This item is found only in the 3DS & Old Gen Console version(s) of Terraria.
The Pet Worm is a pet summoned by using the Suspicious Looking Apple item. If the player has reached a certain distance from it, it will fly towards the player while wearing a red headband, leaving a trail of clouds behind it.


  • If the player dies while having this pet equipped, their grave will instead be a Strange Looking Tombstone.
  • The Worm Pet appears to be able to speak, its quotes being:
    • "Boring..." (Spoken when the player has stood still for a certain period of time.)
    • "Bye bye" (Spoken when the player dies)
    • "Grenade!"( throwing an explosive such as a Grenade)
    • "Incoming!" (Spoken when a Blood Moon begins, when an altar has been destroyed, or a boss comes.)
    • "(Jump)"
    • "Victory!" (Occasionally spoken on defeating an enemy.)
    • "Mommy?" (Randomly)


  • This pet is a reference to the game series "Worms".
  • if you die with a pet worm, you will leave a grave that looks like a worm

Update Info

Icon mobile v1.1.5536

  • Added to the game.
Pet Worm
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