The Reindeer Bells are the first item added into Terraria that summons a mount, Rudolph. It is dropped from the Ice Queen on Wave 15 onwards, the most difficult boss of the Frost Moon event. The Reindeer Bells do not drop from presents.

With Rudolph you can fly the same distance as with Spooky Wings, but it is easily disturbed by many actions, including--but not limited to: drinking potions, eating, using weapon etc. Performing said actions will cause Rudolph to disappear.

Rudolph is also a very good way to travel, using it allows the rider to travel at speeds surpassing those of a player with Lightning Boots.

Update Info


  • Rudolph no longer flies the moment he touches down if the jump button is held.
  • Fixed a bug where Rudolph could sometimes regain the ability to double jump while flying.


  • Misspelled buff name fixed ("Rudoplh").


  • Added to the game.
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