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PC version
PC-Only Content: This information applies only to the PC version of Terraria.
This article is about the desktop version and a list of updates to the desktop version of Terraria. For all Console updates, see Console version history. For all Mobile updates, see Mobile version history. For all 3DS updates, see 3DS version history. For details on future updates to the desktop version, see Upcoming features.


The Desktop version or PC version of Terraria refers to the Windows, macOS, and Linux PC versions. These versions are produced entirely by Re-Logic, Terraria's original developer (whereas the current Console version Console version is being worked upon by DR Studios, a third-party developer). Because of this, updates always come to the Desktop version first.

Note that Desktop version on this wiki only refers to the vanilla Desktop version, and tModLoader version tModLoader is used to refer to the current stable release version of tModLoader (currently ).

All three desktop versions are on the same update path and are updated together, sharing a common version number, though each has its own installation package. All can be purchased/downloaded through Steam or GOG.com.

macOS and Linux versions became available starting with version as a beta test package on July 23, 2015, and in as a full release on August 12, 2015. All prior versions were Windows only.

Version history[]

Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes November 17, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes, minor balance changes, and updated many item sprites. November 10, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. November 9, 2022 Content and Balance changes Bug fixes. October 24, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. October 21, 2022 Content and Balance changes Bug fixes. October 7, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. October 4, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. October 3, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. September 29, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. September 28, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes.
1.4.4 September 28, 2022 Labor of Love Large amount of quality-of-life and balance changes. March 1, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. February 28, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. February 24, 2022 Hotfixes Bug fixes. February 24, 2022 Hotfixes Optimizations for the Steam Deck, balance changes and bug fixes. November 24, 2021 Hotfixes Minor balance changes and bug fixes. November 22, 2021 Hotfixes Minor balance changes and bug fixes.
1.4.3 November 18, 2021 An Eye For An Eye: Don't Starve Together Crossover Update Deerclops and new secret world seed with crossover content from Don't Starve Together. May 16, 2021 10th Anniversary Patch Bug fixes and Celebrationmk10 secret world seed. April 21, 2021 Hotfixes Bug fixes. March 31, 2021 Hotfixes Bug fixes.
1.4.2 March 29, 2021 Steam Workshop Support Support for sharing Resource Packs and World Files on the Steam Workshop. November 10, 2020 Hotfixes Minor balance changes and bug fixes. October 14, 2020 Hotfixes Bug fixes.
1.4.1 October 13, 2020 Rounding Out the Journey Journey's End Vanity Contest sets, credits, Princess NPC, Flinx Staff and Flinx Fur Coat, accessory balance changes. June 4, 2020 Hotfixes Torch God mini-event. Many optimizations, bug fixes, and crash fixes. May 23, 2020 Hotfixes Performance optimizations, fixes for memory management, as well as fixes for crashes and bugs. May 20, 2020 Hotfixes Many minor changes to item drops, recipes, and art, as well as plant growth speeds and potion effects. Also removed bad torch luck. May 16, 2020 Hotfixes Bug fixes and minor changes made to the balance of the game. May 16, 2020[1] Journey's End Journey Mode, Master Mode, Bestiary, Golf, Pylons, Graveyard, Oasis, Queen Slime, Empress of Light April 25, 2017 Hotfixes Bug fixes. April 21, 2017 Hotfixes Visual improvements and bug fixes as well as the addition of an improved font for users playing the game in Chinese. April 19, 2017 Hotfixes Crash and bug fixes.
1.3.5 April 19, 2017[2] Polishes and Fixes 4K support, Zoom and UI Scale, more & better translations, gold, crystal, and dynasty furniture, and the return of Redigit to the team. December 6, 2016 Hotfixes November 18, 2016 Hotfixes November 17, 2016 Hotfixes November 16, 2016 Hotfixes
1.3.4 November 15, 2016[3] Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Update New water surface effects, new "tower defense" event with crossover content from Dungeon Defenders 2 October 3, 2016 Hotfixes September 13, 2016 Hotfixes September 11, 2016 Hotfixes
1.3.3 September 9, 2016[4] Desert Update Underground Desert update, Sandstorms, Sand Elemental July 21, 2016[5] Hotfixes
1.3.2 July 20, 2016[6] Party Update Chest item sorting, Corruption or Crimson selection on world creation (Post-WoF), more party decorations May 31, 2016 Hotfixes
1.3.1 May 22, 2016[7] Wiring Update Significant updates to wiring and Mechanisms. Added controller support. August 12, 2015 macOS & Linux Release Now officially playable on macOS and Linux. July 23, 2015 macOS & Linux Beta July 20, 2015 Hotfixes July 13, 2015 Hotfixes July 9, 2015 Hotfixes July 2, 2015 Hotfixes June 30, 2015 Hotfixes June 30, 2015 Terraria 1.3 Lunar Events, Martian Madness, Lunatic Cultist, Moon Lord, Granite Caves, Marble Caves, Underground Desert, Expert Mode, Achievements, Yoyos May 15, 2014 Hotfixes
1.2.4 May 8, 2014 Additions Fishing, Minecarts, Duke Fishron, and Pixel Piracy crossover content February 18, 2014 Hotfixes
1.2.3 February 13, 2014 Additions Traveling Merchant, Stylist
1.2.2 December 20, 2013 Christmas Update Frost Moon October 31, 2013 Hotfixes October 26, 2013 Hotfixes
1.2.1 October 25, 2013[8] Halloween Update Halloween, Pumpkin Moon October 9, 2013 Hotfixes October 9, 2013 Hotfixes Several new Enemy Banners, more Furniture October 3, 2013[9] Hotfixes October 1, 2013 Hotfixes
1.2 September 30, 2013[10] Terraria 1.2 The Crimson, Rain, Snow biome, Queen Bee, Chlorophyte, Plantera, Jungle Temple, Golem, Pirate Invasions, Solar Eclipses
1.1.2 January 17, 2012[11] Hotfixes Multilingual support
1.1.1 December 15, 2011[12] Christmas Update Frost Legion, Santa Claus
1.1 December 1, 2011[13] Terraria 1.1 Hardmode, Wings, Mechanisms, Item modifiers, Mechanical Bosses August 17, 2011[14] Sawmill
1.0.6 August 9, 2011[15] Critical hits, Damage types
1.0.5 June 23, 2011[16] Potions
1.0.4 June 10, 2011[17] King Slime, Vanity items
1.0.3 June 2, 2011[18] Tim
1.0.2 May 23, 2011[19] Sticky Bombs
1.0.1 May 17, 2011[20] Removed Zapinator
1.0 May 16, 2011[21] Official Release