The Paladin's Shield is a rare drop from the Paladin miniboss from the Hard Mode Dungeon. It appears as a silvery-iron shield with a golden ornament on the front.

The Paladin's Shield is an unusual defensive accessory as compared to the other accessories. It provides everyone on your team with 25% damage reduction, dealing a portion to the player with the Paladin's Shield equipped. This makes it useful especially during Multiplayer as you can designate a Tank player with it. The shield also gives the same knockback immunity as the Cobalt ShieldObsidian Shield and Ankh Shield (But not the fire block immunity).

Despite its main use as an accessory for a Tank player, it can still be fairly useful in singleplayer, since it boasts an impressive 6 defense boost. When reforged with the Warding prefix, it will provide you with a massive 10 points of defense. Although it is not optimal for maximum damage, this can greatly boost the survivability of any character class.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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