensemble d'obsèques"
info["fr"]["Dr. Man Fly"] = "Dr Mouche"
info["fr"]["Pigron"] = "Drachon"
info["fr"]["Dragon"] = "Dragon"
info["fr"]["Golden Shower"] = "Douche dorée"
info["fr"]["Double Cod"] = "Double morue"
info["fr"]["Tree set"] = "Ensemble d'arbre"
info["fr"]["Dungeon"] = "Donjon"
info["fr"]["Nature's Gift"] = "Don de la nature"
info["fr"]["Doctor Bones"] = "Docteur Bones"
info["fr"]["Miscellaneous"] = "Divers"
info["fr"]["Light Disc"] = "Disque de lumière"
info["fr"]["Drill Containment Unit"] = "Dispositif d'extraction"
info["fr"]["Country Club set"] = "Ensemble Country Club"
info["fr"]["Difficulty"] = "Difficulté"
info["fr"]["Diamond"] = "Diamant"
info["fr"]["Fire Imp"] = "Diablotin de feu"
info["fr"]["Red Devil"] = "Diable rouge"
info["fr"]["Deerclops"] = "Deerclops"
info["fr"]["Sroller"] = "Debroulé"
info["fr"]["Dolphin"] = "Dauphin"
info["fr"]["Data IDs"] = "Data IDs"
info["fr"]["Stinger"] = "Dard"
info["fr"]["NPC despawning"] = "Disparition de PNJ"
info["fr"]["Stone Accent Slab"] = "Dalle de pierre spéciale"
info["fr"]["Detonator"] = "Détonateur"
info["fr"]["Sandstone Slab"] = "Dalle de grès"
info["fr"]["Frozen Banana Daiquiri"] = "Daiquiri à la banane glacée"
info["fr"]["Magic Dagger"] = "Dague magique"
info["fr"]["Demon Heart"] = "Cœur démoniaque"
info["fr"]["Crystal Heart"] = "Cœur de cristal"
info["fr"]["Crimson Heart (item)"] = "Cœur carmin (objet)"
info["fr"]["Imp"] = "Diablotin"
info["fr"]["Crimson Heart"] = "Cœur carmin"
info["fr"]["Heart"] = "Cœur"
info["fr"]["Celebration"] = "Célébration"
info["fr"]["Wire"] = "Câble"
info["fr"]["Day and night cycle"] = "Cycle jour et nuit"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Cursor"] = "Curseur multicolore"
info["fr"]["Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "Cuve à clonage de chair"
info["fr"]["Brain Scrambler"] = "Embrouilleur"
info["fr"]["Cyborg"] = "Cyborg"
info["fr"]["Cursor"] = "Curseur"
info["fr"]["Copper"] = "Cuivre"
info["fr"]["Frog Leg"] = "Cuisse de grenouille"
info["fr"]["Lava Waders"] = "Cuissardes en lave"
info["fr"]["Lava Waders/Crafting tree"] = "Cuissardes en lave/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Drakomire"] = "Drakomire"
info["fr"]["Companion Cube"] = "Cube de voyage"
info["fr"]["Drippler"] = "Dégoulineur"
info["fr"]["Pin Flags"] = "Drapeaux"
info["fr"]["Leather"] = "Cuir"
info["fr"]["Worm Tooth"] = "Dent de ver"
info["fr"]["Critters/row"] = "Créatures/row"
info["fr"]["Critters"] = "Créatures"
info["fr"]["Creature from the Deep"] = "Créature des profondeurs"
info["fr"]["Molten Skull Rose"] = "Crâne à rose en fusion"
info["fr"]["Honey Dispenser"] = "Distributeur de miel"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Looking Skull/Crafting tree"] = "Crâne à l'air douteux/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Suspicious Looking Skull"] = "Crâne à l'air douteux"
info["fr"]["Possessed Skull"] = "Crâne possédé"
info["fr"]["Dynamite"] = "Dynamite"
info["fr"]["Mechanical Skull"] = "Crâne mécanique"
info["fr"]["Giant Cursed Skull"] = "Crâne maudit géant"
info["fr"]["Cursed Skull"] = "Crâne maudit"
info["fr"]["Magma Skull"] = "Crâne de magma"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Skull"] = "Crâne en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Man Eater"] = "Croqueuse d'hommes"
info["fr"]["Snatcher"] = "Croqueur"
info["fr"]["Extendo Grip"] = "Crochet d'extension"
info["fr"]["Hook"] = "Crochet"
info["fr"]["Bouncy Dynamite"] = "Dynamite à rebonds"
info["fr"]["Wolf Fang"] = "Croc de loup"
info["fr"]["Shiny Black Slab"] = "Dalle noire brillante"
info["fr"]["Spider Fang"] = "Croc d'araignée"
info["fr"]["Life Crystal"] = "Cristal de santé"
info["fr"]["Mana Crystal"] = "Cristal de mana"
info["fr"]["Gelatin Crystal"] = "Cristal de gélatine"
info["fr"]["Eternia Crystal"] = "Cristal Eternia"
info["fr"]["Crystal"] = "Cristal"
info["fr"]["Stone Slab"] = "Dalle de pierre"
info["fr"]["Ichor Sticker"] = "Cracheuse d'ichor"
info["fr"]["Crawdad"] = "Crabisse"
info["fr"]["Digger"] = "Creuseur"
info["fr"]["Cutlass"] = "Coutelas"
info["fr"]["Vampire Knives"] = "Couteaux de vampire"
info["fr"]["Flying Knife"] = "Couteau volant"
info["fr"]["Shadowflame Knife"] = "Couteau en flamme d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Throwing Knife"] = "Couteau de lancer"
info["fr"]["Whoopie Cushion"] = "Coussin péteur"
info["fr"]["Frozen Crown"] = "Couronne gelée"
info["fr"]["Platinum Crown"] = "Couronne en platine"
info["fr"]["Frost Daggerfish"] = "Daguesson givré"
info["fr"]["Gold Crown"] = "Couronne en or"
info["fr"]["Martian Drone"] = "Drone martien"
info["fr"]["Garland"] = "Couronne de Fleurs"
info["fr"]["Crown"] = "Couronne"
info["fr"]["Golf Cup"] = "Coupe de golf"
info["fr"]["Broken Heart"] = "Cœur brisé"
info["fr"]["Critical hit/row"] = "Coup critique/row"
info["fr"]["Hairstyles"] = "Coupes de cheveux"
info["fr"]["Layers"] = "Couches"
info["fr"]["Pirate Corsair"] = "Corsaire pirate"
info["fr"]["Pupfish"] = "Cyprinodon"
info["fr"]["Corruptor"] = "Corrupteur"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Skull Rose"] = "Crâne à rose d'obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Devil Horns"] = "Cornes maléfiques"
info["fr"]["Unicorn Horn"] = "Corne de licorne"
info["fr"]["Horn o' plenty"] = "Corne d'abondance"
info["fr"]["Ancient Horn"] = "Corne antique"
info["fr"]["Corite"] = "Corite"
info["fr"]["Sluggy"] = "Coriace"
info["fr"]["Sauteed Frog Legs"] = "Cuisses de grenouilles sautées"
info["fr"]["Strings/resultcell"] = "Cordons/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Diabolist"] = "Diaboliste"
info["fr"]["Strings"] = "Cordons"
info["fr"]["Ropes"] = "Cordes"
info["fr"]["Skull"] = "Crâne"
info["fr"]["Coral"] = "Corail"
info["fr"]["Violet Husk"] = "Coquille mauve"
info["fr"]["Beetle Husk"] = "Coquille de scarabée"
info["fr"]["Goat Skull"] = "Crâne de chèvre"
info["fr"]["Moon Shell"] = "Coquillage lunaire"
info["fr"]["Seashells"] = "Coquillages"
info["fr"]["Neptune's Shell"] = "Coquillage de Neptune"
info["fr"]["Celestial Shell/Crafting tree"] = "Coquillage céleste/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Robotic Skull"] = "Crâne robotique"
info["fr"]["Celestial Shell"] = "Coquillage céleste"
info["fr"]["Chocolate Chip Cookie"] = "Cookie aux pépites de chocolat"
info["fr"]["Upcoming features"] = "Contenus à venir"
info["fr"]["Crossover content"] = "Contenu crossover"
info["fr"]["Consumables"] = "Consommables"
info["fr"]["Counterweights"] = "Contrepoids"
info["fr"]["Shrimp"] = "Crevette"
info["fr"]["Demon Conch"] = "Conque de démon"
info["fr"]["Frozen"] = "Congélation"
info["fr"]["Confused"] = "Confusion"
info["fr"]["Confetti"] = "Confetti"
info["fr"]["Eternia Crystal (NPC)"] = "Cristal Eternia (PNJ)"
info["fr"]["Journey's End Vanity Contest"] = "Concours de style Journey's End"
info["fr"]["Tally Counter"] = "Compteur"
info["fr"]["Dressers/resultcell"] = "Commodes/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Dressers"] = "Commodes"
info["fr"]["Skeleton Commando"] = "Commando squelette"
info["fr"]["Game controls/row"] = "Commandes de jeu/row"
info["fr"]["Game controls"] = "Commandes de jeu"
info["fr"]["Hel-Fire"] = "Combustion"
info["fr"]["Star Wrath"] = "Colère étoilée"
info["fr"]["Betsy's Wrath"] = "Colère de Betsy"
info["fr"]["Hair Dyes"] = "Colorations de cheveux"
info["fr"]["Bloody Spine"] = "Colonne sanglante"
info["fr"]["Pygmy Necklace"] = "Collier de pygmée"
info["fr"]["Psycho Knife"] = "Couteau de Taré"
info["fr"]["Panic Necklace"] = "Collier de panique"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish Necklace"] = "Collier de méduse"
info["fr"]["Crab"] = "Crabe"
info["fr"]["Stinger Necklace"] = "Collier de dards"
info["fr"]["Critical hit"] = "Coup critique"
info["fr"]["Bone Throwing Knife"] = "Couteau de lancer en os"
info["fr"]["Sweetheart Necklace"] = "Collier d'amoureux"
info["fr"]["Necklace"] = "Collier"
info["fr"]["Poisoned Knife"] = "Couteau empoisonné"
info["fr"]["Trapped Chests/resultcell"] = "Coffres piégés/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Biome Chests"] = "Coffres de biome"
info["fr"]["Trapped Chests"] = "Coffres piégés"
info["fr"]["Chests/resultcell"] = "Coffres/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Demon Horns"] = "Cornes de démon"
info["fr"]["Chests"] = "Coffres"
info["fr"]["Tackle Box"] = "Coffre à pêche"
info["fr"]["Frozen Chest"] = "Coffre gelé"
info["fr"]["Gold Chest"] = "Coffre en or"
info["fr"]["Red Husk"] = "Coquille rouge"
info["fr"]["Marble Chest"] = "Coffre en marbre"
info["fr"]["Mushroom Chest"] = "Coffre en champignon"
info["fr"]["Living Wood Chest"] = "Coffre en bois vivant"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany Chest"] = "Coffre en acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Ivy Chest"] = "Coffre de lierre"
info["fr"]["Shadow Chest"] = "Coffre de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Sandstone Chest"] = "Coffre de grès"
info["fr"]["Dead Man's Chest"] = "Coffre d'homme mort"
info["fr"]["Water Chest"] = "Coffre d'eau"
info["fr"]["Skyware Chest"] = "Coffre céleste"
info["fr"]["Slimeling"] = "Corrugel"
info["fr"]["Web Covered Chest"] = "Coffre couvert de toile d'araignée"
info["fr"]["Code 2"] = "Code 2"
info["fr"]["Code 1"] = "Code 1"
info["fr"]["Emote Commands"] = "Commandes d'émoticône"
info["fr"]["Molotov Cocktail"] = "Cocktail Molotov"
info["fr"]["Cobalt"] = "Cobalt"
info["fr"]["Ladybug"] = "Coccinelle"
info["fr"]["Cochineal Beetle"] = "Cochenille"
info["fr"]["Raven"] = "Corbeau"
info["fr"]["Biome Keys"] = "Clés de biome"
info["fr"]["Wrenches"] = "Clés anglaises"
info["fr"]["Keys"] = "Clés"
info["fr"]["Bone Key"] = "Clé en os"
info["fr"]["Golf Cart Keys"] = "Clé de voiturette"
info["fr"]["Golden Key"] = "Clé dorée"
info["fr"]["Cyan Husk"] = "Coquille cyan"
info["fr"]["Cosmic Car Key"] = "Clé de voiture cosmique"
info["fr"]["Temple Key"] = "Clé de temple"
info["fr"]["Key of Night"] = "Clé de nuit"
info["fr"]["Key of Light"] = "Clé de lumière"
info["fr"]["Magic Conch"] = "Conque magique"
info["fr"]["Ornate Shadow Key"] = "Clé de l'ombre décorative"
info["fr"]["Shadow Key"] = "Clé de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Multicolor Wrench"] = "Clé anglaise multicolore"
info["fr"]["Empty Dropper"] = "Compte-gouttes magique"
info["fr"]["Clown"] = "Clown"
info["fr"]["Golf Clubs"] = "Clubs de golf"
info["fr"]["Reindeer Bells"] = "Cloches de renne"
info["fr"]["Bell"] = "Cloche"
info["fr"]["Blinkroot"] = "Clignotherbe"
info["fr"]["Fairy Bell"] = "Cloche de bonne fée"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Claymore"] = "Claymore en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Spinal Tap"] = "Claquement vertébral"
info["fr"]["Bunny Stew"] = "Civet de lapin"
info["fr"]["Hoppin' Jack"] = "Citrouille sauteuse"
info["fr"]["Explosive Jack 'O Lantern"] = "Citrouille menaçante explosive"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin"] = "Citrouille"
info["fr"]["Lemon"] = "Citron"
info["fr"]["Armor Polish"] = "Cire pour armure"
info["fr"]["Bee Wax"] = "Cire d'abeille"
info["fr"]["Drippler Crippler"] = "Cingleur sanglant"
info["fr"]["Shark Tooth Necklace"] = "Collier de dent de requin"
info["fr"]["Palladium Column"] = "Colonne en palladium"
info["fr"]["Stynger"] = "Cingleur"
info["fr"]["Graveyard"] = "Cimetière"
info["fr"]["Exotic Scimitar"] = "Cimeterre exotique"
info["fr"]["Target Dummy"] = "Cible factice"
info["fr"]["Prismatic Lacewing"] = "Chrysope prismatique"
info["fr"]["Stopwatch"] = "Chronomètre"
info["fr"]["Owl"] = "Chouette"
info["fr"]["Swamp Thing"] = "Chose du marais"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte"] = "Chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Chik"] = "Chik"
info["fr"]["Town Dog"] = "Chien urbain"
info["fr"]["Hellhound"] = "Chien de l'enfer"
info["fr"]["Fireplace"] = "Cheminée"
info["fr"]["Snapthorn"] = "Chaînépine"
info["fr"]["Chain Guillotines"] = "Chaîne à guillotine"
info["fr"]["Chain"] = "Chaîne"
info["fr"]["Giant Bat"] = "Chauve-souris géante"
info["fr"]["Granite Chest"] = "Coffre en granite"
info["fr"]["Lava Bat"] = "Chauve-souris de lave"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd Chest"] = "Coffre en lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Safe"] = "Coffre-fort"
info["fr"]["Bats"] = "Chauve-souris"
info["fr"]["Gold Ladybug"] = "Coccinelle dorée"
info["fr"]["Dune Splicer"] = "Colleur des dunes"
info["fr"]["Combat Wrench"] = "Clé de combat"
info["fr"]["Steampunk Boiler"] = "Chaudière steampunk"
info["fr"]["Prismatic Lacewing Jar"] = "Chrysope prismatique en pot"
info["fr"]["Umbrella Hat"] = "Chapeau parapluie"
info["fr"]["Beeswax"] = "Cire d'abeille (console)"
info["fr"]["Chimney"] = "Cheminée (extérieur)"
info["fr"]["Stylish Scissors"] = "Ciseaux stylés"
info["fr"]["Illuminant Bat"] = "Chauve-souris lumineuse"
info["fr"]["Nail"] = "Clou"
info["fr"]["Spore Bat"] = "Chauve-souris à spores"
info["fr"]["Balla Hat"] = "Chapeau de truand"
info["fr"]["Cabbage"] = "Chou"
info["fr"]["Potato Chips"] = "Chips"
info["fr"]["Robot Hat"] = "Chapeau de robot"
info["fr"]["Chain Knife"] = "Chaîne à couteau"
info["fr"]["Peddler's Hat"] = "Chapeau de marchand"
info["fr"]["Shoe Spikes"] = "Chaussures à pointes"
info["fr"]["Gangsta Hat"] = "Chapeau de gangster"
info["fr"]["Wizard's Hat"] = "Chapeau de magicien (style)"
info["fr"]["Badger's Hat"] = "Chapeau de Badger"
info["fr"]["Rain Song"] = "Chant de la pluie"
info["fr"]["Chandeliers/resultcell"] = "Chandeliers/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Chandeliers"] = "Chandeliers"
info["fr"]["Hand Warmer"] = "Chauffe-main"
info["fr"]["Cave Bat"] = "Chauve-souris des grottes"
info["fr"]["Luck"] = "Chance"
info["fr"]["Shroomerang"] = "Champoomerang"
info["fr"]["Hellbat"] = "Chauve-souris de l'enfer"
info["fr"]["Mushrooms"] = "Champignons"
info["fr"]["Vile Mushroom"] = "Champignon vil"
info["fr"]["Green Mushroom"] = "Champignon vert"
info["fr"]["Glowing Mushroom"] = "Champignon luisant"
info["fr"]["Ice Bat"] = "Chauve-souris de glace"
info["fr"]["Vicious Mushroom"] = "Champignon cruel"
info["fr"]["Mushroom"] = "Champignon"
info["fr"]["Teal Mushroom"] = "Champignon bleu sarcelle"
info["fr"]["Shroomite"] = "Champignite"
info["fr"]["Giant Fungi Bulb"] = "Champibulbe géant"
info["fr"]["Coal"] = "Charbon"
info["fr"]["Thorn Chakram"] = "Chakram épineux"
info["fr"]["Void Vault"] = "Chambre forte du néant"
info["fr"]["Decay Chamber"] = "Chambre de décomposition"
info["fr"]["Timers"] = "Chronos"
info["fr"]["Fruitcake Chakram"] = "Chakram en gâteau"
info["fr"]["Chairs/resultcell"] = "Chaises/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Chairs"] = "Chaises"
info["fr"]["Jungle Bat"] = "Chauve-souris de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Brain in a Jar"] = "Cerveau en pot"
info["fr"]["Brain of Confusion"] = "Cerveau de confusion"
info["fr"]["Brain of Cthulhu"] = "Cerveau de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Cherry"] = "Cerise"
info["fr"]["Deer Thing"] = "Cerf"
info["fr"]["Party Center"] = "Centre festif"
info["fr"]["Festive top hat"] = "Chapeau festif (console)"
info["fr"]["Antlion Charger"] = "Chargeur fourmilion"
info["fr"]["Star Cell"] = "Cellule d'étoile"
info["fr"]["Black Belt"] = "Ceinture noire"
info["fr"]["Drakomire Rider"] = "Cavalier de Drakomire"
info["fr"]["Town Cat"] = "Chat urbain"
info["fr"]["Summer Hat"] = "Chapeau estival"
info["fr"]["Blackcurrant"] = "Cassis"
info["fr"]["Magic Hat"] = "Chapeau magique"
info["fr"]["Giant Glowing Mushroom"] = "Champignon luisant géant"
info["fr"]["Nutcracker"] = "Casse-Noisette"
info["fr"]["Party Hat"] = "Chapeau festif"
info["fr"]["Night Vision Helmet"] = "Casque de vision nocturne"
info["fr"]["Ultrabright Helmet"] = "Casque super intense"
info["fr"]["Diving Helmet"] = "Casque de plongée"
info["fr"]["Granite Cave"] = "Cave de granite"
info["fr"]["Lucky (buff)"] = "Chance (buff)"
info["fr"]["Cascade"] = "Cascade"
info["fr"]["Wizard Hat"] = "Chapeau de magicien"
info["fr"]["Trifold Map"] = "Carte dépliante"
info["fr"]["Discount Card"] = "Carte de réduction"
info["fr"]["Pirate Map"] = "Carte de pirate"
info["fr"]["Treasure Map"] = "Carte aux trésors"
info["fr"]["Minimap"] = "Carte"
info["fr"]["Magic Quiver"] = "Carquois magique"
info["fr"]["Marble Cave"] = "Cave de marbre"
info["fr"]["Mushi Ladybug"] = "Champinelle"
info["fr"]["Endless Quiver"] = "Carquois infini"
info["fr"]["Molten Quiver"] = "Carquois en fusion"
info["fr"]["Stalker's Quiver"] = "Carquois de pisteur"
info["fr"]["Inner Tube"] = "Chambre à air"
info["fr"]["Quiver"] = "Carquois"
info["fr"]["Lightning Carrot"] = "Carotte éclair"
info["fr"]["Toolbelt"] = "Ceinture à outils"
info["fr"]["Fuzzy Carrot"] = "Carotte duveteuse"
info["fr"]["Crimtane"] = "Carmitane"
info["fr"]["Monk's Belt"] = "Ceinture de moine"
info["fr"]["Crimera"] = "Carminera"
info["fr"]["Frozen Turtle Shell"] = "Carapace de tortue gelée"
info["fr"]["Turtle Shell"] = "Carapace de tortue"
info["fr"]["Star Fruit"] = "Carambole"
info["fr"]["Catacomb"] = "Catacombe"
info["fr"]["Gatligator"] = "Carabligator"
info["fr"]["Bunny Hood"] = "Capuche de lapin"
info["fr"]["Sensors/resultcell"] = "Capteurs/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Sensors"] = "Capteurs"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd Power Cell"] = "Capsule de pouvoir Lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Fungi Bulb"] = "Champibulbe"
info["fr"]["Pirate Captain"] = "Capitaine pirate"
info["fr"]["Star Cloak"] = "Cape étoilée"
info["fr"]["Bee Cloak"] = "Cape d'abeille"
info["fr"]["Green Cap"] = "Casquette verte"
info["fr"]["Star Cannon"] = "Canon à étoiles"
info["fr"]["Bunny Cannon"] = "Canon à lapins"
info["fr"]["Confetti Cannon"] = "Canon à confetti"
info["fr"]["Cannon"] = "Canon"
info["fr"]["Snowman Cannon"] = "Canommes de neige"
info["fr"]["Brain"] = "Cervelle"
info["fr"]["Mushroom Cap"] = "Casquette de champignon"
info["fr"]["Fishing poles"] = "Cannes à pêche"
info["fr"]["High Test Fishing Line"] = "Canne à pêche résistante"
info["fr"]["Classy Cane"] = "Canne chic"
info["fr"]["Candelabras/resultcell"] = "Candélabres/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Roasted Duck"] = "Canard rôti"
info["fr"]["Sofas/resultcell"] = "Canapés/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Sofas"] = "Canapés"
info["fr"]["Cavern"] = "Caverne"
info["fr"]["Candelabras"] = "Candélabres"
info["fr"]["Viking Helmet"] = "Casque de Viking"
info["fr"]["Engineering Helmet"] = "Casque d'ingénieur"
info["fr"]["Squid"] = "Calamar"
info["fr"]["SWAT Helmet"] = "Casque de RAID"
info["fr"]["Crates/lootnote"] = "Caisses/lootnote"
info["fr"]["Crates"] = "Caisses"
info["fr"]["Defiled Crate"] = "Caisse souillée"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Crate"] = "Caisse sacrée"
info["fr"]["Mirage Crate"] = "Caisse mirage"
info["fr"]["Hematic Crate"] = "Caisse hématique"
info["fr"]["Headless Horseman"] = "Cavalier sans tête"
info["fr"]["Frozen Crate"] = "Caisse gelée"
info["fr"]["Titanium Crate"] = "Caisse en titane"
info["fr"]["Iron Crate"] = "Caisse en fer"
info["fr"]["Wooden Crate"] = "Caisse en bois"
info["fr"]["Seaside Crate"] = "Caisse du littoral"
info["fr"]["Golden Crate"] = "Caisse dorée"
info["fr"]["Divine Crate"] = "Caisse divine"
info["fr"]["Bramble Crate"] = "Caisse de ronces"
info["fr"]["Hellstone Crate"] = "Caisse de pierre infernale"
info["fr"]["Stockade Crate"] = "Caisse de palissade"
info["fr"]["Mythril Crate"] = "Caisse de mithril"
info["fr"]["Jungle Crate"] = "Caisse de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Ocean Crate"] = "Caisse de l'océan"
info["fr"]["Dungeon Crate"] = "Caisse de donjon"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Crate"] = "Caisse d'obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood Crate"] = "Caisse de bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Oasis Crate"] = "Caisse d'oasis"
info["fr"]["Sky Crate"] = "Caisse céleste"
info["fr"]["Crimson Crate"] = "Caisse carmin"
info["fr"]["Boreal Crate"] = "Caisse boréale"
info["fr"]["Azure Crate"] = "Caisse azurée"
info["fr"]["Moon Leech Clot"] = "Caillot de parasite de lune"
info["fr"]["Cages/resultcell"] = "Cages/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Cages"] = "Cages"
info["fr"]["Item Frame"] = "Cadre d'objets"
info["fr"]["Enchanted Sundial"] = "Cadran solaire envoûté"
info["fr"]["Presents"] = "Cadeaux"
info["fr"]["Party Present"] = "Cadeau festif"
info["fr"]["Naughty Present"] = "Cadeau de vilain"
info["fr"]["Cactus"] = "Cactus"
info["fr"]["Coin Stashes"] = "Cachettes de pièces"
info["fr"]["Wither Beast"] = "Bête dépérie"
info["fr"]["Herpling"] = "Bêta"
info["fr"]["Bezoar"] = "Bézoard"
info["fr"]["Egg Cannon"] = "Canon à œufs"
info["fr"]["Carrot"] = "Carotte"
info["fr"]["Kites"] = "Cerfs-volants"
info["fr"]["Snowball Cannon"] = "Canon à neige"
info["fr"]["Nimbus Rod"] = "Bâton nimbus"
info["fr"]["KO Cannon"] = "Canon KO"
info["fr"]["Fairy Glowstick"] = "Bâton lumineux de fée"
info["fr"]["Sticky Glowstick"] = "Bâton lumineux collant"
info["fr"]["Ice Rod"] = "Bâton de glace"
info["fr"]["Rod of Discord"] = "Bâton de discorde"
info["fr"]["Actuation Rod"] = "Bâton d'activation"
info["fr"]["Underground Cabin"] = "Cabanon souterrain"
info["fr"]["Chippy's Couch"] = "Canapé de Chippy"
info["fr"]["Crimson Rod"] = "Bâton carmin"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Rod"] = "Bâton arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Rod (disambiguation)"] = "Bâton (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Charged Blaster Cannon"] = "Canon à charge"
info["fr"]["Ancient Chisel"] = "Burin antique"
info["fr"]["Sea Snail"] = "Bulot"
info["fr"]["Plantera's Bulb"] = "Bulbe de Plantera"
info["fr"]["Blood Squid"] = "Calamar de sang"
info["fr"]["Buffs/row"] = "Buffs/row"
info["fr"]["Ducks"] = "Canards"
info["fr"]["Buffs"] = "Buffs"
info["fr"]["Buff IDs/row"] = "Buff IDs/row"
info["fr"]["Buff IDs"] = "Buff IDs"
info["fr"]["Burning"] = "Brûlure"
info["fr"]["Frostburn"] = "Brûledegivre"
info["fr"]["Capes"] = "Capes"
info["fr"]["Portable Cement Mixer"] = "Bétonneuse portable"
info["fr"]["Cracked Dungeon Bricks"] = "Briques de donjon fissurées"
info["fr"]["Dungeon Bricks"] = "Briques de donjon"
info["fr"]["Bricks"] = "Briques"
info["fr"]["Solar Brick"] = "Brique solaire"
info["fr"]["Rolling Cactus"] = "Cactus roulant"
info["fr"]["Iridescent Brick"] = "Brique irisée"
info["fr"]["Gray Brick"] = "Brique grise"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Brick"] = "Brique en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Dirt Rod"] = "Bâton de terre"
info["fr"]["Corrupt Crate"] = "Caisse corrompue"
info["fr"]["Dryad's Blessing"] = "Bénédiction de dryade"
info["fr"]["Spelunker Glowstick"] = "Bâton lumineux de spéléo"
info["fr"]["Bouncy Glowstick"] = "Bâton lumineux à rebonds"
info["fr"]["Platinum Brick"] = "Brique de platine"
info["fr"]["Glowstick"] = "Bâton lumineux"
info["fr"]["Pearlstone Brick"] = "Brique de pierre perlée"
info["fr"]["Coffee"] = "Café"
info["fr"]["Hellstone Brick"] = "Brique de pierre infernale"
info["fr"]["Ebonstone Brick"] = "Brique de pierre d'ébène"
info["fr"]["Evolution Beast"] = "Bête d'évolution"
info["fr"]["Bubble"] = "Bulle"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd Brick"] = "Brique de lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Pogo Stick"] = "Bâton sauteur"
info["fr"]["Detonating Bubble"] = "Bulle explosive"
info["fr"]["Sandstone Brick"] = "Brique de grès"
info["fr"]["Copper Brick"] = "Brique en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Marshmallow on a Stick"] = "Brochette de guimauve"
info["fr"]["Flesh Grinder"] = "Broyeur de chair"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Brick"] = "Brique de tungstène"
info["fr"]["Blood Feeder"] = "Buveur de sang"
info["fr"]["Red Brick"] = "Brique rouge"
info["fr"]["Demonite Brick"] = "Brique de démonite"
info["fr"]["Crimtane Brick"] = "Brique de carmitane"
info["fr"]["Fragment Bricks"] = "Briques de fragment"
info["fr"]["Snow Brick"] = "Brique de neige"
info["fr"]["Gold Brick"] = "Brique dorée"
info["fr"]["Spooky Twig"] = "Brindille sinistre"
info["fr"]["Band of Starpower"] = "Brassard de puissance étoilée"
info["fr"]["Cursed Inferno"] = "Brasier maudit"
info["fr"]["Lead Brick"] = "Brique de plomb"
info["fr"]["Vortex Brick"] = "Brique du vortex"
info["fr"]["Mythril Brick"] = "Brique de mithril"
info["fr"]["Nebula Brick"] = "Brique de nébuleuse"
info["fr"]["Mudstone Brick"] = "Brique de pierre boueuse"
info["fr"]["Crimstone Brick"] = "Brique de pierre carmin"
info["fr"]["Hexxed Branch"] = "Branche ensorcelée"
info["fr"]["Sand Poacher"] = "Braconnier des sables"
info["fr"]["Anklet of the Wind"] = "Bracelet du vent"
info["fr"]["Music Boxes"] = "Boîtes à musique"
info["fr"]["Luminite Brick"] = "Brique de luminite"
info["fr"]["Meteorite Brick"] = "Brique de météorite"
info["fr"]["Golden Lock Box"] = "Boîte à serrure dorée"
info["fr"]["Template:•"] = "Modèle:•"
info["fr"]["Template:Events"] = "Modèle:Évènements"
info["fr"]["Ice Brick"] = "Brique de glace"
info["fr"]["Template:Tin"] = "Modèle:Étain"
info["fr"]["Template:Souls"] = "Modèle:Âmes"
info["fr"]["Template:Yoyos"] = "Modèle:Yoyos"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Brick"] = "Brique de cobalt"
info["fr"]["Template:Yes"] = "Modèle:Yes"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Brick"] = "Brique de chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Iron Brick"] = "Brique de fer"
info["fr"]["Template:Worms"] = "Modèle:Worms"
info["fr"]["Template:Wood"] = "Modèle:Wood"
info["fr"]["Template:Wooden furniture"] = "Modèle:Wooden furniture"
info["fr"]["Template:Wiring"] = "Modèle:Wiring"
info["fr"]["Template:Wing material sell note"] = "Modèle:Wing material sell note"
info["fr"]["Carton of Milk"] = "Brique de lait"
info["fr"]["Silver Brick"] = "Brique argentée"
info["fr"]["Template:Whips"] = "Modèle:Whips"
info["fr"]["Tin Brick"] = "Brique d'étain"
info["fr"]["Rainbow Brick"] = "Brique arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Template:Void"] = "Modèle:Void"
info["fr"]["Stardust Brick"] = "Brique astrale"
info["fr"]["Hanging Brazier"] = "Brasero suspendu"
info["fr"]["Template:Vandal"] = "Modèle:Vandal"
info["fr"]["Template:Vanity note"] = "Modèle:Vanity note"
info["fr"]["Template:User"] = "Modèle:User"
info["fr"]["Template:Unobtainable items"] = "Modèle:Unobtainable items"
info["fr"]["Zombie Arm"] = "Bras de zombie"
info["fr"]["Template:Unsigned"] = "Modèle:Unsigned"
info["fr"]["Templat:UnitTest"] = "Modèle:UnitTest"
info["fr"]["Template:Tungsten"] = "Modèle:Tungsten"
info["fr"]["Template:ToggleBox/start"] = "Modèle:ToggleBox/start"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Lock Box"] = "Boîte à verrou d'obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Template:ToggleBox/handle"] = "Modèle:ToggleBox/handle"
info["fr"]["Template:Tocright"] = "Modèle:Tocright"
info["fr"]["Toolbox"] = "Boîte à outils"
info["fr"]["Template:ToggleBox"] = "Modèle:ToggleBox"
info["fr"]["Template:Titanium"] = "Modèle:Titane"
info["fr"]["Template:Tl"] = "Modèle:Tl"
info["fr"]["Template:Summon weapons"] = "Modèle:Summon weapons"
info["fr"]["Template:Stub"] = "Modèle:Stub"
info["fr"]["Template:Spears"] = "Modèle:Spears"
info["fr"]["Template:Spectre"] = "Modèle:Spectre"
info["fr"]["Template:Software navigation"] = "Modèle:Software nav"
info["fr"]["Template:Slimes"] = "Modèle:Slimes"
info["fr"]["Ammo Box"] = "Boîte de munitions"
info["fr"]["Template:Software infobox"] = "Modèle:Software infobox"
info["fr"]["Petri Dish"] = "Boîte de Petri"
info["fr"]["Life Preserver"] = "Bouée de sauvetage"
info["fr"]["Bottled Water"] = "Bouteille d'eau"
info["fr"]["Bottle (crafting station)"] = "Bouteille (station d'artisanat)"
info["fr"]["Bottle (disambiguation)"] = "Bouteille (désambiguïsation)"
info["fr"]["Bottle"] = "Bouteille"
info["fr"]["Piece of Moon Squid"] = "Bout de calamar lunaire"
info["fr"]["Compass"] = "Boussole"
info["fr"]["Endless Musket Pouch"] = "Bourse infinie pour mousquet"
info["fr"]["Blood Lust Cluster"] = "Bouquet sanguinaire"
info["fr"]["Fireworks Box"] = "Boîte de feux d'artifice"
info["fr"]["Spike Ball"] = "Boule à pointes (PNJ)"
info["fr"]["Spiky Ball"] = "Boule à pointes"
info["fr"]["Snow Globe"] = "Boule à neige"
info["fr"]["Disco Ball"] = "Boule à facettes"
info["fr"]["Snowball"] = "Boule de neige"
info["fr"]["Crystal Ball"] = "Boule de cristal"
info["fr"]["Candles"] = "Bougies"
info["fr"]["Candles/resultcell"] = "Bougies/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Roman candle"] = "Bougie romaine"
info["fr"]["Peace Candle"] = "Bougie de paix"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin Scented Candle"] = "Bougie de citrouille parfumée"
info["fr"]["Water Candle"] = "Bougie d'eau"
info["fr"]["Shields"] = "Boucliers"
info["fr"]["Ankh Shield/Crafting tree"] = "Bouclier Ânkh/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Ankh Shield"] = "Bouclier Ânkh"
info["fr"]["Frozen Shield"] = "Bouclier gelé"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Shield"] = "Bouclier en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Shield"] = "Bouclier en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Paladin's Shield"] = "Bouclier de paladin"
info["fr"]["Hero Shield"] = "Bouclier de héros"
info["fr"]["Shield of Cthulhu"] = "Bouclier de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Squire's Shield"] = "Bouclier d'écuyer"
info["fr"]["Angler Earring"] = "Boucles d'oreille de pêcheur"
info["fr"]["Blood Butcherer"] = "Boucher sanglant"
info["fr"]["Lightning Boots/Crafting tree"] = "Bottes éclaires/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Lightning Boots"] = "Bottes éclaires"
info["fr"]["Rocket Boots"] = "Bottes à fusée"
info["fr"]["Sailfish Boots"] = "Bottes voilier"
info["fr"]["Spectre Boots"] = "Bottes spectrales"
info["fr"]["Obsidian Water Walking Boots"] = "Bottes pour marcher sur l'eau en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Water Walking Boots"] = "Bottes pour marcher sur l'eau"
info["fr"]["Flower Boots"] = "Bottes fleurs"
info["fr"]["Flame Waker Boots"] = "Bottes de sillon de flammes"
info["fr"]["Fairy Boots"] = "Bottes de fée"
info["fr"]["Dunerider Boots"] = "Bottes de dunes"
info["fr"]["Frostspark Boots/Crafting tree"] = "Bottes d'éclair givré/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Frostspark Boots"] = "Bottes d'éclair givré"
info["fr"]["Junction Box"] = "Boîte de jonction"
info["fr"]["Amphibian Boots"] = "Bottes d'amphibiens"
info["fr"]["Boots of Ostara"] = "Bottes d'Ostara"
info["fr"]["Pixel Box"] = "Boîte de pixels"
info["fr"]["Hermes Boots"] = "Bottes d'Hermès"
info["fr"]["Terraspark Boots/Crafting tree"] = "Bottes Terraspéciales/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Terraspark Boots"] = "Bottes Terraspéciales"
info["fr"]["Boots"] = "Bottes"
info["fr"]["Mechanical bosses"] = "Boss mécaniques"
