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  • Pigronata item sprite
  • Pigronata placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (4 wide × 3 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
TooltipBeat the shindig out of it!
May contain a suprise!
RarityRarity level: 0
Research1 required

Pigronatas are placeable furniture items hung by the player from the underside of blocks, similar to banners. When hit with a weapon, they are destroyed in a shower of confetti, and drop coins and/or other loot. Pigronatas are purchased from the Party Girl during Parties for 1 each.


BaconBacon1–22.6*5/192 (2.6%)
Party BulletParty Bullet30–9011.11*1/9 (11.11%)
Flask of PartyFlask of Party133.33*1/3 (33.33%)
Silver CoinSilver Coin10–20077.78*7/9 (77.78%)


  • There is a 22.22*2/9 (22.22%) chance that nothing will drop.
  • Party Bullets will only drop if a Flask of Party also drops. A Flask of Party can drop without any Party Bullets.
  • The average coin drop is 5766.67, so in bulk the net cost of buying and breaking Pigronatas averages 4233.33 apiece. The sale price of the other drops averages 391.11 per Pigronata.
  • There is a 2.43*14/576 (2.43%) chance that one Bacon is dropped, and only a 0.17*1/576 (0.17%) chance that two Bacons are dropped. This means that when Bacon is dropped, there is a 6.67*1/15 (6.67%) chance that two are dropped and a 93.33*14/15 (93.33%) chance that only one is dropped.


  • An easy way to break a lot of Pigronatas at once is to grapple a roof and simply place them. The hook will break the Pigronata, allowing the player to go through them much quicker. Another way is to place a lot of them on the roof of a three-block high house and then throw Grenades around.
  • The Pigronata is a way to obtain Party Bullets and Bacon before Hardmode. By buying and breaking Pigronatas one can get Party Bullets at an average net cost of 635 per bullet and Bacon at an average net cost of 1524 per piece. (Both values are discounted for the coin drops, but not sell values of other drops.)
    • Bacon is a very useful item, tied for the second best food item in the game (with the BBQ Ribs), beaten only by the Golden Delight (which gives the same buff at twice the duration).
    • On the flip side, the pre-Hardmode cost of getting it this way is considerably higher than the 10 price of using a Golden Delight.
  • When the Party Girl is housed in the Hallow biome adjacent to !!Error: Invalid EICONS input! either / both of the Wizard or Zoologist (with no other NPCs housed nearby), and the Discount Card or Greedy Ring are equipped, Pigronatas can be bought for only 60. This allows for a net profit when they are rapidly broken and their contents are sold. The player can even choose to keep the very useful Bacon (essentially for free) while still turning a profit.


  • Pigronata is a portmanteau of Pigron, an enemy found in underground Hallow/Corruption/Crimson snow biomes, and piñata, a festive object filled with goods, hung, and then broken with a stick.