Phantasm Dragon is a flying worm-type enemy spawned by the Lunatic Cultist after it has begun to create "decoys" of itself. It has an attack pattern similar to the Wyvern, but is significantly larger and faster. The Lunatic Cultist summons a Phantasm Dragon each time the player attacks the Lunatic Cultist's duplicates.

The appearance of the Phantasm Dragon is very predictable. The Lunatic Cultist and duplicates will form around a magical circle similar to the seal at the Dungeon entrance. The Phantasm Dragon will emerge from the summoning circle after a few seconds and dive directly at players.

This should be dealt with quickly; it is possible for more than one Phantasm Dragon to be in play at the same time, and the size of the creature can make it very difficult to dodge attacks from the Cultist.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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