info["fr"]["Bosses"] = "Boss"
info["fr"]["Cannonball"] = "Boulet de canon"
info["fr"]["Boomerangs/row"] = "Boomerangs/row"
info["fr"]["Boomerangs"] = "Boomerangs"
info["fr"]["Enchanted Boomerang"] = "Boomerang envoûté"
info["fr"]["Chaos Ball"] = "Boule de chaos"
info["fr"]["Bosses/box"] = "Boss/box"
info["fr"]["Can Of Worms"] = "Boîte de vers"
info["fr"]["Life Booster"] = "Bonus de santé"
info["fr"]["Mana Booster"] = "Bonus de mana"
info["fr"]["Damage Booster"] = "Bonus de dégâts"
info["fr"]["Beanie"] = "Bonnet"
info["fr"]["Candy Corn"] = "Bonbon au maïs"
info["fr"]["Bone Lee"] = "Bones Lee"
info["fr"]["Liquid bombs"] = "Bombes de liquide"
info["fr"]["Bouncy Bomb"] = "Bombe à rebonds"
info["fr"]["Smoke Bomb"] = "Bombe à fumée"
info["fr"]["Chattering Teeth Bomb"] = "Bombe à dents qui claquent"
info["fr"]["Sticky Dirt Bomb"] = "Bombe de terre collante"
info["fr"]["Holiday Bauble"] = "Boule de Noël"
info["fr"]["Bomb"] = "Bombe"
info["fr"]["Sticky Bomb"] = "Bombe collante"
info["fr"]["Bowls/resultcell"] = "Bols/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Bowls"] = "Bols"
info["fr"]["Living Wood"] = "Bois vivant"
info["fr"]["Mourning Wood"] = "Bois terrifiant"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood"] = "Bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Dynasty Wood"] = "Bois de dynastie"
info["fr"]["Ball O' Hurt"] = "Boule de douleur"
info["fr"]["Boreal Wood"] = "Bois boréal"
info["fr"]["Huntress's Buckler"] = "Bouclier de chasseuse"
info["fr"]["Woods"] = "Bois"
info["fr"]["Bernie's Button"] = "Bouton de Bernie"
info["fr"]["Ball O' Fuse Wire"] = "Boule de fil fusible"
info["fr"]["Sand Blocks"] = "Blocs de sable"
info["fr"]["Gemstone Blocks/row"] = "Blocs de pierre précieuse/row"
info["fr"]["Flurry Boots"] = "Bottes de rafale"
info["fr"]["Gemspark Blocks/resultcell"] = "Blocs de gemme brillants/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Wooden Boomerang"] = "Boomerang en bois"
info["fr"]["Gemspark Blocks"] = "Blocs de gemme brillants"
info["fr"]["Living Fire Blocks"] = "Blocs de feu vivant"
info["fr"]["Ice Boomerang"] = "Boomerang glacial"
info["fr"]["Blocks"] = "Blocs"
info["fr"]["Gold Starry Block"] = "Bloc étoilé or"
info["fr"]["Butcher"] = "Boucher"
info["fr"]["Spider Nest Block"] = "Bloc nid d'araignées"
info["fr"]["Silt Block"] = "Bloc de vase"
info["fr"]["Snow Hat"] = "Bonnet de laine"
info["fr"]["Dirt Block"] = "Bloc de terre"
info["fr"]["Snow Balla"] = "Boule de neige (PNJ)"
info["fr"]["Sunplate Block"] = "Bloc de soleil"
info["fr"]["Pine Tree Block"] = "Bloc de sapin"
info["fr"]["Lesion Block"] = "Bloc de plaie"
info["fr"]["Reindeer Antlers"] = "Bois de renne"
info["fr"]["Bowl of Soup"] = "Bol de soupe"
info["fr"]["Titanstone Block"] = "Bloc de pierre de titane"
info["fr"]["Ebonstone Block"] = "Bloc de pierre d'ébène"
info["fr"]["Pirate Deadeye"] = "Borgne pirate"
info["fr"]["Dirt Bomb"] = "Bombe de terre"
info["fr"]["Crimstone Block"] = "Bloc de pierre carmin"
info["fr"]["Stone Block"] = "Bloc de pierre"
info["fr"]["Honey Block"] = "Bloc de miel"
info["fr"]["Smooth Marble Block"] = "Bloc de marbre lisse"
info["fr"]["Marble Block"] = "Bloc de marbre"
info["fr"]["Gingerbread Man"] = "Bonhomme de pain d'épices"
info["fr"]["Smooth Granite Block"] = "Bloc de granite lisse"
info["fr"]["Granite Block"] = "Bloc de granite"
info["fr"]["Ice Blocks"] = "Bloc de glace"
info["fr"]["Bloody Moscato"] = "Bloody Muscat"
info["fr"]["Frozen Slime Block"] = "Bloc de gelée glacée"
info["fr"]["Slush Block"] = "Bloc de gadoue"
info["fr"]["Slime Block"] = "Bloc de gelée"
info["fr"]["Smoke Block"] = "Bloc de fumée"
info["fr"]["Solar Fragment Block"] = "Bloc de fragment solaire"
info["fr"]["Shadewood"] = "Bois d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Leaf Block"] = "Bloc de feuille"
info["fr"]["Crystal Block"] = "Bloc de cristal"
info["fr"]["Blue Starry Block"] = "Bloc étoilé bleu"
info["fr"]["Midnight Confetti Block"] = "Bloc de confetti de minuit"
info["fr"]["Spooky Wood"] = "Bois sinistre"
info["fr"]["Sandfall Block"] = "Bloc de chute de sable"
info["fr"]["Fish Bowls"] = "Bocaux à poisson"
info["fr"]["Snowfall Block"] = "Bloc de chute de neige"
info["fr"]["Honeyfall Block"] = "Bloc de chute de miel"
info["fr"]["Team Blocks"] = "Blocs d'équipe"
info["fr"]["Hardened Sand Blocks"] = "Blocs de sable durci"
info["fr"]["Lavafall Block"] = "Bloc de chute de lave"
info["fr"]["Waterfall Block"] = "Bloc de chute d'eau"
info["fr"]["Pearlstone Block"] = "Bloc de pierre perlée"
info["fr"]["Flesh Block"] = "Bloc de chair"
info["fr"]["Mud Block"] = "Bloc de boue"
info["fr"]["Asphalt Block"] = "Bloc d'asphalte"
info["fr"]["Candy Cane Blocks"] = "Bloc de sucre d'orge"
info["fr"]["Crispy Honey Block"] = "Bloc de miel croquant"
info["fr"]["Sandstone Blocks"] = "Blocs de grès"
info["fr"]["Gemstone Blocks"] = "Blocs de pierre précieuse"
info["fr"]["Clay Block"] = "Bloc d'argile"
info["fr"]["Anti-Portal Block"] = "Bloc anti-portail"
info["fr"]["Active Stone Block"] = "Bloc de pierre actif"
info["fr"]["Echo Block"] = "Bloc Echo"
info["fr"]["Snow Block"] = "Bloc de neige"
info["fr"]["Blizzard in a Bottle"] = "Blizzard en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Ale"] = "Bière"
info["fr"]["Parrot Cracker"] = "Biscuit de perroquet"
info["fr"]["Gingerbread Cookie"] = "Biscuit au gingembre"
info["fr"]["Biomes"] = "Biomes"
info["fr"]["Evil biomes"] = "Biome maléfique"
info["fr"]["Glowing Mushroom biome"] = "Biome champignon luisant"
info["fr"]["Bookcases/resultcell"] = "Bibliothèques/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Bookcases"] = "Bibliothèques"
info["fr"]["Betsy"] = "Betsy"
info["fr"]["Pink Slime Block"] = "Bloc de gelée rose"
info["fr"]["Bestiary"] = "Bestiaire"
info["fr"]["Derpling"] = "Benêt"
info["fr"]["Vortex Beater"] = "Batteur du vortex"
info["fr"]["Drum Set"] = "Batterie"
info["fr"]["Bat Bat"] = "Batte de l'aile"
info["fr"]["Angler Fish"] = "Baudroie"
info["fr"]["Coralstone Block"] = "Bloc de corail"
info["fr"]["Mahogany Leaf Block"] = "Bloc de feuilles d'acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Template:Slime bonus drops"] = "Modèle:Slime bonus drops"
info["fr"]["Stardust Fragment Block"] = "Bloc de fragment astral"
info["fr"]["Confetti Block"] = "Bloc de confetti"
info["fr"]["Template:Sitenotice problem fixing"] = "Modèle:Sitenotice problem fixing"
info["fr"]["Template:Shroomite"] = "Modèle:Shroomite"
info["fr"]["Nebula Fragment Block"] = "Bloc de fragment nébuleux"
info["fr"]["Vortex Fragment Block"] = "Bloc de fragment de vortex"
info["fr"]["Template:Beetles"] = "Modèle:Scarabées"
info["fr"]["Bone Block"] = "Bloc d'os"
info["fr"]["Template:STDT"] = "Modèle:STDT"
info["fr"]["Template:Royal Gel note"] = "Modèle:Royal Gel note"
info["fr"]["Ash Block"] = "Bloc de cendre"
info["fr"]["Template:Reflist"] = "Modèle:Reflist"
info["fr"]["Template:Refelctive dye"] = "Modèle:Reflective dye"
info["fr"]["Bubblegum Block"] = "Bloc de chewing-gum"
info["fr"]["Sugar Cookie"] = "Biscuit sucré"
info["fr"]["template:Recipes table"] = "Modèle:Recipes table"
info["fr"]["Template:Quotation"] = "Modèle:Quotation"
info["fr"]["Template:Projectile melee weapons"] = "Modèle:Projectile melee weapons"
info["fr"]["Template:Recipes"] = "Modèle:Recipes"
info["fr"]["Template:Rare"] = "Modèle:Rare"
info["fr"]["Vile Spit"] = "Bave vile"
info["fr"]["Ship in a Bottle"] = "Bateau en bouteille"
info["fr"]["Template:Platinum"] = "Modèle:Platine"
info["fr"]["Template:Placed buff items"] = "Modèle:Placed buff items"
info["fr"]["Template:Placed bottles"] = "Modèle:Placed Bottles"
info["fr"]["Template:Traps"] = "Modèle:Pièges"
info["fr"]["Template:Pirate Invasion Enemies"] = "Modèle:Pirate Invasion Enemies"
info["fr"]["Template:Hellstone"] = "Modèle:Pierre de l'Enfer"
info["fr"]["Template:Palladium"] = "Modèle:Palladium"
info["fr"]["Template:Orichalcum"] = "Modèle:Orichalcum"
info["fr"]["Template:Patch infobox"] = "Modèle:Patch infobox"
info["fr"]["Template:Old-gen console items"] = "Modèle:Old-gen console items"
info["fr"]["Template:Old-gen console enemies"] = "Modèle:Old-gen console enemies"
info["fr"]["Template:Obsidian"] = "Modèle:Obsidian"
info["fr"]["Template:Expert mode items"] = "Modèle:Objets du mode Expert"
info["fr"]["Modèle:Npc names/db-en"] = "Modèle:Npc names/db-en"
info["fr"]["Modèle:Npc names/db"] = "Modèle:Npc names/db"
info["fr"]["Ham Bat"] = "Batte-jambon"
info["fr"]["Template:Npc infobox/drop"] = "Modèle:Npc infobox/drop"
info["fr"]["Template:Novelty items"] = "Modèle:Novelty items"
info["fr"]["Template:Nowrap"] = "Modèle:Nowrap"
info["fr"]["Template:No"] = "Modèle:No"
info["fr"]["Template:Meteorite"] = "Modèle:Météorite"
info["fr"]["Template:Game mechanics"] = "Modèle:Mécaniques du jeu"
info["fr"]["Template:Mythril"] = "Modèle:Mythril"
info["fr"]["Template:Na"] = "Modèle:Na"
info["fr"]["Template:Npc infobox"] = "Modèle:Npc infobox"
info["fr"]["Template:Watches"] = "Modèle:Montres"
info["fr"]["Template:Moons"] = "Modèle:Moons"
info["fr"]["Template:Metal"] = "Modèle:Metal"
info["fr"]["Template:Merge"] = "Modèle:Merge"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Weapons/doc"] = "Modèle:Master Template Weapons/doc"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Furniture/content"] = "Modèle:Master Template Furniture/content"
info["fr"]["Template:Modifier"] = "Modèle:Modifier"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Consumables/doc"] = "Modèle:Master Template Consumables/doc"
info["fr"]["Template:Lua/doc"] = "Modèle:Lua/doc"
info["fr"]["Template:Lua"] = "Modèle:Lua"
info["fr"]["Template:Liquids"] = "Modèle:Liquides"
info["fr"]["Template:Lifeform Analyzer note"] = "Modèle:Lifeform Analyzer note"
info["fr"]["Template:Language info"] = "Modèle:Language info"
info["fr"]["Template:L10n subtemplate/register"] = "Modèle:L10n subtemplate/register"
info["fr"]["Template:Lang"] = "Modèle:Lang"
info["fr"]["Template:Journey's End Vanity note"] = "Modèle:Journey's End Vanity note"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Weapons"] = "Modèle:Master Template Weapons"
info["fr"]["Template:Games"] = "Modèle:Jeux"
info["fr"]["Template:Iwlink"] = "Modèle:Iwlink"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Buffs"] = "Modèle:Master Template Buffs"
info["fr"]["Template:Itemsource"] = "Modèle:Itemsource"
info["fr"]["Template:Item infobox"] = "Modèle:Item infobox"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Equipables"] = "Modèle:Master Template Equipables"
info["fr"]["Template:Master Template Consumables"] = "Modèle:Master Template Consumables"
info["fr"]["Template:Item"] = "Modèle:Item"
info["fr"]["Template:Infocard/box"] = "Modèle:Infocard/box"
info["fr"]["Template:Informational Accessories note/l10n"] = "Modèle:Informational Accessories note/l10n"
info["fr"]["Template:Infocard"] = "Modèle:Infocard"
info["fr"]["Template:Image/storeinfo"] = "Modèle:Image/storeinfo"
info["fr"]["Template:Image/query"] = "Modèle:Image/query"
info["fr"]["Template:Image/size"] = "Modèle:Image/size"
info["fr"]["Template:Image/info"] = "Modèle:Image/info"
info["fr"]["Template:Image"] = "Modèle:Image"
info["fr"]["Category:Seasonal events"] = "Catégorie:Évènements saisonniers"
info["fr"]["Category:Summoned events"] = "Catégorie:Évènements invoqués"
info["fr"]["Category:Random events"] = "Catégorie:Évènements aléatoirs"
info["fr"]["Category:Events"] = "Catégorie:Évènements"
info["fr"]["Template:Informational Accessories note"] = "Modèle:Informational Accessories note"
info["fr"]["Category:Workbench"] = "Catégorie:Établi"
info["fr"]["Catégorie:Broadswords"] = "Catégorie:Épées longues"
info["fr"]["Category:Swords"] = "Catégorie:Épées"
info["fr"]["Category:Souls"] = "Catégorie:Âmes"
info["fr"]["Category:Versions"] = "Catégorie:Versions"
info["fr"]["Category:Yoyos"] = "Catégorie:Yoyos"
info["fr"]["Category:Users"] = "Catégorie:Utilisateurs"
info["fr"]["Catégory:User groups"] = "Catégorie:User groups"
info["fr"]["Category:Chainsaws"] = "Catégorie:Tronçonneuses"
info["fr"]["Category:Terraria Wiki"] = "Catégorie:Terraria Wiki"
info["fr"]["Category:Recipes table with unexpected total number of rows"] = "Catégorie:Table des recettes avec un nombre de lignes total inattendu"
info["fr"]["Category:Recipes table with no row"] = "Catégorie:Table des recettes avec aucune ligne"
info["fr"]["Category:Crafting tree subpages"] = "Catégorie:Sous-pages d'arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Category:Terraria screenshots"] = "Catégorie:Screenshots de Terraria"
info["fr"]["Category:Staves"] = "Catégorie:Sceptres"
info["fr"]["Category:Options subtemplates"] = "Catégorie:Sous-modèles des options"
info["fr"]["Category:Localization subtemplates"] = "Catégorie:Sous-modèles de localisation"
info["fr"]["Category:Environments"] = "Catégorie:Salles aux trésors"
info["fr"]["Category:Quest rewards"] = "Catégorie:Récompenses de quête"
info["fr"]["Category:Recipes"] = "Catégorie:Recettes"
info["fr"]["Category:Coins"] = "Catégorie:Pièces"
info["fr"]["Category:Pickaxes"] = "Catégorie:Pioches"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages to transclude"] = "Catégorie:Pages à transclure"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls"] = "Catégorie:Pages utilisant des arguments dupliqués dans les appels de modèle"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList parser function"] = "Catégorie:Pages using DynamicPageList parser function"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function"] = "Catégorie:Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function"] = "Catégorie:Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList dplnum parser function"] = "Catégorie:Pages using DynamicPageList dplnum parser function"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages with information based on outdated versions of Terraria's source code"] = "Catégorie:Pages ayant des informations basées sur des versions obsolètes du code source de Terraria"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages where template include size is exceeded"] = "Catégorie:Pages contenant trop d'inclusions de modèles"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages with script errors"] = "Catégorie:Pages avec des erreurs de script"
info["fr"]["Category:Pages with template errors"] = "Catégorie:Pages avec des erreurs de modèle"
info["fr"]["Category:Sand Shark AI NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs suivant l'IA Requin des sables"
info["fr"]["Category:Mimic AI NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs suivant l'IA Imitation"
info["fr"]["Category:Flocko AI NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs suivant l'IA Flocko"
info["fr"]["Basilisk"] = "Basilic"
info["fr"]["Fences/resultcell"] = "Barrières/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Star Hairpin"] = "Barrette à étoile"
info["fr"]["Fences"] = "Barrières"
info["fr"]["Banners (enemy)"] = "Bannières (ennemi)"
info["fr"]["Banners (decorative)"] = "Bannières (décorative)"
info["fr"]["Ginger Beard"] = "Barbe-Rousse"
info["fr"]["Banners"] = "Bannières"
info["fr"]["War Table Banner"] = "Bannière de Table de guerre"
info["fr"]["Eye Patch"] = "Bandeau (Cache-œil)"
info["fr"]["Blindfold"] = "Bandeau"
info["fr"]["Benches/resultcell"] = "Bancs/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Bananarang"] = "Bananerang"
info["fr"]["Bamboo"] = "Bambou"
info["fr"]["Silly Balloons"] = "Ballons loufoques"
info["fr"]["Windy Balloon"] = "Ballon venteux"
info["fr"]["Shiny Red Balloon"] = "Ballon rouge brillant"
info["fr"]["Banana"] = "Banane"
info["fr"]["Yellow Horseshoe Balloon/Crafting tree"] = "Ballon fer à cheval jaune/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Sparkle Slime Balloon"] = "Ballon gelée étincelante"
info["fr"]["Blue Horseshoe Balloon/Crafting tree"] = "Ballon fer à cheval bleu/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["White Horseshoe Balloon/Crafting tree"] = "Ballon fer à cheval blanc/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Green Horseshoe Balloon/Crafting tree"] = "Ballon et fer à cheval verts/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Pink Horseshoe Balloon/Crafting tree"] = "Ballon et fer à cheval roses/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Amber Horseshoe Balloon/Crafting tree"] = "Ballon et fer à cheval ambrés/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Honey Balloon"] = "Ballon de miel"
info["fr"]["Football"] = "Ballon de football"
info["fr"]["Sharkron Balloon"] = "Ballon de draquin"
info["fr"]["Blizzard in a Balloon"] = "Ballon de blizzard"
info["fr"]["Balloons"] = "Ballon Fer à Cheval"
info["fr"]["Balloon (disambiguation)"] = "Ballon"
info["fr"]["Golf Balls/resultcell"] = "Balles de golf/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Bullets/row"] = "Balles/row"
info["fr"]["Bullets/cost"] = "Balles/cost"
info["fr"]["Bullets"] = "Balles"
info["fr"]["High Velocity Bullet"] = "Balle à grande vitesse"
info["fr"]["Empty Bullet"] = "Balle vide"
info["fr"]["Party Bullet"] = "Balle festive"
info["fr"]["Cursed Bullet"] = "Balle maudite"
info["fr"]["Venom Bullet"] = "Balle venimeuse"
info["fr"]["Exploding Bullet"] = "Balle explosive"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Bullet"] = "Balle en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Golden Bullet"] = "Balle en or"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Bullet"] = "Balle en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Silver Bullet"] = "Balle en argent"
info["fr"]["Meteor Shot"] = "Balle de météore"
info["fr"]["Musket Ball"] = "Balle de mousquet"
info["fr"]["Crystal Bullet"] = "Balle de cristal"
info["fr"]["Ichor Bullet"] = "Balle d'ichor"
info["fr"]["Bathtubs/resultcell"] = "Baignoires/resultcell"
info["fr"]["Bathtubs"] = "Baignoires"
info["fr"]["Jellyfish Banner"] = "Bannière Méduse"
info["fr"]["Large Bamboo"] = "Bambou épais"
info["fr"]["Heart Hairpin"] = "Barrette cœur"
info["fr"]["Benches"] = "Bancs"
info["fr"]["Slime Banner"] = "Bannière Slime"
info["fr"]["Amber Horseshoe Balloon"] = "Ballon et fer à cheval ambrés"
info["fr"]["Beach Ball"] = "Ballon de plage"
info["fr"]["Template:History"] = "Modèle:History"
info["fr"]["Banana Split"] = "Banana Split"
info["fr"]["Template:Herbs"] = "Modèle:Herbes"
info["fr"]["Template:Hardmode accessories"] = "Modèle:Hardmode accessories"
info["fr"]["Luminite Bullet"] = "Balle en luminite"
info["fr"]["Tempalte:Hallowed"] = "Modèle:Hallowed"
info["fr"]["Template:Guides"] = "Modèle:Guides"
info["fr"]["Template:Gold"] = "Modèle:Gold"
info["fr"]["Template:Guide header"] = "Modèle:Guide header"
info["fr"]["Golf Balls"] = "Balles de golf"
info["fr"]["Balloon Pufferfish"] = "Ballon poisson-globe"
info["fr"]["Witch's Broom"] = "Balai de sorcière"
info["fr"]["Template:Gems"] = "Modèle:Gems"
info["fr"]["Template:Gem Robe note"] = "Modèle:Gem Robe note"
info["fr"]["Template:Fossils"] = "Modèle:Fossile"
info["fr"]["Template:Forums thread"] = "Modèle:Forums thread"
info["fr"]["Template:Flails"] = "Modèle:Fléaux"
info["fr"]["Template:Float file box"] = "Modèle:Float file box"
info["fr"]["Template:Pagename2en"] = "Modèle:Fr2e"
info["fr"]["Template:Flasks"] = "Modèle:Flasks"
info["fr"]["Template:Explosives"] = "Modèle:Explosif"
info["fr"]["Template:External link new tab"] = "Modèle:External link new tab"
info["fr"]["Template:Exclusive icon link/initOptions"] = "Modèle:Exclusive icon link/initOptions"
info["fr"]["Template:Frost Moon Enemies"] = "Modèle:Ennemis de la Lune de givre"
info["fr"]["Template:Etext"] = "Modèle:Etext"
info["fr"]["Template:Pumpkin Moon Enemies"] = "Modèle:Ennemis de la Lune citrouille"
info["fr"]["Template:Solar Eclipse Enemies"] = "Modèle:Ennemis de l'Éclipse solaire"
info["fr"]["Template:Old One's Army Enemies"] = "Modèle:Ennemis de l'Armée de l'ancien"
info["fr"]["Template:Exclusive icons"] = "Modèle:Exclusive icons"
info["fr"]["Template:Exclusive versions"] = "Modèle:Exclusive versions"
info["fr"]["Template:Goblin Invasion Enemies"] = "Modèle:Ennemis de l'Armée de gobelins"
info["fr"]["Template:Empty doc"] = "Modèle:Empty doc"
info["fr"]["Template:Exclusive icon link"] = "Modèle:Exclusive icon link"
info["fr"]["Template:EditMainpage"] = "Modèle:EditMainpage"
info["fr"]["Template:Demonite"] = "Modèle:Démonite"
info["fr"]["Template:Dye Materials"] = "Modèle:Dye Materials"
info["fr"]["Template:Duration/doc"] = "Modèle:Duration/doc"
info["fr"]["Template:Editnotice 1.4"] = "Modèle:Editnotice 1.4"
info["fr"]["Template:Exclusive"] = "Modèle:Exclusive"
info["fr"]["Template:Duration"] = "Modèle:Duration"
info["fr"]["Template:Dts link"] = "Modèle:Dts link"
info["fr"]["Template:Diving equipment"] = "Modèle:Diving equipment"
info["fr"]["Template:Doc"] = "Modèle:Doc"
info["fr"]["Template:Diving equipment note"] = "Modèle:Diving equipment note"
info["fr"]["Template:Disambig"] = "Modèle:Disambig"
info["fr"]["Template:Desktop versions/content"] = "Modèle:Desktop versions/content"
info["fr"]["Template:Desktop versions"] = "Modèle:Desktop versions"
info["fr"]["Template:Disambig/l10n"] = "Modèle:Disambig/l10n"
info["fr"]["Template:Delete"] = "Modèle:Delete"
info["fr"]["Template:Displaytext"] = "Modèle:Displaytext"
info["fr"]["Template:Delete/l10n"] = "Modèle:Delete/l10n"
info["fr"]["Template:Dablink"] = "Modèle:Dablink"
info["fr"]["Template:Copper"] = "Modèle:Cuivre"
info["fr"]["Template:Critter info"] = "Modèle:Critter info"
info["fr"]["Template:Drop infobox"] = "Modèle:Drop infobox"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright fairuse"] = "Modèle:Copyright usage loyal"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright permission"] = "Modèle:Copyright permission"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright nolicense"] = "Modèle:Copyright pas de licence"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright MIT"] = "Modèle:Copyright MIT"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright LGPL"] = "Modèle:Copyright LGPL"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright PD"] = "Modèle:Copyright DP"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright GFDL"] = "Modèle:Copyright GFDL"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright CC-BY-SA 3.0"] = "Modèle:Copyright CC-BY-SA 3.0"
info["fr"]["Template:Copyright CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0"] = "Modèle:Copyright CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0"
info["fr"]["Template:Collapse top simple"] = "Modèle:Collapse top simple"
info["fr"]["Template:Cobalt"] = "Modèle:Cobalt"
info["fr"]["Template:Pumpkin"] = "Modèle:Citrouille"
info["fr"]["Template:Clr"] = "Modèle:Clr"
info["fr"]["Template:Chlorophyte"] = "Modèle:Chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Template:Casters"] = "Modèle:Casters"
info["fr"]["Tempalte:Crimtane"] = "Modèle:Carmitane"
info["fr"]["Modèle:Cactus"] = "Modèle:Cactus"
info["fr"]["Template:Bullets"] = "Modèle:Bullets"
info["fr"]["Template:Cage note"] = "Modèle:Cage note"
info["fr"]["Template:Boomerangs"] = "Modèle:Boomerangs"
info["fr"]["Template:Biomes"] = "Modèle:Biomes"
info["fr"]["Template:Biome Chests"] = "Modèle:Biome Chests"
info["fr"]["Template:Betsy"] = "Modèle:Betsy"
info["fr"]["Template:Bats"] = "Modèle:Bats"
info["fr"]["Template:Banner"] = "Modèle:Banner"
info["fr"]["Template:Buff"] = "Modèle:Buff"
info["fr"]["Template:Buffduration"] = "Modèle:Buffduration"
info["fr"]["Template:Arrows"] = "Modèle:Arrows"
info["fr"]["Template:Silver"] = "Modèle:Argent"
info["fr"]["Template:Bestiary"] = "Modèle:Bestiary"
info["fr"]["Template:Spiders"] = "Modèle:Araignées"
info["fr"]["Dungeon/Dungeon wall spawns"] = "Modèle:Apparition mur donjon"
info["fr"]["Template:Antlions"] = "Modèle:Antlions"
info["fr"]["Template:All versions"] = "Modèle:All versions/doc"
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info["fr"]["Guide:Walkthrough"] = "Guide:Walkthrough"
info["fr"]["Guide:Mining techniques"] = "Guide:Techniques de minage"
info["fr"]["Guide:Skeletron strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Squeletron"
info["fr"]["Guide:Moon Lord strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Seigneur de la lune"
info["fr"]["Guide:King Slime strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Roi des gelées"
info["fr"]["Template:!-"] = "Modèle:!-"
info["fr"]["Guide:Skeletron Prime strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Grand Squeletron"
info["fr"]["Guide:Golem strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Golem"
info["fr"]["Guide:The Destroyer strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Destructeur"
info["fr"]["Guide:Eater of Worlds strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Dévoreur des mondes"
info["fr"]["Guide:Brain of Cthulhu strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Cerveau de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Guide:Wall of Flesh strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies du Mur de chair"
info["fr"]["Guide:The Twins strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies des Jumeaux"
info["fr"]["Guide:Plantera strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies de Plantera"
info["fr"]["Guide:Eye of Cthulhu strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies de l'Œil de Cthulhu"
info["fr"]["Guide:Game progression"] = "Guide:Progression du jeu"
info["fr"]["Guide:Crafting Quick Reference"] = "Guide:Référence rapide d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Guide:Game Progression graph"] = "Guide:Graphique de progression du jeu"
info["fr"]["Guide:Inventory management"] = "Guide:Gestion de l'inventaire"
info["fr"]["Guide:Practical Tips"] = "Guide:Conseils pratiques"
info["fr"]["Guide:Class setups"] = "Guide:Configurations des classes"
info["fr"]["Guide:Getting started"] = "Guide:Bien commencer"
info["fr"]["Guide:Arena"] = "Guide:Arène"
info["fr"]["Guide:Crafting 101"] = "Guide:Artisanat 101"
info["fr"]["Category:Sandstorm NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs provenant de l'évènement Tempête de sable"
info["fr"]["Category:Frost Moon NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs provenant de l'évènement Lune de givre"
info["fr"]["Category:Expert mode exclusive NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs exclusifs au mode Expert"
info["fr"]["Category:Unspawnable NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs n'apparaissant pas"
info["fr"]["Category:Hardmode-only NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs exclusifs au Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Category:NPCs by AI type"] = "Catégorie:PNJs ennemis par type d'IA"
info["fr"]["Category:Invincible NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs de type Invincible"
info["fr"]["Category:Enemy NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs de type Ennemi"
info["fr"]["Aquatic NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs de type Aquatique"
info["fr"]["Category:NPCs"] = "Catégorie:PNJs"
info["fr"]["Category:Acquired through"] = "Catégorie:Obtenu via"
info["fr"]["Category:Autoswing items"] = "Catégorie:Objets utilisés en continu"
info["fr"]["Category:Fished items"] = "Catégorie:Objets pêchés"
info["fr"]["Category:Consumable items"] = "Catégorie:Objets utilisables"
info["fr"]["Category:Unobtainable items"] = "Catégorie:Objets inobtenables"
info["fr"]["Category:Drop items"] = "Catégorie:Objets lâchés"
info["fr"]["Category:Craftable items"] = "Catégorie:Objets façonnables"
info["fr"]["Category:Storage items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Stockage"
info["fr"]["Category:Crafting station items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Station d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Category:Light source items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Source de lumière"
info["fr"]["Category:Potion items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Potion"
info["fr"]["Category:Mechanism items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Mécanisme"
info["fr"]["Category:Plunder items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Pillage"
info["fr"]["Category:Wall items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Mur"
info["fr"]["Category:Ammunition items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Munition"
info["fr"]["Category:Tool items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Outil"
info["fr"]["Category:Furniture items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Meuble"
info["fr"]["Category:Crafting material items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Matériau d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Category:Minion summon items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Invocation de sbire"
info["fr"]["Category:Event summon items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Invocation d'évènement"
info["fr"]["Category:Vanity items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Style"
info["fr"]["Category:Item summon items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Invocation d'objet"
info["fr"]["Category:Summoning items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Invocation"
info["fr"]["Category:Seeds items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Graines"
info["fr"]["Category:Light pet items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Familier de lumière"
info["fr"]["Category:Miscellaneous items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Divers"
info["fr"]["Category:Hair dye items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Coloration de cheveux"
info["fr"]["Category:Key items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Clé"
info["fr"]["Category:Brick items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Brique"
info["fr"]["Category:Loot items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Butin"
info["fr"]["Category:Shield items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Bouclier"
info["fr"]["Category:Block items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Bloc"
info["fr"]["Category:Armor items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Armure"
info["fr"]["Category:Weapon items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Arme"
info["fr"]["Category:Accessory items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de type Accessoire"
