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Potion Sickness is a debuff inflicted on a player whenever they use a healing item. It prevents the player from consuming any more healing items until the debuff runs out. Its duration can be reduced by 25% by equipping the Philosopher's Stone or the Charm of Myths. Equipping both will not cause the effect to stack.

For nearly all healing items, the Potion Sickness debuff lasts 60 seconds, after which time another can be consumed.


From item[]

From Duration
Bottled WaterBottled Water 1 minute
Bottled HoneyBottled Honey
Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potion
Healing PotionHealing Potion
Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potion
Super Healing PotionSuper Healing Potion
Horn o' plentyHorn o' plenty
Strange BrewStrange Brew
Lesser Restoration PotionLesser Restoration Potion
Restoration PotionRestoration Potion 45 seconds
50 seconds
1 minute
MushroomMushroom 30 seconds
1 minute


  • Since the time limit for effects rounds down, if there are 0.9 seconds or less remaining of Potion Sickness, it will display as 0 seconds. In total, this makes it appear as though it lasts 61 seconds instead. This applies to all effects with a time limit.
  • On the Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, when the buff menu is open, the potion sickness duration will continue to decrease despite the game being paused.


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