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Old Chinese version
Old Chinese-Only Content: This information applies only to the Old Chinese version of Terraria.

This page lists the details of updates for the Old Chinese version of Terraria.

Change log[]

Version and release date Name Changes
Old Chinese version Version (3010) • September 20, 2018 Release[1]

The iOS version was launched on December 13. During the online period, the download price was 18 yuan. During the first release of iOS (before January 31, 2019), log in to the game to get three sets of fashion rewards. The price of synchronous activation of the Android version is 18 yuan.

The official version of Android has been released, and players can bind their in-game accounts through their [REDACTED]. After the account is bound, the player can retrieve his account after flashing or changing the device, without having to reactivate it.

The current version of PS has not yet added the cloud save function, so players need to manually back up and transfer the save before flashing or changing devices. In addition, it is recommended that players make an archive backup before updating.

Old Chinese version Version (3009) • June 29, 2018 Release[1]

Update content:

  • Added core missions of the alien world. After completing the missions, the item bar can be increased to 10 slots.
  • Doors can now be opened and closed manually.
  • Change the skin of the interstellar merchant.
  • You can set or cancel the respawn point by clicking on the bed
  • Now you can't switch other items when using the magic mirror
  • Optimized the translation of some item names
  • Now you won't lose items when using the Wrath of the Meteorite
  • Fixed in the chest or piggy bank Some bugs caused by dragging and dropping items inside

Otherworld core missions:

  • Kill Roshan, Skeletron, Cthulhu Algae Ball/World Eater, Cthulhu Jellyfish in any mode to get new items Foul Juice, Strange Scales, Dread Fang, Distortion Slag, plus fusion mods purchased with gold coins from interstellar merchants, to synthesize the alien core at the furnace of hell. Using the alien core can increase the current character's inventory to 10 slots.
Old Chinese version Version 1.3.4 (2443) • December 18, 2017 Release[1]

1. 2D pixel style, simple but not simple. 2. Fight and explore, go deep into the underground world and challenge unknown enemies. 3. Architecture and creation, featuring furniture and building materials, to create your world. 4. the new content of version 1.3, defeat the gangsters, overthrow the four pillars, and face the lord of the moon. 5. More exciting content, welcome to experience.