The Rune Wizard is a rare Hard Mode enemy that resides in the Underground near the Underworld. He fights very similarly to Tim, dungeon casters, and imps, teleporting every so often and proceeding to throw magic fireballs at the player that can travel through walls. When killed the Rune Wizard will drop a Rune Hat and Rune Robe. These items have no effect other than being a Vanity item and creating a yellow-green trail when moving, and a slight pulsating effect on characters. He is easy to notice, since he gives out light, and when he teleports, huge amounts of sparks fly out. These sparks share their color with the green and yellow sparks from his attack.


  • He could be considered a Hard Mode version of Tim.
  • The projectiles he fires, when struck, seem to do no damage afterward, but do not disappear.
  • His melee attack can be very dangerous even to a player with high defense, therefore it is recommended that one uses ranged weapons to deal with him.
  • When being under constant attack, he cannot shoot his projectiles, or teleport, due to how the "Caster A.I." works, which is where it teleports, fires three times, and then repeats, so it is advisable using a long, fast melee sword or ranged weapons, such as the Megashark, or The Horseman's Blade.
  • The Rune Hat and the Rune Robe, if you already have a set, or don't want it, have a good selling price of 1 Gold Coin each.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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