Red's Wings is a set of Wings named after Terraria's main developer, Redigit. They are a part of Red's Outfit. They can be reforged like any other accessory.

Terraria Red's Armour

Terraria Red's Armour


  • If one were to obtain the Red's Wings in update 1.2, it is revealed that before the 1.3 update they had infinite flight.
  • For all players who kept pre 1.3 Red's Wings, the wings had the tooltip "You shouldn't have this" and though they were meant to kill you via debuffs some players who had the wings were immune to these debuffs including console users.

Update Info


  • No longer possesses a noclip ability.


  • No longer inflicts debuffs.
  • No longer has any special abilities.


  • Will now inflict several debuffs on players which wear it.


  • Added to the game.
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