Red's Wings are a set of unobtainable wings in Terraria named after the developer, Redigit. The only way to obtain these is to use inventory editors, or use of console.

Red's Wings are blue with small gold bumps. These wings possess the unique ability of infinite flight, sprinting faster than any type of boots, infinite breath while underwater, hovering, and the ability to glitch through solid tiles. Wearing this, however, will give the wearer a lot of debuffs causing certain death until unequipped, similar to all other development items.


  • As of update, wearing this item in the game will result in several debuffs causing near instantaneous death.
  • One funtion of these wings is bug allowing for the wearing to pass through solid blocks. To do this, one must first go into hover mode by jumping in the air and then holding the down and jump keys. Then press and hold the up key along with the keeping the down and jump key held. The player's character will appear to be standing in air. While keeping all three keys held the wearer can then use the left and right keys to "walk" in the air, passing through any blocks in the way.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


Terraria Red's Armour

Terraria Red's Armour

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