info["fr"]["Category:Storage items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de stockage"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity Fiery red"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté rouge ardent"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity Quest"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté de quête"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity Rainbow"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 8"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 8"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 9"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 9"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 7"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 7"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 6"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 6"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 5"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 5"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 4"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 4"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 3"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 3"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 2"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 2"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 11"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 11"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 10"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 10"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 1"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 1"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity 0"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté 0"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity -1"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté -1"
info["fr"]["Category:Items of rarity"] = "Catégorie:Objets de rareté"
info["fr"]["Category:Novelty items"] = "Catégorie:Objets de fantaisie"
info["fr"]["Category:Vendor items"] = "Catégorie:Objets achetables"
info["fr"]["Category:Items"] = "Catégorie:Objets"
info["fr"]["Category:Npc infobox"] = "Catégorie:Npc infobox"
info["fr"]["Category:Christmas"] = "Catégorie:Noël"
info["fr"]["Category:Projectile melee"] = "Catégorie:Mêlée avec projectile"
info["fr"]["Category:ua-based templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles utilisant Lua"
info["fr"]["Category:Templates with no documentation"] = "Catégorie:Modèles sans documentation"
info["fr"]["Category:Version templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de version"
info["fr"]["Category:Shortcut templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de raccourci"
info["fr"]["Category:Navigational templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de navigation"
info["fr"]["Category:Recipes templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de recettes"
info["fr"]["Template:Notice templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de notice"
info["fr"]["Category:Copyright templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de licence"
info["fr"]["Category:Article management templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de gestion d'article"
info["fr"]["Category:Flexbox templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de flexbox"
info["fr"]["Category:Data templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de database"
info["fr"]["Category:I18n-ready templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles prêts pour i18n"
info["fr"]["Category:Banner templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de bannière"
info["fr"]["Category:Exclusive templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles de Exclusive"
info["fr"]["Category:System interface templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles d'interface système"
info["fr"]["Category:Icon templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles d'icône"
info["fr"]["Category:Extension templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles d'extension"
info["fr"]["Category:Infobox templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles d'Infobox"
info["fr"]["Category:Templates with unit test failed"] = "Catégorie:Modèles avec des tests unitaires ratés"
info["fr"]["Category:Templates"] = "Catégorie:Modèles"
info["fr"]["Category:Template DPL"] = "Catégorie:Modèle de DPL"
info["fr"]["Category:Modules"] = "Catégorie:Modules"
info["fr"]["Category:Modifiers"] = "Catégorie:Modificateurs"
info["fr"]["Category:Honey"] = "Catégorie:Miel"
info["fr"]["Category:Hammers"] = "Catégorie:Marteaux"
info["fr"]["Category:Hamaxes"] = "Catégorie:Martaches"
info["fr"]["Category:Third party software"] = "Catégorie:Logiciel tiers"
info["fr"]["Category:Liquids"] = "Catégorie:Liquides"
info["fr"]["Category:Lava"] = "Catégorie:Lave"
info["fr"]["Category:Launchers"] = "Catégorie:Lanceurs"
info["fr"]["Category:Spears"] = "Catégorie:Lances"
info["fr"]["Category:Item infobox"] = "Catégorie:Item infobox"
info["fr"]["Category:Issues related to recipes table"] = "Catégorie:Issues related to recipes table"
info["fr"]["Category:Instruments"] = "Catégorie:Instruments"
info["fr"]["Category:Halloween"] = "Catégorie:Halloween"
info["fr"]["Category:Axes"] = "Catégorie:Haches"
info["fr"]["Category:Naturally generated"] = "Catégorie:Généré naturellement"
info["fr"]["Category:Flares"] = "Catégorie:Fusées de détresse"
info["fr"]["Category:Rockets"] = "Catégorie:Fusées (lanceur)"
info["fr"]["Category:Whips"] = "Catégorie:Fouets"
info["fr"]["Category:Drills"] = "Catégorie:Foreuses"
info["fr"]["Category:Darts"] = "Catégorie:Fléchettes"
info["fr"]["Category:Flails"] = "Catégorie:Fléaux"
info["fr"]["Category:Experimental features"] = "Catégorie:Fonctionnalités expérimentales"
info["fr"]["Category:Arrows"] = "Catégorie:Flèches"
info["fr"]["Category:Wiki files"] = "Catégorie:Fichiers du wiki"
info["fr"]["Category:Rarity files"] = "Catégorie:Fichiers de rareté"
info["fr"]["Category:Files"] = "Catégorie:Fichiers"
info["fr"]["Category:Explosives"] = "Catégorie:Explosifs"
info["fr"]["Category:Rarity color examples"] = "Catégorie:Exemples de couleur de rareté"
info["fr"]["Category:Exclusive not cached"] = "Catégorie:Exclusive not cached"
info["fr"]["Guide:Queen Bee strategies"] = "Guide:Stratégies de la Reine des abeilles"
info["fr"]["Category:Armor sets"] = "Catégorie:Ensembles d'armure"
info["fr"]["Category:Eicons template with all platforms"] = "Catégorie:Eicons template with all platforms"
info["fr"]["Category:Disambiguations"] = "Catégorie:Désambiguïsations"
info["fr"]["Category:Debuffs"] = "Catégorie:Débuffs"
info["fr"]["Category:Template documentation"] = "Catégorie:Documentation de modèle"
info["fr"]["Category:Module documentation"] = "Catégorie:Documentation de module"
info["fr"]["Category:Data IDs"] = "Catégorie:Data IDs"
info["fr"]["Category:DPL"] = "Catégorie:DPL"
info["fr"]["Category:Edge of Space crossover content"] = "Catégorie:Contenu partagé avec Edge of Space"
info["fr"]["Category:Crossover content"] = "Catégorie:Contenu partagé"
info["fr"]["Category:Exclusive content"] = "Catégorie:Contenu exclusif"
info["fr"]["Category:Version content"] = "Catégorie:Contenu de version"
info["fr"]["Category:Old-gen console content"] = "Catégorie:Contenu de la Console old-gen"
info["fr"]["Category:Japanese console content"] = "Catégorie:Contenu de la Console japonaise"
info["fr"]["Category:Consumables"] = "Catégorie:Consommables"
info["fr"]["Category:Community"] = "Catégorie:Communauté"
info["fr"]["Category:Things to do"] = "Catégorie:Choses à faire"
info["fr"]["Category:Buffs"] = "Catégorie:Buffs"
info["fr"]["Category:Boomerangs"] = "Catégorie:Boomerangs"
info["fr"]["Category:Bullets"] = "Catégorie:Balles"
info["fr"]["Category:User avatars"] = "Catégorie:Avatars d'utilisateur"
info["fr"]["Category:Edit notices about purging"] = "Catégorie:Avis de modification à propos des purges"
info["fr"]["Category:Guns"] = "Catégorie:Armes à feu"
info["fr"]["Category:Ranged weapons"] = "Catégorie:Armes à distance"
info["fr"]["Category:Magic weapons"] = "Catégorie:Armes magiques"
info["fr"]["Category:Melee weapons"] = "Catégorie:Armes de mêlée"
info["fr"]["Category:Misc weapons"] = "Catégorie:Armes diverses"
info["fr"]["Category:Throwing weapons"] = "Catégorie:Armes de lancer"
info["fr"]["Category:Summon weapons"] = "Catégorie:Armes d'invocation"
info["fr"]["Category:Bows"] = "Catégorie:Arcs"
info["fr"]["Category:Help"] = "Catégorie:Aide"
info["fr"]["Elderberry"] = "Baie de sureau"
info["fr"]["Category:Repeaters"] = "Catégorie:Arbalètes"
info["fr"]["Block-placing wands"] = "Baguettes de placement de blocs"
info["fr"]["Wand of Sparking"] = "Baguette d'étincelles"
info["fr"]["Celestial Wand"] = "Baguette céleste"
info["fr"]["Fetid Baghnakhs"] = "Baghnakhs fétides"
info["fr"]["Wand"] = "Baguette"
info["fr"]["Dye Vat"] = "Bac à teinture"
info["fr"]["Other fishing catches"] = "Autres objets pêchables"
info["fr"]["Altars"] = "Autels"
info["fr"]["Money Trough"] = "Auge d'argent"
info["fr"]["Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Atelier de bricolage"
info["fr"]["Tips"] = "Astuces"
info["fr"]["Artery"] = "Artère"
info["fr"]["Biome backgrounds"] = "Arrière-plans de biome"
info["fr"]["Old One's Army/wave"] = "Armée de l'ancien/vague"
info["fr"]["Old One's Army/row"] = "Armée de l'ancien/row"
info["fr"]["Old One's Army"] = "Armée de l'ancien"
info["fr"]["Goblin Army"] = "Armée de gobelins"
info["fr"]["Spectre armor"] = "Armure spectrale"
info["fr"]["Spooky armor"] = "Armure sinistre"
info["fr"]["Hallowed armor"] = "Armure sacrée"
info["fr"]["Autoswing"] = "Attaque en continue"
info["fr"]["Necro armor"] = "Armure nécro"
info["fr"]["Nebula armor"] = "Armure nébuleuse"
info["fr"]["Forbidden armor"] = "Armure interdite"
info["fr"]["Tin armor"] = "Armure en étain"
info["fr"]["Tungsten armor"] = "Armure en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Titanium armor"] = "Armure en titane"
info["fr"]["Platinum armor"] = "Armure en platine"
info["fr"]["Palm Wood armor"] = "Armure en palmier"
info["fr"]["Palladium armor"] = "Armure en palladium"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum armor"] = "Armure en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Gold armor"] = "Armure en or"
info["fr"]["Obsidian armor"] = "Armure en obsidienne"
info["fr"]["Mythril armor"] = "Armure en mithril"
info["fr"]["Molten armor"] = "Armure en fusion"
info["fr"]["Fossil armor"] = "Armure en fossile"
info["fr"]["Iron armor"] = "Armure en fer"
info["fr"]["Copper armor"] = "Armure en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Cobalt armor"] = "Armure en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Pumpkin armor"] = "Armure en citrouille"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte armor"] = "Armure en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Shroomite armor"] = "Armure en champignite"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood armor"] = "Armure en bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Shadewood armor"] = "Armure en bois d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Silver armor"] = "Armure en argent"
info["fr"]["Wood armor"] = "Armure en bois"
info["fr"]["Adamantite armor"] = "Armure en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany armor"] = "Armure en acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Vortex armor"] = "Armure du vortex"
info["fr"]["Turtle armor"] = "Armure de tortue"
info["fr"]["Titan armor"] = "Armure de titan"
info["fr"]["Beetle armor"] = "Armure de scarabée"
info["fr"]["Blue Berries"] = "Baies bleues"
info["fr"]["Angler armor"] = "Armure de pêcheur"
info["fr"]["Bubble Wand"] = "Baguette à bulles"
info["fr"]["Ninja armor"] = "Armure de ninja"
info["fr"]["Pink Snow armor"] = "Armure de neige rose"
info["fr"]["Snow armor"] = "Armure de neige"
info["fr"]["Meteor armor"] = "Armure de météore"
info["fr"]["Rain armor"] = "Armure de pluie"
info["fr"]["Plate"] = "Assiette"
info["fr"]["Monk armor"] = "Armure de moine"
info["fr"]["Mining armor"] = "Armure de mineur"
info["fr"]["Lihzahrd Altar"] = "Autel de lihzahrd"
info["fr"]["Solar Flare armor"] = "Armure de lueur solaire"
info["fr"]["Jungle armor"] = "Armure de la jungle"
info["fr"]["Shadow armor"] = "Armure de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Dark Artist armor"] = "Armure de l'artiste noir"
info["fr"]["Frost armor"] = "Armure de givre"
info["fr"]["Gladiator armor"] = "Armure de gladiateur"
info["fr"]["Dragon armor"] = "Armure de dragon"
info["fr"]["Valhalla Knight armor"] = "Armure de chevalier de Valhalla"
info["fr"]["Huntress armor"] = "Armure de chasseuse"
info["fr"]["Squire armor"] = "Armure d'écuyer"
info["fr"]["Shinobi Infiltrator armor"] = "Armure d'infiltré Shinobi"
info["fr"]["Crystal Assassin armor"] = "Armure d'assassin cristal"
info["fr"]["Spider armor"] = "Armure d'araignée"
info["fr"]["Apprentice armor"] = "Armure d'apprenti"
info["fr"]["Bee armor"] = "Armure d'abeille"
info["fr"]["Crimson armor"] = "Armure carmin"
info["fr"]["Broken Armor"] = "Armure brisée"
info["fr"]["Possessed Armor"] = "Armure possédée"
info["fr"]["Stardust armor"] = "Armure astrale"
info["fr"]["Tiki armor"] = "Armure Tiki"
info["fr"]["Maggot"] = "Asticot"
info["fr"]["Stargazer"] = "Astronome"
info["fr"]["Armor"] = "Armure"
info["fr"]["Armor IDs"] = "Armor IDs"
info["fr"]["Guns/row"] = "Armes à feu/row"
info["fr"]["Guns"] = "Armes à feu"
info["fr"]["Bacon"] = "Bacon"
info["fr"]["Paper Airplanes"] = "Avions en papier"
info["fr"]["Ranged weapons"] = "Armes à distance"
info["fr"]["Magic weapons"] = "Armes magiques"
info["fr"]["Hardmode weapons"] = "Armes du Hardmode"
info["fr"]["Projectile melee weapons"] = "Armes de mêlée avec projectile"
info["fr"]["Projectile melee weapons/row"] = "Armes de mêlée avec projectile/row"
info["fr"]["Melee weapons"] = "Armes de mêlée"
info["fr"]["Throwing weapons"] = "Armes de lancer"
info["fr"]["Melee weapons/row"] = "Armes de mêlée/row"
info["fr"]["Summon weapons"] = "Armes d'invocation"
info["fr"]["Weapons"] = "Armes"
info["fr"]["Arkhalis"] = "Arkhalis"
info["fr"]["Silver"] = "Argent"
info["fr"]["Bows/row"] = "Arcs/row"
info["fr"]["Skeleton Archer"] = "Archer squelette"
info["fr"]["Bows"] = "Arcs"
info["fr"]["Goblin Archer"] = "Archer gobelin"
info["fr"]["Nebula Arcanum"] = "Arcanum nébuleux"
info["fr"]["Pulse Bow"] = "Arc à impulsion"
info["fr"]["Daedalus Stormbow"] = "Arc tonnerre de Dédale"
info["fr"]["Tungsten Bow"] = "Arc en tungstène"
info["fr"]["Platinum Bow"] = "Arc en platine"
info["fr"]["Gold Bow"] = "Arc en or"
info["fr"]["Armor/count"] = "Armure/count"
info["fr"]["Pearlwood Bow"] = "Arc en bois perlé"
info["fr"]["Wooden Bow"] = "Arc en bois"
info["fr"]["Silver Bow"] = "Arc en argent"
info["fr"]["The Bee's Knees"] = "Arc des abeilles"
info["fr"]["Ebonwood armor"] = "Armure en ébène"
info["fr"]["Tendon Bow"] = "Arc de tendon"
info["fr"]["Blood Rain Bow"] = "Arc de pluie de sang"
info["fr"]["Red Riding armor"] = "Armure du Chaperon rouge"
info["fr"]["Lead armor"] = "Armure en plomb"
info["fr"]["Ice Bow"] = "Arc de glace"
info["fr"]["Spectral armor"] = "Armure spectrale (console)"
info["fr"]["Boreal Wood armor"] = "Armure en bois boréal"
info["fr"]["Hellwing Bow"] = "Arc d'ailes de feu"
info["fr"]["Rainbow"] = "Arc-en-ciel"
info["fr"]["Potted Trees"] = "Arbres en pot"
info["fr"]["Trees/Shaking/row"] = "Arbres/Shaking/row"
info["fr"]["Cursed Sapling"] = "Arbuste maudit"
info["fr"]["Trees/Shaking"] = "Arbres/Shaking"
info["fr"]["Trees"] = "Arbres"
info["fr"]["Lead Bow"] = "Arc en plomb"
info["fr"]["Skull Bow"] = "Arc à crâne"
info["fr"]["Living Tree"] = "Arbre vivant"
info["fr"]["Repeaters/row"] = "Arbalètes/row"
info["fr"]["Repeaters"] = "Arbalètes"
info["fr"]["Hallowed Repeater"] = "Arbalète sacrée"
info["fr"]["Copper Bow"] = "Arc en cuivre"
info["fr"]["Titanium Repeater"] = "Arbalète en titane"
info["fr"]["Tin Bow"] = "Arc en étain"
info["fr"]["Palladium Repeater"] = "Arbalète en palladium"
info["fr"]["Boreal Wood Bow"] = "Arc en bois boréal"
info["fr"]["Orichalcum Repeater"] = "Arbalète en orichalque"
info["fr"]["Shadewood Bow"] = "Arc en bois d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Mythril Repeater"] = "Arbalète en mithril"
info["fr"]["Ebonwood Bow"] = "Arc en ébène"
info["fr"]["Chlorophyte Shotbow"] = "Arbalète en chlorophyte"
info["fr"]["Adamantite Repeater"] = "Arbalète en adamantite"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany Bow"] = "Arc en acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Vulcan Repeater"] = "Arbalète de Vulcain"
info["fr"]["Water Strider"] = "Araignée d'eau"
info["fr"]["Spider"] = "Araignée"
info["fr"]["Worm Food"] = "Appât à ver"
info["fr"]["Shadowflame Bow"] = "Arc en flamme d'ombre"
info["fr"]["Shark Bait"] = "Appât à requin"
info["fr"]["Palm Wood Bow"] = "Arc en palmier"
info["fr"]["Bait/row"] = "Appât/row"
info["fr"]["Bait"] = "Appât"
info["fr"]["Elf Archer"] = "Archer elfe"
info["fr"]["Cactus armor"] = "Armure en cactus"
info["fr"]["NPC spawning/print"] = "Apparition de PNJ/print"
info["fr"]["NPC spawning"] = "Apparition de PNJ"
info["fr"]["Spawn"] = "Apparition"
info["fr"]["Bee Keeper"] = "Apicultrice"
info["fr"]["Living Mahogany Tree"] = "Arbre d'acajou vivant"
info["fr"]["Coin Ring"] = "Anneau à pièces"
info["fr"]["Gold Ring"] = "Anneau doré"
info["fr"]["Valentine Ring"] = "Anneau de valentin"
info["fr"]["Mana Regeneration Band"] = "Anneau de régénération de mana"
info["fr"]["Band of Regeneration"] = "Anneau de régénération"
info["fr"]["Greedy Ring"] = "Anneau d'avarice"
info["fr"]["Demon Bow"] = "Arc démoniaque"
info["fr"]["Blood Eel"] = "Anguille de sang"
info["fr"]["Anchor"] = "Ancre"
info["fr"]["Ancient Hallowed armor"] = "Ancienne armure sacrée"
info["fr"]["Ancient Cobalt armor"] = "Ancienne armure en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Ancient Shadow armor"] = "Ancienne armure de l'ombre"
info["fr"]["Iron Bow"] = "Arc de fer"
info["fr"]["Pineapple"] = "Ananas"
info["fr"]["Amethyst"] = "Améthyste"
info["fr"]["Ankh Charm/Crafting tree"] = "Amulette Ânkh/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Ankh Charm"] = "Amulette Ânkh"
info["fr"]["Molten Charm"] = "Amulette en fusion"
info["fr"]["White Cultist Archer"] = "Archer adepte blanc"
info["fr"]["Moon Charm"] = "Amulette lunaire"
info["fr"]["Lava Charm"] = "Amulette de lave"
info["fr"]["Charm"] = "Amulette"
info["fr"]["Android"] = "Android"
info["fr"]["Amber"] = "Ambre"
info["fr"]["Greedy Ring/Crafting tree"] = "Anneau d'avarice/Arbre d'artisanat"
info["fr"]["Amazon"] = "Amazone"
info["fr"]["Honey Comb"] = "Alvéole de miel"
info["fr"]["Depth Meter"] = "Altimètre"
info["fr"]["Seaweed"] = "Algue"
info["fr"]["Treasure Magnet"] = "Aimant à trésors"
info["fr"]["Celestial Magnet"] = "Aimant céleste"
info["fr"]["Wings/cell"] = "Ailes/cell"
info["fr"]["Wings/List"] = "Ailes/List"
info["fr"]["Wings"] = "Ailes"
info["fr"]["Broken Bat Wing"] = "Aile cassée de chauve-souris"
info["fr"]["Tattered Bee Wing"] = "Aile abîmée d'abeille"
info["fr"]["Aggro"] = "Aggro"
info["fr"]["Cultists"] = "Adeptes"
info["fr"]["Lunatic Cultist"] = "Adepte lunatique"
info["fr"]["Adamantite"] = "Adamantite"
info["fr"]["Actuator"] = "Actionneur"
info["fr"]["Clinger"] = "Accrocheur"
info["fr"]["Expert Mode Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires du Mode Expert/row"
info["fr"]["Expert Mode Accessories"] = "Accessoires du Mode Expert"
info["fr"]["Miscellaneous Accessories"] = "Accessoires divers"
info["fr"]["Cobalt Repeater"] = "Arbalète en cobalt"
info["fr"]["Miscellaneous Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires divers/row"
info["fr"]["Vanity Accessories/tip"] = "Accessoires de style/conseil"
info["fr"]["Vanity Accessories"] = "Accessoires de style"
info["fr"]["Health and Mana Accessories"] = "Accessoires de santé et de mana"
info["fr"]["Vanity Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de style/row"
info["fr"]["Health and Mana Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de santé et de mana/row"
info["fr"]["Fishing Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de pêche/row"
info["fr"]["Fishing Accessories"] = "Accessoires de pêche"
info["fr"]["Movement Accessories"] = "Accessoires de déplacement"
info["fr"]["Construction Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de construction/row"
info["fr"]["Movement Accessories/row2"] = "Accessoires de déplacement/row2"
info["fr"]["Construction Accessories"] = "Accessoires de construction"
info["fr"]["Movement Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de déplacement/row"
info["fr"]["Combat Accessories"] = "Accessoires de combat"
info["fr"]["Music Box Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de boîte à musique/row"
info["fr"]["Combat Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires de combat/row"
info["fr"]["Music Box Accessories"] = "Accessoires de boîte à musique"
info["fr"]["Informational Accessories/row"] = "Accessoires d'information/row"
info["fr"]["Pirate Crossbower"] = "Arbalétrier pirate"
info["fr"]["Informational Accessories/note"] = "Accessoires d'information/note"
info["fr"]["Wall Anchor"] = "Ancre murale"
info["fr"]["Balloon Animal"] = "Animal en ballon"
info["fr"]["Informational Accessories"] = "Accessoires d'information"
info["fr"]["Accessories"] = "Accessoires"
info["fr"]["Living Mahogany"] = "Acajou riche vivant"
info["fr"]["Star Anise"] = "Anis étoilé"
info["fr"]["Rich Mahogany"] = "Acajou riche"
info["fr"]["Accessories/typerow"] = "Accessoires/typerow"
info["fr"]["Life Drain"] = "Absorbeur de santé"
info["fr"]["Anomura Fungus"] = "Anomoure"
info["fr"]["Apricot"] = "Abricot"
info["fr"]["Abeemination"] = "Abeillemination"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["1.3.1"] = "1.3.1"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["Shadowflame Apparition"] = "Apparition de flamme d'ombre"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["1.2.3"] = "1.2.3"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["Gold Water Strider"] = "Araignée d'eau dorée"
info["fr"]["1.2"] = "1.2"
info["fr"]["Lime Kelp"] = "Algue vert citron"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["Wire Bulb"] = "Ampoule à câble"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["1.2.4"] = "1.2.4"
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"][""] = ""
info["fr"]["Amarok"] = "Amarok"
info["fr"]["Diamond Ring"] = "Anneau en diamant"
info["fr"]["Yoyo Accessories"] = "Accessoires de yoyo"
info["fr"]["Immunity accessories"] = "Accessoires d'immunité"
info["fr"]["Bee"] = "Abeille"

-- fr END -------------------------

-- hu START -------------------------
info["hu"] = {}
info["hu"]["Category:Terraria Wiki"] = "Kategória:Terraria Wiki"
info["hu"]["Category:Hidden categories"] = "Kategória:Rejtett kategóriák"
info["hu"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList parser function"] = "Kategória:Pages using DynamicPageList parser function"
info["hu"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function"] = "Kategória:Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function"
info["hu"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList dplnum parser function"] = "Kategória:Pages using DynamicPageList dplnum parser function"
info["hu"]["Category:Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function"] = "Kategória:Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function"
info["hu"]["Category:DPL tracking categories"] = "Kategória:DPL tracking categories"
info["hu"]["Ocean"] = "Óceán"
info["hu"]["Ores"] = "Ércek"
info["hu"]["The Groom"] = "Vőlegény"
info["hu"]["Eater of Worlds"] = "Világfaló"
info["hu"]["Expert mode"] = "Szakértőmód"
info["hu"]["Desert"] = "Sivatag"
info["hu"]["Pinky"] = "Rózsi"
info["hu"]["Damage Types"] = "Sebzés Típusai"
info["hu"]["Corrupt Goldfish"] = "Romláshal"
info["hu"]["Regeneration Potion"] = "Regeneráció itala"
info["hu"]["Armored Viking"] = "Páncélozott viking"
info["hu"]["Terraria Wiki"] = "Terraria Wiki"
info["hu"]["Hellbat"] = "Pokoldenevér"
info["hu"]["Piranha"] = "Pirája"
info["hu"]["Plants"] = "Növények"
info["hu"]["Angry Bones"] = "Mérges csontváz"
info["hu"]["Birds"] = "Madár"
info["hu"]["Lava Bat"] = "Lávadenevér"
info["hu"]["Blazing Wheel"] = "Lánggyűrű"
info["hu"]["Purple Slime"] = "Lila nyálka"
info["hu"]["Blood Crawler"] = "Vérpók"
info["hu"]["Melee weapons"] = "Közelharci fegyverek"
info["hu"]["Crystal Heart"] = "Kristályszív"
info["hu"]["Informational Accessories"] = "Információs kiegészítők"
info["hu"]["Informational Accessories/note"] = "Információs Kiegészítők/megjegyzések"
info["hu"]["Terraria News"] = "Hírek"
info["hu"]["Wall of Flesh"] = "Húsfal"
info["hu"]["House"] = "Ház"
info["hu"]["Raven"] = "Holló"
info["hu"]["Snow biome"] = "Havas éghajlat"
info["hu"]["Buffs"] = "Hatások"
info["hu"]["Death"] = "Halál"
info["hu"]["Fungi Bulb"] = "Gombabimbó"
info["hu"]["Cell Phone"] = "Mobiltelefon"
info["hu"]["Underground"] = "Földalatti szint"
info["hu"]["Underground Desert"] = "Földalatti sivatag"
info["hu"]["Cochineal Beetle"] = "Piros bogár"
info["hu"]["Jungle Bat"] = "Esőerdei denevér"
info["hu"]["Stopwatch"] = "Stopperóra"
info["hu"]["Forest"] = "Erdő"
info["hu"]["Queen Bee"] = "Méhkirálynő"
info["hu"]["Enemies"] = "Ellenfelek"
info["hu"]["Miscellaneous"] = "Egyebek"
info["hu"]["Harpy"] = "Gyémánt"
info["hu"]["Gems"] = "Drágakövek"
info["hu"]["Doctor Bones"] = "Doktor csont"
info["hu"]["Yellow Slime"] = "Citromsárga nyálka"
info["hu"]["Cave Bat"] = "Barlangi denevér"
info["hu"]["King Slime"] = "Nyálkakirály"
info["hu"]["Creeper"] = "Agyszem"
info["hu"]["Lac Beetle"] = "Ibolya bogár"
info["hu"]["Brain of Cthulhu"] = "Cthulhu agya"
info["hu"]["Template:Master Template Characters"] = "Sablon:Master Template Characters"
info["hu"]["Template:Lua/doc"] = "Sablon:Lua/doc"
info["hu"]["Template:Lua"] = "Sablon:Lua"
info["hu"]["Template:Language info"] = "Sablon:Language info"
info["hu"]["Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Cthulhu szeme"
info["hu"]["Template:Item"] = "Sablon:Item"
info["hu"]["Skeletron"] = "Csontkirály"
info["hu"]["Template:Duration"] = "Sablon:Duration"
info["hu"]["Template:Duration/doc"] = "Sablon:Duration/doc"
info["hu"]["Template:Gems"] = "Sablon:Drágakövek"
info["hu"]["Template:Doc"] = "Sablon:Doc"
info["hu"]["Template:Beetles"] = "Sablon:Beetles"
info["hu"]["Template:Bats"] = "Sablon:Bats"

-- hu END -------------------------

-- ko START -------------------------
info["ko"] = {}
info["ko"]["White Horseshoe Balloon"] = "흰색 말굽 풍선"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Swordfish"] = "흑요석 황새치"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Skin Potion"] = "흑요석 피부의 물약"
info["ko"]["White Tuxedo set"] = "흰색 턱시도"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Water Walking Boots"] = "흑요석 수상 보행 신발"
info["ko"]["Dirt Rod"] = "흙 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Rarity"] = "희소성"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Skull"] = "흑요석 두개골"
info["ko"]["Power Glove"] = "힘의 장갑"
info["ko"]["0x33's Aviators"] = "0x33의 에비에이터"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Shield"] = "흑요석 방패"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Horseshoe"] = "흑요석 말굽"
info["ko"]["Soul of Might"] = "힘의 영혼"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Brick"] = "흑요석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Obsidian"] = "흑요석"
info["ko"]["Drippler"] = "흐르는 것"
info["ko"]["Portable Cement Mixer"] = "휴대용 시멘트 혼합기"
info["ko"]["Cell Phone"] = "휴대전화"
info["ko"]["Torches"] = "횃불"
info["ko"]["Phantasm"] = "환상"
info["ko"]["Bows"] = "활류"
info["ko"]["Biome Key Mold"] = "환경 열쇠 틀"
info["ko"]["Biome Keys"] = "환경 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Extendo Grip"] = "확장 손잡이"
info["ko"]["Dark Caster"] = "흑마법사"
info["ko"]["Golden Crate"] = "황금 크레이트"
info["ko"]["Megaphone"] = "확성기"
info["ko"]["Inferno Potion"] = "화염장막의 물약"
info["ko"]["Fire Gauntlet"] = "화염의 건틀릿"
info["ko"]["Molotov Cocktail"] = "화염병"
info["ko"]["Flamethrower"] = "화염방사기"
info["ko"]["Flame Trap"] = "화염 함정"
info["ko"]["Flamelash"] = "화염 채찍"
info["ko"]["Obsidian Brick Wall"] = "흑요석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Dirt Block"] = "흙 블록"
info["ko"]["Fireblossom"] = "화염초"
info["ko"]["Dirt Wall"] = "흙 벽면"
info["ko"]["Martian Madness"] = "화성의 광기"
info["ko"]["Arrows"] = "화살"
info["ko"]["Granite Block"] = "화강암 블록"
info["ko"]["Blend-O-Matic"] = "혼합기"
info["ko"]["Tendon Bow"] = "힘줄 활"
info["ko"]["Chaos Elemental"] = "혼돈의 정령"
info["ko"]["Active Stone Block"] = "활성화된 돌 블록"
info["ko"]["Granite Elemental"] = "화강암 정령"
info["ko"]["Staff of the Frost Hydra"] = "혹한의 히드라의 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Gray Brick"] = "회색 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Gray Brick Wall"] = "회색 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Vampire Knives"] = "흡혈귀의 칼"
info["ko"]["Granite Golem"] = "화강암 골렘"
info["ko"]["Granite Cave"] = "화강암 동굴"
info["ko"]["Flower of Frost"] = "혹한의 꽃"
info["ko"]["Pumpkin Moon Medallion"] = "호박의 달 대형 메달"
info["ko"]["Hoverboard"] = "호버보드"
info["ko"]["Pumpkin Seed"] = "호박 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Amber Staff"] = "호박 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Pumpkin armor"] = "호박 방어구"
info["ko"]["Frost Moon"] = "혹한의 달"
info["ko"]["Amber"] = "호박 (보석)"
info["ko"]["Hoplite"] = "호플리테스"
info["ko"]["abeemination"] = "혐오스러운 벌"
info["ko"]["Golden Seaweed"] = "황금 해초"
info["ko"]["Hermes Boots"] = "헤르메스 신발"
info["ko"]["Herbs"] = "허브"
info["ko"]["Swordfish"] = "황새치"
info["ko"]["Herb Bag"] = "허브 가방"
info["ko"]["Lucky Horseshoe"] = "행운의 말굽"
info["ko"]["Jellyfish"] = "해파리"
info["ko"]["Martian Conduit Wall"] = "화성인 전류 벽면"
info["ko"]["Crimtane Bar"] = "혈석 주괴"
info["ko"]["Granite Wall"] = "화강암 벽면"
info["ko"]["Martian Conduit Plating"] = "화성인 전류 도금판"
info["ko"]["Pirate Staff"] = "해적 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Sunflower"] = "해바라기"
info["ko"]["Nectar"] = "화밀"
info["ko"]["Daybloom"] = "해맞이꽃"
info["ko"]["Skeleton"] = "해골"
info["ko"]["Skeleton Archer"] = "해골 궁병"
info["ko"]["Pumpkin"] = "호박"
info["ko"]["Chilled"] = "한기"
info["ko"]["Harpy"] = "하피"
info["ko"]["Pumpkin Wall"] = "호박 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sky Blue Flower"] = "하늘색 꽃"
info["ko"]["Crimtane Ore"] = "혈석 광석"
info["ko"]["Hardmode"] = "하드모드"
info["ko"]["Sky Mill"] = "하늘 방앗간"
info["ko"]["Pinky"] = "핑키"
info["ko"]["Pixie"] = "픽시"
info["ko"]["Crimtane Brick Wall"] = "혈석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Crimtane Brick"] = "혈석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Piranha Gun"] = "피라냐 총"
info["ko"]["Phoenix Blaster"] = "피닉스 블래스터"
info["ko"]["Pygmy Staff"] = "피그미 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Platforms"] = "플랫폼"
info["ko"]["Midnight Confetti Block"] = "한밤의 색종이 블록"
info["ko"]["Plantera's Bulb"] = "플랜테라의 알뿌리"
info["ko"]["Bladetongue"] = "혓바늘"
info["ko"]["Seaweed"] = "해초"
info["ko"]["Sandstorm in a Balloon"] = "풍선 속에 모래폭풍"
info["ko"]["Hel-Fire"] = "헬-파이어"
info["ko"]["Blizzard in a Balloon"] = "풍선 속에 눈보라"
info["ko"]["Hammush"] = "해머쉬"
info["ko"]["Cloud in a Balloon"] = "풍선 속에 구름"
info["ko"]["Bundle of Balloons"] = "풍선 묶음"
info["ko"]["Midnight Confetti Wall"] = "한밤의 색종이 벽면"
info["ko"]["Tempest Staff"] = "폭풍 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Waterfall"] = "폭포"
