ASand Block is a block type that can be used to make glass, which can then be made into bottles. It is affected by gravity and will fall if the player mines a block under it (similar to silt). This makes sand easy to mine from the bottom of a stack. If the player is underneath sand when it falls, the player will take suffocation damage, even if only the player's legs are covered by a sand block.

Sand deals 20 damage (minus defense) to any player or enemy that it falls on. The player can use this to their advantage by placing a block of sand above an enemy. Cobwebs, torches, tall grass, dirt, and open doors prevent sand from falling, which can then be moved, closed or removed to create falling sand traps. With 1.1 it is now possible to use Pressure Plates to make automatic yet single-use traps, as Wire can close doors, Dart Traps darts can cut Cobwebs and tall Grass, and Pumps can pump liquids to remove Torches. If sand is placed above an enemy it can cause them to be pushed through blocks into tunnels below.

Sand could be used to eliminate bodies of liquids by placing many blocks in it and then mining them, however, as of 1.1, this isn't possible anymore, as Water and Lava now occupy a background layer. "Covered" liquids are only removed when the world is loaded again after being saved; mining blocks covering liquids now simply reveals the liquid again instead of destroying it.

The best pre-hardmode way to mine sand is with a Nightmare Pickaxe due to its faster swinging when compared to the Molten Pickaxe. If you stand at the bottom of a tall sand stack e.g. the base of a Desert you can mine the whole tower by just mining the bottom one repeatedly. For hardmode players, drills and hardmode Pickaxes are even more effective.

If a world is in Hardmode long enough, it is possible for Deserts and Oceans to turn into their Hallowed or Corrupted/Crimson counterpart, making sand hard to obtain without the use of Purification Powder, Clentaminator and Green Solution or mining underground as Sand can also be found in the underground layer.

Terraria 2011-05-30 21-49-20-99

A player and a lot of Sand


  • If you touch falling sand from the side, it will deal suffocation damage.
  • Sand is used as ammo for the Sandgun, as well as Pearlsand and Ebonsand.
  • The taskbar may say 'You sand bro?'. This may be a reference to the saying 'U mad bro?'
  • Sand is capable of damaging enemies, including ones that can pass through blocks, like Wraiths.

Update Info


  • Falling sand can no longer be picked up and moved around by the Magic Missile/Flamelash/Dirt Rod.
  • World generation style modified the way sand is generated.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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