Mourning Woods are monsters that spawn during the Pumpkin Moon event. They are comparable with the Everscream, given their behavior and spawn time. They shoot flaming projectiles that deal considerable damage to the player, even with over 80 defense. Mourning Wood have 3 different kind of attacks: shooting fire projectiles (called Greek Fire) that pierce through solid objects, spraying a cluster of lingering flames onto the ground, and hurting the player by touch. Occasionally, they may also shoot out different flaming projectiles that do significantly more damage than the more common ones. These projectiles appear less often and have less projectiles per barrage.


  • Mourning Wood can bypass closed doors by somehow leaping over them, even through solid blocks. 
  • At later waves, three or more Mourning Wood can appear at once, up to around ten simultaneously in wave 15. The higher the wave, the higher the chance for the Mourning Wood drops. 
  • Mourning Wood does not take damage from lava and is immune to the "On Fire!" debuff, despite facts that it is a tree.
  • In certain situations, Mourning Wood can pass through solid blocks when attempting to reach the player.


A good strategy for taking out Mourning Wood is to use ranged attacks, as their piercing shots come at random intervals and are difficult to dodge. Ranged or Magic Weapons are recommended as they are not affected by knockback. You can also stand on 1-3 blocks taller than him, then use the Flairon.

Deathbox Method

For this method, go to your spawn or make a suitable house and set your spawn. Then summon the Pumpkin Moon. Go to your spawn and wait for Mourning Wood to spawn. Attack but stay still. You will die, but since Mourning Wood doesn't despawn after, it will still be there. This will waste the Pumpkin Moon, so this trick is only advised for those who want Mourning Wood's drops.

Ranged Water Method

  1. This method requires a powerful ranged weapon. For arrow weapons, the Chlorophyte Shotbow as it is powerful and can shoot up to four arrows per shot with wide spread, or if on mobile/console the Vulcan Repeater it being the most powerful repeater besides the Stake Launcher which is dropped by Mourning Woods. Gun users might want to try the Megashark or the Chain Gun with Crystal Bullets or Cursed Bullets with both having a high rate of fire and 50% chance not to consume ammo. Another option would be swords like True Night's Edge or the Terra Blade with the projectiles they shoot.
  2. Once you have the weapon of choice, put a few wooden platforms above an open water source large enough to encompass Mourning Wood, but not so deep that it is under water. By submerging Mourning Wood, it's "Greek Fire" and "Flaming Wood" can't travel through water, making these attacks less effective. After this, he is relatively easy to defeat with your ranged weapon.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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