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Desktop only.pngConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile versionOld Chinese versiontModLoader versiontModLoader 1.3-Legacy version
Not to be confused with the Smooth Sandstone Wall, the only non-natural Sandstone Wall.

Sandstone Walls naturally-generating background walls found in the Underground Desert. Underground Deserts generate by default the normal Sandstone Wall which may be converted into Ebon-, Crim-, and Pearlsandstone Wall if exposed to the Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow, respectively. Converted Sandstone Walls may further spread conversion to other walls. See biome spread for more information. These walls can be destroyed with a hammer, but will drop nothing. These walls also do not stop enemies from spawning and cannot be used for proper housing.

On the Desktop only.png PC version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and tModLoader version tModLoader version, these walls can be crafted with their respective Sandstone types where they can be used like other craftable walls.

Crafting Desktop only.pngConsole versionMobile versiontModLoader version[]


ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Crimsandstone WallCrimsandstone Wall (4) (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)Work BenchWork Bench and Ecto Mist
Ebonsandstone WallEbonsandstone Wall (4) (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)
Pearlsandstone WallPearlsandstone Wall (4) (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)
Sandstone WallSandstone Wall (4) (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)
total: 4 row(s)

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Crimsandstone BlockCrimsandstone Block (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)Work BenchWork Bench and Ecto Mist
Ebonsandstone BlockEbonsandstone Block (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)
Pearlsandstone BlockPearlsandstone Block (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)
Sandstone BlockSandstone Block (Console versionMobile versiontModLoader version)
total: 4 row(s)