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Mourning Wood
Mourning Wood.png
Map Icon Mourning Wood.png
Map Icon
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeMourning Wood AI
Damage120/180/270 (melee) [1]
100200300 (Flaming Wood, health ≥ 25%)
150300450 (Flaming Wood, health < 25%)
80160240 (Greek Fire, health ≥ 25%)
100200300 (Greek Fire, health < 25%)
Max Life12000/15600/19890
KB Resist100%
Immune toPoisonedConfused

Mourning Wood is a Hardmode mini-Boss that spawns during the Pumpkin Moon Event. The boss is a living tree form that resembles a jack-o-lantern. Killing the Mourning Wood will add 75 points during the Pumpkin Moon event. It is the Pumpkin moon equivalent of the Everscream which behaves in an almost identical way to the Mourning Wood.


Mourning Wood alternates between two attacks:

  • Fires a volley of "Flaming Wood" (flaming spikes) at the player. These pass through blocks.
  • Fires a jet of "Greek Fire" (sparkling flames). These do not pass through blocks. They are affected by gravity and remain on the ground for a while, doing damage to players that touch them.


  • Drop chance increases linearly with the wave it is in (lowest drop chance in wave 4, highest drop chance in wave 15). In wave 15 it will also drop a Trophy and other loot.
  • Mourning Wood can initially pass through blocks when it spawns within them, floating towards the player until it reaches an open area. It resembles a Wraith's behavior. Otherwise it walks on surfaces and cannot jump.
  • In the mobile version, Mourning Wood will not despawn or run away when it is on screen.
  • They do not despawn after killing all available players (however they do on the 3DS version).
  • The Stakes' drop rate is reduced on the 3DS version.
  • The closer to death a Mourning Wood is, the faster it moves, a trait shared with several other enemies.


  • Pay attention to when a Mourning Wood stops walking. This means it's going to attack. This attack could either be “Greek Fire” or ”Flaming Wood”.
  • It is advisable not to enter a small room while fighting a Mourning Wood because its "flaming spike" attack can go through walls.
  • Mourning Wood's "Greek Fire" attacks cannot pass through water, therefore submerging Mourning Wood at least halfway up is an easier way to defeat him. Note the "flaming wood" attacks do pass through water.
  • Mourning Wood can be defeated with relative ease by aiming the North Pole above it so it gets hit by several of its snowflake projectiles. This strategy can also be applied with less efficiency to Everscream.
  • In Expert Mode, obtaining the Witch's Broom can be very helpful in completing the rest of the game as the Witch's Broom is functionally identical to the UFO mount. Furthermore, unlike the UFO Mount, the Witch's Broom does not dismount in liquids, and is only 3 blocks high, allowing the player to go through smaller gaps without dismounting.


  • Mourning is the grief over someone's death, and fits in well with the Halloween theme of the Pumpkin Moon.
    • The name is also a pun on "morning wood," a slang term referring to nocturnal erections during REM sleep. Throughout the game, similar innuendos can be found, such as the Golden Shower and Master Bait items.
  • Its projectile is called Greek Fire, a substance used by the Byzantine that is so dangerous it can even burn water, contradicting the properties of the projectile ingame.
  • According to the Bestiary, Mourning Woods reproduce by snapping cuttings from their bodies and thrusting them into the soil. The cuttings eventually grow into Splinterlings.
  • Mourning Wood is the only event boss to drop an Expert mode exclusive item, the Witch's Broom.
    • Additionally, it is the only enemy that can drop two mount summon items at once: the Witch's Broom and the Hexxed Branch.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Mourning Wood: "These enormous murder trees nightmarishly stomp about, prepared to shower endless fiery destruction upon all life."



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