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{{Disambig}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' may refer to:
|image = File:phaseblades.gif
*[[Purple Phaseblade]]
|imagewidth = 75
*[[Yellow Phaseblade]]
|Sub Type = [[Broadsword]]
*[[Blue Phaseblade]]
|Damage = 21
*[[Green Phaseblade]]
|Speed = Fast
*[[Red Phaseblade]]
|Crafted With = *20 [[Meteorite Bar]]
*[[White Phaseblade]]
*10 [[Gems]]
|Crafting Station = [[Iron Anvil]]
|Sells For = 54 {{sc}}
|Max Stack = 1
|Material In = [[Phasesaber]]s
|Continuous Attack = No}}The '''Phaseblade''' is a sword which deals 21 [[damage |damage]] at "fast" speed, 24 with [[Molten Armor]].
Phaseblades give off light when swung.
Phaseblades are crafted by combining 10 [[Gems|Gems]] and 20 [[Meteorite Bar]]s at an [[Iron Anvil]]. Different Gems determine the color of the Phaseblade, as follows:
*Blue - 10 [[Sapphire]]s[[File:6Phaseblades.png|thumb|253px|All six colors of phaseblade]]
*Green - 10 [[Emerald]]s
*Purple - 10 [[Amethyst]]s
*Red - 10 [[Ruby|Rubies]]
*Yellow - 10 [[Topaz]]es
*White - 10 [[Diamonds]]
*Depending on your color choice, it can be quite difficult to collect the [[gems |gems]] required.
*As of 1.1 update, Phaseblades can now be upgraded to [[phasesaber|Phasesabers]].
*Phaseblades appear to be based on the [[wikipedia:Lightsaber|Lightsaber]] from the Star Wars franchise. They even go so far as to include the humming sound effect and the emitted light when swung.
{{Template:Items Requiring Meteorite}}
[[Category:Melee Weapons]]
[[Category:Craftable items]]

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Phaseblade may refer to:
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