Reflective Obsidian Dye

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Reflective Obsidian Dye
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RarityRarity level: 2
Research3 required
The effect.

Reflective Obsidian Dye is a type of dye that is randomly rewarded by the Dye Trader for turning in Strange Plants. When equipped, it will give the respective equipment an obsidian-plated, "shiny" effect, reflecting the surrounding light around the player. The reflection is more pronounced the closer the player is to a light source. The dye will prioritize light from the sun when the player is outside. From some perspectives, the player may look three-dimensional when this dye is equipped in all slots.

As with other reflective dyes, this dye is not animated when standing still, but the shading on a dyed piece of equipment will change according to the surrounding light, giving it the appearance of light reflecting off of a shining metallic object.

Unlike the other reflective dyes, this dye is rather dark which results in dark highlights.

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