The Painter is a new NPC as of 1.2. He sells painting tools, cans of paint, wallpaper, and even a few paintings depending on where he is housed in. He will spawn when you get a banner of some sort or a painting and only if at least 7 other NPCs have moved in.
Painter - Terraria 1

Painter - Terraria 1.2 Guide New NPC!


Uses a Paintball Gun against nearby enemies, which he drops if he is killed.


Item Price Special Conditions
Paintbrush 1 GoldCoin Small None
Paint Roller 1 GoldCoin Small None
Paint Scraper 1 GoldCoin Small None
Red Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Orange Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Yellow Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Lime Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Green Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Teal Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Cyan Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Sky Blue Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Blue Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Purple Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Violet Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Pink Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Black Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Gray Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
White Paint 25 CopperCoin Small None
Daylight 1 GoldCoin Small None
First Encounter 1 GoldCoin Small Anytime between a Full Moon and Waning Gibbous Moon
Good Morning 1 GoldCoin Small Anytime between a Third Quarter Moon and Waning Crescent Moon
Underground Reward 1 GoldCoin Small Anytime between a New Moon and Waxing Crescent Moon
Through the Window 1 GoldCoin Small Anytime between a First Quarter Moon and Waxing Gibbous Moon
Deadland Comes Alive 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned near The Crimson
Lightless Chasms 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned near The Corruption
The Land of Deceiving Looks 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned near The Hallow
Do Not Step on the Grass 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned near The Jungle
Cold Waters in the White Land 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned near the Snow Biome
Secret of the Sands 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned near The Desert
Evil Presence 1 GoldCoin Small Blood Moon
Place Above the Clouds 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned on a Floating Island
Sky Guardian 1 GoldCoin Small Positioned on a Floating Island in Hard Mode
Bubble Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Copper Pipe Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Ducky Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Fancy Grey Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Ice Floe Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Music Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Purple Rain Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Rainbow Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Sparkle Stone Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Starlit Heaven Wallpaper 1 SilverCoin Small None
Painter's Names
Painter's Quotes
  • "Try swirly pink and purple, it works, I swear!"
  • "No, no, no... There's TONS of different grays! Don't get me started..."
  • "Check out <Party Girl NPC name>. Now that's a girl who can paint the town red!" (Only if you have the Party Girl NPC)
  • "I know the difference between turquoise and blue-green. But I won't tell you."
  • "I hope it doesn't rain again until this paint dries. That would be a disaster!"
  • "I'm all out of titanium white, so don't even ask."
  • "When you enter an hallowed land, you will see a rainbow in the sky. I can help you with painting that if you want." (Only in Hardmode)


  • His names suggest that he comes from Italy.
  • His appearance is also strikingly similar to Mario's appearance in several of his earlier games.
  • Two of his names are 'Leonardo' and 'Raphael', referencing two renowned painters.
  • His quote regarding the many shades of grey could be a reference to the infamous book series, '50 Shades of Grey'.
  • His quote; "I'm all out of titanium white, so don't even ask." is a reference to the famous TV show painter, Bob Ross.

Update Info


  • Now defends himself with the Paintball Gun, also having a chance to drop it upon death.
  • Now requires a total of 8 NPCs to already have moved in before he is valid to move in.
  • The Old Man, Skeleton Merchant and Travelling Merchant are now excluded from the aforementioned count of 8 moved-in NPCs.


  • Now sells Brown Paint and various wallpapers.
  • Now sells Negative Paint and Shadow Paint in Hardmode worlds.


  • Now sells Christmas-themed wallpapers during Christmas.


  • Added to the game.

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