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  • Presserator item sprite
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TooltipAutomatically places actuators on placed objects
RarityRarity level: 3
Research1 required

The Presserator is an accessory that, when equipped, automatically places Actuators to objects when placing them. It requires Actuators to be in the player's inventory in order to function. The Presserator is purchased from the Traveling Merchant for 10.

The Presserator can be used as long as it is in the player's inventory or equipped. When held or equipped, a marker appears in the top left corner of the screen that can toggle the automatic placement of actuators.


  • This item is occasionally considered useless in comparison to The Grand Design which allows a precise way of placing Actuators. However, the Presserator still proves effective when placing large chunks of blocks, as it is not required to make the additional effort of placing the Actuators after placing the blocks. Furthermore, it is more efficient when placing blocks in irregular patterns, e.g. in a zig-zag shape. Because The Grand Design only supports straight lines, using it to place Actuators in those shapes is often considered more laborious.