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Not to be confused with Player Difficulty (Softcore, Mediumcore, or Hardcore) or World Difficulty (Expert Mode, Master Mode, or Journey Mode). For the phase immediately following pre-Hardmode, see Hardmode.

Pre-Hardmode is the initial state of the player's world. It is essentially an 'easy' version of the world, featuring enemies and items appropriate for new characters. Pre-Hardmode begins at world creation and ends with the defeat of the Wall of Flesh. Defeating the Wall of Flesh will irreversibly turn the world to Hardmode which adds more content and makes the game more difficult. This is part of systematic game advancement.

The term "Pre-Hardmode" refers both to the Pre-Hardmode world itself and to content accessible in Pre-Hardmode worlds.

There is little reason to keep a world Pre-Hardmode as Hardmode does not remove Pre-Hardmode content (with a few exceptions). Reasons for postponing Hardmode include having an easier game experience, or to make extra preparations (such as building Houses secure against enemies, or digging tunnels to protect biomes) before Hardmode begins.

Pre-Hardmode features vs. Hardmode features[]

Some items and enemies are not available in Hardmode, or lose a source of attainability.

Pre-Hardmode Hardmode
Giant WormGiant Wormnaturally spawns Underground DiggerDiggerspawns more frequently than Giant Worm Underground (Desktop and Mobile versions)
replaces Giant Worm Underground (Console and Old-gen console versions)
Blue JellyfishBlue Jellyfishnaturally spawns Underground and in Cavern Green JellyfishGreen Jellyfishspawns more frequently than Blue Jellyfish Underground and in Caverns (Desktop and Mobile versions)
replaces Blue Jellyfish Underground and in Caverns (Console and Old-gen console versions 3DS version)
note: Blue Jellyfish are still spawnable using a Jellyfish StatueJellyfish Statue
Blue Jellyfish BannerBlue Jellyfish Banner Green Jellyfish BannerGreen Jellyfish Banner (Console Version)
Cave BatCave Batnaturally spawns Underground Giant BatGiant Batspawns more frequently than Cave Bat Underground (Desktop and Mobile versions)
replaces Cave Bat Underground (Console and Old-gen console versions)
Cave Bat BannerCave Bat Banner Giant Bat BannerGiant Bat Banner (Console Version3DS version)
Wall CreeperWall Creepernaturally spawns in Spider Caves Black RecluseBlack Reclusespawns more frequently than Wall Creeper in Spider Caves (Desktop and Mobile versions)
replaces Wall Creeper in Spider Caves (Console and Old-gen console versions)
Wall Creeper BannerWall Creeper Banner Black Recluse BannerBlack Recluse Banner (Console and Old-gen console versions)
Meteor HeadMeteor Headsdrop loot Meteor HeadMeteor Headswon't drop loot (Desktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions)
Meteor Head BannerMeteor Head Banner Meteor Head BannerMeteor Head Bannerare considered loot and won't drop (Old-gen console version)
ShurikenShurikenfrom Pots GrenadeGrenadefrom Pots.
note: Shurikens can be obtained from other sources.
Silver BulletSilver Bullet(from Arms Dealer)
only during Blood Moon
Silver BulletSilver Bullet(from Arms Dealer)
CascadeCascadeDesktop, Console, and Mobile versionsdropped by any enemy in or near The Underworld Hel-FireHel-FireDesktop, Console, and Mobile versionswill drop instead of Cascade
Gray ZapinatorGray ZapinatorDesktop and Mobile versions(from Traveling Merchant) Orange ZapinatorOrange ZapinatorDesktop and Mobile versionsis sold instead of Gray Zapinator
CratesCratesCratesPre-Hardmode Cratescan be caught while fishing (Desktop and Mobile versions) CratesCratesCratesHardmode Cratescan be caught while fishing, replacing pre-Hardmode Crates (Desktop and Mobile versions)

Pre-Hardmode content[]

As mentioned, these features (aside from the exceptions shown above) are still available in Hardmode.