The Pigron is a Hard Mode enemy that resembles flying pigs. They spawn in the Underground Snow Biome when it is overlapped with The Corruption, The Crimson, or The Hallow. There are three variations: red ones spawn in or near The Crimson, purple ones spawn in or near The Corruption, and pink ones spawn in or near The Hallow. They can enter a state where they become transparent and very hard to see, but as they attack you they will become visible again. They can travel through walls only while transparent.


  • Though it may only be a coincidence, the Pigron bears a strong resemblance to the charabom Pommy Dragon from the Bomberman series.
  • The name 'Pigron' is from a Terraria player after Redigit asked a question in IRC chat 'What would a half-pig half-dragon be named?' before 1.2 came out.
  • They have a resemblance to Duke Fishron. This is likely intentional.


  • Due to a bug it's possible to see red Pigrons in The Corruption and purple Pigrons in The Crimson.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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