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Peace Candle
  • Peace Candle item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
TooltipMakes surrounding creatures less hostile
RarityRarity level: 1
Research1 required
Grants Buff
BuffPeace CandlePeace Candle
Buff tooltipDecreased monster spawn rate
DurationInfinite while in vicinity

The Peace Candle is a furniture item that can be placed or held to decrease enemy and critter spawn rates in the area, and emits a low amount of light. When placed, it gives nearby players the Peace Candle buff. Holding a Peace Candle does not cause the buff icon to display, but still causes an identical effect. The Peace Candle can be made from a Pink Torch and either Gold Bars or Platinum Bars, meaning that the player needs to have defeated Pinky at least once to craft this item.

The Peace Candle buff decreases spawn rates by 23% in the area, and decreases the maximum number of simultaneous on-screen enemies by 30%. The buff is applied to any players holding a Peace Candle or standing within a rectangular area of 170×125[1] (Desktop version) / 100×84 () tiles centered on a Peace Candle. In order to be considered "holding" the candle, it must be in the player's hotbar and currently selected; merely being in a player's inventory will not suffice. Multiple Candles will not stack with each other, even if one is placed and the other held. Peace Candles can only be placed on platforms and flat furniture items like Work Benches and Tables.

Pressing the Open / Activate button on Peace Candles shuts them off, and they will toggle when activated via wiring. Peace Candles that are turned off will not activate the Peace Candle buff.

Peace Candles cannot be turned off, and do not act as mechanisms.

The opposite of the Peace Candle is the Water Candle, which increases enemy spawn rate instead. If a Peace Candle and a Water Candle are active at the same time, they will cancel each other's effects out, resulting in no difference in spawn rate.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Peace CandlePeace CandleWork BenchWork Bench
total: 2 row(s)


  • The Peace Candle buff will stack with the Happy! buff from Sunflowers and the Calm buff from Calming Potions, reducing the enemy spawn rate by approximately 67%.
  • The Peace Candle can be used underwater.
  • The Peace Candle is unable to fully counteract the effects of a Water Candle in Space, as this biome massively increases the effects of the Water Candle debuff.


  • As Peace Candles reduce critter spawns as much as enemy spawn, if the player would like to collect bait, it is wise to not have any nearby.


  • Desktop
    • Right-clicking will no longer loot the candle, a pickaxe is now required.
    • Right-clicking will enable/disable the candle.
    • Area of effect increased.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method ScanAndExportToMain() in Terraria.SceneMetrics.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is