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The Mushroom is a medicinal ingredient found above ground on regular green grass or in The Hallow. Eating a regular mushroom restores only 15 Heart, though it it is best saved for its other uses. One regular mushroom can also be combined with 2 bottles (made from glass) and 2 Gel at an Alchemy Station to make 2 Lesser Healing Potions that restore 50 Heart each. As of update 1.0.6 one mushroom is combined with a goldfish and a bowl to make a Bowl of Soup.

Regular Mushrooms may grow in any unoccupied dirt space that has grass and no walls behind it. They will only grow in "above" ground areas as indicated by the Depth Meter. New mushrooms spawn every few days, and can appear while on-screen (unlike trees).

Other Mushroom types:


You can farm mushrooms by planting Grass Seeds bought from the Dryad in strips of dirt, by connecting dirt strips to existing grass, or finding and using a Staff of Regrowth. Since they spawn randomly based on chance, it is a good idea to make multiple strips (as shown in the picture) to increase their chances of spawning. Cutting away weeds will also increase their chances of spawning, as weeds take up space where mushrooms could grow. Mushrooms will not spawn if there are any walls behind them, so make sure the sky is visible behind the dirt strips.

Mushroom Farm


  • Sometimes, many mushrooms can spawn in a very concentrated area in forests. It is possible that this is an intended feature in the game.
  • Sometimes, while fighting boss player can accidentally pick up a mushroom. Pressing heal hotkey may use up mushroom instead of more powerful heath potions.

Update Info


  • Health restore changed from 20 Heart to 15 Heart.
  • The Potion Sickness debuff is now triggered upon consumption.

PC release

  • Added to the game.