RedsArmor.png This article pertains to content which exists in the code of Terraria, but is inaccessible through normal means.

What this means is that the topic of this article can only be seen through the use of third-party tools. It may or may not be available legitimately at any point in the future.

Red's Wings is a set of unobtainable Wings named after Terraria's main developer, Redigit. The only way to obtain these is to use inventory editors or use of console.

Red's Wings are blue with small gold bumps. These wings possess the unique ability of infinite flight, sprinting faster than any type of boots, infinite breath while underwater, hovering, and the ability to glitch through solid tiles. Wearing this, however, will give the wearer a lot of debuffs causing certain death until unequipped, similar to all other development items.


When worn, Red's Wings will automatically inflict the character with Blackout, Burning, Confused, Cursed, Slow and Weak Debuffs. The Burning and Blackout Debuffs will remain active, even if an Ankh Charm or Ankh Shield is equipped. This occurs with all developer items.

Red's Wings will also lower defense to -1000, ignoring current defense, regardless of whether it is in a social slot or armor slot.

Red's Wings can also be reforged like every other Accessory, and it will cost only 1 copper coin.

Red's Wings is a part of Red's Outfit.



  • While wearing these wings, if the player holds down the "down", "up", and "jump" keys, their character will be able to move through solid blocks.
    • This bug will not occur if the player is inflicted with any debuffs beyond those caused by the accessory itself.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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