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  • Red Paint Blue Paint Yellow Paint
Stack digit 9Stack digit 9Stack digit 9Stack digit 9
RarityRarity level: 0
    Wood painted

    Wood shown painted all available colors.

    Largescale color testing

    The effect of all paints on all woods and metals.

    Paint is used to modify the color of objects. Nearly anything can be painted, including blocks, background walls, and furniture, along with non-collectable environment objects like trees, tall grass, flowers, and other ambient growth. Basic Paint is purchased from the Painter NPC. Two of the same color can be combined at a Dye Vat to create "Deep" color versions, which apply their color more vividly and are required in order to paint certain objects.

    Paint is applied to blocks and furniture with the Paintbrush, and to walls with the Paint Roller, with each tile consuming one bucket of Paint. The Paint Sprayer will automatically paint items when placing them. Paint can be removed with the Paint Scraper, although it will never be retrieved upon doing so. Destroying a painted block will not drop the Paint item either.

    Paint can occupy the player's ammo inventory space. If more than one color is present in the player's inventory, the color in the earliest inventory slot is used first (starting from the ammo inventory space, then proceeding from the top-left slot).

    Coatings are a special type of paint-like item. They function identically to normal paint in all ways except that coatings and paint can be applied to a block to combine their color and effect. Additionally, coatings can co-exist with each other.

    Paints and Dyes are not available on the Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, due to the unavailability of pixel shaders.


    The basic Paint is purchased from the Painter for 25 per bucket (except Shadow Paint (50), Negative Paint (75), Illuminant Coating (2), and Echo Coating (2).

    Basic Deep Notes
    Red Paint Red Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1073
    Deep Red Paint Deep Red Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1085
    Orange Paint Orange Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1074
    Deep Orange Paint Deep Orange Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1086
    Yellow Paint Yellow Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1075
    Deep Yellow Paint Deep Yellow Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1087
    Lime Paint Lime Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1076
    Deep Lime Paint Deep Lime Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1088
    Green Paint Green Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1077
    Deep Green Paint Deep Green Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1089
    Teal Paint Teal Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1078
    Deep Teal Paint Deep Teal Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1090
    Cyan Paint Cyan Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1079
    Deep Cyan Paint Deep Cyan Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1091
    Sky Blue Paint Sky Blue Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1080
    Deep Sky Blue Paint Deep Sky Blue Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1092
    Blue Paint Blue Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1081
    Deep Blue Paint Deep Blue Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1093
    Purple Paint Purple Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1082
    Deep Purple Paint Deep Purple Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1094
    Violet Paint Violet Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1083
    Deep Violet Paint Deep Violet Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1095
    Pink Paint Pink Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1084
    Deep Pink Paint Deep Pink Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1096
    Black Paint Black Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1097
    Gray Paint Gray Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1099
    White Paint White Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1098
    Brown Paint Brown Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1966
    Shadow Paint Shadow Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1967
    n/a Costs 50, only sold during Hardmode.
    Darkens blocks further than Black Paint.
    Negative Paint Negative Paint
    Internal Item ID: 1968
    n/a Costs 75, only sold during Hardmode.
    Turns blocks the opposite of their natural color.
    Illuminant Coating Illuminant Coating
    Internal Item ID: 4668
    n/a Costs 2, only sold in Graveyard.
    Makes blocks look like they are brightly-lit, even in total darkness.
    Echo Coating Echo Coating
    Internal Item ID: 5344
    n/a Costs 2, only sold in Graveyard after Plantera has been defeated.
    Makes blocks invisible, unless the viewer is wearing the Spectre Goggles.


    The following tools can be used to apply or remove paint:

    (purchased from the Painter)
    Spectre (+3 range)
    PaintbrushPaintbrush Spectre PaintbrushSpectre Paintbrush
    Paint RollerPaint Roller Spectre Paint RollerSpectre Paint Roller
    Paint ScraperPaint Scraper Spectre Paint ScraperSpectre Paint Scraper

    In addition, the Paint Sprayer accessory allows automatically applying paint to placed blocks, walls, and objects. It can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant.


    • Painting a light source will not change the color of the light.
    • Deep Paint is a more vivid version of its base color, and is also required in order to paint certain objects. These include statues, trees, and certain background walls (e.g. Cloud Walls), except in the case of White and Gray, which can be used on those objects without crafting the Deep variety first. Objects which are normally white or gray (e.g. Switches) will be at best very faintly colored, unless Deep paints are used.
    • Regular and Deep Paint appear to apply their color differently – regular Paint appears to "re-tint" objects, changing existing colors to the new color, while Deep Paint seems to apply its color on top of the object. The inability to paint "monochrome"-colored objects like Gray Bricks with normal Paint seems to be a result of this behavior.
    • If painted grass spreads to adjacent Dirt/Mud Blocks, it will spread the paint too. Tall grass and flowers growing on painted grass will also inherit the same paint. An Acorn planted on painted grass will grow into a painted tree with the same paint; likewise for a Gemcorn on painted stone. (If the sapling is painted, the tree will be unaffected.)
    • If any gravity-affected block (e.g. a Sand Block) is painted, it will lose that paint the moment it enters into its falling state.


    • Painted blocks and walls will show up on the minimap, allowing to "mark" the map by painting an area with a distinct color.
    • Painting doors requires only 3 paint, even though they occupy 6 tiles when opened. Closing and re-opening a door applies the paint to the entire six tiles.
      • It is also possible to apply paint to 3 random spots of an open door, close it, and re-open it. This will also paint the entire door.


    • Desktop Fixed a problem with painted tiles not being painted in multiplayer.
    • Desktop Fixed a bug that would cause tiles to be painted on multiplayer when they shouldn’t be.
    • Console 1.06: Introduced Shadow Paint, Brown Paint, and Negative Paint.