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New Chinese version
New Chinese-Only Content: This information applies only to the New Chinese version of Terraria.

The new Chinese version of Terraria was developed by Xinxin Network, shortly after the shutting down of the old Chinese version. It was launched on September 28, 2021 for most phones, and October 9, 2021 for iOS.

Similar to its predecessor, the new Chinese version features many changes to the game and new content, however, all of it different from that of the old version. Aside from this, it runs the same desktop equivalent as the rest of the Mobile version Mobile version.

Exclusive content[]

  • A pair of swords called the Heart Dagger and Phorum Shortsword.
  • A pair of boomerangs called the Pululu Frisbee and Baidu Tieba Funny Frisbee.
  • A pair of car-like mounts called the Luxury Convertible and Tappy Pickup Truck summoned with the Convertible Key and Minivan Key, respectively.
  • Several vanity sets:
    • The Heart Suit, divided into male and female versions.
    • The Clap La La Suit.
    • The Dog Leg Suit.
    • The Random Engraved Mech Suit.
    • The Headline Suit.
    • The Half-Dimensional Suit.
  • 16 new paintings.