The Rainbow Slime is a rare slime that spawns in The Hallow during Rainstorms.

Spawn Conditions

The spawn conditions for Rainbow Slimes are pretty specific;

  • They only spawn when a player is physically within the Hallow (while it's raining)
  • They will not spawn on Hallowed blocks. (Pearlstone Block, Pearlsand Block, etc)

Recommended methods for farming them are as follows:

  1. Stand just within the edges of the Hallow while it's raining, place a Water Candle somewhere near.
  2. Stand within a Hallowed Snow biome with a water candle placed during a blizzard, since the snow itself cannot become Hallowed.


  • Rainbow Slimes glow very faintly in the dark.
  • Multiple Rainbow Slimes can spawn at one time, as long as it is a Blood Moon and the user is both holding a water candle and has the 'Battle' buff.
  • It is the strongest slime in the game apart from King Slime.
  • The Rainbow Slime will not spawn in the underground hallow - only on the surface.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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