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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research100 required
Not to be confused with Pumpking, a Hardmode Pumpkin Moon event boss.

Pumpkin growth stages.

Pumpkins are a crafting material that grow on grass on the surface. They can be planted manually by the player year-round by purchasing Pumpkin Seeds from the Dryad NPC and placing them on grass on the surface. They also grow naturally randomly on grass during the Halloween and Oktoberfest seasonal events.

Harvesting fully grown Pumpkins during the Halloween season will rarely yield a Magical Pumpkin Seed, which is used to summon the Squashling pet.

Pumpkin Seeds each require two blocks width and two blocks height to grow Pumpkins.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
PumpkinPumpkin (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)By Hand
PumpkinPumpkinWork BenchWork Bench
PumpkinPumpkin (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS versiontModLoader version)
total: 3 row(s)

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Pumpkin PlatformPumpkin Platform (2) (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin
By Hand
Pumpkin Work BenchPumpkin Work Bench
  • PumpkinPumpkin (10)
Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie
  • PumpkinPumpkin (10)
Pumpkin ChandelierPumpkin ChandelierIron AnvilIron Anvil
Lead AnvilLead Anvil
Pumpkin Moon MedallionPumpkin Moon MedallionMythril AnvilMythril Anvil
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Pumpkin BathtubPumpkin Bathtub (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin (14)
Pumpkin BedPumpkin Bed (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin (15)
  • SilkSilk (5)
Pumpkin BookcasePumpkin Bookcase (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin (20)
  • BookBook (10)
Pumpkin ClockPumpkin Clock (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Pumpkin DresserPumpkin Dresser (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch versiontModLoader version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin (16)
Pumpkin PianoPumpkin Piano (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Pumpkin SofaPumpkin Sofa
Pumpkin ToiletPumpkin Toilet
  • PumpkinPumpkin (6)
Hanging Jack 'O LanternHanging Jack 'O LanternWork BenchWork Bench
Jack 'O LanternJack 'O Lantern
Pumpkin BathtubPumpkin Bathtub
  • PumpkinPumpkin (14)
Pumpkin BedPumpkin Bed (Old-gen console version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin (15)
  • SilkSilk (5)
Pumpkin BookcasePumpkin Bookcase
  • PumpkinPumpkin (20)
  • BookBook (10)
Pumpkin BreastplatePumpkin Breastplate
  • PumpkinPumpkin (30)
Pumpkin CandelabraPumpkin Candelabra
Pumpkin CandlePumpkin Candle
Pumpkin ChairPumpkin Chair
  • PumpkinPumpkin (4)
Pumpkin ChestPumpkin Chest
Pumpkin ClockPumpkin Clock (Old-gen console version)
Pumpkin DoorPumpkin Door
  • PumpkinPumpkin (6)
Pumpkin DresserPumpkin Dresser (Old-gen console version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin (16)
Pumpkin HelmetPumpkin Helmet
  • PumpkinPumpkin (20)
Pumpkin LampPumpkin Lamp
Pumpkin LanternPumpkin Lantern
Pumpkin LeggingsPumpkin Leggings
  • PumpkinPumpkin (25)
Pumpkin PianoPumpkin Piano
Pumpkin PlatformPumpkin Platform (2) (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS versiontModLoader version)
  • PumpkinPumpkin
Pumpkin SinkPumpkin Sink
Pumpkin TablePumpkin Table
  • PumpkinPumpkin (8)
Pumpkin WallPumpkin Wall (4)
  • PumpkinPumpkin
total: 36 row(s)


  • A Pumpkin plant will yield Pumpkins in any stage except while it is fully green. The bigger it is, the more Pumpkins will be harvested.
    • Harvesting a fully grown plant will yield 7-8 Pumpkins on average.
    • Growing pumpkins from seed is not profitable; during Halloween naturally-spawned pumpkins can best be sold as candelabras.
  • Harvesting Pumpkins will not yield Pumpkin Seeds (except possibly the Magical Pumpkin Seed pet), these seeds can only be bought from the Dryad.
  • Pumpkins can grow on Hallowed grass, but not on Crimson or Corrupt grass. However, due to the biome spread of the evil biomes, it is possible for Pumpkins to be on Corrupt/Crimson grass.
  • The Staff of Regrowth cannot be used to harvest and destroy naturally grown Pumpkins.
  • Pumpkins can only grow on the surface layer.
  • Pumpkins can grow in front of background walls.
  • Pumpkins can be harvested by any means (such as Actuators) in order to obtain the Magical Pumpkin Seed.
  • Even when manually planted with Pumpkin Seeds bought from the Dryad, no Pumpkin can grow on dirt, only grass. The Staff of Regrowth can be used to grow grass on dirt.
  • Unlike other plants, e.g. tall grass or vines, Pumpkins are not destroyed when swinging a weapon or tool nearby, or hitting them with a projectile. However, on the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and Nintendo Switch version Nintendo Switch version, fully grown Pumpkins are dislodged when hit.[1]


  • An easy way to farm Pumpkins during the Halloween season is to place strips of grass with Dart Traps firing just above them to destroy anything naturally growing on top of the grass. This will allow Pumpkins to grow instead, as Dart Traps do not destroy Pumpkins.
    • Dedicated farming, like with this method, may cause the Magical Pumpkin Seed to be obtained much faster.
  • It may be a good idea to start farming Pumpkins in pre-Hardmode so the player has access to a stock of Pumpkins for Pumpkin Moon Medallions in Hardmode.
  • Making a new world during Halloween can give the player an edge in the early game, as Pumpkins spawn naturally, and the Pumpkin armor made from them can last all the way until the Eye of Cthulhu.


  • Desktop Fixed a bug where pumpkin plants got cut when swinging nearby items or projectiles at them.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced alongside all corresponding furniture and items up to Desktop 1.2.4.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method CanCutTile() in Terraria.WorldGen.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is