info["ko"]["Demolitionist"] = "폭파 전문가"
info["ko"]["Bomb"] = "폭탄"
info["ko"]["Shuriken"] = "표창"
info["ko"]["Rockets"] = "폭죽"
info["ko"]["Detonating Bubble"] = "폭발성 방울"
info["ko"]["Explosive Weapons"] = "폭발성 무기류"
info["ko"]["Tsunami"] = "해일궁"
info["ko"]["Explosives (class)"] = "폭발물류"
info["ko"]["Harp"] = "하프"
info["ko"]["Explosives"] = "폭발물"
info["ko"]["Portal Gun Station"] = "포탈건 기구"
info["ko"]["Portal Gun"] = "포탈건"
info["ko"]["Bloody Machete"] = "피투성이 마체테"
info["ko"]["Pets"] = "펫"
info["ko"]["Fez"] = "페즈"
info["ko"]["Paint"] = "페인트"
info["ko"]["Phasesabers"] = "페이즈 세이버"
info["ko"]["Phaseblades"] = "페이즈 블레이드"
info["ko"]["Devourer"] = "포식귀"
info["ko"]["Pump"] = "펌프"
info["ko"]["Mandible Blade"] = "하악골 검"
info["ko"]["Bubblegum Block Wall"] = "풍선껌 블록 벽면"
info["ko"]["Clinger"] = "포착 식물"
info["ko"]["Palladium Bar"] = "팔라듐 주괴"
info["ko"]["Bubblegum Block"] = "풍선껌 블록"
info["ko"]["Vial of Blood"] = "피가 든 유리병"
info["ko"]["Palladium armor"] = "팔라듐 방어구"
info["ko"]["Blood Butcherer"] = "피의 도살자"
info["ko"]["Flairon"] = "플레이론"
info["ko"]["Palladium Pickaxe"] = "팔라듐 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Star Anise"] = "팔각"
info["ko"]["Flask of Party"] = "파티의 플라스크"
info["ko"]["Blue Berries"] = "파란색 열매"
info["ko"]["Nettle Burst"] = "파열의 쐐기풀"
info["ko"]["Blue Slime"] = "파란색 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Blue Armored Bones"] = "파란색 무장 해골"
info["ko"]["Pwnhammer"] = "폰해머"
info["ko"]["Blue Slime"] = "파란 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Petri Dish"] = "페트리 접시"
info["ko"]["Blue Horseshoe Balloon"] = "파란색 말굽 풍선"
info["ko"]["Falcon Blade"] = "팔콘 블레이드"
info["ko"]["Destroyer Emblem"] = "파괴자의 휘장"
info["ko"]["Palladium Column Wall"] = "팔라듐 기둥 벽면"
info["ko"]["Palladium Column"] = "팔라듐 기둥"
info["ko"]["Titanium Repeater"] = "티타늄 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Palladium Waraxe"] = "팔라듐 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Palladium Pike"] = "팔라듐 파이크"
info["ko"]["Palladium Repeater"] = "팔라듐 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Format:C"] = "포맷:C"
info["ko"]["Palladium Ore"] = "팔라듐 광석"
info["ko"]["Phantom Phoenix"] = "팬텀 피닉스"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Bar"] = "티타늄 주괴"
info["ko"]["Titanium Trident"] = "티타늄 삼지창"
info["ko"]["Palladium Drill"] = "팔라듐 드릴"
info["ko"]["Titanium armor"] = "티타늄 방어구"
info["ko"]["Palladium Chainsaw"] = "팔라듐 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Titanium Ore"] = "티타늄 광석"
info["ko"]["Titanium Pickaxe"] = "티타늄 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Titanium Sword"] = "티타늄 검"
info["ko"]["Tiki armor"] = "티키 방어구"
info["ko"]["Hardy Saddle"] = "튼튼한 안장"
info["ko"]["Trophies"] = "트로피"
info["ko"]["Seedler"] = "파종꾼"
info["ko"]["Throwing Knife"] = "투척용 칼"
info["ko"]["Thrown Water"] = "투척수"
info["ko"]["Thrown Powder"] = "투척 가루"
info["ko"]["Invisibility Potion"] = "투명의 물약"
info["ko"]["Team Block"] = "팀 블록"
info["ko"]["Tonbogiri"] = "톤보기리"
info["ko"]["Titanstone Block Wall"] = "티탄석 블록 벽면"
info["ko"]["Topaz Staff"] = "토파즈 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Titanstone Block"] = "티탄석 블록"
info["ko"]["Topaz Robe"] = "토파즈 로브"
info["ko"]["Palladium Sword"] = "팔라듐 검"
info["ko"]["Topaz"] = "토파즈"
info["ko"]["Bunny Cannon"] = "토끼 대포"
info["ko"]["Bunny"] = "토끼"
info["ko"]["Terrarian"] = "테라리안"
info["ko"]["Pulse Bow"] = "파동의 활"
info["ko"]["Terra Blade"] = "테라 블레이드"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Bar"] = "텅스텐 주괴"
info["ko"]["Tungsten armor"] = "텅스텐 방어구"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Pickaxe"] = "텅스텐 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Titanium Waraxe"] = "티타늄 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Titanium Chainsaw"] = "티타늄 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Cog Wall"] = "톱니바퀴 벽면"
info["ko"]["Tally Counter"] = "탤리 카운터"
info["ko"]["Solar Flare armor"] = "태양의 방어구"
info["ko"]["Titanium Drill"] = "티타늄 드릴"
info["ko"]["Tiki Totem"] = "티키 토템"
info["ko"]["Solar Eruption"] = "태양 폭발"
info["ko"]["Cog"] = "톱니바퀴"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Brick Wall"] = "텅스텐 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sawtooth Shark"] = "톱니 상어"
info["ko"]["Solar Fragment"] = "태양의 파편"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Brick"] = "텅스텐 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Mounts"] = "탈 것"
info["ko"]["Ammo Reservation Potion"] = "탄약 회수의 물약"
info["ko"]["Tizona"] = "티조나"
info["ko"]["Bullets"] = "탄약"
info["ko"]["Timers"] = "타이머"
info["ko"]["Unholy Trident"] = "타락한 삼지창"
info["ko"]["Scourge of the Corruptor"] = "타락귀의 재앙"
info["ko"]["Sunplate Block"] = "태양판 블록"
info["ko"]["Corruptor"] = "타락귀"
info["ko"]["Picksaw"] = "톱괭이"
info["ko"]["Keybrand"] = "키브랜드"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Ore"] = "텅스텐 광석"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Hammer"] = "텅스텐 망치"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Shortsword"] = "텅스텐 단검"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Bow"] = "텅스텐 활"
info["ko"]["Crimera"] = "크리메라"
info["ko"]["Crate Potion"] = "크레이트의 물약"
info["ko"]["Kraken"] = "크라켄"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Axe"] = "텅스텐 도끼"
info["ko"]["Giant Shelly"] = "큰 조가비"
info["ko"]["Console Version history"] = "콘솔 버전 역사"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Bar"] = "코발트 주괴"
info["ko"]["Console version"] = "콘솔 버전"
info["ko"]["Eye of Cthulhu"] = "크툴루의 눈"
info["ko"]["Tungsten Broadsword"] = "텅스텐 검"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Chainsaw"] = "코발트 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Repeater"] = "코발트 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Brick"] = "코발트 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Cobalt armor"] = "코발트 방어구"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Drill"] = "코발트 드릴"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Ore"] = "코발트 광석"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Sword"] = "코발트 검"
info["ko"]["Code 2"] = "코드 2"
info["ko"]["Code 1"] = "코드 1"
info["ko"]["Candy Corn Rifle"] = "캔디콘 소총"
info["ko"]["Razorpine"] = "칼날솔잎"
info["ko"]["Razorblade Typhoon"] = "칼날 태풍"
info["ko"]["Sunfury"] = "태양의 격노"
info["ko"]["Ebonwood armor"] = "칠흑나무 방어구"
info["ko"]["Dao of Pow"] = "태극의 힘"
info["ko"]["Tartar Sauce"] = "타르타르 소스"
info["ko"]["Vanity items"] = "치장 아이템"
info["ko"]["Creeper Egg"] = "크리퍼의 알"
info["ko"]["Clentaminator"] = "클린태미네이터"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Waraxe"] = "코발트 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Critical hit"] = "치명타"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Brick Wall"] = "코발트 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Christmas Tree Sword"] = "크리스마스 트리 검"
info["ko"]["Bleeding"] = "출혈"
info["ko"]["Cascade"] = "캐스케이드"
info["ko"]["Ebonwood Wall"] = "칠흑나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["Cutlass"] = "커틀러스"
info["ko"]["Ebonstone Brick"] = "칠흑석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Guns"] = "총기류"
info["ko"]["Last Prism"] = "최후의 프리즘"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Pickaxe"] = "코발트 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Ebonwood Bow"] = "칠흑나무 활"
info["ko"]["Ebonstone Brick Wall"] = "칠흑석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Candelabra"] = "촛대"
info["ko"]["Blade of Grass"] = "초목의 검"
info["ko"]["Green Slime"] = "초록색 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Green Mushroom"] = "초록색 버섯"
info["ko"]["Green Cap"] = "초록색 모자"
info["ko"]["Ebonwood"] = "칠흑나무"
info["ko"]["Bladed Glove"] = "칼날 장갑"
info["ko"]["Cobalt Naginata"] = "코발트 나기나타"
info["ko"]["Chain Gun"] = "체인건"
info["ko"]["Lifeforce Potion"] = "체력 증진의 물약"
info["ko"]["Teal Mushroom"] = "청록색 버섯"
info["ko"]["Ebonwood Hammer"] = "칠흑나무 망치"
info["ko"]["Turkey Feather"] = "칠면조 깃털"
info["ko"]["Iron Bow"] = "철 활"
info["ko"]["Ironskin Potion"] = "철 피부의 물약"
info["ko"]["Iron Axe"] = "철 도끼"
info["ko"]["Iron armor"] = "철 방어구"
info["ko"]["Iron Pickaxe"] = "철 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Ebonwood Sword"] = "칠흑나무 검"
info["ko"]["Celestial Emblem"] = "천상의 휘장"
info["ko"]["Angel Halo"] = "천사 링"
info["ko"]["Vertebra"] = "척추뼈"
info["ko"]["Celestial Magnet"] = "천상의 자석"
info["ko"]["Celestial Stone"] = "천상의 돌"
info["ko"]["Bookcases"] = "책장"
info["ko"]["Book"] = "책"
info["ko"]["Chik"] = "칙"
info["ko"]["Blessed Apple"] = "축복받은 사과"
info["ko"]["Frozen Slime Block"] = "차가운 슬라임 블록"
info["ko"]["Mystic Robe"] = "집시 로브"
info["ko"]["Anomura Fungus"] = "집게 버섯"
info["ko"]["House"] = "집"
info["ko"]["Celestial Sigil"] = "천체의 인장"
info["ko"]["Suffocation"] = "질식"
info["ko"]["Mud Block"] = "진흙 블록"
info["ko"]["Iron Ore"] = "철 광석"
info["ko"]["Crimson Rod"] = "진홍의 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Crimson Seeds"] = "진홍의 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Crimson Heart (item)"] = "진홍의 심장 (아이템)"
info["ko"]["Iron Bar"] = "철 주괴"
info["ko"]["Crimson armor"] = "진홍의 방어구"
info["ko"]["Crimson Axe"] = "진홍의 도끼"
info["ko"]["Crimslime"] = "진홍 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Pearlwood Bow"] = "진주나무 활"
info["ko"]["Pearlwood armor"] = "진주나무 방어구"
info["ko"]["Iron Hammer"] = "철 망치"
info["ko"]["Iron Shortsword"] = "철 단검"
info["ko"]["Blue Moon"] = "청월"
info["ko"]["Iron Broadsword"] = "철 검"
info["ko"]["Pearlwood"] = "진주나무"
info["ko"]["True Excalibur"] = "진정한 엑스칼리버"
info["ko"]["True Night's Edge"] = "진정한 밤의 칼날"
info["ko"]["Calming Potion"] = "진정의 물약"
info["ko"]["Spear Trap"] = "창 함정"
info["ko"]["Wrath Potion"] = "진노의 물약"
info["ko"]["Underworld"] = "지하세계"
info["ko"]["Candy Cane Blocks"] = "지팡이 사탕 블록"
info["ko"]["Flails"] = "철퇴류"
info["ko"]["Sky Dragon's Fury"] = "천룡의 격노"
info["ko"]["Hellstone Bar"] = "지옥석 주괴"
info["ko"]["Hellforge"] = "지옥 용광로"
info["ko"]["Hellbat"] = "지옥 박쥐"
info["ko"]["Slush Block"] = "진창눈 블록"
info["ko"]["Pearlwood Wall"] = "진주나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["Aerial Bane"] = "창공의 파멸"
info["ko"]["Pearlstone Brick Wall"] = "진주석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Spear"] = "창"
info["ko"]["Pearlstone Brick"] = "진주석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Land Mine"] = "지뢰"
info["ko"]["Worm Tooth"] = "지렁이 이빨"
info["ko"]["Gravitation Potion"] = "중력의 물약"
info["ko"]["Pearlwood Hammer"] = "진주나무 망치"
info["ko"]["Orange Bloodroot"] = "주황색 혈근초"
info["ko"]["Spears"] = "창류"
info["ko"]["Tin Bar"] = "주석 주괴"
info["ko"]["Hellstone Brick"] = "지옥석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Hellstone"] = "지옥석"
info["ko"]["Candy Cane Walls"] = "지팡이 사탕 벽면"
info["ko"]["Pearlwood Sword"] = "진주나무 검"
info["ko"]["Hellstone Brick Wall"] = "지옥석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Death Sickle"] = "죽음의 낫"
info["ko"]["Tin armor"] = "주석 방어구"
info["ko"]["Imbuing Station"] = "주입기"
info["ko"]["Candy Cane Sword"] = "지팡이 사탕 검"
info["ko"]["Bars"] = "주괴"
info["ko"]["Tin Brick"] = "주석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Tin Plating Wall"] = "주석 도금판 벽면"
info["ko"]["Tin Axe"] = "주석 도끼"
info["ko"]["Hellwing Bow"] = "지옥날개 활"
info["ko"]["Candy Cane Pickaxe"] = "지팡이 사탕 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Tissue Sample"] = "조직 표본"
info["ko"]["Recipes"] = "조합법"
info["ko"]["Seashell"] = "조개"
info["ko"]["Statues"] = "조각상"
info["ko"]["Gel"] = "젤"
info["ko"]["Ice Machine"] = "제빙기"
info["ko"]["Wet"] = "젖음"
info["ko"]["Sawmill"] = "제재소"
info["ko"]["Zombie"] = "좀비"
info["ko"]["Tin Bow"] = "주석 활"
info["ko"]["Jungle Grass Seeds"] = "정글 잔디 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Jungle Slime"] = "정글 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Tin Brick Wall"] = "주석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Tin Ore"] = "주석 광석"
info["ko"]["Tin Plating"] = "주석 도금판"
info["ko"]["Jungle Wall"] = "정글 벽면"
info["ko"]["Jungle Bat"] = "정글 박쥐"
info["ko"]["Trifold Map"] = "접힌 지도"
info["ko"]["Battle Potion"] = "전투의 물약"
info["ko"]["Tactical Shotgun"] = "전술형 산탄총"
info["ko"]["Tin Hammer"] = "주석 망치"
info["ko"]["List of NPCs"] = "적 목록"
info["ko"]["Enemies"] = "적"
info["ko"]["Cursed Inferno"] = "저주받은 화염"
info["ko"]["Flask of Cursed Flames"] = "저주받은 불꽃의 플라스크"
info["ko"]["Cursed Flames"] = "저주받은 불꽃 (마법 무기)"
info["ko"]["Sleepy Octopod"] = "졸린 문어"
info["ko"]["Zombie Arm"] = "좀비 팔"
info["ko"]["Cursed Flame"] = "저주받은 불꽃"
info["ko"]["Expert Mode"] = "전문가 모드"
info["ko"]["Cursed Hammer"] = "저주받은 망치"
info["ko"]["Cursed Skull"] = "저주받은 두개골"
info["ko"]["Sniper Scope"] = "저격 소총 조준경"
info["ko"]["Tin Pickaxe"] = "주석 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Sniper Rifle"] = "저격 소총"
info["ko"]["Bell"] = "종"
info["ko"]["Jack 'O Lantern Launcher"] = "잭 오 랜턴 발사기"
info["ko"]["Wire Bulb"] = "전선 전구"
info["ko"]["Zapinator"] = "재피네이터"
info["ko"]["Staff of Regrowth"] = "재성장의 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Regeneration Potion"] = "재생의 물약"
info["ko"]["Naughty Present"] = "장난스러운 선물 상자"
info["ko"]["Tin Broadsword"] = "주석 검"
info["ko"]["Bug Net"] = "잠자리채"
info["ko"]["Diving Helmet"] = "잠수모"
info["ko"]["Clay Block"] = "점토 블록"
info["ko"]["Rain"] = "장마"
info["ko"]["Golden Lock Box"] = "잠겨진 금 상자"
info["ko"]["Grass Seeds"] = "잔디 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Tin Shortsword"] = "주석 단검"
info["ko"]["Work Benches"] = "작업대"
info["ko"]["Crafting stations"] = "작업 기구"
info["ko"]["Harpoon"] = "작살"
info["ko"]["Violet Husk"] = "자주색 껍질"
info["ko"]["Amethyst Staff"] = "자수정 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Amethyst Robe"] = "자수정 로브"
info["ko"]["Wire Cutter"] = "전선 절단기"
info["ko"]["Amethyst"] = "자수정"
info["ko"]["Magnet Sphere"] = "자력의 구체"
info["ko"]["Accessories"] = "장신구"
info["ko"]["Autohammer"] = "자동망치"
info["ko"]["Leaf Blower"] = "잎사귀 송풍기"
info["ko"]["Solar Eclipse"] = "일식"
info["ko"]["Inferno Fork"] = "인페르노 포크"
info["ko"]["Mermaid set"] = "인어공주 복장"
info["ko"]["Flare Gun"] = "조명탄 총"
info["ko"]["Endurance Potion"] = "인내의 물약"
info["ko"]["Cursed Sapling"] = "저주받은 묘목"
info["ko"]["Ash Block"] = "재 블록"
info["ko"]["Silly Balloon Walls"] = "장난감 풍선 벽면"
info["ko"]["Strange Glowing Mushroom"] = "이상한 발광 버섯"
info["ko"]["Grass Wall"] = "잔디 벽면"
info["ko"]["Medicated Bandage"] = "의약용 반창고"
info["ko"]["Toy Sled"] = "장난감 썰매"
info["ko"]["Silly Balloons"] = "장난감 풍선"
info["ko"]["Clothier"] = "의류 상인"
info["ko"]["Solidifier"] = "응고기"
info["ko"]["Holiday Bauble"] = "장식용 방울"
info["ko"]["Music Box (Rain)"] = "음악 상자 (비 오는 날)"
info["ko"]["The Undertaker"] = "장의사"
info["ko"]["Javelin"] = "재블린"
info["ko"]["Silver Bar"] = "은 주괴"
info["ko"]["Silver armor"] = "은 방어구"
info["ko"]["Actuation Rod"] = "작동봉"
info["ko"]["Wall of Flesh"] = "육신의 장벽"
info["ko"]["Sextant"] = "육분의"
info["ko"]["Proximity Mine Launcher"] = "유탄 발사기"
info["ko"]["Moss"] = "이끼"
info["ko"]["Star Cannon"] = "유성 대포"
info["ko"]["Mudstone Brick Wall"] = "이암 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Glass Wall"] = "유리 벽면"
info["ko"]["Glass"] = "유리"
info["ko"]["Glass Kiln"] = "유리 가마"
info["ko"]["Spectre Staff"] = "유령의 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Mudstone Brick"] = "이암 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Silver Brick"] = "은 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Spectre Hamaxe"] = "유령의 날망치"
info["ko"]["Spectre Bar"] = "유령의 주괴"
info["ko"]["Spectre Pickaxe"] = "유령의 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Unicorn"] = "유니콘"
info["ko"]["Dangersense Potion"] = "위험 감지의 물약"
info["ko"]["Bezoar"] = "위석"
info["ko"]["Spooky Wood Wall"] = "으스스한 나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["The Grand Design"] = "위대한 설계도"
info["ko"]["Mining Potion"] = "웜홀의 물약"
info["ko"]["Wall Creeper"] = "월 크리퍼"
info["ko"]["Silver Brick Wall"] = "은 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Disc Wall"] = "원반 벽면"
info["ko"]["Ranged weapons"] = "원거리 무기"
info["ko"]["Water Bolt"] = "워터볼트"
info["ko"]["Spooky Wood"] = "으스스한 나무"
info["ko"]["Exotic Scimitar"] = "이국적인 시미터"
info["ko"]["Warrior Emblem"] = "워리어의 휘장"
info["ko"]["Silver Ore"] = "은 광석"
info["ko"]["Meteorite Bar"] = "운석 주괴"
info["ko"]["Meteorite Brick"] = "운석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Meteor armor"] = "운석 방어구"
info["ko"]["Meteor Head"] = "운석 머리"
info["ko"]["Silver Hammer"] = "은 망치"
info["ko"]["Silver Pickaxe"] = "은 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Meteorite"] = "운석"
info["ko"]["Uzi"] = "우지"
info["ko"]["Space Gun"] = "우주 총"
info["ko"]["Umbrella Slime"] = "우산 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Umbrella Hat"] = "우산 모자"
info["ko"]["Silver Broadsword"] = "은 검"
info["ko"]["Dragon armor"] = "용의 방어구"
info["ko"]["Silver Axe"] = "은 도끼"
info["ko"]["Silver Bow"] = "은 활"
info["ko"]["Magma Stone"] = "용암석"
info["ko"]["Lava Waders"] = "용암 신발"
info["ko"]["Silver Shortsword"] = "은 단검"
info["ko"]["Lava bat"] = "용암 박쥐"
info["ko"]["Lava Slime"] = "용암 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Lava Charm"] = "용암 부적"
info["ko"]["Bathtubs"] = "욕조"
info["ko"]["Furnace"] = "용광로"
info["ko"]["Blood Lust Cluster"] = "욕망의 핏덩어리"
info["ko"]["Fairy Bell"] = "요정의 종"
info["ko"]["Hardmode Forges"] = "용광로 (하드모드)"
info["ko"]["Yoyos"] = "요요류"
info["ko"]["Cooking Pots"] = "요리용 솥"
info["ko"]["Yoyo Bag"] = "요요 가방"
info["ko"]["Night Owl Potion"] = "올빼미의 물약"
info["ko"]["Wyvern"] = "와이번"
info["ko"]["Warmth Potion"] = "온기의 물약"
info["ko"]["Ocram"] = "오크람"
info["ko"]["Fences"] = "울타리"
info["ko"]["The Corruption"] = "오염지대"
info["ko"]["Corrupt Seeds"] = "오염된 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Meteorite Brick Wall"] = "운석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["King Slime"] = "왕 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Corrupt Slime"] = "오염된 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Bar"] = "오리칼쿰 주괴"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum armor"] = "오리칼쿰 방어구"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Ore"] = "오리칼쿰 광석"
info["ko"]["Cosmic Car Key"] = "우주선 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Lavafall Wall"] = "용암폭포 벽면"
info["ko"]["Lavafall Block"] = "용암폭포 블록"
info["ko"]["Dragon Egg"] = "용의 알"
info["ko"]["Soul Scythe"] = "영혼의 낫"
info["ko"]["Eater of Souls"] = "영혼을 먹는 자"
info["ko"]["Meteor Hamaxe"] = "운석 날망치"
info["ko"]["Dye Vat"] = "염료 통"
info["ko"]["Rockfish"] = "우럭"
info["ko"]["Umbrella"] = "우산"
info["ko"]["Dyes"] = "염료"
info["ko"]["Keys"] = "열쇠"
info["ko"]["Dye Trader"] = "염료 상인"
info["ko"]["Lime Kelp"] = "연두색 다시마"
info["ko"]["Eye Spring"] = "용수철 눈"
info["ko"]["Queen Spider Staff"] = "여왕 거미 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Daybreak"] = "여명"
info["ko"]["Elf Melter"] = "엘프 융해장치"
info["ko"]["Cochineal Beetle"] = "연지 딱정벌레"
info["ko"]["Excalibur"] = "엑스칼리버"
info["ko"]["Emerald Staff"] = "에메랄드 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Emerald Robe"] = "에메랄드 로브"
info["ko"]["Emerald"] = "에메랄드"
info["ko"]["Mother Slime"] = "엄마 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Icemourne"] = "얼음한"
info["ko"]["Ice Rod"] = "얼음 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Ice Slime"] = "얼음 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Ice Blocks"] = "얼음 블록"
info["ko"]["Ice Brick"] = "얼음 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Old Walking Stick"] = "오래된 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Ice Bat"] = "얼음 박쥐"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Waraxe"] = "오리칼쿰 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Drill"] = "오리칼쿰 드릴"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Pickaxe"] = "오리칼쿰 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Halberd"] = "오리칼쿰 미늘창"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Chainsaw"] = "오리칼쿰 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Undead Miner"] = "언데드 광부"
info["ko"]["Fish Bowls"] = "어항"
info["ko"]["Smoke Block"] = "연기 블록"
info["ko"]["Face Monster"] = "얼굴 괴물"
info["ko"]["Yelets"] = "옐레츠"
info["ko"]["Fish Finder"] = "어류 탐지기"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Repeater"] = "오리칼쿰 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Candles"] = "양초"
info["ko"]["Bee Keeper"] = "양봉가"
info["ko"]["Cabbage"] = "양배추"
info["ko"]["Buckets"] = "양동이"
info["ko"]["Onyx Blaster"] = "오닉스 블래스터"
info["ko"]["Reaver Shark"] = "약탈자 상어"
info["ko"]["Orichalcum Sword"] = "오리칼쿰 검"
info["ko"]["Palm Wood armor"] = "야자나무 방어구"
info["ko"]["Palm Wood"] = "야자나무"
info["ko"]["Palm Wood Hammer"] = "야자나무 망치"
info["ko"]["Feral Claws"] = "야생의 발톱"
info["ko"]["야간투시경 투구"] = "야간투시경 투구"
info["ko"]["Parrot Cracker"] = "앵무새 크래커"
info["ko"]["Ankh Charm"] = "앙크 부적"
info["ko"]["Ankh Shield"] = "앙크 방패"
info["ko"]["Announcement Box"] = "알림판"
info["ko"]["Eye Patch"] = "안대"
info["ko"]["Fetid Baghnakhs"] = "악취의 바그나우"
info["ko"]["Stink Potion"] = "악취의 물약"
info["ko"]["Ice Blade"] = "얼음 칼날"
info["ko"]["Ice Brick Wall"] = "얼음 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"] = "악몽의 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Demon Eye"] = "악마의 눈"
info["ko"]["Demon Scythe"] = "악마의 낫"
info["ko"]["Demonite Ore"] = "악마석 광석"
info["ko"]["Boreal Wood armor"] = "아한대나무 방어구"
info["ko"]["Ice Boomerang"] = "얼음 부메랑"
info["ko"]["Demonite Bar"] = "악마석 주괴"
info["ko"]["Artery"] = "아터리"
info["ko"]["Ice Bow"] = "얼음 활"
info["ko"]["Demon"] = "악마"
info["ko"]["Palm Wood Wall"] = "야자나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["Dark Lance"] = "어둠의 기병창"
info["ko"]["Ice Sickle"] = "얼음 낫"
info["ko"]["Palm Wood Sword"] = "야자나무 검"
info["ko"]["Boreal Wood Wall"] = "아한대나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["Demonite Brick"] = "악마석 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Demonite Brick Wall"] = "악마석 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Boreal Wood"] = "아한대나무"
info["ko"]["Palm Wood Bow"] = "야자나무 활"
info["ko"]["Boreal Wood Sword"] = "아한대나무 검"
info["ko"]["Boreal Wood Hammer"] = "아한대나무 망치"
info["ko"]["Demon Bow"] = "악마의 활"
info["ko"]["Boreal Wood Bow"] = "아한대나무 활"
info["ko"]["Arkhalis"] = "아크할리스"
info["ko"]["Item IDs"] = "아이템 ID"
info["ko"]["Items"] = "아이템"
info["ko"]["Amarok"] = "아마록"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Bar"] = "아다만타이트 주괴"
info["ko"]["Adamantite armor"] = "아다만타이트 방어구"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Ore"] = "아다만타이트 광석"
info["ko"]["Asphalt Block"] = "아스팔트 블록"
info["ko"]["Baby Slime"] = "아기 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Angler Fish"] = "아귀"
info["ko"]["Seeds"] = "씨앗"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Chainsaw"] = "아다만타이트 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Beam Wall"] = "아다만타이트 기둥 벽면"
info["ko"]["Rotten Egg"] = "썩은 알"
info["ko"]["Rotten Chunk"] = "썩은 덩어리"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Beam"] = "아다만타이트 기둥"
info["ko"]["The Twins"] = "쌍둥이"
info["ko"]["Ectoplasm"] = "심령체"
info["ko"]["Silt Block"] = "실트 블록"
info["ko"]["Swiftness Potion"] = "신속의 물약"
info["ko"]["Hallowed Bar"] = "신성한 주괴"
info["ko"]["Hallowed Repeater"] = "신성한 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Hallowed Seeds"] = "신성한 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Drill"] = "아다만타이트 드릴"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Repeater"] = "아다만타이트 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Amazon"] = "아마존"
info["ko"]["Hallowed armor"] = "신성한 방어구"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Waraxe"] = "아다만타이트 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage"] = "식물 섬유 밧줄을 위한 지침서"
info["ko"]["Man Eater"] = "식인 식물"
info["ko"]["Plants"] = "식물"
info["ko"]["Cyan Beetle"] = "시안색 딱정벌레"
info["ko"]["Soul of Sight"] = "시야의 영혼"
info["ko"]["Cyan Husk"] = "시안색 껍질"
info["ko"]["Clockwork Assault Rifle"] = "시계태엽 돌격소총"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Pickaxe"] = "아다만타이트 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Glaive"] = "아다만타이트 글레이브"
info["ko"]["Slime Staff"] = "슬라임 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Slime Gun"] = "슬라임 총"
info["ko"]["Booster Track"] = "승압기 선로"
info["ko"]["Slimeling"] = "슬라임링"
info["ko"]["Watches"] = "시계"
info["ko"]["Slime Block"] = "슬라임 블록"
info["ko"]["Slimer"] = "슬라이머"
info["ko"]["Steampunk Boiler"] = "스팀펑크 보일러"
info["ko"]["Stynger"] = "스틴저"
info["ko"]["Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle"] = "아기 그린치의 장난스러운 호루라기"
info["ko"]["Smart Cursor"] = "스마트 커서"
info["ko"]["Snow Flinx"] = "스노 플링스"
info["ko"]["Shroomite Bar"] = "쉬루마이트 주괴"
info["ko"]["Shroomite armor"] = "쉬루마이트 방어구"
info["ko"]["Adamantite Sword"] = "아다만타이트 검"
info["ko"]["Shroomite Digging Claw"] = "쉬루마이트 땅파기 손톱"
info["ko"]["Shroomite Plating Wall"] = "쉬루마이트 도금판 벽면"
info["ko"]["Forests"] = "숲"
info["ko"]["Stopwatch"] = "스톱워치"
info["ko"]["Reindeer Bells"] = "순록의 종"
info["ko"]["Reindeer Antlers"] = "순록의 뿔"
info["ko"]["Bowl of Soup"] = "수프"
info["ko"]["Teleportation Potion"] = "순간이동의 물약"
info["ko"]["Gills Potion"] = "수중 호흡의 물약"
info["ko"]["Sonar Potion"] = "수중 탐지의 물약"
info["ko"]["Lens"] = "수정체"
info["ko"]["Crystal Storm"] = "수정 폭풍"
info["ko"]["Crystal Ball"] = "수정 구슬"
info["ko"]["Binoculars"] = "쌍안경"
info["ko"]["Slime Block Wall"] = "슬라임 블록 벽면"
info["ko"]["The Rotted Fork"] = "썩은 포크"
info["ko"]["Suspicious Looking Tentacle"] = "수상해 보이는 촉수"
info["ko"]["Modifiers"] = "수식어"
info["ko"]["Water Walking Potion"] = "수상 보행의 물약"
info["ko"]["Water Walking Boots"] = "수상 보행 신발"
info["ko"]["Flintlock Pistol"] = "수발총"
info["ko"]["Grenade"] = "수류탄"
info["ko"]["Truffle Worm"] = "송로버섯 지렁이"
info["ko"]["Truffle"] = "송로버섯"
info["ko"]["Super Dart Trap"] = "슈퍼 다트 함정"
info["ko"]["By Hand"] = "손"
info["ko"]["Stained Glass"] = "스테인드 글라스"
info["ko"]["Shroomite Plating"] = "쉬루마이트 도금판"
info["ko"]["Summoning Potion"] = "소환사의 물약"
info["ko"]["Vortex Fragment"] = "소용돌이의 파편"
info["ko"]["Rifle Scope"] = "소총 조준경"
info["ko"]["Sofa"] = "소파"
info["ko"]["Minions"] = "소환수"
info["ko"]["Vortex Beater"] = "소용돌이 몰이꾼"
info["ko"]["Stardust Dragon Staff"] = "소성단의 용 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Sorcerer Emblem"] = "소서러의 휘장"
info["ko"]["Sensor"] = "센서"
info["ko"]["Map size"] = "세계의 크기"
info["ko"]["World Feeder"] = "세계의 섭취자"
info["ko"]["Crystal Block Wall"] = "수정 블록 벽면"
info["ko"]["Super Absorbant Sponge"] = "슈퍼 흡수 스펀지"
info["ko"]["Crystal Block"] = "수정 블록"
info["ko"]["Tax Collector"] = "세무사"
info["ko"]["Consumable weapons"] = "소모성 무기류"
info["ko"]["Nebula Fragment"] = "성운의 파편"
info["ko"]["Gender Change Potion"] = "성전환의 물약"
info["ko"]["Pine Tree Block"] = "소나무 블록"
info["ko"]["Breathing Reed"] = "숨 대롱"
info["ko"]["Stardust Fragment"] = "소성단의 파편"
info["ko"]["Cactus armor"] = "선인장 방어구"
info["ko"]["Cactus Wall"] = "선인장 벽면"
info["ko"]["Cactus Sword"] = "선인장 검"
info["ko"]["Vortex armor"] = "소용돌이의 방어구"
info["ko"]["Racks"] = "선반"
info["ko"]["Angry Bones"] = "성난 해골"
info["ko"]["Sunglasses"] = "선글라스"
info["ko"]["Frostburn"] = "서리화염"
info["ko"]["Frost Core"] = "서리 핵"
info["ko"]["Frost Staff"] = "서리 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Frost armor"] = "서리 방어구"
info["ko"]["Suspicious Looking Apple"] = "수상해 보이는 사과"
info["ko"]["Chandeliers"] = "샹들리에"
info["ko"]["Lifeform Analyzer"] = "생물 형태 분석기"
info["ko"]["Heartreach Potion"] = "생명 수집의 물약"
info["ko"]["Fuzzy Carrot"] = "솜털 당근"
info["ko"]["Living Leaf Wall"] = "생나뭇잎 벽면"
info["ko"]["Confetti Gun"] = "색종이 총"
info["ko"]["Shiverthorn"] = "서리가시꽃"
info["ko"]["Confetti Block"] = "색종이 블록"
info["ko"]["Influx Waver"] = "쇄도하는 파도"
info["ko"]["Birds"] = "새"
info["ko"]["Confetti"] = "색종이"
info["ko"]["Merchant"] = "상인"
info["ko"]["Brick Layer"] = "삽"
info["ko"]["Stone Slab Wall"] = "석판 벽면"
info["ko"]["Living Fire Blocks"] = "살아있는 불꽃 블록"
info["ko"]["Cactus"] = "선인장"
info["ko"]["Living Loom"] = "살아있는 베틀"
info["ko"]["Stone Slab"] = "석판"
info["ko"]["Stylish Scissors"] = "세련된 가위"
info["ko"]["Frostbrand"] = "서리검"
info["ko"]["Shotgun"] = "산탄총"
info["ko"]["Paladin's Hammer"] = "성기사의 망치"
info["ko"]["Living Mahogany"] = "생마호가니"
info["ko"]["Cactus Pickaxe"] = "선인장 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Coal"] = "석탄"
info["ko"]["Sapphire Staff"] = "사파이어 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Sapphire Robe"] = "사파이어 로브"
info["ko"]["Sapphire"] = "사파이어"
info["ko"]["Temple Key"] = "사원 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Use Time"] = "사용 시간"
info["ko"]["Living Wood"] = "생나무"
info["ko"]["Living Wood Wall"] = "생나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sandstone Brick"] = "사암 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Chain Guillotines"] = "사슬고리 단두대"
info["ko"]["Shrimpy Truffle"] = "새우 송로버섯"
info["ko"]["Thin Ice"] = "살얼음"
info["ko"]["Confetti Wall"] = "색종이 벽면"
info["ko"]["Desert"] = "사막"
info["ko"]["Deathweed"] = "사망초"
info["ko"]["Love Potion"] = "사랑의 물약"
info["ko"]["Hunter Potion"] = "사냥꾼의 물약"
info["ko"]["Coralstone Block"] = "산호석 블록"
info["ko"]["Chain"] = "사슬"
info["ko"]["Spiky Ball"] = "뾰족한 공"
info["ko"]["Bone Welder"] = "뼈다귀 용접기"
info["ko"]["Sandstone Wall"] = "사암 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sandstone Blocks"] = "사암 블록"
info["ko"]["Bone Serpent"] = "뼈다귀 뱀"
info["ko"]["Trident"] = "삼지창"
info["ko"]["Flesh Grinder"] = "살덩이 분쇄기"
info["ko"]["Sandstone Slab"] = "사암 석판"
info["ko"]["Sandstone Brick Wall"] = "사암 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Bone"] = "뼈다귀"
info["ko"]["Bone Feather"] = "뼈 깃털"
info["ko"]["Psycho Knife"] = "사이코 칼"
info["ko"]["Red Slime"] = "빨간색 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Desert Fossil"] = "사막 화석"
info["ko"]["Desert Fossil Wall"] = "사막 화석 벽면"
info["ko"]["Red Hat"] = "빨간색 모자"
info["ko"]["Deathbringer Pickaxe"] = "사신의 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Zephyr Fish"] = "산들바람 물고기"
info["ko"]["Red Husk"] = "빨간색 껍질"
info["ko"]["Chain Knife"] = "사슬고리 칼"
info["ko"]["Light's Bane"] = "빛의 파멸"
info["ko"]["Fast Clock"] = "빠른 시계"
info["ko"]["Light Disc"] = "빛의 원반"
info["ko"]["Key of Light"] = "빛의 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Possessed Hatchet"] = "빙의된 손도끼"
info["ko"]["Possessed Armor"] = "빙의된 갑옷"
info["ko"]["Bone Block"] = "뼈다귀 블록"
info["ko"]["Empty Bullet"] = "빈 총알"
info["ko"]["Soul of Flight"] = "비행의 영혼"
info["ko"]["Vitamins"] = "비타민"
info["ko"]["Arcane Rune Wall"] = "비전의 룬 벽면"
info["ko"]["Bone Block Wall"] = "뼈다귀 블록 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sharanga"] = "사릉가"
info["ko"]["Baenie"] = "비니"
info["ko"]["Venus Magnum"] = "비너스 매그넘"
info["ko"]["Nimbus Rod"] = "비구름 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Red Brick Wall"] = "빨간색 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Rain Cloud"] = "비구름"
info["ko"]["Red Brick"] = "빨간색 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Bone Pickaxe"] = "뼈다귀 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Bone Key"] = "뼈다귀 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Spiky Ball Trap"] = "뾰족한 공 함정"
info["ko"]["Flying enemies"] = "비행 적"
info["ko"]["Soils"] = "블록/토양 블록"
info["ko"]["Bone Rattle"] = "뼈다귀 딸랑이"
info["ko"]["Blood Crawler"] = "블러드 크롤러"
info["ko"]["Shiny Black Slab"] = "빛나는 검은 석판"
info["ko"]["Rod of Discord"] = "불화의 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Blazing Wheel"] = "불타는 바퀴"
info["ko"]["On Fire!"] = "불이야!"
