The Moon Charm is an accessory that is dropped by werewolves. When equipped, it will turn the player into a werewolf at night.
Terraria - Moon Charm Become A Werewolf Terraria HERO

Terraria - Moon Charm Become A Werewolf Terraria HERO


  • The item itself does not turn a player into a werewolf; it is caused by the Werewolf Buff.
  • If both Moon Charm and a Neptune's or Moon Shell are used underwater during the night, the shell cancels the transformation to a werewolf.
  • While the Moon Charm's effect is active, NPCs behaviour towards the player will not change. Weapons and armor still function as they normally would, but the texture of any vanity item(s) and armor is overwritten with the werewolf's texture.
  • The Werewolf the player turns into is brown unless they are dyed a certain color, as opposed to the blue-grey hue that hostile Werewolves have.
  • In some cases, the Moon Charm may be stuck in the accessories slot.
  • Using a star may cause the player to turn human again regardless if the Moon Charm is in the accessories slot.
  • With the Moon Charm, when running with Hermes Boots, the Werewolf's added speed will not kick in. [Needs Confirmation]
  • Since almost all bosses and monster hordes must or can be fought at night this accessory is extremely useful in these occasions.
  • This accessory is not meant to be confused with the Moon Stone, as it only adds to certain stats, like defense.
  • If the Moon Charm is held in the vanity accessories slot the player will look like a Werewolf at all times.

Update Info


  • Now you can hide the transformation while keeping the bonuses, or put it in the vanity slots.



  • Added to the game.


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