This article is about the summon item. For the wall decoration, see Treasure Map
The Pirate Map is an item found as a rare drop from enemies in the Ocean biome during Hard Mode.

When used, it will summon the Pirate Invasion. When the Pirates have been defeated, the Pirate NPC will be able to move into any suitable housing. He sells items such as the Pirate OutfitCannons, and Cannonballs.


A good way of farming pirate maps is as follows:

  1. Walk to the bottom of the Ocean while having a Neptune's Shell equipped so you don't drown.
  2. Flatten out the bottom of the Ocean (about 100 blocks across starting from the edge of the map) so you can see the loot better. Possibly place down Cursed Torches or Ichor Torches for better visibility.
  3. Equip full Spooky Armor and summon either four Pygmies with a Pygmy Staff or four Ravens with a Raven Staff.
  4. Place a Water Candle and/or drink a Battle Potion to improve the spawn rate.
  5. Wait while the Ravens kill all the mobs that come towards you. On average the mobs will drop 8 to 10 Pirate Maps an hour, as well as other loot like Shark Fins, Jellyfish Necklace, Purple Mucos and Glowsticks.
Another way of farming pirate maps as follows:

A player farming pirate maps using method two.

  1. Place a layer of any block (preferably one that can't be corrupted) across the ocean.
  2. Place 200 Crimstone Block about 6 blocks above the layer of stone to transform the area into a Crimson biome.
  3. Create a farm with Dart Trap/Super Dart Traps to kill the Blood Jelly and Blood Feeders.
  4. Wait about one or two hours and you will receive from 5 to 20 pirate maps alongside approximately 20 gold.
  • You can also be more productive while farming, and fish for crates while you're there.


  • The player must have at least 200 Heart for a pirate invasion to occur, even if a Pirate Map has been used.
  • Even if you are using a Pirate Map, a Pirate Invasion will not occur if there is already another Invasion type underway in the world.
  • Pirate Maps do not drop from anything spawned from a Statue.
  • All enemies, as long as they are in an ocean biome, can drop the Pirate Map.
  • It's useful to make an ocean farm near another biome as Biome Keys will drop together with the pirate maps.
    • A Jungle has increased spawn rates and will spawn lots of Arapaima.
    • A Corruption or Crimson biome enables the player to spawn the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulhu, which both have many segments/minions, all having a chance to drop the map.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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