info["ko"]["Bone Sword"] = "뼈다귀 검"
info["ko"]["Flower of Fire"] = "불의 꽃"
info["ko"]["Illegal Gun Parts"] = "불법 총기 부품"
info["ko"]["Fire Imp"] = "불도깨비"
info["ko"]["Beach Ball"] = "비치볼"
info["ko"]["Starfish"] = "불가사리"
info["ko"]["Scaly Truffle"] = "비늘 송로버섯"
info["ko"]["Pink Prickly Pear"] = "분홍색 백년초"
info["ko"]["Rage Potion"] = "분노의 물약"
info["ko"]["North Pole"] = "북극"
info["ko"]["Flying Dragon"] = "비룡"
info["ko"]["Vilethorn"] = "부패한 가시"
info["ko"]["Flying Knife"] = "비도"
info["ko"]["Pink Gel"] = "분홍색 젤"
info["ko"]["Bubble Wand"] = "비눗방울 막대"
info["ko"]["Broken Hero Sword"] = "부서진 영웅의 검"
info["ko"]["Blocks"] = "블록"
info["ko"]["Boomerangs"] = "부메랑류"
info["ko"]["Voodoo Demon"] = "부두 악마"
info["ko"]["Bone Lee"] = "본 리"
info["ko"]["Gastropod"] = "복족류"
info["ko"]["Avenger Emblem"] = "복수자의 휘장"
info["ko"]["Masks"] = "보스 가면"
info["ko"]["Bosses"] = "보스"
info["ko"]["Gemspark Walls"] = "보석불꽃 벽면"
info["ko"]["Gem Locks"] = "보석 자물쇠"
info["ko"]["Purple Mucos"] = "보라색 점액"
info["ko"]["Purple Slime"] = "보라색 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Gems"] = "보석"
info["ko"]["Alchemy Station"] = "병 (작업 기구)"
info["ko"]["Boomstick"] = "붐스틱"
info["ko"]["Pink Slime Block"] = "분홍색 슬라임 블록"
info["ko"]["Stucco"] = "벽토"
info["ko"]["Starfury"] = "별의 격노"
info["ko"]["Unlucky Yarn"] = "불운의 실뭉치"
info["ko"]["Wallpapers"] = "벽지"
info["ko"]["Brand of the Inferno"] = "브랜드 오브 디 인페르노"
info["ko"]["Breaker Blade"] = "브레이커 블레이드"
info["ko"]["The Breaker"] = "브레이커"
info["ko"]["Background walls"] = "벽면"
info["ko"]["Hive Wall"] = "벌집 벽면"
info["ko"]["Hive"] = "벌집"
info["ko"]["Fiery Greatsword"] = "불타는 대검"
info["ko"]["Bee Gun"] = "벌 총"
info["ko"]["Beenade"] = "벌류탄"
info["ko"]["Flamarang"] = "불메랑"
info["ko"]["Bee"] = "벌"
info["ko"]["Mushroom Grass Seeds"] = "버섯 잔디 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Fungi Bulb"] = "버섯 구근"
info["ko"]["Mushroom"] = "버섯"
info["ko"]["Bat Scepter"] = "뱃 셉터"
info["ko"]["Gemspark Blocks"] = "보석불꽃 블록"
info["ko"]["Platinum Bar"] = "백금 주괴"
info["ko"]["Broken Heart Crystal"] = "부서진 생명의 수정"
info["ko"]["Platinum armor"] = "백금 방어구"
info["ko"]["Purple Clubberfish"] = "보라색 곤봉물고기"
info["ko"]["Platinum Pickaxe"] = "백금 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Wisp in a Bottle"] = "병 속에 도깨비불"
info["ko"]["Banners (enemy)"] = "배너 (적)"
info["ko"]["Banners (decorative)"] = "배너 (장식)"
info["ko"]["Platinum Hammer"] = "백금 망치"
info["ko"]["Stucco Walls"] = "벽토 벽면"
info["ko"]["Banners"] = "배너"
info["ko"]["Star Wrath"] = "별의 진노"
info["ko"]["Wandering Eye"] = "방황하는 눈"
info["ko"]["Bubble Gun"] = "방울 총"
info["ko"]["Armor"] = "방어구"
info["ko"]["Ropes"] = "밧줄"
info["ko"]["Rope Coils"] = "밧줄 사리"
info["ko"]["Night's Edge"] = "밤의 칼날"
info["ko"]["Key of Night"] = "밤의 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Platinum Brick Wall"] = "백금 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Mushroom Wall"] = "버섯 벽면"
info["ko"]["Vulcan Repeater"] = "벌컨 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Platinum Brick"] = "백금 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Platinum Ore"] = "백금 광석"
info["ko"]["Shine Potion"] = "발광의 물약"
info["ko"]["Balla Hat"] = "발라 모자"
info["ko"]["Defense items"] = "방어력 아이템"
info["ko"]["Light Pet"] = "발광 펫"
info["ko"]["Illuminant Slime"] = "발광 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Bubble"] = "방울"
info["ko"]["Glowing Mushroom"] = "발광 버섯"
info["ko"]["Mushroom Spear"] = "버섯 창"
info["ko"]["Adhesive Bandage"] = "반창고"
info["ko"]["Platinum Bow"] = "백금 활"
info["ko"]["Illuminant Bat"] = "발광 박쥐"
info["ko"]["Platinum Axe"] = "백금 도끼"
info["ko"]["Platinum Shortsword"] = "백금 단검"
info["ko"]["Blinkroot"] = "반짝이꽃"
info["ko"]["Bats"] = "박쥐"
info["ko"]["Countercurse Mantra"] = "반저주 주문"
info["ko"]["Viking Helmet"] = "바이킹 투구"
info["ko"]["Crispy Honey Block"] = "바삭한 꿀 블록"
info["ko"]["Blowgun"] = "바람총"
info["ko"]["Anklet of the Wind"] = "바람의 발찌"
info["ko"]["Blowpipe"] = "바람관"
info["ko"]["Summer Hat"] = "밀짚모자"
info["ko"]["Bananarang"] = "바나나랑"
info["ko"]["Stylist"] = "미용사"
info["ko"]["Mythril Bar"] = "미스릴 주괴"
info["ko"]["Meowmere"] = "미야우미어"
info["ko"]["Platinum Broadsword"] = "백금 검"
info["ko"]["Mythril Repeater"] = "미스릴 연발궁"
info["ko"]["Mythril Brick Wall"] = "미스릴 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Projectile melee weapons"] = "발사체 근접 무기"
info["ko"]["Ocean"] = "바다"
info["ko"]["Mythril Brick"] = "미스릴 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Mythril armor"] = "미스릴 방어구"
info["ko"]["Mythril Drill"] = "미스릴 드릴"
info["ko"]["Mythril Ore"] = "미스릴 광석"
info["ko"]["Mythril Sword"] = "미스릴 검"
info["ko"]["War Axe of the Night"] = "밤의 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Mimics"] = "미믹"
info["ko"]["Milkyway Weaver"] = "미리내 구성단"
info["ko"]["Mummies"] = "미라"
info["ko"]["Minishark"] = "미니샤크"
info["ko"]["Waterfall Wall"] = "물폭포 벽면"
info["ko"]["Water Gun"] = "물총"
info["ko"]["Whoopie Cushion"] = "방귀 쿠션"
info["ko"]["Potion Sickness"] = "물약 중독"
info["ko"]["Bottled Water"] = "물병"
info["ko"]["Waterleaf"] = "물방울잎"
info["ko"]["Fishing foods"] = "물고기 음식"
info["ko"]["Flipper Potion"] = "물갈퀴의 물약"
info["ko"]["Rainbow Gun"] = "무지개 총"
info["ko"]["Valkyrie Yoyo"] = "발키리 요요"
info["ko"]["Rainbow Rod"] = "무지개 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Rainbow Slime"] = "무지개 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Rainbow Brick Wall"] = "무지개 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Rainbow Brick"] = "무지개 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Valor"] = "발로"
info["ko"]["Armored Skeleton"] = "무장 해골"
info["ko"]["Mushi Ladybug"] = "무시 무당벌레"
info["ko"]["Ghastly Glaive"] = "무시무시한 글레이브"
info["ko"]["Muramasa"] = "무라마사"
info["ko"]["Weapon Imbue Cursed Flames"] = "무기 주입-저주받은 불꽃"
info["ko"]["Weapon Rack"] = "무기 선반"
info["ko"]["Arms Dealer"] = "무기 상인"
info["ko"]["List of weapons"] = "무기 목록"
info["ko"]["Seedling"] = "묘목"
info["ko"]["Woods"] = "목재"
info["ko"]["Weapons"] = "무기"
info["ko"]["Hardmode Anvils"] = "모루 (하드모드)"
info["ko"]["Pre-Hardmode Anvils"] = "모루 (노멀모드)"
info["ko"]["Wood Wall"] = "목재 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sandfall Block"] = "모래폭포 블록"
info["ko"]["Sandfall Wall"] = "모래폭포 벽면"
info["ko"]["Mythril Chainsaw"] = "미스릴 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Sand Slime"] = "모래 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Sandgun"] = "모래총"
info["ko"]["Beeswax"] = "밀랍 (펫 소환)"
info["ko"]["Mythril Pickaxe"] = "미스릴 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Campfire"] = "모닥불"
info["ko"]["Monoliths"] = "모노리스"
info["ko"]["Waterfall Block"] = "물폭포 블록"
info["ko"]["Amber Mosquito"] = "모기 호박"
info["ko"]["Archery Potion"] = "명사수의 물약"
info["ko"]["Medusa"] = "메두사"
info["ko"]["The Meatball"] = "미트볼"
info["ko"]["Megashark"] = "메가샤크"
info["ko"]["Multiplayer"] = "멀티플레이어"
info["ko"]["Malaise"] = "멀레이즈"
info["ko"]["Musket"] = "머스킷"
info["ko"]["Musket Ball"] = "머스킷 총알"
info["ko"]["Hair Dyes"] = "머리 염색약"
info["ko"]["Mug"] = "머그잔"
info["ko"]["The Horseman's Blade"] = "머리 없는 기사의 검"
info["ko"]["Venom Staff"] = "맹독 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Acid Venom"] = "맹독"
info["ko"]["Mythril Waraxe"] = "미스릴 전투도끼"
info["ko"]["Sand Blocks"] = "모래 블록"
info["ko"]["Keg"] = "맥주통"
info["ko"]["Smooth Granite Block"] = "매끈한 화강암 블록"
info["ko"]["Smooth Granite Wall"] = "매끈한 화강암 벽면"
info["ko"]["Mythril Halberd"] = "미스릴 미늘창"
info["ko"]["Smooth Marble Wall"] = "매끈한 대리석 벽면"
info["ko"]["Smooth Marble Block"] = "매끈한 대리석 블록"
info["ko"]["Capes"] = "망토"
info["ko"]["Wraith"] = "망령"
info["ko"]["Hammers"] = "망치"
info["ko"]["Wasp Gun"] = "말벌 총"
info["ko"]["Hornet Staff"] = "말벌 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Fish (item)"] = "물고기 (아이템)"
info["ko"]["Hornet"] = "말벌"
info["ko"]["Stake"] = "말뚝"
info["ko"]["Rich Mahogany Bow"] = "마호가니 활"
info["ko"]["Rich Mahogany armor"] = "마호가니 방어구"
info["ko"]["Rich Mahogany Hammer"] = "마호가니 망치"
info["ko"]["Mahogany Leaf Block"] = "마호가니 나뭇잎"
info["ko"]["Rich Mahogany"] = "마호가니"
info["ko"]["Enchanted Sword (item)"] = "마법이 깃든 검 (아이템)"
info["ko"]["Enchanted Sword (NPC)"] = "마법이 깃든 검 (NPC)"
info["ko"]["Magical Pumpkin Seed"] = "마법의 호박 씨앗"
info["ko"]["Enchanted Sword"] = "마법이 깃든 검"
info["ko"]["Magical Harp"] = "마법의 하프"
info["ko"]["Spell Tome"] = "마법서"
info["ko"]["Wizard's Hat"] = "마법사의 모자"
info["ko"]["Wizard Hat"] = "마법사 모자"
info["ko"]["Magic Missile"] = "마법 미사일"
info["ko"]["Magic weapons"] = "마법 무기"
info["ko"]["Magic Hat"] = "마법 모자"
info["ko"]["Magic Lantern"] = "마법 랜턴"
info["ko"]["Magic Dagger"] = "마법 단검"
info["ko"]["Magic Power Potion"] = "마력의 물약"
info["ko"]["Mana Regeneration Potion"] = "마나 재생의 물약"
info["ko"]["Mana Sickness"] = "마나 쇠약"
info["ko"]["Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "리자드 용광로"
info["ko"]["Wizard"] = "마법사"
info["ko"]["Lihzahrd Brick Wall"] = "리자드 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Lihzahrd Door"] = "리자드 문"
info["ko"]["Revolver"] = "리볼버"
info["ko"]["Ruby Staff"] = "루비 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Ruby Robe"] = "루비 로브"
info["ko"]["Eater's Bone"] = "먹는 자의 뼈다귀"
info["ko"]["Ruby"] = "루비"
info["ko"]["Luminite Bullet"] = "루미나이트 총알"
info["ko"]["Luminite Chainsaws"] = "루미나이트 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Luminite Brick"] = "루미나이트 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Luminite Hammers"] = "루미나이트 망치"
info["ko"]["Luminite Drills"] = "루미나이트 드릴"
info["ko"]["Luminite Axes"] = "루미나이트 도끼"
info["ko"]["Luminite Hamaxes"] = "루미나이트 날망치"
info["ko"]["Luminite Pickaxes"] = "루미나이트 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Luminite"] = "루미나이트"
info["ko"]["Rocket Launcher"] = "로켓 발사기"
info["ko"]["Royal Gel"] = "로얄 젤"
info["ko"]["Rich Mahogany Wall"] = "마호가니 벽면"
info["ko"]["Wrenches"] = "렌치"
info["ko"]["Lepus"] = "레퍼스"
info["ko"]["Ranger Emblem"] = "레인저의 휘장"
info["ko"]["Laser Rifle"] = "레이저 소총"
info["ko"]["Radar"] = "레이다"
info["ko"]["Red Ryder"] = "레드 라이더"
info["ko"]["Lamps"] = "램프"
info["ko"]["Unicorn on a Stick"] = "막대기에 유니콘"
info["ko"]["Rally"] = "랠리"
info["ko"]["Luminite Arrow"] = "루미나이트 화살"
info["ko"]["Lanterns"] = "랜턴"
info["ko"]["Lac Beetle"] = "락 깍지벌레"
info["ko"]["Rich Mahogany Sword"] = "마호가니 검"
info["ko"]["Burning"] = "뜨거움"
info["ko"]["Lunar Events"] = "루나 이벤트"
info["ko"]["Lihzahrd Brick"] = "리자드 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Stake Launcher"] = "말뚝 발사기"
info["ko"]["Traveling Merchant"] = "떠돌이 상인"
info["ko"]["Luminite Brick Wall"] = "루미나이트 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "땜장이의 작업대"
info["ko"]["Staff of Earth"] = "땅의 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Enchanted Boomerang"] = "마법이 깃든 부메랑"
info["ko"]["digger"] = "땅굴 벌레"
info["ko"]["Debuffs"] = "디버프"
info["ko"]["Drill Containment Unit"] = "드릴 수용 장치"
info["ko"]["Peddler's Hat"] = "떠돌이 상인의 모자"
info["ko"]["Snowfall Block"] = "떨어지는 눈 블록"
info["ko"]["Magic Mirrors"] = "마법 거울"
info["ko"]["Dryad"] = "드라이어드"
info["ko"]["Duke Fishron"] = "듀크 피시론"
info["ko"]["Book of Skulls"] = "두개골의 책"
info["ko"]["Lizard Egg"] = "리자드의 알"
info["ko"]["Sail"] = "돛"
info["ko"]["Skull"] = "두개골"
info["ko"]["Companion Cube"] = "동행 큐브"
info["ko"]["Coin Gun"] = "동전 총"
info["ko"]["Drakomire"] = "드라코마이어"
info["ko"]["Coins"] = "동전"
info["ko"]["Dynasty Shingles"] = "동양식 지붕널"
info["ko"]["Spelunker Potion"] = "동굴 탐험가의 물약"
info["ko"]["Dynasty Wood"] = "동양식 나무"
info["ko"]["Cave Bat"] = "동굴 박쥐"
info["ko"]["Dynasty Walls"] = "동양식 벽면"
info["ko"]["Cavern"] = "동굴"
info["ko"]["Stone Block"] = "돌 블록"
info["ko"]["Stone Wall"] = "돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Money Trough"] = "돈 구유"
info["ko"]["Stinger"] = "독침"
info["ko"]["Flask of Poison"] = "독의 플라스크"
info["ko"]["Vulture"] = "독수리"
info["ko"]["Poison Staff"] = "독 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Snowfall Wall"] = "떨어지는 눈 벽면"
info["ko"]["Poisoned Knife"] = "독 묻은 칼"
info["ko"]["Poisoned"] = "독"
info["ko"]["Axes"] = "도끼"
info["ko"]["Imp Staff"] = "도깨비 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Tools"] = "도구"
info["ko"]["Data IDs"] = "데이터 ID"
info["ko"]["Laser Machinegun"] = "레이저 기관총"
info["ko"]["Dungeon Spirit"] = "던전 정령"
info["ko"]["Desktop Version history"] = "데스크톱 버전 역사"
info["ko"]["Dungeon Slime"] = "던전 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Laser Drill"] = "레이저 드릴"
info["ko"]["Dungeon Brick Walls"] = "던전 벽면"
info["ko"]["Dungeon Bricks"] = "던전 벽돌"
info["ko"]["The Bee's Knees"] = "더 비즈니스"
info["ko"]["Cannon"] = "대포"
info["ko"]["Marble Block"] = "대리석 블록"
info["ko"]["Marble Wall"] = "대리석 벽면"
info["ko"]["Marble Cave"] = "대리석 동굴"
info["ko"]["Lightning Aura sentry summons"] = "라이트닝 아우라 포탑 소환 무기"
info["ko"]["Anchor"] = "닻"
info["ko"]["Carrot"] = "당근"
info["ko"]["Honeyed Goggles"] = "달콤한 고글"
info["ko"]["The Axe"] = "디 액스"
info["ko"]["Moon phase"] = "달의 위상"
info["ko"]["Moonglow"] = "달맞이꽃"
info["ko"]["Moon Lord"] = "달의 군주"
info["ko"]["Sturdy Fossil"] = "단단한 화석"
info["ko"]["Dart Trap"] = "다트 함정"
info["ko"]["Iridescent Brick Wall"] = "다채색 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Iridescent Brick"] = "다채색 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Multicolor Wrench"] = "다채색 렌치"
info["ko"]["Diamond Robe"] = "다이아몬드 로브"
info["ko"]["Diamond Ring"] = "다이아몬드 반지"
info["ko"]["Diamond Staff"] = "다이아몬드 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Diamond"] = "다이아몬드"
info["ko"]["Daedalus Stormbow"] = "다이달로스 폭풍궁"
info["ko"]["Dynamite"] = "다이너마이트"
info["ko"]["Wolf Fang"] = "늑대 이빨"
info["ko"]["Snowman Cannon"] = "눈사람 대포"
info["ko"]["Blizzard Staff"] = "눈보라 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Snowball Launcher"] = "눈덩이 발사기"
info["ko"]["Snowball Cannon"] = "눈덩이 대포"
info["ko"]["Snowball"] = "눈덩이"
info["ko"]["Drax"] = "드랙스"
info["ko"]["Snow Cloud"] = "눈구름"
info["ko"]["The Eye of Cthulhu"] = "디 아이 오브 크툴루"
info["ko"]["Blindfold"] = "눈가리개"
info["ko"]["Snow Block"] = "눈 블록"
info["ko"]["Snow Brick Wall"] = "눈 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Snow Brick"] = "눈 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Brain Scrambler (item)"] = "뇌파 제어 장치"
info["ko"]["Brain"] = "뇌"
info["ko"]["Logic Gates"] = "논리 회로"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Partisan"] = "녹조류 파르티잔"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Bullet"] = "녹조류 총알"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Arrow"] = "녹조류 화살"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Jackhammer"] = "녹조류 착암기"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Claymore"] = "녹조류 클레이모어"
info["ko"]["Logic Gate Lamps"] = "논리 회로 램프"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Bar"] = "녹조류 주괴"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Warhammer"] = "녹조류 전투망치"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Chainsaw"] = "녹조류 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Saber"] = "녹조류 세이버"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Shotbow"] = "녹조류 산탄궁"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte armor"] = "녹조류 방어구"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Brick"] = "녹조류 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Brick Wall"] = "녹조류 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Drill"] = "녹조류 드릴"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Greataxe"] = "녹조류 대형도끼"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Ore"] = "녹조류 광석"
info["ko"]["Chlorophyte Pickaxe"] = "녹조류 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Molten armor"] = "녹아버린 방어구"
info["ko"]["Molten Pickaxe"] = "녹아버린 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Molten Fury"] = "녹아버린 격노"
info["ko"]["Old Man"] = "노인"
info["ko"]["Butcher's Chainsaw"] = "도살자의 전기톱"
info["ko"]["Day and night cycle"] = "낮과 밤의 주기"
info["ko"]["Yellow Marigold"] = "노란색 금잔화"
info["ko"]["Yellow Slime"] = "노란색 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Yellow Horseshoe Balloon"] = "노란색 말굽 풍선"
info["ko"]["Planked Wall"] = "널빤지 벽면"
info["ko"]["Sickle"] = "낫"
info["ko"]["Lead armor"] = "납 방어구"
info["ko"]["Lead Bow"] = "납 활"
info["ko"]["Lead Shortsword"] = "납 단검"
info["ko"]["Lead Ore"] = "납 광석"
info["ko"]["Lead Pickaxe"] = "납 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Lead Broadsword"] = "납 검"
info["ko"]["Flying Fish"] = "날치"
info["ko"]["Weather Radio"] = "날씨 라디오"
info["ko"]["Knockback"] = "넉백"
info["ko"]["Angler armor"] = "낚시꾼의 복장"
info["ko"]["Fishing poles"] = "낚싯대"
info["ko"]["Fishing Potion"] = "낚시꾼의 물약"
info["ko"]["Fisherman's Pocket Guide"] = "낚시꾼의 작은 책자"
info["ko"]["Angler"] = "낚시꾼"
info["ko"]["Fishing"] = "낚시"
info["ko"]["Compass"] = "나침반"
info["ko"]["Nazar"] = "나자르"
info["ko"]["Butterfly"] = "나비"
info["ko"]["Leaf Block"] = "나뭇잎"
info["ko"]["Wooden Arrow"] = "나무 화살"
info["ko"]["Wooden Yoyo"] = "나무 요요"
info["ko"]["Wooden Bow"] = "나무 활"
info["ko"]["Wood armor"] = "나무 방어구"
info["ko"]["Wooden Sword"] = "나무 검"
info["ko"]["Sticky Bomb"] = "끈적한 폭탄"
info["ko"]["Slimy Saddle"] = "끈적한 안장"
info["ko"]["Sticky Grenade"] = "끈적한 수류탄"
info["ko"]["Honeyfall Block"] = "꿀폭포 블록"
info["ko"]["Honeyfall Wall"] = "꿀폭포 벽면"
info["ko"]["Bee armor"] = "꿀벌 방어구"
info["ko"]["Honey Block"] = "꿀 블록"
info["ko"]["Flower Pow"] = "꽃의 힘"
info["ko"]["Flower Wall"] = "꽃 벽면"
info["ko"]["Honey Dispenser"] = "꿀 분배기"
info["ko"]["Depth Meter"] = "깊이 측정기"
info["ko"]["Kimono"] = "기모노"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Worm"] = "기계식 지렁이"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Skull"] = "기계식 두개골"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Eye"] = "기계식 눈"
info["ko"]["Mechanic"] = "기계공"
info["ko"]["Raven Staff"] = "까마귀 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Cart"] = "기계 차량"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Glove"] = "기계 장갑"
info["ko"]["Molten Hamaxe"] = "녹아버린 날망치"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Wagon Piece"] = "기계 왜건 부품"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Bosses"] = "기계 보스"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Battery Piece"] = "기계 배터리 부품"
info["ko"]["Mechanical Wheel Piece"] = "기계 바퀴 부품"
info["ko"]["Metal Detector"] = "금속 탐지기"
info["ko"]["Pot o' Gold"] = "금단지"
info["ko"]["Gold Bow"] = "금 활"
info["ko"]["Goldfish (NPC)"] = "금붕어 (NPC)"
info["ko"]["Gold Bar"] = "금 주괴"
info["ko"]["Golden Key"] = "금 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Lead Hammer"] = "납 망치"
info["ko"]["Gold Brick Wall"] = "금 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Gold Brick"] = "금 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Gold armor"] = "금 방어구"
info["ko"]["Wooden Spike"] = "나무 가시"
info["ko"]["Gold Hammer"] = "금 망치"
info["ko"]["Lead Bar"] = "납 주괴"
info["ko"]["Gold Axe"] = "금 도끼"
info["ko"]["Gold Shortsword"] = "금 단검"
info["ko"]["Lead Axe"] = "납 도끼"
info["ko"]["Gold Broadsword"] = "금 검"
info["ko"]["Gladiator armor"] = "글래디에이터 갑옷"
info["ko"]["Proximity Mine Launcher"] = "근접 지뢰 발사기"
info["ko"]["Miscellaneous"] = "기타"
info["ko"]["Melee weapons"] = "근접 무기"
info["ko"]["Shadowflame Knife"] = "그림자불꽃 칼"
info["ko"]["Shadowbeam Staff"] = "그림자광선 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Shadow Slime"] = "그림자 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Shadow Scale"] = "그림자 비늘"
info["ko"]["Shadow Key"] = "그림자 열쇠"
info["ko"]["Shadow armor"] = "그림자 방어구"
info["ko"]["Shadow Orb (item)"] = "그림자 구슬 (아이템)"
info["ko"]["Wooden Hammer"] = "나무 망치"
info["ko"]["Painting"] = "그림"
info["ko"]["Gradient"] = "그레이디언트"
info["ko"]["Shadewood Bow"] = "그늘나무 활"
info["ko"]["Shadewood armor"] = "그늘나무 방어구"
info["ko"]["Shadewood Hammer"] = "그늘나무 망치"
info["ko"]["Shadewood Sword"] = "그늘나무 검"
info["ko"]["Shadewood"] = "그늘나무"
info["ko"]["Bottomless Water Bucket"] = "끝없는 물 양동이"
info["ko"]["Recall Potion"] = "귀환의 물약"
info["ko"]["Slap Hand"] = "귀싸대기 손"
info["ko"]["Gungnir"] = "궁니르"
info["ko"]["Chimney"] = "굴뚝"
info["ko"]["Hardened Sand Blocks"] = "굳은 모래 블록"
info["ko"]["Hardened Sand Walls"] = "굳은 모래 벽면"
info["ko"]["Copper Bar"] = "구리 주괴"
info["ko"]["Copper Brick Wall"] = "구리 벽돌 벽면"
info["ko"]["Copper Brick"] = "구리 벽돌"
info["ko"]["Copper armor"] = "구리 방어구"
info["ko"]["Copper Hammer"] = "구리 망치"
info["ko"]["Copper Plating Wall"] = "구리 도금판 벽면"
info["ko"]["Copper Shortsword"] = "구리 단검"
info["ko"]["Copper Ore"] = "구리 광석"
info["ko"]["Copper Pickaxe"] = "구리 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Copper"] = "구리"
info["ko"]["Cloud"] = "구름"
info["ko"]["Grandfather Clocks"] = "괘종시계"
info["ko"]["Wooden Boomerang"] = "나무 부메랑"
info["ko"]["Optic Staff"] = "광학 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Ores"] = "광석"
info["ko"]["Minecart Track"] = "광산차량 선로"
info["ko"]["Mining Potion"] = "광부의 물약"
info["ko"]["Gold Ore"] = "금 광석"
info["ko"]["Jester's Arrow"] = "광대의 화살"
info["ko"]["Minecarts"] = "광산차량"
info["ko"]["Clown"] = "광대"
info["ko"]["Shadewood Wall"] = "그늘나무 벽면"
info["ko"]["Beam Sword"] = "광검"
info["ko"]["Damage types"] = "공격력"
info["ko"]["Soul of Fright"] = "공포의 영혼"
info["ko"]["Fruitcake Chakram"] = "과일케이크 차크람"
info["ko"]["Gold Pickaxe"] = "금 곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Upcoming features/Archive"] = "공개 예정"
info["ko"]["Marrow"] = "골수"
info["ko"]["Eye of the Golem"] = "골렘의 눈"
info["ko"]["Golem Fist"] = "골렘 주먹"
info["ko"]["Pickaxe Axe"] = "곡괭이 도끼"
info["ko"]["Golden Shower"] = "골든 샤워"
info["ko"]["Pickaxes"] = "곡괭이"
info["ko"]["Ball O' Hurt"] = "고통의 철퇴"
info["ko"]["Heavy Work Bench"] = "고중량 작업대"
info["ko"]["Heat Ray"] = "고열 광선"
info["ko"]["High Velocity Bullet"] = "고속 총알"
info["ko"]["Goblin Tech"] = "고블린의 기술"
info["ko"]["Copper Plating"] = "구리 도금판"
info["ko"]["Goblin Tinkerer"] = "고블린 땜장이"
info["ko"]["Ancient Horn"] = "고대의 뿔"
info["ko"]["Ancient Manipulator"] = "고대의 머니퓰레이터"
info["ko"]["Shadowflame Bow"] = "그림자불꽃 활"
info["ko"]["Ancient Shadow armor"] = "고대의 그림자 방어구"
info["ko"]["Ancient Iron Helmet"] = "고대 철 투구"
info["ko"]["Ancient Gold Helmet"] = "고대 금 투구"
info["ko"]["Cloud Wall"] = "구름 벽면"
info["ko"]["Flesh Block Wall"] = "고기 블록 벽면"
info["ko"]["Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "고기 복제기"
info["ko"]["Flesh Block"] = "고기 블록"
info["ko"]["Goggles"] = "고글"
info["ko"]["The Plan"] = "계획서"
info["ko"]["Crab"] = "게"
info["ko"]["Black Ink"] = "검은색 잉크"
info["ko"]["Black Slime"] = "검은색 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Handgun"] = "권총"
info["ko"]["Template:Biome"] = "틀:환경 정보"
info["ko"]["Copper Axe"] = "구리 도끼"
info["ko"]["Black Recluse"] = "검은 은둔자"
info["ko"]["Copper Bow"] = "구리 활"
info["ko"]["Template:Doc"] = "틀:틀 설명문서"
info["ko"]["Template:Tl"] = "틀:틀"
info["ko"]["Template:Stub"] = "틀:토막글"
info["ko"]["Copper Broadsword"] = "구리 검"
info["ko"]["Template:Test"] = "틀:테스트"
info["ko"]["Template:Key"] = "틀:키"
info["ko"]["Template:Console only"] = "틀:콘솔 전용"
info["ko"]["Template:Console icon"] = "틀:콘솔 아이콘"
info["ko"]["Template:Console/mobile only"] = "틀:콘솔-모바일 전용"
info["ko"]["Template:Release"] = "틀:출시"
info["ko"]["Template:Modifier"] = "틀:최상위 수식어"
info["ko"]["Template:Rewrite"] = "틀:청소"
info["ko"]["Template:Tin"] = "틀:주석"
info["ko"]["Template:Master Template Weapons/doc"] = "틀:종합 틀 무기/설명문서"
info["ko"]["Template:Master Template Tools"] = "틀:종합 틀 도구"
info["ko"]["Template:Master Template Weapons"] = "틀:종합 틀 무기"
info["ko"]["Template:Master Template Tools/doc"] = "틀:종합 틀 도구/설명문서"
info["ko"]["Template:Crafting recipe"] = "틀:조합법"
info["ko"]["Classy Cane"] = "고급 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Template:Master Template Tiles"] = "틀:종합 틀 타일"
info["ko"]["Template:Crafts"] = "틀:조합"
info["ko"]["Template:Infobox Wrapper"] = "틀:정보상자 묶음"
info["ko"]["Template:Collapse top"] = "틀:접기 상자 상단"
info["ko"]["Template:Collapse bottom"] = "틀:접기 상자 하단"
info["ko"]["Template:Expert Mode only"] = "틀:전문가 모드 전용"
info["ko"]["Template:Expert"] = "틀:전문가"
info["ko"]["Template:Ingredient"] = "틀:재료"
info["ko"]["Template:Naturalgen only"] = "틀:자연 생성"
info["ko"]["Template:Sc"] = "틀:은화"
info["ko"]["Template:External link new tab"] = "틀:외부 링크 새 탭"
info["ko"]["Template:Yes0"] = "틀:예0"
info["ko"]["Template:Yes"] = "틀:예"
info["ko"]["Template:Dye2"] = "틀:염료2"
info["ko"]["Template:Dye"] = "틀:염료"
info["ko"]["Template:Historical content"] = "틀:역사에 남겨진 구성 요소"
info["ko"]["Template:History"] = "틀:역사"
info["ko"]["Template:Na"] = "틀:없음"
info["ko"]["Template:Liquids"] = "틀:액체"
info["ko"]["Template:Item infobox"] = "틀:아이템 정보상자"
info["ko"]["Template:Item dropped-by infobox"] = "틀:아이템 습득방법 정보상자"
info["ko"]["Template:Item link 2-line"] = "틀:아이템 링크 2-line"
info["ko"]["Template:Item link 2-cell nolink"] = "틀:아이템 링크 2-cell nolink"
info["ko"]["Template:Item link 2-cell multi-row"] = "틀:아이템 링크 2-cell multi-row"
info["ko"]["Template:Item link 2-cell"] = "틀:아이템 링크 2-cell"
info["ko"]["Template:Item"] = "틀:아이템"
info["ko"]["Template:Linked icon"] = "틀:아이콘 링크"
info["ko"]["Template:Item"] = "틀:아이템 링크"
info["ko"]["Amazon icon"] = "틀:아마존 아이콘"
info["ko"]["Template:No"] = "틀:아니오"
info["ko"]["Template:Unobtainium"] = "틀:습득 불가"
info["ko"]["Template:Summons"] = "틀:소환"
info["ko"]["Template:Delete"] = "틀:삭제"
info["ko"]["Template:User"] = "틀:사용자"
info["ko"]["Template:Gems"] = "틀:보석"
info["ko"]["Template:Merge"] = "틀:병합"
info["ko"]["Template:Buff infobox"] = "틀:버프 정보상자"
info["ko"]["Template:Versionbox"] = "틀:버전 정보상자"
info["ko"]["Template:Pc"] = "틀:백금화"
info["ko"]["Template:Banner"] = "틀:배너"
info["ko"]["Template:Vandal"] = "틀:반달"
info["ko"]["Template:Mobile only"] = "틀:모바일 전용"
info["ko"]["Template:Desktop icon"] = "틀:모바일 아이콘"
info["ko"]["Template:All versions"] = "틀:모든 버전"
info["ko"]["Template:Cc"] = "틀:동화"
info["ko"]["Template:Disambig"] = "틀:동음이의"
info["ko"]["Template:Eil"] = "틀:독점 아이콘 링크"
info["ko"]["Template:Exclusive icons"] = "틀:독점 아이콘"
info["ko"]["Template:Navbox"] = "틀:둘러보기 상자"
info["ko"]["Template:Exclusive"] = "틀:독점"
info["ko"]["Template:Achievement"] = "틀:도전과제"
info["ko"]["Template:Desktop only"] = "틀:데스크톱 전용"
info["ko"]["Template:Desktop icon"] = "틀:데스크톱 아이콘"
info["ko"]["Template:Desktop versions"] = "틀:데스크톱 버전"
info["ko"]["Template:Desktop-Console only"] = "틀:데스크톱-콘솔 전용"
info["ko"]["Template:Moons"] = "틀:달"
info["ko"]["Template:Shortcut"] = "틀:단축"
info["ko"]["Template:Internal link new tab"] = "틀:내부 링크 새 탭"
info["ko"]["Template:Gc"] = "틀:금화"
info["ko"]["Template:Copper"] = "틀:구리"
info["ko"]["Template:Future features"] = "틀:공개 예정"
info["ko"]["Template:Pickaxe tier"] = "틀:곡괭이 수준"
info["ko"]["Template:Mirror"] = "틀:거울"
info["ko"]["Template:Value"] = "틀:값"
info["ko"]["Template:•"] = "틀:•"
info["ko"]["Template:Tt"] = "틀:Tt"
info["ko"]["Template:Tocright"] = "틀:Tocright"
info["ko"]["Template:Toc limit"] = "틀:Toc limit"
info["ko"]["Terraria News"] = "틀:Terraria 새소식"
info["ko"]["Template:STDT"] = "틀:STDT"
info["ko"]["Template:Reflist"] = "틀:Reflist"
info["ko"]["Template:Npc infobox"] = "틀:Npc 정보상자"
info["ko"]["Template:Nowrap"] = "틀:Nowrap"
info["ko"]["Template:Msgbox"] = "틀:Msgbox"
info["ko"]["Template:Language info"] = "틀:Language info"
info["ko"]["Template:LangList"] = "틀:LangList"
info["ko"]["Template:Float file box"] = "틀:Float file box"
info["ko"]["Template:Float file"] = "틀:Float file"
info["ko"]["Template:Dpl"] = "틀:Dpl"
info["ko"]["Template:Dablink"] = "틀:Dablink"
info["ko"]["Template:Code"] = "틀:Code"
info["ko"]["Template:Ambox"] = "틀:Ambox"
info["ko"]["Template:="] = "틀:="
info["ko"]["Template:Ajax"] = "틀:Ajax"
info["ko"]["Template:3DS icon"] = "틀:3DS 아이콘"
info["ko"]["Template:-"] = "틀:-"
info["ko"]["Template:)"] = "틀:)"
info["ko"]["Template:(!"] = "틀:(!"
info["ko"]["Template:("] = "틀:("
info["ko"]["Template:!-"] = "틀:!-"
info["ko"]["Template:!!"] = "틀:!!"
info["ko"]["Template:!)"] = "틀:!)"
info["ko"]["Builder Potion"] = "건축가의 물약"
info["ko"]["Hay Wall"] = "건초 벽면"
info["ko"]["Hay"] = "건초"
info["ko"]["Titan Glove"] = "거인의 장갑"
info["ko"]["Titan Potion"] = "거인의 물약"
info["ko"]["Turtle armor"] = "거북 방어구"
info["ko"]["Webbed"] = "거미줄 (버프)"
info["ko"]["Cobweb"] = "거미줄"
info["ko"]["Spider Cave"] = "거미굴"
info["ko"]["Spider Staff"] = "거미 지팡이"
info["ko"]["Spider Fang"] = "거미 이빨"
info["ko"]["Large Gems"] = "거대한 보석"
info["ko"]["Spider armor"] = "거미 방어구"
info["ko"]["Giant Bow"] = "거대한 리본"
info["ko"]["Giant Worm"] = "거대 지렁이"
info["ko"]["Giant Flying Fox"] = "거대 왕박쥐"
info["ko"]["Bee Hive"] = "거대한 벌집"
info["ko"]["Sinks"] = "개수대"
info["ko"]["Antlion Mandible"] = "개미귀신 턱"
info["ko"]["Antlion Charger"] = "개미귀신 돌격꾼"
info["ko"]["Gatligator"] = "개틀리게이터"
info["ko"]["Antlion Swarmer"] = "개미귀신 군단"
info["ko"]["Antlion"] = "개미귀신"
info["ko"]["Dog Whistle"] = "개 호루라기"
info["ko"]["Snatcher"] = "강탈 식물"
info["ko"]["Beetle Husk"] = "갑충의 껍질"
info["ko"]["Beetle armor"] = "갑충 방어구"
info["ko"]["Armor Bracing"] = "갑옷 지지대"
info["ko"]["Armor Polish"] = "갑옷 광택제"
info["ko"]["Hooks"] = "갈고리류"
info["ko"]["Nurse"] = "간호사"
info["ko"]["Geyser"] = "간헐천"
info["ko"]["Crawdad"] = "가재"
info["ko"]["Katana"] = "가타나"
info["ko"]["Guide Voodoo Doll"] = "가이드 부두 인형"
info["ko"]["Guide"] = "가이드"
info["ko"]["Pressure Plate Track"] = "가압판 선로"
info["ko"]["Pressure Plates"] = "가압판"
info["ko"]["Thorns Potion"] = "가시의 물약"
info["ko"]["Spiked Jungle Slime"] = "가시 박힌 정글 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Featherfall Potion"] = "가벼움의 물약"
info["ko"]["Spiked Ice Slime"] = "가시 박힌 얼음 슬라임"
info["ko"]["Spike"] = "가시"
info["ko"]["Spike Ball"] = "가시 공"
info["ko"]["Gi"] = "가라테 복"
info["ko"]["Furniture"] = "가구"
info["ko"]["SWAT Helmet"] = "SWAT 투구"
info["ko"]["Terraria"] = "Terraria"
info["ko"]["R.E.K. 3000"] = "R.E.K. 3000"
info["ko"]["Pedguin's set"] = "Pedguin의 복장"
info["ko"]["NPCs"] = "NPC"
info["ko"]["Leinfors' set"] = "Leinfors의 복장"
info["ko"]["KO Cannon"] = "KO 대포"
info["ko"]["GPS"] = "GPS"
info["ko"]["Re-Logic"] = "Re-Logic"
info["ko"]["DPS Meter"] = "DPS 측정기"
info["ko"]["Terraria Wiki"] = "Terraria Wiki"
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"]["1.3.5"] = "1.3.5"
info["ko"]["Spider Egg"] = "거미의 알"
info["ko"]["PDA"] = "PDA"
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"]["1.3.4"] = "1.3.4"
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"]["1.3.1"] = "1.3.1"
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"][""] = ""
info["ko"]["1.0"] = "1.0"
info["ko"]["Gato Egg"] = "가토의 알"
info["ko"]["Thorn Chakram"] = "가시 차크람"
info["ko"]["Red's Throw"] = "Red의 투구 (요요류)"
info["ko"]["S.D.M.G."] = "S.D.M.G."
