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Santa Claus
Santa ClausOld-gen console version and Nintendo 3DS version
Map Icon Santa Claus
Map Icon
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life250
KB Resist50%
Christmas-Only Content
Christmas-Only Content
The content described on this page will only appear during the Christmas event.

Santa Claus is a Hardmode NPC vendor that arrives after the Frost Legion has been defeated, but only during the Christmas season ( December 15 – December 31 / December 1 – January 15, or unlocked for an in-game day outside of those dates by completing the Frost Moon), after which he dies. He sells many Christmas-themed decorations and vanities during this time.

Santa Claus will defend himself against nearby enemies by throwing baubles.

Items sold[]

Note: All item prices can be decreased by equipping a Discount Card or Greedy Ring. On the PC version PC version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and tModLoader version tModLoader version, prices can also be higher or lower based on the NPC's happiness level.
Item Cost Availability

Santa HatSanta Hat 15 Always available.
Santa ShirtSanta Shirt 15 Always available.
Santa PantsSanta Pants 15 Always available.
Christmas TreeChristmas Tree 25 Always available.
Red LightRed Light 5 Always available.
Green LightGreen Light 5 Always available.
Blue LightBlue Light 5 Always available.
Star Topper 1Star Topper 1 5 Always available.
Star Topper 2Star Topper 2 5 Always available.
Star Topper 3Star Topper 3 5 Always available.
505 Topper505 Topper 5 Always available.
Bow TopperBow Topper 5 Always available.
White GarlandWhite Garland 5 Always available.
White and Red GarlandWhite and Red Garland 5 Always available.
Red GarlandRed Garland 5 Always available.
Red and Green GarlandRed and Green Garland 5 Always available.
Green GarlandGreen Garland 5 Always available.
Green and White GarlandGreen and White Garland 5 Always available.
Multicolored BulbMulticolored Bulb 5 Always available.
Red BulbRed Bulb 5 Always available.
Item Cost Availability

Yellow BulbYellow Bulb 5 Always available.
Green BulbGreen Bulb 5 Always available.
Red and Green BulbRed and Green Bulb 5 Always available.
Yellow and Green BulbYellow and Green Bulb 5 Always available.
Red and Yellow BulbRed and Yellow Bulb 5 Always available.
White BulbWhite Bulb 5 Always available.
White and Red BulbWhite and Red Bulb 5 Always available.
White and Yellow BulbWhite and Yellow Bulb 5 Always available.
White and Green BulbWhite and Green Bulb 5 Always available.
Multicolored LightsMulticolored Lights 5 Always available.
Red LightsRed Lights 5 Always available.
Green LightsGreen Lights 5 Always available.
Blue LightsBlue Lights 5 Always available.
Yellow LightsYellow Lights 5 Always available.
Red and Yellow LightsRed and Yellow Lights 5 Always available.
Red and Green LightsRed and Green Lights 5 Always available.
Yellow and Green LightsYellow and Green Lights 5 Always available.
Blue and Green LightsBlue and Green Lights 5 Always available.
Red and Blue LightsRed and Blue Lights 5 Always available.
Blue and Yellow LightsBlue and Yellow Lights 5 Always available.
Any PylonAny Pylon 10 When in a specific biome and is happy enough.

Living preferences []


For more information, see NPC happiness.

Shimmered form []

Santa Claus (Shimmered) Map Icon Santa Claus (Shimmered)
Shimmered Santa Claus and his Map Icon.

When submerged in Shimmer, the Santa Claus will transform into his Shimmered form. This has no impact on gameplay or dialogue and is only a visual change. He can be returned to his classic look by submerging him in Shimmer again.


Interaction quotes[]

    • "Ho ho ho, and a bottle of... Egg Nog!"
    • "What? You thought I wasn't real?"
    • "Care to bake me some cookies?"

    During a Party:

    • "Come now, you didn't think I only celebrated on Christmas did you?"

    When it's Raining:

    • "Got a torch? If so, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?!"

    During a Windy Day:

    • "Ho ho! My reindeer will fly at mach speeds, tonight!"

    During a Thunderstorm:

    • "Oh ho... whoah! There goes Dasher. There went Donner, too!"

    When in a Graveyard:

    • "Ho ho ho! Wait, look at this place... did I come two months too early!?"
    • "Naughty or Nice? Hm, how unusual... the people here have all been crossed off my list for some time now."
  • Happiness quotes []

  • When homeless:

    • "I can't just go back to the north pole when I please, ho ho ho! Think you can spot me a temporary house?"

