The Paladin's Hammer is a very fast boomerang-type thrown weapon. It is dropped by the Paladin mini-boss found in the Hard Mode Dungeon after defeating Plantera. Only one Hammer can be thrown at a time. When it hits an object, or goes its maximum distance, the hammer returns and another one can be thrown.
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Paladin's Hammer being used


  • The Paladin's Hammer cannot pass through walls, although it will sometimes pass through a one-block-thick wall when thrown at the right angle from the right distance.
  • The hammer can be thrown twice, with multiple speed modifiers, though is nearly impossible to notice without screenshots due to its incredible velocity.
  • The Paladin's Hammer will pass through enemies and is capable of striking enemies multiple times.
  • Since this weapon is unable to possess size modifiers, the best possible prefix for this weapon is Godly.
  • The range of the weapon is affected by melee speed, hence any equipment that increases melee speed will increase the range of this weapon.
  • When combined with the correct modifiers and melee attack bonuses, the Hammer can be even more powerful than the Terra Blade, easily taking down all Hard Mode bosses with minimal effort.


  • The unusual method of attack with this weapon may be a reference to Thor (Old Norse Þórr), a Norse god who fought by tossing his hammer Mjöllnir at enemies instead of melee attacks. It would then return to his hand, similar to how this weapon and all other boomerang-type weapons behave.


  • Icon mobile Sometimes when thrown, the hammer will appear in the opposite direction of that of the player using it.Verify

Update Info


  • Added to the game.