info["ko"]["Swords"] = "검류"

-- ko END -------------------------

-- ru START -------------------------
info["ru"] = {}
info["ru"]["Spiky Ball"] = "Колючий шар"
info["ru"]["Ammo Box"] = "Ящик с боеприпасами"
info["ru"]["Lihzahrd Brick"] = "Ящщеровый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Anchor"] = "Якорь"
info["ru"]["Egg Cannon"] = "Яичная пушка"
info["ru"]["Lizard Egg"] = "Яйцо ящерицы"
info["ru"]["Soul of Flight"] = "Эссенция полёта"
info["ru"]["Soul of Night"] = "Эссенция ночи"
info["ru"]["Jungle Crate"] = "Ящик джунглей"
info["ru"]["Sunfury"] = "Ярость солнца"
info["ru"]["Dungeon Crate"] = "Ящик темницы"
info["ru"]["Soul of Might"] = "Эссенция могущества"
info["ru"]["The Tongue"] = "Язык"
info["ru"]["Soul of Blight"] = "Эссенция отравления"
info["ru"]["Soul of Sight"] = "Эссенция прозрения"
info["ru"]["Amber"] = "Янтарь"
info["ru"]["Souls"] = "Эссенции"
info["ru"]["Soul of Fright"] = "Эссенция ужаса"
info["ru"]["Soul of Light"] = "Эссенция света"
info["ru"]["Snow armor"] = "Эскимосская одежда"
info["ru"]["Avenger Emblem/Crafting tree"] = "Эмблема мстителя/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Avenger Emblem"] = "Эмблема мстителя"
info["ru"]["Sorcerer Emblem"] = "Эмблема мага"
info["ru"]["Ranger Emblem"] = "Эмблема лучника"
info["ru"]["Warrior Emblem"] = "Эмблема воина"
info["ru"]["Destroyer Emblem/Crafting tree"] = "Эмблема Уничтожителя/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Ale"] = "Эль"
info["ru"]["Chaos Elemental"] = "Элементаль хаоса"
info["ru"]["Ectoplasm"] = "Эктоплазма"
info["ru"]["Excalibur"] = "Экскалибур"
info["ru"]["Aglet"] = "Эглет"
info["ru"]["Paladin's Shield"] = "Щит паладина"
info["ru"]["Ankh Shield"] = "Щит анха"
info["ru"]["Silk"] = "Шёлк"
info["ru"]["Jester's Arrow"] = "Шутовская стрела"
info["ru"]["Stucco"] = "Штукатурки"
info["ru"]["Wizard's Hat"] = "Шляпа волшебника"
info["ru"]["Peddler's Hat"] = "Шляпа барахольщика"
info["ru"]["Badger's Hat"] = "Шляпа Badger'а"
info["ru"]["Tackle Box"] = "Шкатулка для наживки"
info["ru"]["Shoe Spikes"] = "Шипы на ботинки"
info["ru"]["Spike Ball"] = "Шипастый шар"
info["ru"]["Thorn Chakram"] = "Шипастая чакра"
info["ru"]["Hornet"] = "Шершень"
info["ru"]["Sharanga"] = "Шаранга"
info["ru"]["Ball O' Hurt"] = "Шар боли"
info["ru"]["Witch Doctor"] = "Шаман"
info["ru"]["Robot Hat"] = "Шапка робота"
info["ru"]["Ebonkoi"] = "Чёрный карп"
info["ru"]["Black Recluse"] = "Чёрный паук-отшельник"
info["ru"]["Black Belt"] = "Чёрный пояс"
info["ru"]["Black Slime"] = "Чёрный слизень"
info["ru"]["Ebonstone Block"] = "Чёрный камень"
info["ru"]["Black Lens"] = "Чёрная линза"
info["ru"]["Chik"] = "Чик"
info["ru"]["Turtle armor"] = "Черепашья броня"
info["ru"]["Turtle Shell"] = "Черепаший панцирь"
info["ru"]["Skull Lantern"] = "Череп-фонарь"
info["ru"]["Antlion Mandible"] = "Челюсть муравьиного льва"
info["ru"]["Petri Dish"] = "Чашка Петри"
info["ru"]["Chain"] = "Цепь"
info["ru"]["Clinger"] = "Цеплятель"
info["ru"]["Flower Pow"] = "Цветочек"
info["ru"]["Mana Flower"] = "Цветок маны"
info["ru"]["Storage items"] = "Хранилище"
info["ru"]["Jungle Temple"] = "Храм ящщеров"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Bar"] = "Хлорофитовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Drill"] = "Хлорофитовый бур"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Saber"] = "Хлорофитовая сабля"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Ore"] = "Хлорофитовая руда"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Bullet"] = "Хлорофитовая пуля"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Pickaxe"] = "Хлорофитовая кирка"
info["ru"]["Spider Fang"] = "Хелицера"
info["ru"]["Snatcher"] = "Хвататель"
info["ru"]["Life Fruit"] = "Фрукт жизни"
info["ru"]["Fritz"] = "Фриц"
info["ru"]["Frankenstein"] = "Франкенштейн"
info["ru"]["Nebula Fragment"] = "Фрагмент туманности"
info["ru"]["Stardust Fragment"] = "Фрагмент звёздной пыли"
info["ru"]["Water Fountains"] = "Фонтаны"
info["ru"]["Lamp Post"] = "Фонарный столб"
info["ru"]["Lanterns/resultcell"] = "Фонари/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Lanterns"] = "Фонари"
info["ru"]["Philosopher's Stone"] = "Философский камень"
info["ru"]["Ice Skates"] = "Фигурные коньки"
info["ru"]["Torches"] = "Факелы"
info["ru"]["Goblin Tech"] = "Устройство гоблина"
info["ru"]["Fall damage"] = "Урон от падения"
info["ru"]["Fallen Star"] = "Упавшая звезда"
info["ru"]["Fishing poles"] = "Удочки"
info["ru"]["Toilets"] = "Унитазы"
info["ru"]["The Destroyer"] = "Уничтожитель"
info["ru"]["Hive"] = "Улей"
info["ru"]["Toilets/resultcell"] = "Унитазы/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Dark Caster"] = "Тёмный колдун"
info["ru"]["Spike"] = "Шип"
info["ru"]["Pumpkin Pie"] = "Тыквенный пирог"
info["ru"]["Heavy Work Bench"] = "Тяжёлый верстак"
info["ru"]["Pumpkin Moon"] = "Тыквенная луна"
info["ru"]["Mushroom Cap"] = "Шляпка гриба"
info["ru"]["Pumpkin armor"] = "Тыквенная броня"
info["ru"]["Party Girl"] = "Тусовщица"
info["ru"]["Truffle"] = "Трюфель"
info["ru"]["Throne"] = "Трон"
info["ru"]["Trophies"] = "Трофеи"
info["ru"]["Tavernkeep"] = "Трактирщик"
info["ru"]["Blade of Grass"] = "Травяной клинок"
info["ru"]["Grasses"] = "Травы"
info["ru"]["Merchant"] = "Торговец"
info["ru"]["Axes"] = "Топоры"
info["ru"]["The Axe"] = "Топор (молотопор)"
info["ru"]["Pickaxe Axe"] = "Топокирка"
info["ru"]["Topaz Robe"] = "Топазовая мантия"
info["ru"]["Topaz"] = "Топаз"
info["ru"]["Tonbogiri"] = "Тонбогири"
info["ru"]["Spell Tome"] = "Том заклинаний"
info["ru"]["Toxic Sludge"] = "Токсичная муть"
info["ru"]["Drax"] = "Тобур"
info["ru"]["Living Loom"] = "Ткацкий станок из живого дерева"
info["ru"]["Loom"] = "Ткацкий станок"
info["ru"]["Titanium Sword"] = "Титановый меч"
info["ru"]["Titanium Drill"] = "Титановый бур"
info["ru"]["Titanium Waraxe"] = "Титановый боевой топор"
info["ru"]["Titanium Ore"] = "Титановая руда"
info["ru"]["Titanium Pickaxe"] = "Титановая кирка"
info["ru"]["Animal skins"] = "Шкуры животных"
info["ru"]["Tizona"] = "Тисона"
info["ru"]["Tim"] = "Тим"
info["ru"]["Terrarian"] = "Террариец"
info["ru"]["Terra Blade/Crafting tree"] = "Терра-клинок/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Terra Blade"] = "Терра-клинок"
info["ru"]["Shadow Chest"] = "Теневой сундук"
info["ru"]["Shadow Key"] = "Теневой ключ"
info["ru"]["Shadow Scale"] = "Теневая чешуйка"
info["ru"]["Shadow Orb (item)"] = "Теневая сфера (предмет)"
info["ru"]["Shadow Orb"] = "Теневая сфера"
info["ru"]["Shadow armor"] = "Теневая броня"
info["ru"]["Dungeon/Dungeon wall spawns"] = "Темница/виды стен"
info["ru"]["Dungeon"] = "Темница"
info["ru"]["Meteor Head"] = "Тело метеора"
info["ru"]["Teleporter"] = "Телепорт"
info["ru"]["Timers"] = "Таймеры"
info["ru"]["Sign"] = "Табличка"
info["ru"]["Lucky Horseshoe"] = "Счастливая подкова"
info["ru"]["Lucky Coin"] = "Счастливая монета"
info["ru"]["Tendon Bow"] = "Сухожильный лук"
info["ru"]["Biome Chests"] = "Сундуки биомов"
info["ru"]["Chests"] = "Сундуки"
info["ru"]["Chlorophyte Warhammer"] = "Хлорофитовый боевой молот"
info["ru"]["Chairs"] = "Стулья"
info["ru"]["House"] = "Строительство"
info["ru"]["Arrows/row"] = "Стрелы/ряд"
info["ru"]["Arrows"] = "Стрелы"
info["ru"]["Heart Arrow"] = "Стрела любви"
info["ru"]["Hellfire Arrow"] = "Стрела адского огня"
info["ru"]["Traveling Merchant"] = "Странствующий торговец"
info["ru"]["Strange Glowing Mushroom"] = "Странный светящийся гриб"
info["ru"]["Dungeon Guardian"] = "Страж темницы"
info["ru"]["Tables"] = "Столы"
info["ru"]["Bewitching Table"] = "Стол шамана"
info["ru"]["Steampunker"] = "Стимпанкер"
info["ru"]["Stylist"] = "Стилист"
info["ru"]["Vulture"] = "Стервятник"
info["ru"]["Hive Wall"] = "Стена улья"
info["ru"]["Background walls"] = "Стены"
info["ru"]["Copper Plating Wall"] = "Стена с медным покрытием"
info["ru"]["Wall of Flesh"] = "Стена плоти"
info["ru"]["Stone Slab Wall"] = "Стена из каменной плитки"
info["ru"]["Glass Wall"] = "Стеклянная стена"
info["ru"]["Glass"] = "Стекло"
info["ru"]["Statues"] = "Статуи"
info["ru"]["Player stats"] = "Статистика игрока"
info["ru"]["Old Man"] = "Старик"
info["ru"]["Mounts"] = "Средства передвижения"
info["ru"]["List of weapons"] = "Список оружия"
info["ru"]["List of NPCs/row"] = "Список неигровых персонажей/ряд"
info["ru"]["List of NPCs"] = "Список неигровых персонажей"
info["ru"]["Razorpine"] = "Сосновая бритва"
info["ru"]["Summer Hat"] = "Соломенная шляпа"
info["ru"]["Solar Fragment"] = "Солнечный фрагмент"
info["ru"]["Sun Stone"] = "Солнечный камень"
info["ru"]["Solar Eruption"] = "Солнечный выброс"
info["ru"]["Falcon Blade"] = "Соколиный клинок"
info["ru"]["Solar Eclipse"] = "Солнечное затмение"
info["ru"]["Events"] = "События"
info["ru"]["Snowball"] = "Снежок"
info["ru"]["Snow Globe"] = "Снежный шар"
info["ru"]["Snow biome"] = "Снежный биом"
info["ru"]["Blizzard in a Balloon"] = "Снежная буря в шарике"
info["ru"]["Blizzard in a Bottle"] = "Снежная буря в банке"
info["ru"]["Snowball Launcher"] = "Снежкомёт"
info["ru"]["Snowman Gangsta"] = "Снеговик-гангстер"
info["ru"]["Step Stool"] = "Табуретка"
info["ru"]["Snow Balla"] = "Снегго Вик"
info["ru"]["Snow Block"] = "Снег"
info["ru"]["Master Ninja Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Снаряжение мастера-ниндзя/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Sniper Scope/Crafting tree"] = "Снайперский прицел/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Sniper Scope"] = "Снайперский прицел"
info["ru"]["Tuxedo set"] = "Смокинг"
info["ru"]["Master Ninja Gear"] = "Снаряжение мастера-ниндзя"
info["ru"]["Deathbringer Pickaxe"] = "Смертоносная кирка"
info["ru"]["Deathweed"] = "Смертеросль"
info["ru"]["Death Sickle"] = "Смертельная коса"
info["ru"]["Broken Bat Wing"] = "Сломанное крыло летучей мыши"
info["ru"]["Hardmode"] = "Сложный режим"
info["ru"]["Hellstone Bar"] = "Слиток адского камня"
info["ru"]["Bars"] = "Слитки"
info["ru"]["Slime Rain"] = "Слизневый дождь"
info["ru"]["Slimer"] = "Слизневик"
info["ru"]["Dungeon Slime"] = "Слизень темницы"
info["ru"]["Jungle Slime"] = "Слизень джунглей"
info["ru"]["Baby Slime"] = "Слизень-детёныш"
info["ru"]["Slimes"] = "Слизень"
info["ru"]["Weak"] = "Слабость"
info["ru"]["Attack speed"] = "Скорость атаки"
info["ru"]["Skeletron Prime"] = "Скелетрон Прайм"
info["ru"]["Skeletron"] = "Скелетрон"
info["ru"]["Undead Miner"] = "Скелет-шахтёр"
info["ru"]["Skeleton Merchant"] = "Скелет-торговец"
info["ru"]["Skeleton Archer"] = "Скелет-лучник"
info["ru"]["Skeleton"] = "Скелет"
info["ru"]["Benches"] = "Скамьи"
info["ru"]["Christmas Lights"] = "Синяя лампочка"
info["ru"]["Angler Earring"] = "Серёжка рыбака"
info["ru"]["Gray Brick"] = "Серый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Silver Bar"] = "Серебряный слиток"
info["ru"]["Silver Hammer"] = "Серебряный молот"
info["ru"]["Tin Plating Wall"] = "Стена с оловянным покрытием"
info["ru"]["Value"] = "Стоимость"
info["ru"]["Silver Brick"] = "Серебряный кирпич"
info["ru"]["Silver Bow"] = "Серебряный лук"
info["ru"]["Silver Shortsword"] = "Серебряный кинжал"
info["ru"]["Silver Ore"] = "Серебряная руда"
info["ru"]["Silver Bullet"] = "Серебряная пуля"
info["ru"]["Silver Watch"] = "Серебряные карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Spectral Arrow"] = "Спектральная стрела"
info["ru"]["Silver armor"] = "Серебряная броня"
info["ru"]["Silver Pickaxe"] = "Серебряная кирка"
info["ru"]["Sunglasses"] = "Солнечные очки"
info["ru"]["Silver"] = "Серебро"
info["ru"]["Seed"] = "Семя"
info["ru"]["Gray Brick Wall"] = "Серая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Snow Brick"] = "Снежный кирпич"
info["ru"]["Jungle Grass Seeds"] = "Семена травы джунглей"
info["ru"]["Blinkroot Seeds"] = "Семена мерцающего корня"
info["ru"]["Moonglow Seeds"] = "Семена луносвета"
info["ru"]["Snow Brick Wall"] = "Снежная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Seeds"] = "Семена"
info["ru"]["Sextant"] = "Секстант"
info["ru"]["Safe"] = "Сейф"
info["ru"]["Holy Arrow"] = "Святая стрела"
info["ru"]["Bundle of Balloons"] = "Связка шариков"
info["ru"]["Holy Hand Grenade"] = "Святая граната"
info["ru"]["Lead Axe"] = "Свинцовый топор"
info["ru"]["Bundle of Balloons/Crafting tree"] = "Связка шариков/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Piggy Bank"] = "Свинья-копилка"
info["ru"]["Lead Broadsword"] = "Свинцовый меч"
info["ru"]["Lead Bow"] = "Свинцовый лук"
info["ru"]["Lead Bar"] = "Свинцовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Lead Hammer"] = "Свинцовый молот"
info["ru"]["Lead Ore"] = "Свинцовая руда"
info["ru"]["Lead Pickaxe"] = "Свинцовая кирка"
info["ru"]["Slimeling"] = "Слизнячок"
info["ru"]["Candles"] = "Свечи"
info["ru"]["Illuminant Slime"] = "Светящийся слизень"
info["ru"]["Glowing Mushroom"] = "Светящийся гриб"
info["ru"]["Glowstick"] = "Светящаяся палочка"
info["ru"]["Illuminant Bat"] = "Светящаяся летучая мышь"
info["ru"]["Light Disc"] = "Световой диск"
info["ru"]["Bug Net"] = "Сачок"
info["ru"]["Sapphire"] = "Сапфир"
info["ru"]["Flame Waker Boots"] = "Сапоги пламенной поступи"
info["ru"]["Frostspark Boots/Crafting tree"] = "Сапоги морозной искры/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Frostspark Boots"] = "Сапоги морозной искры"
info["ru"]["Hermes Boots"] = "Сапоги Гермеса"
info["ru"]["Lava Waders/Crafting tree"] = "Сапоги-лавоходы/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Lava Waders"] = "Сапоги-лавоходы"
info["ru"]["Santa Claus"] = "Санта-Клаус"
info["ru"]["Gems"] = "Самоцветы"
info["ru"]["Gemcorns"] = "Самоцветные жёлуди"
info["ru"]["Variegated Lardfish"] = "Сальная рыба"
info["ru"]["Salamander"] = "Саламандра"
info["ru"]["Lever"] = "Рычаг"
info["ru"]["Angler Tackle Bag"] = "Рыболовные снасти"
info["ru"]["Fishing Potion"] = "Рыбацкое зелье"
info["ru"]["Fishing"] = "Рыбалка"
info["ru"]["Angler"] = "Рыбак"
info["ru"]["Angler Fish"] = "Рыба-удильщик"
info["ru"]["Zombie Arm"] = "Рука зомби"
info["ru"]["Ores"] = "Руды"
info["ru"]["Ruby Robe"] = "Рубиновая мантия"
info["ru"]["Silver Axe"] = "Серебряный топор"
info["ru"]["Ruby"] = "Рубин"
info["ru"]["Pink Vase"] = "Розовая ваза"
info["ru"]["Jungle Rose"] = "Роза джунглей"
info["ru"]["Unicorn Horn"] = "Рог единорога"
info["ru"]["Roman candle"] = "Римская свеча"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Рецепты/Ящщеровая печь"
info["ru"]["Silver Brick Wall"] = "Серебряная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Blue Slime"] = "Синий слизень"
info["ru"]["Silver Broadsword"] = "Серебряный меч"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Dye Vat"] = "Рецепты/Чан для красителей"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball"] = "Рецепты/Хрустальный шар"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench"] = "Рецепты/Тяжёлый верстак"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Living Loom"] = "Рецепты/Ткацкий станок из живого дерева"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Loom"] = "Рецепты/Ткацкий станок"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Table"] = "Рецепты/Стол"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler"] = "Рецепты/Стимпанк-котёл"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln"] = "Рецепты/Стеклянная печь"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "Рецепты/Резервуар клонирования плоти"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle"] = "Рецепты/Размещённая банка"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Ecto Mist"] = "Рецепты/Призрачная мгла"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Furnace"] = "Рецепты/Печь"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Solidifier"] = "Рецепты/Отвердитель"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Sky Mill"] = "Рецепты/Небесный стан"
info["ru"]["Heart"] = "Сердце"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil"] = "Рецепты/Наковальни сложного режима"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil"] = "Рецепты/Наковальни простого режима"
info["ru"]["Sapphire Robe"] = "Сапфировая мантия"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Honey"] = "Рецепты/Мёд"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station"] = "Рецепты/Наполнитель"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder"] = "Рецепты/Мясорубка"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser"] = "Рецепты/Медовый дозатор"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Рецепты/Мастерская инженера"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"] = "Рецепты/Манипулятор древних"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Sawmill"] = "Рецепты/Лесопилка"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Lava"] = "Рецепты/Лава"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge"] = "Рецепты/Кузни сложного режима"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot"] = "Рецепты/Котелок"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Campfire"] = "Рецепты/Костёр"
info["ru"]["Lead Shortsword"] = "Свинцовый кинжал"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Bone Welder"] = "Рецепты/Костяной станок"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Bookcase"] = "Рецепты/Книжный шкаф"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Keg"] = "Рецепты/Кег"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber"] = "Рецепты/Камера гниения"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Teapot"] = "Рецепты/Заварочный чайник"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Ice Machine"] = "Рецепты/Генератор льда"
info["ru"]["Recipes/By Hand"] = "Рецепты/Вручную"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Water"] = "Рецепты/Вода"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Work Bench"] = "Рецепты/Верстак"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic"] = "Рецепты/Асфальтомешалка"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Altar"] = "Рецепты/Алтарь"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Hellforge"] = "Рецепты/Адская кузня"
info["ru"]["Recipes/Autohammer"] = "Рецепты/Автоматический молоток"
info["ru"]["Recipes"] = "Рецепты"
info["ru"]["Relics"] = "Реликвии"
info["ru"]["Expert Mode"] = "Режим эксперта"
info["ru"]["Journey mode"] = "Режим путешествия"
info["ru"]["Master Mode"] = "Режим мастера"
info["ru"]["Rarity"] = "Редкость"
info["ru"]["Rocket Boots"] = "Реактивные сапоги"
info["ru"]["Daybreak"] = "Рассвет"
info["ru"]["Broken Armor"] = "Расколотая броня"
info["ru"]["Rally"] = "Ралли"
info["ru"]["Neptune's Shell"] = "Ракушка Нептуна"
info["ru"]["Rockets"] = "Ракеты"
info["ru"]["Rockets"] = "Ракета IV"
info["ru"]["Rockets"] = "Ракета III"
info["ru"]["Lead armor"] = "Свинцовая броня"
info["ru"]["Rockets"] = "Ракета I"
info["ru"]["Bottle (crafting station)"] = "Размещённая банка"
info["ru"]["World size"] = "Размер мира"
info["ru"]["Rainbow Slime"] = "Радужный слизень"
info["ru"]["Horn o' plenty"] = "Рог изобилия"
info["ru"]["Rainbow Brick"] = "Радужный кирпич"
info["ru"]["Rainbow Gun"] = "Радужная пушка"
info["ru"]["Rainbow Brick Wall"] = "Радужная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Pixie Dust"] = "Пыльца пикси"
info["ru"]["Crafting stations"] = "Рабочие места"
info["ru"]["Blazing Wheel"] = "Пылающее колесо"
info["ru"]["Beenade"] = "Пчелоната"
info["ru"]["Bee Keeper"] = "Пчеловод"
info["ru"]["Bee Hive"] = "Пчелиный улей"
info["ru"]["Bee Cloak"] = "Пчелиный плащ"
info["ru"]["Bee set"] = "Пчелиный костюм"
info["ru"]["Bee Wax"] = "Пчелиный воск"
info["ru"]["Bee armor"] = "Пчелиная броня"
info["ru"]["Purple Clubberfish"] = "Пурпурная рыба-дубина"
info["ru"]["Bullets/cost"] = "Пули/стоимость"
info["ru"]["Bullets/row"] = "Пули/ряд"
info["ru"]["Bullets"] = "Пули"
info["ru"]["Vial of Venom"] = "Пузырёк с ядом"
info["ru"]["Gingerbread Man"] = "Пряничный человечек"
info["ru"]["Пружинящий глаз"] = "Пружинящий глаз"
info["ru"]["Counterweights"] = "Противовесы"
info["ru"]["Miscellaneous"] = "Прочее"
info["ru"]["Enemies"] = "Противники"
info["ru"]["Chasms"] = "Пропасть"
info["ru"]["Creeper"] = "Проныра"
info["ru"]["Extractinator"] = "Промывочная машина"
info["ru"]["Cursed Skull"] = "Проклятый череп"
info["ru"]["Cursed Flame"] = "Проклятый огонь"
info["ru"]["Cursed Hammer"] = "Проклятый молот"
info["ru"]["Cursed Flames"] = "Проклятые огни"
info["ru"]["Cursed Inferno"] = "Проклятое пекло"
info["ru"]["Cursed Arrow"] = "Проклятая стрела"
info["ru"]["Cursed Bullet"] = "Проклятая пуля"
info["ru"]["Cursed stuffing"] = "Проклятая начинка"
info["ru"]["Cursed"] = "Проклят"
info["ru"]["Wire"] = "Провод"
info["ru"]["Servant of Cthulhu"] = "Прислужник Ктулху"
info["ru"]["Princess"] = "Принцесса"
info["ru"]["Spectre Bar"] = "Призрачный слиток"
info["ru"]["Spectre Boots"] = "Призрачные сапоги"
info["ru"]["Spectre armor"] = "Призрачная броня"
info["ru"]["Spectre Pickaxe"] = "Призрачная кирка"
info["ru"]["Wraith"] = "Призрак"
info["ru"]["Prismatic Lacewing"] = "Призматическая златоглазка"
info["ru"]["Familiar set"] = "Привычная одежда"
info["ru"]["Ghost"] = "Привидение игрока"
info["ru"]["The Underworld"] = "Преисподняя"
info["ru"]["Upcoming features/Archive"] = "Предстоящие изменения"
info["ru"]["Vanity items"] = "Предметы стиля"
info["ru"]["Defense items"] = "Предметы защиты"
info["ru"]["Super Healing Potion"] = "Превосходное лечебное зелье"
info["ru"]["Items"] = "Предметы"
info["ru"]["Greater Mana Potion"] = "Превосходное зелье маны"
info["ru"]["Soils"] = "Почва"
info["ru"]["Influx Waver"] = "Потоковый резонатор"
info["ru"]["Shadowbeam Staff"] = "Посох теневого луча"
info["ru"]["Slime Staff"] = "Посох слизня"
info["ru"]["Pygmy Staff"] = "Посох пигмея"
info["ru"]["Finch Staff"] = "Посох зяблика"
info["ru"]["Queen Spider Staff"] = "Посох королевы пауков"
info["ru"]["Imp Staff"] = "Посох беса"
info["ru"]["Potion Sickness"] = "Послезельевая болезнь"
info["ru"]["Last Prism"] = "Последняя призма"
info["ru"]["Corrupt Crate"] = "Порченый ящик"
info["ru"]["Rockets"] = "Ракета II"
info["ru"]["Corrupt Slime"] = "Порченый слизень"
info["ru"]["Corrupt Bunny"] = "Порченый кролик"
info["ru"]["Corrupt Goldfish"] = "Порченая золотая рыбка"
info["ru"]["Corruptor"] = "Порчащий"
info["ru"]["The Corruption"] = "Порча"
info["ru"]["Clothier"] = "Портной"
info["ru"]["Portal Gun"] = "Портальная пушка"
info["ru"]["Tattered Cloth"] = "Порванная ткань"
info["ru"]["Tiki Totem"] = "Полинезийский тотем"
info["ru"]["Tiki armor"] = "Полинезийская броня"
info["ru"]["Vertebra"] = "Позвонок"
info["ru"]["Eater of Souls"] = "Пожиратель душ"
info["ru"]["Eater of Worlds"] = "Пожиратель миров"
info["ru"]["Devourer"] = "Пожиратель"
info["ru"]["Candelabras/resultcell"] = "Подсвечники/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Whoopie Cushion"] = "Подушка-пердушка"
info["ru"]["Tooltips"] = "Подсказки"
info["ru"]["Sunflower"] = "Подсолнух"
info["ru"]["Candelabras"] = "Подсвечники"
info["ru"]["Demolitionist"] = "Подрывник"
info["ru"]["Mimics"] = "Подражатели"
info["ru"]["Suspicious Looking Eye"] = "Подозрительно выглядящий глаз"
info["ru"]["Suspicious Looking Egg"] = "Подозрительно выглядящее яйцо"
info["ru"]["Bubble Machine"] = "Пузырь-машина"
info["ru"]["Underground Jungle"] = "Подземные джунгли"
info["ru"]["Birds"] = "Птица"
info["ru"]["Underground Hallow"] = "Подземное освящение"
info["ru"]["Underground Corruption"] = "Подземная порча"
info["ru"]["Underground Desert"] = "Подземная пустыня"
info["ru"]["Underground"] = "Подземелье"
info["ru"]["Flaming Arrow"] = "Поджигающая стрела"
info["ru"]["Presents"] = "Подарок"
info["ru"]["Platinum Hammer"] = "Платиновый молот"
info["ru"]["Platinum Bow"] = "Платиновый лук"
info["ru"]["Platinum Broadsword"] = "Платиновый меч"
info["ru"]["Platinum Shortsword"] = "Платиновый кинжал"
info["ru"]["Platinum Watch"] = "Платиновые карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Platinum Ore"] = "Платиновая руда"
info["ru"]["Purple Slime"] = "Пурпурный слизень"
info["ru"]["Platinum Crown"] = "Платиновая корона"
info["ru"]["Platinum Pickaxe"] = "Платиновая кирка"
info["ru"]["Platinum armor"] = "Платиновая броня"
info["ru"]["Plantera"] = "Плантера"
info["ru"]["Flamarang"] = "Пламеранг"
info["ru"]["Fiery Greatsword"] = "Пламенный двуручник"
info["ru"]["Leech"] = "Пиявка"
info["ru"]["Pets"] = "Питомцы"
info["ru"]["Handgun"] = "Пистолет"
info["ru"]["Pirate"] = "Пират"
info["ru"]["Piranha"] = "Пиранья"
info["ru"]["Pixie"] = "Пикси"
info["ru"]["Cavern"] = "Пещеры"
info["ru"]["Cave Bat"] = "Пещерная летучая мышь"
info["ru"]["Furnace"] = "Печь"
info["ru"]["Parrot Cracker"] = "Печенье для попугая"
info["ru"]["Sandstone Brick"] = "Песчаниковый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Pinky"] = "Пинки"
info["ru"]["Sandstone Slab"] = "Песчаниковая плитка"
info["ru"]["Fancy Dishes"] = "Причудливые тарелки"
info["ru"]["Sandgun"] = "Песчаная пушка"
info["ru"]["Sandstorm in a Balloon"] = "Песчаная буря в шарике"
info["ru"]["Sandstorm in a Bottle"] = "Песчаная буря в банке"
info["ru"]["Tiki Torch"] = "Полинезийский факел"
info["ru"]["Sand Blocks"] = "Пески"
info["ru"]["Titan Glove"] = "Перчатки титана"
info["ru"]["Feather"] = "Перо"
info["ru"]["Bladed Glove"] = "Перчатка с лезвиями"
info["ru"]["Portable Cement Mixer"] = "Переносная бетономешалка"
info["ru"]["Switch"] = "Переключатель"
info["ru"]["Modifiers"] = "Перековка"
info["ru"]["Spider armor"] = "Паучья броня"
info["ru"]["Cobweb"] = "Паутина"
info["ru"]["Floating Island"] = "Парящие острова"
info["ru"]["Floaty Gross"] = "Парящая масса"
info["ru"]["Papyrus Scarab"] = "Папирусный скарабей"
info["ru"]["Panic Necklace"] = "Паническое ожерелье"
info["ru"]["Palladium Bar"] = "Палладиевый слиток"
info["ru"]["Palladium Repeater"] = "Палладиевый самострел"
info["ru"]["Palladium Sword"] = "Палладиевый меч"
info["ru"]["Palladium Drill"] = "Палладиевый бур"
info["ru"]["Palladium Waraxe"] = "Палладиевый боевой топор"
info["ru"]["Palladium Ore"] = "Палладиевая руда"
info["ru"]["Palladium Pickaxe"] = "Палладиевая кирка"
info["ru"]["Palladium Chainsaw"] = "Палладиевая бензопила"
info["ru"]["Beach Ball"] = "Пляжный мяч"
info["ru"]["Stucco Walls"] = "Оштукатуренные стены"
info["ru"]["Clentaminator"] = "Очизнитель"
info["ru"]["Poison Staff"] = "Отравляющий посох"
info["ru"]["Poisoned Knife"] = "Отравленный нож"
info["ru"]["Solidifier"] = "Отвердитель"
info["ru"]["Knockback"] = "Отбрасывание"
info["ru"]["The Meatball"] = "Отбиватель"
info["ru"]["Wasp Gun"] = "Осомёт"
info["ru"]["Crystal Shard"] = "Осколок кристалла"
info["ru"]["Hallowed Crate"] = "Освящённый ящик"
info["ru"]["Hallowed Seeds"] = "Освящённые семена"
info["ru"]["Hallowed Bar"] = "Освящённый слиток"
info["ru"]["Hallowed Repeater"] = "Освящённый самострел"
info["ru"]["Platinum Brick"] = "Платиновый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Hallowed armor"] = "Освящённая броня"
info["ru"]["Platinum Axe"] = "Платиновый топор"
info["ru"]["The Hallow"] = "Освящение"
info["ru"]["Summon weapons"] = "Оружие для призыва"
info["ru"]["Ranged weapons"] = "Оружие дальнего боя"
info["ru"]["Melee weapons"] = "Оружие ближнего боя"
info["ru"]["Weapons"] = "Оружие"
info["ru"]["Arms Dealer"] = "Оружейник"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Bar"] = "Орихалковый слиток"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Sword"] = "Орихалковый меч"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Waraxe"] = "Орихалковый боевой топор"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Drill"] = "Орихалковый бур"
info["ru"]["Diseaster Bunny"] = "Пасханутый кролик"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Ore"] = "Орихалковая руда"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Pickaxe"] = "Орихалковая кирка"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum armor"] = "Орихалковая броня"
info["ru"]["Ash Block"] = "Пепел"
info["ru"]["Iridescent Brick"] = "Переливчатый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Tipsy"] = "Опьянение"
info["ru"]["Rifle Scope"] = "Оптический прицел"
info["ru"]["Platinum Brick Wall"] = "Платиновая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Tin Broadsword"] = "Оловянный меч"