    When far from home:

    • "Hello there! I'm far from my temporary home!"

    When in a sparse area:

    • "Ho ho ho! Just me and my elves, a perfect place for my remote workshop."

    When overcrowded:

    • "I prefer to work alone, in the presence of just my elves. I dislike all the distractions!"
    • "This is a pretty big crowd, each and every one on the naughty list. I hate carrying that heavy bag of coal!"

    When in the Snow Biome:

    • "I absolutely love it here! Are you surprised? Who thought I wouldn't like the Snow?"

    When in the Desert:

    • "I'm adding you to the naughty list for putting me in a awful place like the Desert."

    When near the Tax Collector:

    • "I hate people who don't believe in me! For example, [Name of Tax Collector] the Tax Collector, the naughtiest I've ever known!"
  • Tips[]

    This content is transcluded from Christmas § Tips.

    • Christmas can be "activated" by setting the device's date to any date within the respective Christmas timespan.
      • Desktop only Change the computer's date to any day between December 15th and 31st.
      • Console version Disconnect from Xbox One Xbox Live / PlayStation 4 PSN and change the console time.
      • Mobile version Disconnect from automatic date/time updates and change the time manually. Note that this does not work for some devices.
      • Nintendo 3DS version Go to "System Settings" and go to "Other Settings, click on "Date and Time", then "Today's Date" and "Current Time" and set the date and time there.
      • Nintendo Switch Go to "System Settings" and go to "System", click on "Date and Time", turn off "Synchronize Clock via Internet" and set the time there.
    If a change of the device's time is undesired, applications like "RunAsDate" (Windows) or faketime (Linux, macOS) allow launching Terraria with a changed time and date.
    • Changing the time back to normal will cause him to die at the next sunrise.
      • If he is spawned in while it is not Christmas via TShock or similar third-party software, he will die instantly.
    • As long as the Frost Legion is defeated once in a world, he will arrive every time Christmas content is active in that world. They do not need to be defeated each Christmas.


    • If a Snow Globe is obtained and brought into a pre-Hardmode world, Santa Claus can be summoned outside Hardmode by defeating the Frost Legion and having available housing for him.
    • Santa Claus sells 39 items at any given time, more than any other NPC.
      • Two other NPCs sell more items only during certain conditions. The Golfer sells 39 items only if the player has a golf score of 2000 or higher. If the Golfer is happy enough, he will additionally sell a Pylon, therefore expanding his supplies to 40. Also, the Tavernkeep will have 40 items available once Golem has been defeated.
      • It is not possible to buy back items sold to this NPC since the last item slot cannot hold any sold items.
    • In the Console version Console version, he has a description in the housing section saying "A jolly old fellow".
    • "Ho ho ho, and a bottle of... Egg Nog!" is a reference to the fictional sea song "Dead Man's Chest", originally from Robert Louis Stevenson's adventure novel Treasure Island which was first published in 1883. The song contains the verse "Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum".
      • The Pirate also makes this reference, saying, "Yo ho ho and a bottle of....blinkroots!"
    • He has the least number of possible names, having only one.
    • In the housing menu, he is described as "Santa Claus the Santa Claus".
    • Santa hating the Tax Collector is a reference to A Christmas Carol, whose protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge (the inspiration for Tax Collector) is known to despise Christmas in its entirety.
    • This is currently the only NPC to actively love or hate a biome – all other NPCs simply like or dislike certain biomes.
    • Santa Claus is the only NPC that dies rather than just disappearing when the requirements to being present are no longer met. This makes contrast with the Traveling Merchant, who simply leaves the map rather than dying when no longer supposed to stay.
    • Santa's interaction quote during a Storm, "Oh ho... whoah! There goes Dasher. There went Donner, too!" is a reference to the fact that Donner is the German word for 'Thunder', as well as one of Santa's reindeer.
    • Santa's shimmered form resembles Ded Moroz, a Slavic version of Santa popularized by the Soviet Union.

    The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Santa Claus: "Only present during a specific time of year, Santa Claus makes a big entrance and an even bigger, rather explosive exit. Ho! Ho! Ho!"


    • Desktop
      • Now attacks enemies in sight by throwing baubles.
      • Sprite updated.
    • Mobile 1.2.10061: Santa now requires the Frost Legion to be defeated before he'll spawn.