The Money Trough is an item that summons a flying Piggy Bank that behaves very similar to the place-able version but it instead floats near where the player spawned it. It does not follow any player and will remain idle until re-summoned or it times out. The flying piggy bank shares its inventory with the place-able version so money put in it is also counted towards a players savings. There can only be one at a time. The pig will not disappear if the player dies.


  • When the Money Trough is accessed, the "Quick stack to nearby chests" button disappears. Opening a shop interface will fix this until the Trough is accessed again.
Money Trough Terraria 1

Money Trough Terraria 1.3 item - AMAZING NEW ADDITION (Terraria item Showcase)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

    The Money Trough in use.

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