The Queen Spider Staff is very similar to the Staff of the Frost Hydra in that it summons a turret-like minion that attacks enemies.
Spider Summoner Gear , Armor & Weapons! - Terraria 1.2

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Queen spider

The Queen Spider


  • The baby spiders dissipate after damaging an enemy.
  • The Queen Spider does not move, but she does shoot eggs that hatch into 2-3 baby spiders that will attack monsters.
  • The Queen Spider seems to last about a minute.
  • As with the frost hydra, the queen spider is effectively a turret boosted by minion-enhancing gear, but it will not consume a minion slot and only one can be summoned per player at a time regardless of their minion limit.

Update Info


  • It now costs 10 mana to use so it can be reforged to mana prefixes such as mythical.


  • Added to the game.
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