The Phantasm is an endgame bow that can be crafted from Vortex Fragments. It fires 4 arrows at once and consumes only a single arrow. Any arrow effects are applied, meaning this weapon can be used to inflict Ichor onto mobs and bosses quite easily with its multiple arrows. When an enemy is hit with the bow, it fires phantasmal arrows (does not consume extra arrows) that provide additional firepower. This becomes extremely useful when fighting bosses because the devastating storm of arrows can easily overwhelm bosses and their swarms. However, since every arrow fired will be destroyed (not retrievable), pairing it with the Endless Quiver is beneficial.

Update Info


  • Reduced Damage from 60 to 50.


  • Reduced Damage from 70 to 60.
  • Fixed bug that caused unintentionally high damage.


  • Fixed exploit that allowed the user to receive more arrows than were consumed.


  • Added to the game.


2015-07-23 00002

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