The Pressure Plate Track is a type of track that has +1 range. This track part functions as pressure plates.

These can be somewhat difficult to place, as while the player must be in a Minecart to activate the Pressure Plate Track, it doesn't matter if the player rolls through the square with the plate or appears on it; in either case, the plate will trigger. As the entity must be in a minecart, only players can trigger this plate as of v1.3.

Timing is very important when using these, as (for most purposes) the entity triggering the plate will be moving 60-102mph.



  • Similar to normal Pressure Plates with Actuated blocks, an automated "garage" door system can be implemented by placing a Pressure Plate track on either side of the "door". If the player desires high-speed entry, it may be necessary to place the plates 1-2 blocks away from the door before wiring, to ensure the plates fire before the cart reaches the door. Further, the door will still have a one-block gap at the bottom due to the presence of the minecart track, which can be exploited by entities able to travel through single-block spaces.


  • Players using Explosives may wish to place a row of 3 charges (not column) beneath this if trying to trap their tracks in the styling of real-world IUDs. It is possible, particularly in multiplayer due to latency, for a player in a Mechanical Cart to escape the explosion when at top speed if the charge is only directly under the plate.  This is destructive to the track, so players may wish to put blast-resistant blocks under the affected track to collect the pieces and ease re-arming of the trap.
  • Players using the Pressure Plate Track to activate or deactivate a barrier of falling liquid will need to carefully establish the time between activation and impact with the liquid based on the speed at which it falls. This is particularly important with lava barriers or traps.
  • Rolling boulder traps can be very effective when combined with these, especially if combined with Honey or Booster Track to slow the cart after the plate is triggered.

Teleporters and other devices:

  • Teleporters wired directly to a plate above them will teleport the player to a linked teleporter, but if there are Pressure Plate Tracks on both, the destination teleporter will activate immediately (as the cart will teleport with the player onto the track). This track works best when using a one-way teleport setup (i.e. A and B on the same track, C and D on a second track, B goes to C and D goes to A, creating a loop).
  • The minecart can function as an Engine if minecart track is hammered to the "bumper" ending on each side of a series of Pressure Plate Tracks.
  • Minecart track which forms a junction can be switched between tracks by way of Pressure Plate Track, automating traffic control.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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