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Old Chinese version
Old Chinese-Only Content: This information applies only to the Old Chinese version of Terraria.

The old Chinese version (lit 旧国服版本) of Terraria was created in collaboration between 505Games, Pipeworks Studios, and iDreamsky Technology. It was the first attempt at bringing Terraria to the Chinese market. Development was headed by iDreamsky's in-house studio Ledu Games, largely based off of Desktop, with some content as well. However, due to government regulations and differing consumer taste, many changes and additions were made to the game.

The game was "free to try", allowing players to play the game for a short amount of time, and then pay to unlock the full game when time ran out. In order to fit in more with the Chinese market, the game was treated as more of a service or a subscription than a game that one would own. As such, the game was highly internet-dependent. The service ran from early 2018 to June 9, 2020. It was shut down due to copyright expiration and disagreements between iDreamsky and 505 Games.

Exclusive content[]


  • Each character starts with a copper broadsword instead of a copper shortsword.
  • Various changes were made to enemies in order to comply with Chinese censorship:
    • The Eye of Cthulhu and the Twins are "algae balls" rather than eyes.
    • Skeletron and Skeletron Prime are Treants instead of skeletons.
    • The Brain of Cthulhu is a jellyfish-like creature.
    • The Wall of Flesh was changed to the "Lava World Eater", being made of obsidian and lava rather than gore.
    • The Moon Lord's design was not as drastically changed as all the others, simply removing some of his exposed eyes, brain, and bones.
    • Blood in all forms has been changed to other colors.

Sprite comparison[]

Boss Standard Old Chinese version New Chinese version
Eye of Cthulhu Servant of Cthulhu.png Eye of Cthulhu.png Servant of Cthulhu (Chinese 1).png Eye of Cthulhu (Chinese 1).png Servant of Cthulhu (Chinese 2).png Eye of Cthulhu (Chinese 2).png
Eye of Cthulhu
(Phase 2)
Eye of Cthulhu (Phase 2).png Eye of Cthulhu (Chinese 1) (Phase 2).png Eye of Cthulhu (Chinese 2) (Phase 2).png
Brain of Cthulhu Creeper.png Brain of Cthulhu.png Creeper (Chinese 1).png Brain of Cthulhu (Chinese 1).png Creeper (Chinese 2).png Brain of Cthulhu (Chinese 2).png
Brain of Cthulhu
(Phase 2)
Brain of Cthulhu (Phase 2).png Brain of Cthulhu (Chinese 1) (Phase 2).png Brain of Cthulhu (Chinese 2) (Phase 2).png
Skeletron Skeletron.png Skeletron (Chinese 1).png Skeletron (Chinese 2).png
Wall of Flesh The Hungry II.png Wall of Flesh.png The Hungry (Chinese 1).png Wall of Flesh (Chinese 1).png Wall of Flesh Alt (Chinese 2).png
Retinazer Retinazer.png Retinazer (Chinese 1).png Retinazer (Chinese 2).png
(Phase 2)
Retinazer (Second Form).png Retinazer (Chinese 1) (Phase 2).png Retinazer (Chinese 2) (Phase 2).png
Spazmatism Spazmatism.png Spazmatism (Chinese 1).png Spazmatism (Chinese 2).png
(Phase 2)
Spazmatism (Second Form).png Spazmatism (Chinese 1) (Phase 2).png Spazmatism (Chinese 2) (Phase 2).png
Skeletron Prime Skeletron Prime (armed).png Skeletron Prime (Chinese 1).png Skeletron Prime (Chinese 2).png
Moon Lord Moon Lord.png Moon Lord (Chinese 1).png Moon Lord (Chinese 2).png
Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman.png n/a Flying Dutchman (Chinese 2).png
Santa-NK1 phase 2.png n/a Santa-NK1 (Chinese 2) (Phase 2).png

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