This boss is found only in the old-gen console/ 3DS version(s) of Terraria.

Ocram is one of the two final bosses in the 3DS version of Terraria. To summon him, the player will need to use the Suspicious Looking Skull at night. All three mechanical bosses must be defeated before summoning this boss.


Ocram's attack style is very similar to that of the Eye of Cthulhu. Like the Eye of Cthulhu, it charges repeatedly at the player while summoning servants. Additionally, it fires numerous red laser beams. After damaging it to 50% health, it will (like most bosses) switch into its second form, where it continues to summon servants, but will charge constantly and the lasers change to a purple, more deadly laser which begins to spread out. Ocram also uses the Demon Scythe spell summoning several demon scythes at once doing a fair amount of damage.


The following strategy is by far the easiest way to defeat Ocram in approximately 3 minutes.

During his first phase, just stand completely still and aim for his mouth, he will charge at the player and keep summoning servants. After damaging him enough he will go into his second phase. Move left and right so that he charges at the player horizontally (giving more time to shoot him) since he is not under the player. He should go down in a matter of 4 minutes or less.

One strategy is to simply let the Servants of Ocram stack up on the player and attack the main boss with the strongest spear available. If this is done correctly, none of the servants will be able to deal damage and possibly avoiding any damage from Ocram itself.

Another strategy for defeating Ocram with only melee is by using the formidable Excalibur/Tizona swords. In his first form, Ocram continuously hovers over the player to stay above them. The player can attack him with a sword by flying slightly to the left or right of Ocram. If done precisely, Ocram will attempt to keep up with the player as they fly higher and higher, which should (if he is targeting the player) leave him sitting right in front of the player. This leaves him open for melee attack. When the player's flight height is reached, simply fall back to the ground and repeat this tactic. This unfortunately does not work so well after Ocram has transformed, but it is a good strategy to rack up lots of damage. The Excalibur/Tizona is needed for this strategy so that the player can attack Ocram facing one direction while flying backwards in the other direction.

Another strategy that can be used against Ocram, is a way to kill The Twins.

With spectre armor (hood) and bubble gun and/or razorblade typhoon, and some greater mana potion, Ocram can be beaten in about three minutes.

Perhaps if the goal is to kill him in two minutes just for farming, beetle armor with either chestplate, celestial stone, moon charm, ankh shield, fire gauntlets, 1 very large healing potion and vampire knives are needed, with these items the player can sit still, hitting him almost the whole time except at the very end where the player should drink the healing potion, then just keep hitting him until he is defeated. Any other weapons are not needed or potions since the vampire knives heal the player the whole time during use and the beetle armor negates most of the damage.

A good strategy for farming Ocram is similar to a form of Duke Fishron strategy. This can require decent armor (preferably beetle tank set), wings, and a flairon. Throughout the entire first phase fly straight up and down while using the flairon to stack up bubbles. When your wings run out, glide down. By then Ocram should have already gone into his second phase. When He is in phase 2, repeat the same technique while moving left and right as fast as possible to dodge most of Ocram’s lasers and demon scythes. Soon Ocram should go down in about a minute and a half.


  • Ocram drops the least amount of souls for any boss monster, resulting in the need to defeat him 7-14 times in order to obtain enough souls to craft the new armors/weapons (205 souls).
  • Getting all the souls is not required due to the fact that he drops a piece of Dragon, Titan, or Spectral armor every time you kill him.
  • Ocram can despawn very easily in his second form if you go too far away from it. So if you go too far and its not coming, go back in about 3-5 seconds and it'll still be there.
Terraria - How To Solo Ocram - Soul of Blight - Suspicious Looking Skull - Terraria HERO

Terraria - How To Solo Ocram - Soul of Blight - Suspicious Looking Skull - Terraria HERO

A Video that shows how to kill Ocram

Terraria - Suspicious Looking Skull - How To Summon Ocram - Final boss - Terraria HERO-0

Terraria - Suspicious Looking Skull - How To Summon Ocram - Final boss - Terraria HERO-0

A Video Showing How To Spawn Ocram


  • Ocram's name is "Marco" (the name of Ocram's programmer) spelled backwards.
  • Ocram's Demon scythes can inflict the 'Darkness' debuff just like any other Demon scythes.
  • Ocram will drop a trophy as in the spoiler picture of the console 1.2 upcoming update. It seems to be his gem or nose.
  • Ocram resembles the face of "Scar", the Predator from the Alien vs. Predator film.
  • Although this may be the final boss of the 3DS and Old Gen Console (PS3, PSV, XBOX 360) version of the game, the other final boss of 1.2, Duke Fishron, seems to be far harder.
    • The boss can also be fought (and successfully be defeated) post-Mechanical, giving it a difficulty ranking of pre-Plantera or only mid-Hardmode
    • His craftable "endgame" weapons doesn't seem to be too powerful as well compared to Duke Fishron's more powerful weapons. Even pre-Plantera weapons can be better than the weapons in terms of damage, speed, and special abilities
    • Even though the boss itself was removed, its mask and trophy are still available. To get them, you either (a.) need to have defeated Ocram prior to its removal AND it needs to have dropped the mask/trophy (or) (b.) seek someone out who has either, and is willing to give one up.
    • The trophy had a lower drop rate than the mask, but nowadays it’s more common to find a trophy than a mask. This is due to people using a duplication glitch to get multiple trophies even though they only have one.
  • As of console 1.3, Cenx on terraria forums stated that Ocram is removed due to the developers not thinking that Ocram was a good fit for an engaging boss to battle. This will also happen to mobile 1.3.

Update info


  • Removed from the game.



  • Will now drop more souls, ~15-30.
  • Now drops the Ocram Trophy.

Console release

  • Added to the game.
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