info["ru"]["Tin Brick"] = "Оловянный кирпич"
info["ru"]["Tin Pickaxe"] = "Оловянная кирка"
info["ru"]["Ocram"] = "Окрам"
info["ru"]["Iridescent Brick Wall"] = "Переливчатая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Ocean"] = "Океан"
info["ru"]["Jellyfish Necklace"] = "Ожерелье медузы"
info["ru"]["Sandstone Brick Wall"] = "Песчаниковая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Possessed Armor"] = "Одержимые доспехи"
info["ru"]["Fireblossom"] = "Огнецвет"
info["ru"]["Guns"] = "Огнестрельное оружие"
info["ru"]["Palladium Pike"] = "Палладиевая алебарда"
info["ru"]["Fire Imp"] = "Огненный бес"
info["ru"]["Fire Gauntlet/Crafting tree"] = "Огненные перчатки/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Flamethrower"] = "Огнемёт"
info["ru"]["Ambient objects"] = "Объекты окружения"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Shield"] = "Обсидиановый щит"
info["ru"]["Poisoned"] = "Отравлен"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Skull"] = "Обсидиановый череп"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Brick"] = "Обсидиановый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Water Walking Boots"] = "Обсидиановые сапоги хождения по воде"
info["ru"]["Tin Bar"] = "Оловянный слиток"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Rose"] = "Обсидиановая роза"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Horseshoe"] = "Обсидиановая подкова"
info["ru"]["Tin Brick Wall"] = "Оловянная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Brick Wall"] = "Обсидиановая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Obsidian"] = "Обсидиан"
info["ru"]["Boomstick"] = "Обрез"
info["ru"]["Werewolf"] = "Оборотень"
info["ru"]["Cloud in a Balloon"] = "Облако в шарике"
info["ru"]["Cloud in a Bottle"] = "Облако в банке"
info["ru"]["Frostburn"] = "Обжигающий холод"
info["ru"]["Nightglow"] = "Ночное сияние"
info["ru"]["Tin Shortsword"] = "Оловянный кинжал"
info["ru"]["KO Cannon"] = "Нокаутирующая пушка"
info["ru"]["Shadowflame Knife"] = "Нож пламени тьмы"
info["ru"]["Orichalcum Halberd"] = "Орихалковая алебарда"
info["ru"]["Chain Knife"] = "Нож на цепи"
info["ru"]["Threads"] = "Нитки"
info["ru"]["Tin Ore"] = "Оловянная руда"
info["ru"]["Tin Bow"] = "Оловянный лук"
info["ru"]["Unholy Arrow"] = "Нечестивая стрела"
info["ru"]["Tin Plating"] = "Оловянное покрытие"
info["ru"]["Silly Balloons"] = "Нелепые шарики"
info["ru"]["Tin Hammer"] = "Оловянный молот"
info["ru"]["Illegal Gun Parts"] = "Нелегальные части оружия"
info["ru"]["Nectar"] = "Нектар"
info["ru"]["Necro armor"] = "Некроброня"
info["ru"]["NPCs"] = "Неигровые персонажи"
info["ru"]["Tin Watch"] = "Оловянные карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Sky Crate"] = "Небесный ящик"
info["ru"]["Celestial Magnet"] = "Небесный магнит"
info["ru"]["Tin Axe"] = "Оловянный топор"
info["ru"]["Celestial Stone"] = "Небесный камень"
info["ru"]["Celestial Cuffs"] = "Небесные наручники"
info["ru"]["Pumps"] = "Насосы"
info["ru"]["Grandfather Clocks/resultcell"] = "Напольные часы/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Grandfather Clocks"] = "Напольные часы"
info["ru"]["Imbuing Station"] = "Наполнитель"
info["ru"]["Nanites"] = "Наниты"
info["ru"]["Pre-Hardmode Anvils"] = "Наковальни простого режима"
info["ru"]["Hardmode Anvils"] = "Наковальни сложного режима"
info["ru"]["Capes"] = "Накидки"
info["ru"]["Pressure Plates"] = "Нажимные плиты"
info["ru"]["Tombstones"] = "Надгробная плита"
info["ru"]["Meowmere"] = "Мяумур"
info["ru"]["Musket Ball"] = "Мушкетная пуля"
info["ru"]["Musket"] = "Мушкет"
info["ru"]["Trash Can"] = "Мусорный бак"
info["ru"]["Muramasa"] = "Мурамаса"
info["ru"]["Antlion"] = "Муравьиный лев"
info["ru"]["Mummies"] = "Мумии"
info["ru"]["Multiplayer"] = "Мультиплеер"
info["ru"]["Music Boxes"] = "Музыкальные шкатулки"
info["ru"]["Music"] = "Музыка"
info["ru"]["Darkness"] = "Мрак"
info["ru"]["Frost Staff"] = "Морозный посох"
info["ru"]["Frost Core"] = "Морозное ядро"
info["ru"]["Frost Moon"] = "Морозная луна"
info["ru"]["Frost armor"] = "Морозная броня"
info["ru"]["Carrot"] = "Морковка"
info["ru"]["Coins"] = "Монеты"
info["ru"]["Hammers"] = "Молоты"
info["ru"]["Pwnhammer"] = "Молот-нагибатор"
info["ru"]["Lightning Boots/Crafting tree"] = "Молниеносные сапоги/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Lightning Boots"] = "Молниеносные сапоги"
info["ru"]["Brain of Cthulhu"] = "Мозг Ктулху"
info["ru"]["Stylish Scissors"] = "Модные ножницы"
info["ru"]["Frost Legion"] = "Морозный легион"
info["ru"]["Mobile version"] = "Мобильное издание"
info["ru"]["Mythril Bar"] = "Мифриловый слиток"
info["ru"]["Pianos"] = "Пианино"
info["ru"]["Mythril Repeater"] = "Мифриловый самострел"
info["ru"]["Mythril Sword"] = "Мифриловый меч"
info["ru"]["Mythril Waraxe"] = "Мифриловый боевой топор"
info["ru"]["Mythril Ore"] = "Мифриловая руда"
info["ru"]["Mythril Pickaxe"] = "Мифриловая кирка"
info["ru"]["Mythril armor"] = "Мифриловая броня"
info["ru"]["Bowls"] = "Миски"
info["ru"]["Bowl of Soup"] = "Миска супа"
info["ru"]["Minishark"] = "Мини-акула"
info["ru"]["Treasure Bag"] = "Мешок с сокровищами"
info["ru"]["Pearlwood Sword"] = "Меч из жемчужного дерева"
info["ru"]["Mechanical Skull"] = "Механический череп"
info["ru"]["Mechanical Worm"] = "Механический червь"
info["ru"]["Mechanical Glove"] = "Механические перчатки"
info["ru"]["Mechanical Eye"] = "Механический глаз"
info["ru"]["Mechanic"] = "Механик"
info["ru"]["Mechanisms"] = "Механизм"
info["ru"]["Flinx Fur"] = "Мех флинкса"
info["ru"]["Meteor Hamaxe"] = "Метеорный молотопор"
info["ru"]["Meteor armor"] = "Метеорная броня"
info["ru"]["Tin armor"] = "Оловянная броня"
info["ru"]["Meteorite Bar"] = "Метеоритный слиток"
info["ru"]["Meteor Shot"] = "Метеоритная пуля"
info["ru"]["Meteorite"] = "Метеорит"
info["ru"]["Weather Radio"] = "Метеорадио"
info["ru"]["Throwing Knife"] = "Метательный нож"
info["ru"]["Thrown Water"] = "Метательная вода"
info["ru"]["Meteorite (biome)"] = "Место падения метеорита"
info["ru"]["Clothier's set"] = "Одежда портного"
info["ru"]["Blinkroot"] = "Мерцающий корень"
info["ru"]["Vile Mushroom"] = "Мерзкий гриб"
info["ru"]["Mining armor"] = "Одежда шахтёра"
info["ru"]["Copper"] = "Медь"
info["ru"]["Jellyfish"] = "Медузы"
info["ru"]["Medusa"] = "Медуза (мифическое существо)"
info["ru"]["Nurse"] = "Медсестра"
info["ru"]["Honeyfin"] = "Медопёрка"
info["ru"]["Honey Comb"] = "Медовые соты"
info["ru"]["Copper Axe"] = "Медный топор"
info["ru"]["Copper Bar"] = "Медный слиток"
info["ru"]["Copper Broadsword"] = "Медный меч"
info["ru"]["Copper Shortsword"] = "Медный кинжал"
info["ru"]["Copper Watch"] = "Медные карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Copper Plating"] = "Медное покрытие"
info["ru"]["Copper Ore"] = "Медная руда"
info["ru"]["Copper Pickaxe"] = "Медная кирка"
info["ru"]["Slow"] = "Медлительность"
info["ru"]["Mythril Brick"] = "Мифриловый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Megashark"] = "Мегаакула"
info["ru"]["Furniture"] = "Мебель"
info["ru"]["Mother Slime"] = "Мать слизней"
info["ru"]["Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Мастерская инженера"
info["ru"]["Brick Layer"] = "Мастерок"
info["ru"]["Masks"] = "Маски"
info["ru"]["Mime Mask"] = "Маска мима"
info["ru"]["Mythril Brick Wall"] = "Мифриловая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Guy Fawkes Mask"] = "Маска Гая Фокса"
info["ru"]["Martian Madness"] = "Марсианское безумие"
info["ru"]["Ancient Manipulator"] = "Манипулятор древних"
info["ru"]["Mana"] = "Мана"
info["ru"]["Robe"] = "Мантия"
info["ru"]["Painter"] = "Маляр"
info["ru"]["Magma Stone"] = "Магматический камень"
info["ru"]["Rich Mahogany Sword"] = "Меч из красного дерева"
info["ru"]["Ebonwood Sword"] = "Меч из эбенового дерева"
info["ru"]["Magic Quiver"] = "Магический колчан"
info["ru"]["Magic Dagger"] = "Магический кинжал"
info["ru"]["Magic Cuffs"] = "Магические наручники"
info["ru"]["Mister Stabby"] = "Мистер Колотун"
info["ru"]["Magic Mirrors"] = "Магические зеркала"
info["ru"]["Magical Harp"] = "Магическая арфа"
info["ru"]["Shadewood Sword"] = "Меч из мрачного дерева"
info["ru"]["Copper Hammer"] = "Медный молот"
info["ru"]["Palm Wood Sword"] = "Меч из пальмового дерева"
info["ru"]["Boreal Wood Sword"] = "Меч из северного дерева"
info["ru"]["Chandeliers"] = "Люстры"
info["ru"]["Luminite Bar"] = "Люминитовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Luminite Bullet"] = "Люминитовая пуля"
info["ru"]["Luminite"] = "Люминит"
info["ru"]["Man Eater"] = "Людоед"
info["ru"]["Beam Sword"] = "Лучевой меч"
info["ru"]["Moonglow"] = "Луносвет"
info["ru"]["Moon Lord"] = "Лунный повелитель"
info["ru"]["Moon Stone"] = "Лунный камень"
info["ru"]["Lunar Fragments"] = "Лунные фрагменты"
info["ru"]["Lunar Events"] = "Лунные события"
info["ru"]["Copper Brick Wall"] = "Медная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Lunatic Cultist"] = "Лунатик-культист"
info["ru"]["Bows"] = "Луки"
info["ru"]["Traps"] = "Ловушки"
info["ru"]["Dart Trap"] = "Ловушка с дротиком"
info["ru"]["Molten Hamaxe"] = "Литой молотопор"
info["ru"]["Molten Fury"] = "Литая ярость"
info["ru"]["Molten Pickaxe"] = "Литая кирка"
info["ru"]["Molten armor"] = "Литая броня"
info["ru"]["Leaf Blower"] = "Листодув"
info["ru"]["Sticky Bomb"] = "Липкая бомба"
info["ru"]["Lens"] = "Линза"
info["ru"]["Ruler"] = "Линейка"
info["ru"]["Healing Potion"] = "Лечебное зелье"
info["ru"]["Jungle Bat"] = "Летучая мышь джунглей"
info["ru"]["Bats"] = "Летучая мышь"
info["ru"]["Copper Bow"] = "Медный лук"
info["ru"]["Sawmill"] = "Лесопилка"
info["ru"]["Forest"] = "Лес"
info["ru"]["Frostbrand"] = "Ледяной меч"
info["ru"]["Ice Blade"] = "Ледяной клинок"
info["ru"]["Ice biome"] = "Ледяной биом"
info["ru"]["Ice Tortoise"] = "Ледяная черепаха"
info["ru"]["Icemourne"] = "Ледяная скорбь"
info["ru"]["Flipper"] = "Ласты"
info["ru"]["Phasesabers"] = "Лазерные сабли"
info["ru"]["Phaseblades"] = "Лазерные мечи"
info["ru"]["Lava Slime"] = "Лавовый слизень"
info["ru"]["Copper Brick"] = "Медный кирпич"
info["ru"]["Lava"] = "Лава"
info["ru"]["Wire Cutter"] = "Кусачки"
info["ru"]["Golem Fist"] = "Кулак Голема"
info["ru"]["Guide Voodoo Doll"] = "Кукла вуду гида"
info["ru"]["Hardmode Forges"] = "Кузни сложного режима"
info["ru"]["Hooks"] = "Крюки-кошки"
info["ru"]["Wings"] = "Крылья"
info["ru"]["The Breaker"] = "Крушитель"
info["ru"]["Mug"] = "Кружка"
info["ru"]["Bunny Hood"] = "Кроличий капюшон"
info["ru"]["Bunny"] = "Кролик"
info["ru"]["Bleeding"] = "Кровотечение"
info["ru"]["Blood Lust Cluster"] = "Кровожадная громадина"
info["ru"]["Beds/resultcell"] = "Кровати/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Beds"] = "Кровати"
info["ru"]["Bloody Spine"] = "Кровавый хребет"
info["ru"]["Blood Butcherer"] = "Кровавый забиватель"
info["ru"]["Blood Moon"] = "Кровавая луна"
info["ru"]["Critical hit"] = "Критический удар"
info["ru"]["Crystal Bullet"] = "Кристальная пуля"
info["ru"]["Crystal Assassin armor"] = "Кристальная броня убийцы"
info["ru"]["Life Crystal"] = "Кристалл жизни"
info["ru"]["Crimera"] = "Кримера"
info["ru"]["Cross Necklace"] = "Крестик"
info["ru"]["Flintlock Pistol"] = "Кремнёвый пистолет"
info["ru"]["Copper armor"] = "Медная броня"
info["ru"]["Red Brick"] = "Красный кирпич"
info["ru"]["Firework Rockets"] = "Красная ракета"
info["ru"]["Christmas Lights"] = "Красная лампочка"
info["ru"]["Red Brick Wall"] = "Красная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Paints"] = "Краски"
info["ru"]["Bloodbath Dye"] = "Краситель цвета кровавой бани"
info["ru"]["Dye Trader"] = "Красильщик"
info["ru"]["Nettle Burst"] = "Крапивный взрыв"
info["ru"]["Kraken"] = "Кракен"
info["ru"]["Crab"] = "Краб"
info["ru"]["Nightmare Pickaxe"] = "Кошмарная кирка"
info["ru"]["Cooking Pots"] = "Котлы"
info["ru"]["Face Monster"] = "Лицемонстр"
info["ru"]["Bone Sword"] = "Костяной меч"
info["ru"]["Bone Serpent"] = "Костяной змей"
info["ru"]["Bone Glove"] = "Костяные перчатки"
info["ru"]["Bone Lee"] = "Костюс Ли"
info["ru"]["Ice Rod"] = "Ледяной жезл"
info["ru"]["Scarecrow set"] = "Костюм пугала"
info["ru"]["Clown set"] = "Костюм клоуна"
info["ru"]["Cyborg set"] = "Костюм киборга"
info["ru"]["Hero's set"] = "Костюм героя"
info["ru"]["Plumber's set"] = "Костюм водопроводчика"
info["ru"]["Archaeologist's set"] = "Костюм археолога"
info["ru"]["Santa set"] = "Костюм Санты"
info["ru"]["Bone"] = "Кость"
info["ru"]["Lava Walls"] = "Лавовая стена"
info["ru"]["Ice Brick"] = "Ледяной кирпич"
info["ru"]["Campfires"] = "Костры"
info["ru"]["Space"] = "Космос"
info["ru"]["Space Gun"] = "Космическая пушка"
info["ru"]["Soul Scythe"] = "Коса души"
info["ru"]["Scythe"] = "Коса"
info["ru"]["Slime Crown"] = "Корона слизня"
info["ru"]["King Slime"] = "Король слизней"
info["ru"]["Royal set"] = "Королевская одежда"
info["ru"]["Queen Slime"] = "Королева слизней"
info["ru"]["World Feeder"] = "Кормилец мира"
info["ru"]["Worm Food"] = "Корм для червя"
info["ru"]["Ice Brick Wall"] = "Ледяная кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Coral"] = "Коралл"
info["ru"]["Spear"] = "Копьё"
info["ru"]["Spears"] = "Копья"
info["ru"]["Console version"] = "Консольное издание"
info["ru"]["Compass"] = "Компас"
info["ru"]["Dressers"] = "Комоды"
info["ru"]["Amber Mosquito"] = "Комар в янтаре"
info["ru"]["Molotov Cocktail"] = "Коктейль Молотова"
info["ru"]["Code 2"] = "Код 2"
info["ru"]["Code 1"] = "Код 1"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Shield"] = "Кобальтовый щит"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Bar"] = "Кобальтовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Repeater"] = "Кобальтовый самострел"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Sword"] = "Кобальтовый меч"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Brick"] = "Кобальтовый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Naginata"] = "Кобальтовая нагината"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Pickaxe"] = "Кобальтовая кирка"
info["ru"]["Cobalt armor"] = "Кобальтовая броня"
info["ru"]["Bookcases"] = "Книжные шкафы"
info["ru"]["Book"] = "Книга"
info["ru"]["Biome Keys"] = "Ключи биомов"
info["ru"]["Keys"] = "Ключи"
info["ru"]["Key of Light"] = "Ключ света"
info["ru"]["Keybrand"] = "Ключ-меч"
info["ru"]["Key of Night"] = "Ключ ночи"
info["ru"]["Clown"] = "Клоун"
info["ru"]["The Horseman's Blade"] = "Клинок всадника"
info["ru"]["Breaker Blade"] = "Клинок-разрушитель"
info["ru"]["Bricks"] = "Кирпичи"
info["ru"]["Dungeon Bricks"] = "Кирпичи темницы"
info["ru"]["Pearlstone Brick"] = "Кирпич жемчужного камня"
info["ru"]["Hellstone Brick"] = "Кирпич адского камня"
info["ru"]["Picksaw"] = "Киркопила"
info["ru"]["Pickaxes"] = "Кирки"
info["ru"]["Cyborg"] = "Киборг"
info["ru"]["Katana"] = "Катана"
info["ru"]["Keg"] = "Кег"
info["ru"]["Fisherman's Pocket Guide"] = "Карманный справочник рыбака"
info["ru"]["Candy Cane Walls"] = "Карамельные стены"
info["ru"]["Candy Cane Sword"] = "Карамельный меч"
info["ru"]["Candy Cane Blocks"] = "Карамели"
info["ru"]["Shackle"] = "Кандалы"
info["ru"]["Stone Wall"] = "Каменная стена"
info["ru"]["Red Slime"] = "Красный слизень"
info["ru"]["Stone Block"] = "Камень"
info["ru"]["Stone Slab"] = "Каменная плитка"
info["ru"]["Cactus Sword"] = "Кактусовый меч"
info["ru"]["Cactus armor"] = "Кактусовая броня"
info["ru"]["Cactus Pickaxe"] = "Кактусовая кирка"
info["ru"]["Cactus"] = "Кактус"
info["ru"]["S.D.M.G."] = "К.П.Д."
info["ru"]["Valkyrie Yoyo"] = "Йо-йо валькирии"
info["ru"]["Yoyos"] = "Йо-йо"
info["ru"]["Desktop version history"] = "История версий (ПК-издание)"
info["ru"]["Version history"] = "История версий"
info["ru"]["True Excalibur/Crafting tree"] = "Истинный Экскалибур/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Mobile Version history"] = "История версий (мобильное издание)"
info["ru"]["True Excalibur"] = "Истинный Экскалибур"
info["ru"]["True Night's Edge/Crafting tree"] = "Истинная «Грань ночи»/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Naughty Present"] = "Испорченный подарок"
info["ru"]["True Night's Edge"] = "Истинная «Грань ночи»"
info["ru"]["AI"] = "Искусственный интеллект"
info["ru"]["Tools"] = "Инструменты"
info["ru"]["Turkor the Ungrateful"] = "Индюш Неблагодарный"
info["ru"]["Breath meter"] = "Индикатор кислорода"
info["ru"]["Empress of Light"] = "Императрица света"
info["ru"]["Inventory"] = "Инвентарь"
info["ru"]["Bell"] = "Колокольчик"
info["ru"]["Classy Cane"] = "Изящная трость"
info["ru"]["Emerald Robe"] = "Изумрудная мантия"
info["ru"]["3DS version"] = "3DS-издание"
info["ru"]["Dungeon Brick Walls"] = "Кирпичные стены темницы"
info["ru"]["Tile IDs"] = "Идентификаторы тайлов"
info["ru"]["NPC IDs"] = "Идентификаторы существ"
info["ru"]["The Doctor's set"] = "Костюм Доктора"
info["ru"]["Mount IDs"] = "Идентификаторы средств передвижения"
info["ru"]["Item IDs"] = "Идентификаторы предметов"
info["ru"]["Data IDs"] = "Идентификаторы данных"
info["ru"]["Zoologist"] = "Зоолог"
info["ru"]["Probe"] = "Зонд"
info["ru"]["Zombie Elf"] = "Зомби-эльф"
info["ru"]["Zombie"] = "Зомби"
info["ru"]["Cobalt Waraxe"] = "Кобальтовый боевой топор"
info["ru"]["Gold Watch"] = "Золотые карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Golden Crate"] = "Золотой ящик"
info["ru"]["Gold Chest"] = "Золотой сундук"
info["ru"]["Gold Bar"] = "Золотой слиток"
info["ru"]["Gold Axe"] = "Золотой топор"
info["ru"]["Gold Broadsword"] = "Золотой меч"
info["ru"]["Gold Bow"] = "Золотой лук"
info["ru"]["Golden Key"] = "Золотой ключ"
info["ru"]["Gold Brick"] = "Золотой кирпич"
info["ru"]["Golden Shower"] = "Золотой душ"
info["ru"]["Goldfish"] = "Золотая рыбка"
info["ru"]["Gold"] = "Золото"
info["ru"]["Gold Ore"] = "Золотая руда"
info["ru"]["Ebonstone Brick"] = "Кирпич чёрного камня"
info["ru"]["Pearlstone Brick Wall"] = "Кирпичная стена из жемчужного камня"
info["ru"]["Gold Crown"] = "Золотая корона"
info["ru"]["Gold Brick Wall"] = "Золотая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Ebonstone Brick Wall"] = "Кирпичная стена из чёрного камня"
info["ru"]["Gold Pickaxe"] = "Золотая кирка"
info["ru"]["Gold armor"] = "Золотая броня"
info["ru"]["Banners (decorative)"] = "Знамя"
info["ru"]["Angry Bones"] = "Злой скелет"
info["ru"]["Dirt Wall"] = "Земляная стена"
info["ru"]["Dirt Block"] = "Земля"
info["ru"]["Digger"] = "Землекоп"
info["ru"]["Green Slime"] = "Зелёный слизень"
info["ru"]["Christmas Lights"] = "Зелёная лампочка"
info["ru"]["Potions"] = "Зелья"
info["ru"]["Thorns Potion"] = "Зелье шипов"
info["ru"]["Swiftness Potion"] = "Зелье стремительности"
info["ru"]["Spelunker Potion"] = "Зелье спелеолога"
info["ru"]["Shine Potion"] = "Зелье света"
info["ru"]["Mana Regeneration Potion"] = "Зелье регенерации маны"
info["ru"]["Regeneration Potion"] = "Зелье регенерации"
info["ru"]["Summoning Potion"] = "Зелье призыва"
info["ru"]["Hunter Potion"] = "Зелье охотника"
info["ru"]["Invisibility Potion"] = "Зелье невидимости"
info["ru"]["Mana Potion"] = "Зелье маны"
info["ru"]["Magic Power Potion"] = "Зелье магической силы"
info["ru"]["Archery Potion"] = "Зелье лучника"
info["ru"]["Golden Slime"] = "Золотой слизень"
info["ru"]["Obsidian Skin Potion"] = "Зелье обсидиановой кожи"
info["ru"]["Ironskin Potion"] = "Зелье железной кожи"
info["ru"]["Gravitation Potion"] = "Зелье гравитации"
info["ru"]["Wrath Potion"] = "Зелье гнева"
info["ru"]["Gills Potion"] = "Зелье водного дыхания"
info["ru"]["Starlight"] = "Звёздный свет"
info["ru"]["Star Cloak"] = "Звёздный плащ"
info["ru"]["Starfury"] = "Звёздная ярость"
info["ru"]["Star Cannon"] = "Звёздная пушка"
info["ru"]["Feral Claws"] = "Звериные когти"
info["ru"]["Star in a Bottle"] = "Звезда в банке"
info["ru"]["Star"] = "Звезда"
info["ru"]["Toy Sled"] = "Игрушечные сани"
info["ru"]["Lepus"] = "Заяц"
info["ru"]["Defense"] = "Защита"
info["ru"]["Enchanted Sword (NPC)"] = "Зачарованный меч (существо)"
info["ru"]["Enchanted Sword (item)"] = "Зачарованный меч (предмет)"
info["ru"]["Enchanted Boomerang"] = "Зачарованный бумеранг"
info["ru"]["Zapinator"] = "Запинатор"
info["ru"]["Gold Hammer"] = "Золотой молот"
info["ru"]["The Rotted Fork"] = "Загнивающие вилы"
info["ru"]["Arcane Rune Wall"] = "Загадочная рунная стена"
info["ru"]["Acorn"] = "Жёлудь"
info["ru"]["Gold Shortsword"] = "Золотой кинжал"
info["ru"]["Reaper"] = "Жнец"
info["ru"]["Spooky Twig"] = "Жуткая ветвь"
info["ru"]["The Groom"] = "Жених"
info["ru"]["Pearlstone Block"] = "Жемчужный камень"
info["ru"]["Iron Crate"] = "Железный ящик"
info["ru"]["Iron Axe"] = "Железный топор"
info["ru"]["Iron Bar"] = "Железный слиток"
info["ru"]["Iron Hammer"] = "Железный молот"
info["ru"]["Iron Shortsword"] = "Железный кинжал"
info["ru"]["Iron Pickaxe"] = "Железная кирка"
info["ru"]["Iron armor"] = "Железная броня"
info["ru"]["Iron Ore"] = "Железная руда"
info["ru"]["Gelatin Crystal"] = "Желатиновый кристалл"
info["ru"]["Yellow Slime"] = "Жёлтый слизень"
info["ru"]["Green Cap"] = "Зелёная кепка"
info["ru"]["Gelatinous Pillion"] = "Желатиновое седло"
info["ru"]["Rod of Discord"] = "Жезл раздора"
info["ru"]["Dirt Rod"] = "Жезл земли"
info["ru"]["Actuation Rod"] = "Жезл-актуатор"
info["ru"]["Restoration Potion"] = "Зелье восстановления"
info["ru"]["Mandible Blade"] = "Жваломеч"
info["ru"]["Stinger"] = "Жало"
info["ru"]["Yelets"] = "Елец"
info["ru"]["Unicorn"] = "Единорог"
info["ru"]["Breathing Reed"] = "Дыхательная трубка"
info["ru"]["Blowgun"] = "Духовое ружьё"
info["ru"]["Shotgun"] = "Дробовик"
info["ru"]["Dryad"] = "Дриада"
info["ru"]["Ancient Cobalt armor"] = "Древняя кобальтовая броня"
info["ru"]["Ancient Gold Helmet"] = "Древний золотой шлем"
info["ru"]["Dragon armor"] = "Драконья броня"
info["ru"]["Woods"] = "Древесина"
info["ru"]["Water Walking Potion"] = "Зелье хождения по воде"
info["ru"]["Planked Wall"] = "Дощатая стена"
info["ru"]["Night Owl Potion"] = "Зелье ночного зрения"
info["ru"]["Achievements"] = "Достижения"
info["ru"]["Doctor Bones"] = "Доктор Бонс"
info["ru"]["Rain"] = "Дождь"
info["ru"]["Drops"] = "Добыча"
info["ru"]["Valor"] = "Доблесть"
info["ru"]["Daybloom"] = "Днецвет"
info["ru"]["Malaise"] = "Дискомфорт"
info["ru"]["Disco Ball"] = "Диско-шар"
info["ru"]["Dynamite"] = "Динамит"
info["ru"]["Wooden Crate"] = "Деревянный ящик"
info["ru"]["Wooden Hammer"] = "Деревянный молот"
info["ru"]["Wooden Sword"] = "Деревянный меч"
info["ru"]["Wooden Yoyo"] = "Деревянное йо-йо"
info["ru"]["Wooden Boomerang"] = "Деревянный бумеранг"
info["ru"]["Wooden Arrow"] = "Деревянная стрела"
info["ru"]["Wood Wall"] = "Деревянная стена"
info["ru"]["Platform"] = "Деревянная платформа"
info["ru"]["Wood armor"] = "Деревянная броня"
info["ru"]["Tree"] = "Деревья"
info["ru"]["Demon Heart"] = "Демоническое сердце"
info["ru"]["Demon Bow"] = "Демонический лук"
info["ru"]["Demon Scythe"] = "Демоническая коса"
info["ru"]["Demon Eye"] = "Демонический глаз"
info["ru"]["Demonite Bar"] = "Демонитовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Demonite Ore"] = "Демонитовая руда"
info["ru"]["Demon"] = "Демон"
info["ru"]["Debuffs"] = "Дебафы"
info["ru"]["Nature's Gift"] = "Дар природы"
info["ru"]["Doors"] = "Двери"
info["ru"]["Dao of Pow"] = "Дао Пуха"
info["ru"]["Gungnir"] = "Гунгнир"
info["ru"]["Mud Block"] = "Грязь"
info["ru"]["Jungle Shrine"] = "Гробница"
info["ru"]["Shroomerang"] = "Гриборанг"
info["ru"]["Featherfall Potion"] = "Зелье пёрышка"
info["ru"]["Hammush"] = "Грибомолот"
info["ru"]["Anomura Fungus"] = "Грибной рак-отшельник"
info["ru"]["Shroomite Bar"] = "Грибнитовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Shroomite Digging Claw"] = "Грибнитовые копательные когти"
info["ru"]["Night's Edge"] = "Грань ночи"
info["ru"]["Mushroom"] = "Гриб"
info["ru"]["Granite Wall"] = "Гранитная стена"
info["ru"]["Granite Block"] = "Гранит"
info["ru"]["Iron Broadsword"] = "Железный меч"
info["ru"]["Grenade Launcher"] = "Гранатомёт"
info["ru"]["Grenade"] = "Граната"
info["ru"]["Gradient"] = "Градиент"
info["ru"]["Pot"] = "Горшок"
info["ru"]["Golf"] = "Гольф"
info["ru"]["Golfer"] = "Гольфист"
info["ru"]["Blue Moon"] = "Голубая луна"
info["ru"]["Golem"] = "Голем"
info["ru"]["Iron Bow"] = "Железный лук"
info["ru"]["Goblin Scout"] = "Гоблин-разведчик"
info["ru"]["Goblin Peon"] = "Гоблин-пехотинец"
info["ru"]["Template:•"] = "Шаблон:•"
info["ru"]["Template:Shortcut"] = "Шаблон:Ярлык"
info["ru"]["Template:Souls"] = "Шаблон:Эссенции"
info["ru"]["Template:Rewrite"] = "Шаблон:Чистить"
info["ru"]["Template:Worms"] = "Шаблон:Черви"
info["ru"]["Goblin Tinkerer"] = "Гоблин-инженер"
info["ru"]["Rotten Chunk"] = "Гниющий кусок"
info["ru"]["Clay Pot"] = "Глиняный горшок"
info["ru"]["Depth Meter"] = "Глубиномер"
info["ru"]["Clay Block"] = "Глина"
info["ru"]["Eyezor"] = "Глазер"
info["ru"]["The Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Глаз Ктулху (йо-йо)"
info["ru"]["Eye of Cthulhu"] = "Глаз Ктулху"
info["ru"]["Eye of the Golem"] = "Глаз Голема"
info["ru"]["Smooth Marble Block"] = "Гладкий мрамор"
info["ru"]["Ancient Iron Helmet"] = "Древний железный шлем"
info["ru"]["Smooth Granite Block"] = "Гладкий гранит"
info["ru"]["Empty Bullet"] = "Гильза"
info["ru"]["Umbrella Slime"] = "Гид"
info["ru"]["Gladius"] = "Гладиус"
info["ru"]["Giant Worm"] = "Гигантский червь"
info["ru"]["Giant Glowing Mushroom"] = "Гигантские светящиеся грибы"
info["ru"]["Giant Tortoise"] = "Гигантская черепаха"
info["ru"]["Giant Bat"] = "Гигантская летучая мышь"
info["ru"]["Duke Fishron"] = "Герцог Рыбокрыл"
info["ru"]["Gel"] = "Гель"
info["ru"]["Harpoon"] = "Гарпун"
info["ru"]["Harpy"] = "Гарпия"
info["ru"]["Wooden Bow"] = "Деревянный лук"
info["ru"]["Wrenches"] = "Гаечные ключи"
info["ru"]["Buckets"] = "Вёдра"
info["ru"]["High Test Fishing Line"] = "Высокопрочная леска"
info["ru"]["NPC drops"] = "Выпадение предметов"
info["ru"]["Vulcan Repeater"] = "Вулканский самострел"
info["ru"]["By Hand"] = "Вручную"
info["ru"]["Use Time"] = "Время использования"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Bar"] = "Вольфрамовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Raven"] = "Ворон"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Shortsword"] = "Вольфрамовый кинжал"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Watch"] = "Вольфрамовые карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Ore"] = "Вольфрамовая руда"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Brick Wall"] = "Вольфрамовая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Demonite Brick"] = "Демонитовый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Pickaxe"] = "Вольфрамовая кирка"
info["ru"]["Tungsten armor"] = "Вольфрамовая броня"
info["ru"]["Fairy Bell"] = "Волшебный колокольчик"
info["ru"]["Wizard"] = "Волшебник"
info["ru"]["Wizard Hat"] = "Волшебная шляпа"
info["ru"]["Magic Missile"] = "Волшебная ракета"
info["ru"]["Wolf Fang"] = "Волчий клык"
info["ru"]["Spawn"] = "Возрождение"
info["ru"]["Aqua Scepter"] = "Водяной скипетр"
info["ru"]["Water Bolt"] = "Водяной выстрел"
info["ru"]["Water Candle"] = "Водяная свеча"
info["ru"]["Seaweed"] = "Водоросли"
info["ru"]["Diving Helmet"] = "Водолазный шлем"
info["ru"]["Jellyfish Diving Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Водолазное снаряжение медузы/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Jellyfish Diving Gear"] = "Водолазное снаряжение медузы"
info["ru"]["Diving Gear"] = "Водолазное снаряжение"
info["ru"]["Goblin Thief"] = "Гоблин-вор"
info["ru"]["Waterleaf"] = "Воднолист"
info["ru"]["Vortex Fragment"] = "Вихревой фрагмент"
info["ru"]["Wyvern"] = "Виверна"
info["ru"]["Vitamins"] = "Витамины"
info["ru"]["Water"] = "Вода"
info["ru"]["Explosives (class)"] = "Взрывчатка (класс)"
info["ru"]["Explosives"] = "Взрывчатка"
info["ru"]["Верстак/resultcell"] = "Верстак/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Goblin Archer"] = "Гоблин-лучник"
info["ru"]["Work Bench"] = "Верстак"
info["ru"]["Witch's Broom"] = "Ведьмина метла"
info["ru"]["Bathtubs"] = "Ванны"
info["ru"]["Vampire Knives"] = "Вампирские ножи"
info["ru"]["Vampire"] = "Вампир"
info["ru"]["Boulder"] = "Валун"
info["ru"]["On Fire!"] = "В огне!"
