The Rod of Discord is a rare item dropped from Chaos Elementals. It teleports the player to where the mouse cursor is, with no use of mana. Upon use, this item applies the Chaos State debuff for 6/9(PC and Console/Old Gen Console, Mobile and 3DS), which makes further usage of the Rod of Discord cost 1/7 (PC and Console) or 1/6(Old Gen Console, Mobile and 3DS) of the player's maximum health per use while active, in addition to resetting the debuff's duration.


  • When the player teleports, there is a glowing pink effect that generates light at their destination that lasts for about a second.
  • The death message after dying from the Chaos State debuff says: <player> didn't materialize or <player>'s legs appeared where his/her head should be.
  • The Rod of Discord will not teleport the player into the Jungle Temple before the defeat of Plantera.
  • If the player attempts to teleport to an invalid location, the game plays the sound effect and animation, but nothing happens and the debuff is not applied to the player.
  • Despite not being a weapon, it can be displayed on a Weapon Rack.
  • Teleportation resets the stacking of fall damage but not flight time of Wings.
  • The location must be 3 blocks high and 2 blocks wide, and it moves the player's feet to there.


  • "Discord" means: not in agreement or harmony; lacking in harmony.
  • This item is very similar to the Ender Pearl item in Minecraft. Like Ender Pearls, the Rod of Discord will do damage to the player.


  • If the Terraria client is closed and the mouse is clicked somewhere when the Rod of Discord is equipped, the game will crash.
  • On mobile you will die when this item is used with the death message "Structure"
  • Icon mobile The gender on the death message:<player>'s legs appeared where his/her head should be is random.


Update Info


  • Chaos State debuff duration lowered to 6 seconds.


  • Rod of Discord works properly when gravity is flipped.
  • Chaos State debuff now only lasts 8 seconds (down from 10).
  • Attempting to teleport in the duration of Chaos State will now deal 1/6 of the player's max HP (down from 1/5).




  • Added to the game.