Pine Tree Blocks are obtained by opening Presents dropped by monsters during Christmas. If placed, it will become either wood or leaves. The lower parts placed will become wood, and the higher parts will become leaves. Although these blocks resemble a tree, they can't be passed through like trees or background blocks. (Walls, Christmas trees, paintings, etc.)


  • If there are Pine Tree blocks on the screen, it will start to snow even if there are no Snow Blocks.

A pine tree made of Pine Tree Blocks.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

Active Stone Block Active Stone Block Ash1 Ash Block Candy Cane Block Candy Cane Block Clay1 Clay Block
Dirt1 Dirt Block Ebonsand Block Ebonsand Block Ebon1 Ebonstone Block Glass1 Glass
Green Candy Cane Block Green Candy Cane Block Inactive Stone Block Inactive Stone Block Mud1 Mud Block Copper Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore Ores
Pearlsand Block Pearlsand Block Pearlstone Block Pearlstone Block Sand Block Sand Block Silt Block Silt Block
Snow Block Snow Block Stone1 Stone Block Wood1 Wood Terraria Blue Brick Terraria Silver Brick Snow Brick Bricks