RedsArmor This article pertains to content which exists in the code of Terraria, but is inaccessible through normal means.

What this means is that the topic of this article can only be seen through the use of third-party tools. It may or may not be available legitimately at any point in the future.

The Red Potion is a developer item that inflicts the Darkness, Poisoned, Cursed, On Fire!, Weak, Confused, Slow, Silenced, Broken Armor, Bleeding, and Suffocation debuffs on the character. Except in the Master mode it can only be obtained with third-party tools, or very rarely, free-item areas on public servers. It is unknown whether it gives buffs if used by a Developer. Because the debuffs lasts for one hour (two in expert mode), this effectively kills the player unless they heal with Nurse.


  • This potion is named after Redigit, the creator of Terraria

Update Info


  • Drops in Master mode now


  • Added to the game.
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