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{{bug|Sometimes two Queen Bees can spawn at the same time.}}
{{bug|Sometimes two Queen Bees can spawn at the same time.}}
{{bug| sometimes queen bee will randomly spawn after plantera or the golem has Been defeated or when near a hive (propably)
{{bug| sometimes queen bee will randomly spawn after plantera or the golem has Been defeated or when near a hive (propably)}}
== History ==
== History ==

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Queen Bee
Queen Bee.pngOld-gen console version and 3DS version
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI Type43
Max Life3400
Coins10 One of these three 100%

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For strategies on how to defeat Queen Bee, see Guide:Queen Bee strategies.

The Queen Bee may be summoned by breaking the large larval cell inside a Bee Hive of the Underground Jungle or using an Abeemination anywhere within the Jungle. They are immune to the Confused debuff.


The Queen Bee has three distinct attack patterns.

  • The Queen Bee will repeatedly fly back and forth, ramming into the player.
  • Similar to Eye of Cthulhu, the Queen Bee fires bees (as a replacement of Eyes) while hovering above the player.
  • Similar to regular Hornets, the Queen Bee will rapidly fire poisonous stingers at the player.


  • While the Queen Bee is charging at you, focus on dodging rather than dealing extra damage.
  • Multi-hit, piercing magic, such as Water Bolt or Book of Skulls, or piercing ranged attacks, such as Meteor Shot, are very effective against the Queen Bee especially during her second attack pattern.
  • The bees do little damage, but have high annoyance value as they can push the player around if a Cobalt or Obsidian Shield isn't equipped. The bees can be destroyed, and have a chance of dropping a heart or a star. A Crimson Rod can be extremely useful for both destroying the bees and doing a steady trickle of damage to the Queen Bee.
    • In the case that you don't have a Shield yet to avoid knockback, a Grappling Hook or, if you have been stocking up on materials, an Ivy Whip can be used to cling onto a spot, avoiding knockback entirely. The Ivy Whip is superior for this, allowing you to grapple 3 different areas in order to "float" in midair. While sacrificing mobility, it may be a better choice than being knocked around and possibly into honey if you were not prepared.
  • Equipping a Bezoar can eliminate the residual effects from the poisonous stingers.
  • Using an item that deals damage when you take it, such as a Thorns Potion or Star Cloak, along with high defence, can make the boss easy to kill, given that the bees will do minimum damage to you while dealing damage to the boss itself. This tactic is also easier to use if in the hive where the Queen spawns, as you can use the honey for extra health regeneration.
  • Occasionally dipping your character in honey along with full Crimson armour can help as the health regeneration is quite generous while your character is stationary


  • Despite the drop for the Bee Keeper, Bee Gun, and Honeycomb all being 33.33%, the player can only acquire one per killed Queen bee, and they will always receive one of the three upon defeating the Queen Bee.
  • Occasionally, a Hive will be large enough to posses 2 Queen Bee jars. If a player is using Water Bolt or other bouncing magic weapon, they need to be wary of the second jar, lest they be set upon by another Queen Bee.
  • A World can possess multiple beehives, and multiple bees.
  • Orichalcum armor's set bonus can break the Larva, causing the Queen Bee to be unintentionally spawned.
  • Sometimes the Star Cloak will destroy the larva, causing the Queen Bee to be spawned.
  • Queen Bee will charge at you, which causes more damage than her other attacks.




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  • 1.2: Introduced.