info["ru"]["Confused"] = "В замешательстве"
info["ru"]["Drills"] = "Буры"
info["ru"]["Goblin Sorcerer"] = "Гоблин-маг"
info["ru"]["Boomerangs"] = "Бумеранги"
info["ru"]["Vulcan Bolt"] = "Вулканский болт"
info["ru"]["Fast Clock"] = "Будильник"
info["ru"]["Gastropod"] = "Брюхоног"
info["ru"]["Red's Throw"] = "Бросок Red'а"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Brick"] = "Вольфрамовый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Ninja armor"] = "Броня ниндзя"
info["ru"]["Jungle armor"] = "Броня джунглей"
info["ru"]["Armor"] = "Броня"
info["ru"]["Armored Skeleton"] = "Бронированный скелет"
info["ru"]["Band of Starpower"] = "Браслет звёздной силы"
info["ru"]["Smooth Granite Wall"] = "Гладкая гранитная стена"
info["ru"]["Band of Regeneration"] = "Браслет восстановления"
info["ru"]["Anklet of the Wind"] = "Браслет ветра"
info["ru"]["Bosses"] = "Боссы"
info["ru"]["Smooth Marble Wall"] = "Гладкая мраморная стена"
info["ru"]["Bomb"] = "Бомба"
info["ru"]["Greater Healing Potion"] = "Большое лечебное зелье"
info["ru"]["Greater Mana Potion"] = "Большое зелье маны"
info["ru"]["Swamp Thing"] = "Болотная тварь"
info["ru"]["Ammunition items"] = "Боеприпасы"
info["ru"]["War Axe of the Night"] = "Боевой топор ночи"
info["ru"]["Goblin Battle Standard"] = "Боевое знамя гоблинов"
info["ru"]["Battle Potion"] = "Боевое зелье"
info["ru"]["Wisp in a Bottle"] = "Блуждающий огонёк в банке"
info["ru"]["Fishing foods"] = "Блюда из рыб"
info["ru"]["Wandering Eye"] = "Блуждающий глаз"
info["ru"]["Blocks"] = "Блоки"
info["ru"]["The Twins"] = "Близнецы"
info["ru"]["Phoenix Blaster"] = "Бластер феникса"
info["ru"]["Shiny Red Balloon"] = "Блестящий красный шарик"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Hammer"] = "Вольфрамовый молот"
info["ru"]["Sparkle Slime Balloon"] = "Блестящий слизевой шарик"
info["ru"]["Light's Bane"] = "Бич света"
info["ru"]["Biomes"] = "Биомы"
info["ru"]["Bestiary"] = "Бестиарий"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Bow"] = "Вольфрамовый лук"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Broadsword"] = "Вольфрамовый меч"
info["ru"]["Chainsaws"] = "Бензопилы"
info["ru"]["Butcher's Chainsaw"] = "Бензопила мясника"
info["ru"]["Tungsten Axe"] = "Вольфрамовый топор"
info["ru"]["Bezoar"] = "Безоар"
info["ru"]["Silenced"] = "Безмолвие"
info["ru"]["Buffs/row"] = "Бафы/row"
info["ru"]["Buffs"] = "Бафы"
info["ru"]["Bottled Water"] = "Банка с водой"
info["ru"]["Bottled Honey"] = "Банка мёда"
info["ru"]["Bottle"] = "Банка"
info["ru"]["Bananarang"] = "Бананоранг"
info["ru"]["Beams/resultcell"] = "Балки/resultcell"
info["ru"]["Beams"] = "Балки"
info["ru"]["The Crimson"] = "Багрянец"
info["ru"]["Crimtane Bar"] = "Багротановый слиток"
info["ru"]["Crimtane Brick"] = "Багротановый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Crimtane Ore"] = "Багротановая руда"
info["ru"]["Crimtane"] = "Багротан"
info["ru"]["Crimson Heart (item)"] = "Багровое сердце (предмет)"
info["ru"]["Crimson Heart"] = "Багровое сердце (объект)"
info["ru"]["Crimson armor"] = "Багровая броня"
info["ru"]["Butterflies"] = "Бабочки"
info["ru"]["Harp"] = "Арфа"
info["ru"]["Artery"] = "Артерия"
info["ru"]["Old One's Army"] = "Армия Древних"
info["ru"]["Arctic Diving Gear/Crafting tree"] = "Арктическое водолазное снаряжение/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Arctic Diving Gear"] = "Арктическое водолазное снаряжение"
info["ru"]["Mudstone Brick"] = "Аргиллитовый кирпич"
info["ru"]["Mudstone Brick Wall"] = "Аргиллитовая кирпичная стена"
info["ru"]["Repeaters"] = "Арбалеты"
info["ru"]["Lifeform Analyzer"] = "Анализатор форм жизни"
info["ru"]["Countercurse Mantra"] = "Антисглазная мантра"
info["ru"]["Charm of Myths"] = "Амулет мифов"
info["ru"]["Moon Charm"] = "Амулет луны"
info["ru"]["Mythril Drill"] = "Мифриловый бур"
info["ru"]["Lava Charm"] = "Амулет лавы"
info["ru"]["Ankh Charm/Crafting tree"] = "Амулет анха/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["Ankh Charm"] = "Амулет анха"
info["ru"]["Amethyst Staff"] = "Аметистовый посох"
info["ru"]["Amethyst Robe"] = "Аметистовая мантия"
info["ru"]["Amethyst"] = "Аметист"
info["ru"]["Amarok"] = "Амарок"
info["ru"]["Amazon"] = "Амазонка"
info["ru"]["Tiger Climbing Gear"] = "Альпинистское снаряжение «тигра»"
info["ru"]["Climbing Claws"] = "Альпинистские когти"
info["ru"]["Barrel"] = "Бочка"
info["ru"]["Alchemy Table"] = "Алхимический стол"
info["ru"]["Diamond Staff"] = "Алмазный посох"
info["ru"]["Diamond Robe"] = "Алмазная мантия"
info["ru"]["Altars"] = "Алтари"
info["ru"]["Diamond"] = "Алмаз"
info["ru"]["Shark Fin"] = "Акулий плавник"
info["ru"]["Reaver Shark"] = "Акула-расхититель"
info["ru"]["Shark"] = "Акула"
info["ru"]["Active Stone Block"] = "Активный каменный блок"
info["ru"]["Accessories"] = "Аксессуары"
info["ru"]["Fish Bowls"] = "Аквариум"
info["ru"]["Hel-Fire"] = "Адское пламя"
info["ru"]["Hellstone"] = "Адский камень"
info["ru"]["Hellbat"] = "Адская летучая мышь"
info["ru"]["Hellforge"] = "Адская кузня"
info["ru"]["Gladiator armor"] = "Гладиаторская броня"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Bar"] = "Адамантитовый слиток"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Sword"] = "Адамантитовый меч"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Drill"] = "Адамантитовый бур"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Pickaxe"] = "Адамантитовая кирка"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Glaive"] = "Адамантитовая глефа"
info["ru"]["Adamantite armor"] = "Адамантитовая броня"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Chainsaw"] = "Адамантитовая бензопила"
info["ru"]["Adamantite"] = "Адамантит"
info["ru"]["Aggro"] = "Агрессия"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Repeater"] = "Адамантитовый самострел"
info["ru"]["Autohammer"] = "Автоматический молоток"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Ore"] = "Адамантитовая руда"
info["ru"]["Cutlass"] = "Абордажная сабля"
info["ru"]["Squirrel"] = "Белка"
info["ru"]["Terraria News"] = "Terraria Wiki/Новости"
info["ru"]["Terraria Wiki"] = "Terraria Wiki"
info["ru"]["Terraria"] = "Terraria"
info["ru"]["Template:Quotation"] = "Шаблон:Цитата"
info["ru"]["Template:Exclusive"] = "Шаблон:Эксклюзивно для"
info["ru"]["Template:Herbs"] = "Шаблон:Цветы"
info["ru"]["Template:Arrows"] = "Шаблон:Стрелы"
info["ru"]["Template:Help"] = "Шаблон:Справка"
info["ru"]["Template:Tocright"] = "Шаблон:Содержание"
info["ru"]["Template:Events"] = "Шаблон:События"
info["ru"]["Template:Reflist"] = "Шаблон:Сноски"
info["ru"]["Template:Sc"] = "Шаблон:См"
info["ru"]["Template:Slimes"] = "Шаблон:Слизни"
info["ru"]["Template:Silver"] = "Шаблон:Серебро"
info["ru"]["Template:Gems"] = "Шаблон:Самоцветы"
info["ru"]["Template:Guides"] = "Шаблон:Руководства"
info["ru"]["Template:Bullets"] = "Шаблон:Пули"
info["ru"]["Template:Summoned"] = "Шаблон:Призывает"
info["ru"]["Crimson Crate"] = "Багровый ящик"
info["ru"]["Template:Old-gen console items"] = "Шаблон:Предметы издания для консолей старого поколения"
info["ru"]["Actuator"] = "Актуатор"
info["ru"]["Hellhound"] = "Адская гончая"
info["ru"]["Template:Pc"] = "Шаблон:Пм"
info["ru"]["Template:Platinum"] = "Шаблон:Платина"
info["ru"]["Template:Palladium"] = "Шаблон:Палладий"
info["ru"]["Template:Desktop icon"] = "Шаблон:ПК"
info["ru"]["Template:Unsigned"] = "Шаблон:Подпись"
info["ru"]["Template:Hallowed"] = "Шаблон:Освящённые предметы"
info["ru"]["Template:Summon weapons"] = "Шаблон:Оружие для призыва"
info["ru"]["Template:Tin"] = "Шаблон:Олово"
info["ru"]["Template:Infobox Wrapper"] = "Шаблон:Обтекание"
info["ru"]["Template:About"] = "Шаблон:О"
info["ru"]["Template:No0"] = "Шаблон:Нет0"
info["ru"]["Template:No"] = "Шаблон:Нет"
info["ru"]["Template:Disambig/l10n"] = "Шаблон:Неоднозначность/l10n"
info["ru"]["Template:Disambig"] = "Шаблон:Неоднозначность"
info["ru"]["Adamantite Waraxe"] = "Адамантитовый боевой топор"
info["ru"]["Template:Cc"] = "Шаблон:Мм"
info["ru"]["Template:Mythril"] = "Шаблон:Мифрил"
info["ru"]["Template:Game mechanics"] = "Шаблон:Механика игры"
info["ru"]["Template:Meteorite"] = "Шаблон:Метеорит"
info["ru"]["Template:Metal"] = "Шаблон:Металл"
info["ru"]["Template:Copper"] = "Шаблон:Медь"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Tiles"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон тайлов"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Consumables/doc"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон расходуемых предметов/док"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Consumables"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон расходуемых предметов"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Weapons/doc"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон оружия/док"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Weapons"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон оружия"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Tools/doc"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон инструментов/док"
info["ru"]["Template:Master Template Tools"] = "Шаблон:Мастер-шаблон инструментов"
info["ru"]["Template:Spears"] = "Шаблон:Копья"
info["ru"]["Bats"] = "Шаблон:Летучие мыши"
info["ru"]["Template:Cobalt"] = "Шаблон:Кобальт"
info["ru"]["Template:Flails"] = "Шаблон:Кистени"
info["ru"]["Template:User infobox"] = "Шаблон:Карточка участника"
info["ru"]["Template:Versionbox"] = "Шаблон:Карточка версии"
info["ru"]["Template:Cactus"] = "Шаблон:Кактус"
info["ru"]["Template:Delete"] = "Шаблон:К удалению"
info["ru"]["Template:Merge"] = "Шаблон:К слиянию"
info["ru"]["Template:Split"] = "Шаблон:К разъединению"
info["ru"]["Template:Move"] = "Шаблон:К переименованию"
info["ru"]["Template:Yoyos"] = "Шаблон:Йо-йо"
info["ru"]["Template:History"] = "Шаблон:История"
info["ru"]["Template:Games"] = "Шаблон:Игры"
info["ru"]["Template:Watches"] = "Шаблон:Карманные часы"
info["ru"]["Template:Gold"] = "Шаблон:Золото"
info["ru"]["Template:Gc"] = "Шаблон:Зм"
info["ru"]["Template:Future features"] = "Шаблон:Запланированный контент"
info["ru"]["Template:Casters"] = "Шаблон:Заклинатели"
info["ru"]["Template:Inventory"] = "Шаблон:Инвентарь"
info["ru"]["Template:Stub"] = "Шаблон:Заготовка"
info["ru"]["Template:Wood"] = "Шаблон:Древесина"
info["ru"]["Template:Dablink"] = "Шаблон:Другое значение"
info["ru"]["Template:Doc"] = "Шаблон:Документация"
info["ru"]["Template:Duration/doc"] = "Шаблон:Длительность/док"
info["ru"]["Template:Demonite"] = "Шаблон:Демонит"
info["ru"]["Template:Yes0"] = "Шаблон:Да0"
info["ru"]["Template:Duration"] = "Шаблон:Длительность"
info["ru"]["Template:Yes"] = "Шаблон:Да"
info["ru"]["Template:Tungsten"] = "Шаблон:Вольфрам"
info["ru"]["Template:Internal link new tab"] = "Шаблон:ВнутренняяСсылка"
info["ru"]["Template:External link new tab"] = "Шаблон:ВнешняяСсылка"
info["ru"]["Template:Explosives"] = "Шаблон:Взрывающееся"
info["ru"]["Template:Desktop versions"] = "Шаблон:Версии ПК-издания"
info["ru"]["Template:Age"] = "Шаблон:Возраст"
info["ru"]["Template:Boomerangs"] = "Шаблон:Бумеранги"
info["ru"]["Template:Bot infobox"] = "Шаблон:Бот"
info["ru"]["Template:Biome"] = "Шаблон:Биом"
info["ru"]["Template:Infinity"] = "Шаблон:Бесконечность"
info["ru"]["Template:Crimtane"] = "Шаблон:Багротан"
info["ru"]["Template:Hellstone"] = "Шаблон:Адский камень"
info["ru"]["Template:Adamantite"] = "Шаблон:Адамантит"
info["ru"]["Template:Abbr/cz"] = "Шаблон:Аббревиатура"
info["ru"]["Template:Vandal"] = "Шаблон:Vandal"
info["ru"]["Template:User"] = "Шаблон:User"
info["ru"]["Template:Tl"] = "Шаблон:Tl"
info["ru"]["Template:Nowrap"] = "Шаблон:Spaces"
info["ru"]["Template:STDT"] = "Шаблон:STDT"
info["ru"]["Template:Npc infobox"] = "Шаблон:Npc infobox"
info["ru"]["GPS/Crafting tree"] = "GPS/дерево рецептов"
info["ru"]["GPS"] = "GPS"
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"]["1.2.3"] = "1.2.3"
info["ru"]["1.2.2"] = "1.2.2"
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"]["1.2.1"] = "1.2.1"
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"]["1.2"] = "1.2"
info["ru"]["1.1"] = "1.1"
info["ru"]["1.0.6"] = "1.0.6"
info["ru"]["1.0.3"] = "1.0.3"
info["ru"]["1.0.2"] = "1.0.2"
info["ru"]["Re-Logic"] = "Re-Logic"
info["ru"]["1.0.1"] = "1.0.1"
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"]["1.1.2"] = "1.1.2"
info["ru"]["1.1.1"] = "1.1.1"
info["ru"]["1.0.5"] = "1.0.5"
info["ru"]["1.0.4"] = "1.0.4"
info["ru"]["1.0"] = "1.0"
info["ru"][""] = ""
info["ru"]["Template:Navbar/right"] = "Шаблон:Navbar/right"
info["ru"]["Template:Navbar/left"] = "Шаблон:Navbar/left"
info["ru"]["Template:Msgbox"] = "Шаблон:Msgbox"
info["ru"]["Template:Lua/doc"] = "Шаблон:Lua/док"
info["ru"]["Template:Lua"] = "Шаблон:Lua"
info["ru"]["Template:Language info"] = "Шаблон:Language info"
info["ru"]["Template:Item infobox"] = "Шаблон:Item infobox"
info["ru"]["Template:Image/storeinfo"] = "Шаблон:Image/storeinfo"
info["ru"]["Template:Image/info"] = "Шаблон:Image/info"
info["ru"]["Template:I18n-ready"] = "Шаблон:I18n-ready"
info["ru"]["Template:I18n-nav"] = "Шаблон:I18n-nav"
info["ru"]["Template:Gem staves"] = "Шаблон:Gem staves"
info["ru"]["Template:Item"] = "Шаблон:Item"
info["ru"]["Template:Forums thread"] = "Шаблон:Forums thread"
info["ru"]["Template:Float file box"] = "Шаблон:Float file box"
info["ru"]["Template:EditMainpage"] = "Шаблон:EditMainpage"
info["ru"]["Template:Item dropped-by infobox"] = "Шаблон:Drop infobox"
info["ru"]["Template:Value"] = "Шаблон:Coin"
info["ru"]["Template:Buff infobox"] = "Шаблон:Buff infobox"
info["ru"]["Template:Ajax/doc"] = "Шаблон:Ajax/док"
info["ru"]["Template:Ajax"] = "Шаблон:Ajax"
info["ru"]["Template:="] = "Шаблон:="
info["ru"]["Template:3DS icon"] = "Шаблон:3DS"
info["ru"]["Template:-"] = "Шаблон:-"
info["ru"]["Template:Anchor"] = "Шаблон:Anchor"
info["ru"]["Template:)"] = "Шаблон:)"
info["ru"]["Template:("] = "Шаблон:("
info["ru"]["Template:!-"] = "Шаблон:!-"
info["ru"]["Template:!!"] = "Шаблон:!!"
info["ru"]["Category:Navigational templates"] = "Категория:Шаблоны навигации"
info["ru"]["Flails"] = "Категория:Кистени"
info["ru"]["Guide:Gardening"] = "Руководство:Фермерство и выращивание"
info["ru"]["Guide:Getting started"] = "Руководство:С чего начать?"
info["ru"]["Guide:Walkthrough"] = "Руководство:Прохождение игры"
info["ru"]["Guide:Practical Tips"] = "Руководство:Практические советы"
info["ru"]["Guide:Arena"] = "Руководство:Подготовка арены"
info["ru"]["Module:Exclusive"] = "Модуль:Эксклюзивно для"

-- ru END -------------------------

-- pl START -------------------------
info["pl"] = {}
info["pl"]["Food and drink potions"] = "Żywność i napoje"
info["pl"]["Blade of Grass"] = "Źdźbło trawy"
info["pl"]["Iron"] = "Żelazo"
info["pl"]["Acorn"] = "Żołądź"
info["pl"]["Chaos Elemental"] = "Żywiołak chaosu"
info["pl"]["Iron Bar"] = "Żelazna sztabka"
info["pl"]["Angler Fish"] = "Żabnicokształtna ryba"
info["pl"]["Antlion Mandible"] = "Żuchwa mrówkolwa"
info["pl"]["Santa Claus"] = "Święty Mikołaj"
info["pl"]["Iron Pickaxe"] = "Żelazny kilof"
info["pl"]["1.0"] = "1.0"
info["pl"]["Snow Block"] = "Śnieżny blok"
info["pl"]["Snow Globe"] = "Śnieżna kula"
info["pl"]["Snowball"] = "Śnieżka"
info["pl"]["Living Wood Wall"] = "Ściana z żyjącego drewna"
info["pl"]["Pumpkin Wall"] = "Ściana z dyń"
info["pl"]["Background Walls"] = "Ściany"
info["pl"]["Iron Hammer"] = "Żelazny młot"
info["pl"]["Gel"] = "Żel"
info["pl"]["Sail"] = "Żagiel"
info["pl"]["Iron Axe"] = "Żelazna siekiera"
info["pl"]["Arcane Rune Wall"] = "Ściana tajemniczych run"
info["pl"]["Iron Shortsword"] = "Żelazny, krótki miecz"
info["pl"]["Iron Bow"] = "Żelazny łuk"
info["pl"]["Iron Broadsword"] = "Żelazny pałasz"
info["pl"]["Cave Walls"] = "Ściana Jaskini"
info["pl"]["Bed"] = "Łóżka"
info["pl"]["Glowstick"] = "Świetlik (przedmiot)"
info["pl"]["Yellow Slime"] = "Żółty szlam"
info["pl"]["Snow Brick"] = "Śnieżna Cegła"
info["pl"]["Bows"] = "Łuki"
info["pl"]["Rich Mahogany Bow"] = "Łuk mahoniowy"
info["pl"]["Chain"] = "Łańcuch"
info["pl"]["Snatcher"] = "Łapacz"
info["pl"]["Illuminant Bat"] = "Świecący nietoperz"
info["pl"]["Illuminant Slime"] = "Świecący szlam"
info["pl"]["Gold Pickaxe"] = "Złoty kilof"
info["pl"]["Sea Snail"] = "Ślimak morski"
info["pl"]["Ebonwood Wall"] = "Ściana z drewna ebonowego"
info["pl"]["Palm Wood Wall"] = "Ściana z drewna palmowego"
info["pl"]["Pearlwood Wall"] = "Ściana z drewna perłowego"
info["pl"]["Gold"] = "Złoto"
info["pl"]["Gold Armor"] = "Złota zbroja"
info["pl"]["Goldfish"] = "Złota rybka"
info["pl"]["Critter"] = "Zwierzak"
info["pl"]["Waterleaf"] = "Zmokłoliść"
info["pl"]["Rich Mahogany Wall"] = "Ściana mahoniowa"
info["pl"]["Boreal Wood Wall"] = "Ściana z drewna borealnego"
info["pl"]["Borealwood Bow"] = "Łuk z drewna borealnego"
info["pl"]["Dynasty Walls"] = "Ściana dynastii"
info["pl"]["Gold Watch"] = "Złoty zegarek"
info["pl"]["Light's Bane"] = "Zguba światła"
info["pl"]["Rotten Chunk"] = "Zgniły kawałek"
info["pl"]["Shadow Scale"] = "Łuska cienia"
info["pl"]["Golden Key"] = "Złoty klucz"
info["pl"]["Gold Hammer"] = "Złoty młot"
info["pl"]["Gold Axe"] = "Złoty topór"
info["pl"]["Corrupt Goldfish"] = "Zepsuta złota rybka"
info["pl"]["The Corruption"] = "Zepsucie"
info["pl"]["Zenith"] = "Zenit"
info["pl"]["Palm Wood armor"] = "Zbroja z drewna palmowego"
info["pl"]["Poltergeist"] = "Złośliwy duch"
info["pl"]["Shadewood armor"] = "Zbroja z drewna mroku"
info["pl"]["Gold Bow"] = "Złoty łuk"
info["pl"]["Gold Broadsword"] = "Złoty pałasz"
info["pl"]["Ninja armor"] = "Zbroja ninja"
info["pl"]["Shadow Armor"] = "Zbroja cienia"
info["pl"]["Armor"] = "Zbroja"
info["pl"]["Reaver Shark"] = "Zbirkin"
info["pl"]["Poisoned Knife"] = "Zatruty nóż"
info["pl"]["Enchanted Sword (NPC)"] = "Zaklęty miecz (NPC)"
info["pl"]["Herbs"] = "Zioła"
info["pl"]["Solar Eclipse"] = "Zaćmienie Słońca"
info["pl"]["Death Sickle"] = "Zabójczy sierp"
info["pl"]["Advanced Combat Techniques"] = "Zaawansowane techniki walki"
info["pl"]["Yellow Phaseblade"] = "Yellow Phaseblade"
info["pl"]["Yellow Banner"] = "Yellow Banner"
info["pl"]["Spears/row"] = "Włócznie/wiersz"
info["pl"]["Gold Shortsword"] = "Złoty, krótki miecz"
info["pl"]["Fishing Poles"] = "Wędki"
info["pl"]["Wall of Flesh"] = "Ściana Mięcha"
info["pl"]["Angler/Quests/row"] = "Wędkarz/Zadania/wiersz"
info["pl"]["Zoologist"] = "Zoolog"
info["pl"]["Angler"] = "Wędkarz"
info["pl"]["Angler/Names"] = "Wędkarz/Imiona"
info["pl"]["Angler/Quests"] = "Wędkarz/Zadania"
info["pl"]["Golden Slime"] = "Złoty Szlam"
info["pl"]["Gold Crown"] = "Złota korona"
info["pl"]["Green Slime"] = "Zielony szlam"
info["pl"]["Events"] = "Wydarzenia"
info["pl"]["Spears"] = "Włócznie"
info["pl"]["Explosive Powder"] = "Wybuchowy proszek"
info["pl"]["Explosives (class)"] = "Wybuchowe"
info["pl"]["Pixie"] = "Wróżka"
info["pl"]["Worm AI"] = "Worm AI"
info["pl"]["Worm"] = "Worm"
info["pl"]["World Feeder"] = "World Feeder"
info["pl"]["Wooden Door"] = "Wooden Door"
info["pl"]["Wooden Hammer"] = "Wooden Hammer"
info["pl"]["Corrupt Bunny"] = "Zepsuty królik"
info["pl"]["Wooden Chair"] = "Wooden Chair"
info["pl"]["Wood platforms"] = "Wood platforms"
info["pl"]["Tungsten"] = "Wolfram"
info["pl"]["Wood Platform"] = "Wood Platform"
info["pl"]["Holy Water"] = "Woda święcona"
info["pl"]["Events/box"] = "Wydarzenia/box"
info["pl"]["Buffs"] = "Wzmocnienia"
info["pl"]["Bottled Water"] = "Woda butelkowana"
info["pl"]["Corrupt Slime"] = "Zepsuty szlam"
info["pl"]["Enchanted Boomerang"] = "Zaczarowany bumerang"
info["pl"]["Vine"] = "Winorośl"
info["pl"]["Spear"] = "Włócznia"
info["pl"]["Wire Cutter"] = "Wire Cutter"
info["pl"]["Drills"] = "Wiertła"
info["pl"]["Giant Bat"] = "Wielki nietoperz"
info["pl"]["Spectre Bar"] = "Widmowa sztabka"
info["pl"]["Bucket"] = "Wiadro"
info["pl"]["Empty Bucket"] = "Wiadra"
info["pl"]["Whoopie Cushion"] = "Whoopie Cushion"
info["pl"]["White Phaseblade"] = "White Phaseblade"
info["pl"]["Console version"] = "Wersja konsolowa"
info["pl"]["Werewolf"] = "Werewolf"
info["pl"]["Water Candle"] = "Water Candle"
info["pl"]["Water"] = "Woda"
info["pl"]["Weapons List"] = "Weapons List"
info["pl"]["Watch"] = "Watch"
info["pl"]["Value"] = "Wartość"
info["pl"]["Boreal Wood armor"] = "Zbroja z drewna borealnego"
info["pl"]["Uzi"] = "Uzi"
info["pl"]["Vanity items"] = "Ubrania i akcesoria ozdobne"
info["pl"]["Pixie Dust"] = "Wróżkowy pył"
info["pl"]["Tuxedo set"] = "Tuxedo"
info["pl"]["Mounts"] = "Wierzchowce"
info["pl"]["Tungsten Broadsword"] = "Tungstenowy pałasz"
info["pl"]["Ebonwood Armor"] = "Zbroja z drewna ebonowego"
info["pl"]["Trident"] = "Trójząb"
info["pl"]["Breathing Reed"] = "Trzcina do oddychania"
info["pl"]["Multiplayer"] = "Tryb Wieloosobowy"
info["pl"]["Journey Mode"] = "Tryb Podróży"
info["pl"]["Expert Mode"] = "Tryb Eksperta"
info["pl"]["Truffle"] = "Trufla"
info["pl"]["Greater Healing Potion"] = "Większa mikstura leczenia"
info["pl"]["Wyvern"] = "Wywerna"
info["pl"]["Trash Can"] = "Trash Can"
info["pl"]["Toolbelt"] = "Toolbelt"
info["pl"]["Greater Mana Potion"] = "Większa mikstura many"
info["pl"]["Squirrel"] = "Wiewiórka"
info["pl"]["Tonbogiri"] = "Tonbogiri"
info["pl"]["Tooltip"] = "Tooltip"
info["pl"]["Tombstone"] = "Tombstone"
info["pl"]["Wiesnbräu"] = "Wiesnbräu"
info["pl"]["Wraith"] = "Widmo"
info["pl"]["Toxic Sludge"] = "Toksyczny muł"
info["pl"]["Zombie"] = "Zombie"
info["pl"]["Thorns Potion"] = "Thorns Potion"
info["pl"]["NPC drops"] = "Upuszczanie przedmiotów przez NPC-ty"
info["pl"]["The Breaker"] = "The Breaker"
info["pl"]["Terraria historia"] = "Terraria historia"
info["pl"]["Terraria Wiki"] = "Terraria Wiki"
info["pl"]["Terraria"] = "Terraria"
info["pl"]["Terraprisma"] = "Terrapryzmat"
info["pl"]["Giant Fungi Bulb"] = "Wielka, grzybicza cebulka"
info["pl"]["Grasses"] = "Trawy"
info["pl"]["Terraria News"] = "Terraria News"
info["pl"]["Terra Blade"] = "Terraostrze"
info["pl"]["Solidifier"] = "Tężarka"
info["pl"]["Teleporter"] = "Teleporter"
info["pl"]["Tungsten Hammer"] = "Tungstenowy młot"
info["pl"]["Sawmill"] = "Tartak"
info["pl"]["Rainbow Slime"] = "Tęczowy szlam"
info["pl"]["Throne"] = "Tron"
info["pl"]["War Axe of the Night"] = "Topór wojenny nocy"
info["pl"]["Attack Speed"] = "Szybkość ataku"
info["pl"]["Tungsten Pickaxe"] = "Tungstenowy kilof"
info["pl"]["AI"] = "Sztuczna inteligencja"
info["pl"]["Bars"] = "Sztabki"
info["pl"]["Snapthorn"] = "Trzaskacz cierni"
info["pl"]["Bars/result"] = "Sztabki/result"
info["pl"]["Silver Bar"] = "Sztabka srebra"
info["pl"]["Hellstone Bar"] = "Sztabka piekielnego kamienia"
info["pl"]["Lead Bar"] = "Sztabka ołowiu"
info["pl"]["Mythril Bar"] = "Sztabka mithrilu"
info["pl"]["Copper Bar"] = "Sztabka miedzi"
info["pl"]["Meteorite Bar"] = "Sztabka meteorytu"
info["pl"]["Cobalt Bar"] = "Sztabka kobaltu"
info["pl"]["Demonite Bar"] = "Sztabka demonitu"
info["pl"]["Tin Bar"] = "Sztabka cyny"
info["pl"]["Topaz"] = "Topaz"
info["pl"]["Emerald"] = "Szmaragd"
info["pl"]["Slimer"] = "Szlamer"
info["pl"]["Umbrella Slime"] = "Szlam z parasolką"
info["pl"]["Jungle Slime"] = "Szlam z dżungli"
info["pl"]["Glass"] = "Szkło"
info["pl"]["Tim"] = "Tim"
info["pl"]["Terraria Wiki/editcopy"] = "Terraria Wiki/editcopy"
info["pl"]["Skeletron Prime"] = "Szkieletron Prime"
info["pl"]["Skeletron"] = "Szkieletron"
info["pl"]["Sunflower"] = "Słonecznik"
info["pl"]["Skeleton"] = "Szkielet"
info["pl"]["Crimtane Ore"] = "Szkarłatna ruda"
info["pl"]["The Doctor's set"] = "The Doctor's Clothes"
info["pl"]["The Corimson"] = "Szkarłat"
info["pl"]["Ankh Shield"] = "Tarcza ankh"
info["pl"]["Hornet"] = "Szerszeń"
info["pl"]["Charm of Myths"] = "Talizman mitów"
info["pl"]["Eventide"] = "Szara Godzina"
info["pl"]["Witch Doctor"] = "Szaman"
info["pl"]["Sunfury"] = "Sunfury"
info["pl"]["Platinum Bar"] = "Sztabka platyny"
info["pl"]["Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Stół warsztatowy Majsterkowicza"
info["pl"]["Stynger"] = "Stynger"
info["pl"]["Gold Bar"] = "Sztabka złota"
info["pl"]["Familiar Clothes"] = "Strój znajomego"
info["pl"]["Vulture"] = "Sęp"
info["pl"]["Arrows"] = "Strzały"
info["pl"]["Aglet"] = "Sznurówka"
info["pl"]["Arrows/row"] = "Strzały/wiersz"
info["pl"]["Darts"] = "Strzałki"
info["pl"]["Dungeon Guardian"] = "Strażnik lochu"
info["pl"]["Creeper"] = "Straszak"
info["pl"]["Work Benches"] = "Stoły warsztatowe"
info["pl"]["Work Benches/resultcell"] = "Stoły warsztatowe/resultcell"
info["pl"]["Dungeon Slime"] = "Szlam z lochu"
info["pl"]["Stinger"] = "Stinger"
info["pl"]["Glass Wall"] = "Szklana ściana"
info["pl"]["Steampunker"] = "Steampunkówa"
info["pl"]["Old Man"] = "Starzec"
info["pl"]["Lava Slime"] = "Szlam lawy"
info["pl"]["Player stats"] = "Statystyki gracza"
info["pl"]["Slimeling"] = "Szlamek"
info["pl"]["Silver"] = "Srebro"
info["pl"]["Silver Broadsword"] = "Srebrny pałasz"
info["pl"]["Robe"] = "Szata"
info["pl"]["Silver Bullet"] = "Srebrna kula"
info["pl"]["Bouncy Slime"] = "Sprężysty szlam"
info["pl"]["Skeleton Archer"] = "Szkielet-łucznik"
info["pl"]["Spike Ball"] = "Spike Ball"
info["pl"]["Spectre Boots"] = "Spectre Boots"
info["pl"]["Crimson Axe"] = "Szkarłatny topór"
info["pl"]["Spectre set"] = "Spectre set"
info["pl"]["Special Potions"] = "Special Potions"
info["pl"]["Spear"] = "Spear"
info["pl"]["Crimslime"] = "Szkarlam"
info["pl"]["Super Mana Potion"] = "Supermikstura many"
info["pl"]["Super Healing Potion"] = "Supermikstura leczenia"
info["pl"]["Lens"] = "Soczewka"
info["pl"]["Hero's Clothes"] = "Strój bohatera"
info["pl"]["Snow cannon"] = "Snow cannon"
info["pl"]["Slimy Hardmode"] = "Slimy Hardmode"
info["pl"]["Red Hat"] = "Strój kuśnierza"
info["pl"]["Slime Gun"] = "Slime Gun"
info["pl"]["Leather"] = "Skóra"
info["pl"]["Wings"] = "Skrzydła"
info["pl"]["Corruptor"] = "Skaziciel"
info["pl"]["Bouncy Dynamite"] = "Skaczący dynamit"
info["pl"]["Axe"] = "Siekiery"
info["pl"]["Bug Net"] = "Siatka na robaki"
info["pl"]["Shrine"] = "Shrine"
info["pl"]["Shuriken"] = "Shuriken"
info["pl"]["Silver Bow"] = "Srebrny łuk"
info["pl"]["Shark Fin"] = "Shark Fin"
info["pl"]["Shadow Orb"] = "Shadow Orb"
info["pl"]["Shadow Chest"] = "Shadow Chest"
info["pl"]["Silver Brick"] = "Srebrna cegła"
info["pl"]["Silver Watch"] = "Srebrny zegarek"
info["pl"]["Archaeologist's set"] = "Strój archeologa"
info["pl"]["Silver Shortsword"] = "Srebrny, krótki miecz"
info["pl"]["Silver Pickaxe"] = "Srebrny kilof"
info["pl"]["Mining armor"] = "Strój górnika"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Living Loom"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Żyjące krosno"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Solidifier/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Tężarka/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Solidifier"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Tężarka"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Sawmill/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Tartak/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Sawmill"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Tartak"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Szklany piec"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Water/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Woda/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Living Loom/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Żyjące krosno/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Work Bench/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Stół warsztatowy/register"
info["pl"]["Silver Hammer"] = "Srebrny młot"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Glass Kiln/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Szklany piec/register"
info["pl"]["Bone Welder"] = "Spawacz kości"
info["pl"]["Ancient Manipulator"] = "Starożytny manipulator"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Work Bench"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Stół warsztatowy"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Położona butelka/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Table/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Stół/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Placed Bottle"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Położona butelka"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Hellforge"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Piekielna kuźnia"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Furnace"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Piec"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Stół warsztatowy Majsterkowicza/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Hellforge/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Piekielna kuźnia/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Bone Welder/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Spawacz kości/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Starożytny manipulator/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Campfire"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ognisko"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Obdarzający warsztat/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Imbuing Station"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Obdarzający warsztat"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Water"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Woda"
info["pl"]["Actuator"] = "Siłownik"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Campfire/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ognisko/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Altar/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ołtarz/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Honey"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Miód"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Maszynka do mięsa"
info["pl"]["Leather Whip"] = "Skórzany bicz"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Ice Machine"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Lodowa maszyna"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Honey/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Miód/register"
info["pl"]["Probe"] = "Sonda"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Bone Welder"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Spawacz kości"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Meat Grinder/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Maszynka do mięsa/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kuźnia w Hardmode"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Table"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Stół"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Lava/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Lawa/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Ice Machine/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Lodowa maszyna/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kryształowa kula"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Furnace/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Piec/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Hardmode Forge/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kuźnia w Hardmode/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Loom"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Krosno"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Altar"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ołtarz"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kowadło w Pre-Hardmode"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Komora rozkładu/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Crystal Ball/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kryształowa kula/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Loom/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Krosno/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Dye Vat/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kadź do barwników/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Dye Vat"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kadź do barwników"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Sky Mill"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Gwiezdny młyn"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kadź duplikująca ciało/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Tinkerer's Workshop"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Stół warsztatowy Majsterkowicza"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Jaszczuhrzy piec/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Lava"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Lawa"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Sky Mill/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Gwiezdny młyn/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kocioł steampunkowy/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Garnek do gotowania"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Ecto Mist"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ekto-mgła"
info["pl"]["Pigron"] = "Smosiak"
info["pl"]["Heart"] = "Serce"
info["pl"]["Recipes/By Hand"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Dłoń"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Ancient Manipulator"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Starożytny manipulator"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Dozownik miodu/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Decay Chamber"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Komora rozkładu"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Teapot"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Czajniczek do herbaty"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ciężki stół warsztatowy"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kowadło w Hardmode/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Honey Dispenser"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Dozownik miodu"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Lihzahrd Furnace"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Jaszczuhrzy piec"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Flesh Cloning Vat"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kadź duplikująca ciało"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Cooking Pot/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Garnek do gotowania/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Steampunk Boiler"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kocioł steampunkowy"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/BetOniarka/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Bookcase"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Biblioteczka"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Autohammer"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Automłot"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Teapot/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Czajniczek do herbaty/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Keg"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Antał"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Autohammer/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Automłot/register"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Bookcase/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Biblioteczka/register"
info["pl"]["Zombie Arm"] = "Ręka zombie"
info["pl"]["Jungle Rose"] = "Róża z dżungli"
info["pl"]["Unicorn Horn"] = "Róg jednorożca"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Keg/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Antał/register"
info["pl"]["Thrown Water"] = "Rzucana woda"
info["pl"]["Rarity"] = "Rzadkość"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Heavy Work Bench/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Ciężki stół warsztatowy/register"
info["pl"]["Ruler"] = "Ruler"
info["pl"]["Ores"] = "Rudy"
info["pl"]["Gold Ore"] = "Ruda złota"
info["pl"]["Miscellaneous"] = "Różne"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Pre-Hardmode Anvil/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kowadło w Pre-Hardmode/register"
info["pl"]["Ores/row"] = "Rudy/wiersz"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Blend-O-Matic"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/BetOniarka"
info["pl"]["Lead Ore"] = "Ruda ołowiu"
info["pl"]["Mythril Ore"] = "Ruda mithrilu"
info["pl"]["Recipes/By Hand/register"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Dłoń/register"
info["pl"]["Cobalt Ore"] = "Ruda kobaltu"
info["pl"]["Demonite Ore"] = "Ruda demonitu"
info["pl"]["Tin Ore"] = "Ruda cyny"
info["pl"]["Adamantite Ore"] = "Ruda adamantytu"
info["pl"]["Ruby"] = "Rubin"
info["pl"]["Molten Pickaxe"] = "Roztopiony kilof"
info["pl"]["Molten Fury"] = "Roztopiona furia"
info["pl"]["Map size"] = "Rozmiar mapy"
info["pl"]["Recipes"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze"
info["pl"]["Shark"] = "Rekin"
info["pl"]["Red Phaseblade"] = "Red Phaseblade"
info["pl"]["Bookcase"] = "Regał"
info["pl"]["Flipper"] = "Płetwa"
info["pl"]["Blazing Wheel"] = "Płonące koło"
info["pl"]["Queen Bee Trophy"] = "Queen Bee Trophy"
info["pl"]["Face Monster"] = "Pyskostwór"
info["pl"]["Reforge"] = "Reforge"
info["pl"]["Pwnhammer"] = "Pwn-młot"
info["pl"]["Traps"] = "Pułapki"
info["pl"]["Deserts"] = "Pustynia"
info["pl"]["Purple Phaseblade"] = "Purple Phaseblade"
info["pl"]["Abeemination"] = "Pszczybywaj"
info["pl"]["Bee"] = "Pszczoła"
info["pl"]["Bee Hive"] = "Pszczele gniazdo"
info["pl"]["Bee Keeper"] = "Pszczeli stróż"
info["pl"]["Influx Waver"] = "Przełamanie oporu"
info["pl"]["Recipes/Hardmode Anvil"] = "Schematy rzemieślnicze/Kowadło w Hardmode"
info["pl"]["Guide"] = "Przewodnik"
info["pl"]["Cursed Flames"] = "Przeklęty płomień"
info["pl"]["Iron Ore"] = "Ruda żelaza"
info["pl"]["Cursed Hammer"] = "Przeklęty młot"
info["pl"]["Cursed Skull"] = "Przeklęta czaszka"
info["pl"]["Tungsten Ore"] = "Ruda tungstenu"
info["pl"]["Silver Ore"] = "Ruda srebra"
info["pl"]["Molten Hamaxe"] = "Roztopiony młotopór"
info["pl"]["Enemies"] = "Przeciwnicy"
info["pl"]["Items"] = "Przedmioty"
info["pl"]["Horn o' plenty"] = "Róg obfitości"
info["pl"]["Present"] = "Prezent"
info["pl"]["Eater of Souls"] = "Pożeracz dusz"
info["pl"]["Eater of Worlds"] = "Pożeracz Światów"
info["pl"]["Devourer"] = "Pożeracz"
info["pl"]["Rune Wizard"] = "Runiczny czarodziej"
info["pl"]["Guide:Skeletron strategies"] = "Poradnik:Strategia walki - Szkieletron"
info["pl"]["Guide:Mining Techniques"] = "Poradnik:Techniki wydobywania"
info["pl"]["Guide:Crafting 101"] = "Poradnik:Rzemiosło"
info["pl"]["Guide:Selling Items"] = "Poradnik:Zarabianie pieniądzy"
info["pl"]["Guide:Farming"] = "Poradnik:Zbieranie materiałów"
info["pl"]["Copper Ore"] = "Ruda miedzi"
info["pl"]["Slap Hand"] = "Policzkator"
info["pl"]["Underground Jungle"] = "Podziemna dżungla"
info["pl"]["Underground"] = "Podziemia"
info["pl"]["Suspicious Looking Eye"] = "Podejrzanie wyglądające oko"
info["pl"]["Water Bolt"] = "Pocisk wodny"
info["pl"]["Stynger Bolt"] = "Pocisk do Styngera"
info["pl"]["Torches"] = "Pochodnie"
info["pl"]["Guide:Farming"] = "Poradnik:Baza"
info["pl"]["Vile Powder"] = "Plugawy proszek"
info["pl"]["Vilethorn"] = "Plugawy cierń"
info["pl"]["Platinum Watch"] = "Platynowy zegarek"