This item is found only in the mobile version(s) of Terraria.
The Pet Leprechaun O'Fyffe is a pet that is summoned with the Pot o' Gold. It is a little leprechaun that follows the player and occasionally drops coins. It most commonly drops copper, but the more he walks, at least 1 Gold Coin can be collected.

With the Gold Coins the player might end up with, the Leprechaun O'Fyffe is a good source of coins, and is therefore a great source for people that need more gold coins.

This pet is one of the items available for the St. Patrick's Day holiday update for mobile devices.


  • There is a bug that causes the pet to drop more coins when stuck in a hole or doorway. He will bounce up and down and constantly drop coins.

Update Info

IOS v 1.1.9

  • added to the game.
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