Overlapping Biomes are a semi-common aspect of world generation. This phenomenon occurs when two Biomes intersect with each other. An example is the "Corrupt Jungle," where Shadow Orbs can be found near Underground Jungle caves, or jungle grass may be exposed in a Corruption Chasm.

Whenever the player stands at the intersection of two biomes, monsters from both biomes may spawn. The overlapping biomes phenomenon may also be artificially induced via player-made biomes.


  • This phenomenon is most noticeable on worlds after the 1.0.5 update.
  • In Hard Mode worlds, the Underground Hallow, the Underground Corruption and the Underground Crimson almost always intersect or overlap with one another. This is generally caused by the diagonal sections that are generated when the Wall of Flesh is destroyed.
  • Sometimes the music of both biomes can overlap when the time of day music changes.
  • Icon xbox360 Sometimes, the Jungle can overlap with the Corruption while going through chasms. In such cases, chasms will be blocked off by the Jungle.
Ocean dungeon

A bug where an ocean overlaps with a dungeon. (Patched v1.0.6)

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PC release

  • Added to the game.


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