The Pirate Staff is a drop from the Pirate Invasion and will summon mini-pirates on use. These pirates will rush at enemies that get too close and slash them with tiny swords. They also defecate on the ground from time to time. When the player goes too high, the pirates will follow, being carried by parrots.


  • The Pirates summoned do not seem to have a form of ranged attack. Bear this in mind when fighting enemies such as Corruptors.
  • The Pirates are about half the size of normal pirates.


  • This staff is cross over content from Re-Logic's other published game, "Pixel Piracy."

Update Info


  • It now costs 10 mana to use.


  • Added to the game.
    Pirate Staff , Pirate Summons! - Terraria 1.2

    Pirate Staff , Pirate Summons! - Terraria 1.2.4 Guide New Summoner Weapon - GullofDoom

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