For a guide on hosting a dedicated server, see Dedicated Server.

The server console is used to create a dedicated server for Terraria without having to be connected to that server. It can continue to run despite having no characters connected to it. The console is located in the Terraria base/root folder. The executable is called TerrariaServer.exe, and it can be found on a PC in this file destination:

For 32-bit Windows:


For 64-bit Windows:


Though the game already includes the server in its files, it may also be downloaded:

You may also try the Terraria Dedicated Server GUI to manage your dedicated server.

Most settings may be changed inside the 'serverconfig.txt' or through server start-up.

You may also use TShock as a highly flexible alternative. This server provides added security and functionality, such as in-game commands, and allows for use of plugins for even more in-depth performance. At the time of writing, TShock has yet to be updated to

Start up

Upon opening the server console, it will present you with the following prompts:

  • Select an existing World
    • Choose a Number of Max Players (Default is set to 8, max is 255) ex:
    • Enter a Port that people will connect to (Default is set to 7777)
    • Enter a Server Password (Defaults to no password)
    • At this point it will begin to load up your world and start the server up.
  • Create a New World
    • Choose Small, Medium or Large sized world
    • Enter the Name of the World
    • At this point it will start creating the World for you and redirect you back to World Selection
  • Delete an Existing World
    • if you select Delete Existing World you will have to also enter the number of the world you want to delete on the same line

Server Commands

The server has a list of commands that can be helpful in keeping your server running efficiently and keeping the peace on it. Simply type in the command to use it.

Here is a list of the commands:


Function Uses
help Displays a list of commands. Useful if you can't remember all the commands
playing Shows the list of players Useful if someone is sneaking onto your server and hiding in some secret underground cavern
clear Clear the console window Useful after a save command an autosave as it will clear the window from all the saving text that fills it up
exit Shutdown the server and save the world.
exit-nosave Shutdown the server without saving the world.
save Save the game world Useful if you just want to log on to do something in a short period of time. Sometimes if you used the Host & Play option within Terraria itself and just wanted to do something really quick to the terrain it would end up not being saved.
kick <player> Kicks a player from the server Kick someone. Useful for maintaining order on your server. The player you kicked WILL be able to re-join the server. However, you can ban them... See below.
ban <player> Bans a player from the server It bans a player. They cannot re-join the server with the same character anymore. Useful if they only have one character that has been causing mayhem.
password Show password Useful if you've forgot what the password is and want to let someone onto your server.
password <pass> Change password Useful for encrypting access to your server, so you can only allow certain people on the server.
version Print version number People need same version number to connect? Currently no use, except for knowing what version of TerrariaServer.exe you're running. However, you can already find that out by looking at the status bar at the top of the console.
time Display game time
port Print the listening port Acts like the password command. Shows you what port the executable is listening on.
maxplayers Print the max number of players Useful if you need to expand / limit your server's use
say <words> Send a message Allows you to make an announcement to the entire server
motd Print MOTD This isn't really explained well in the help menu. But the MOTD is the message of the Server when you log on.
motd <words> Change MOTD This and the Config.txt file are the only 2 ways to change the MOTD atm
dawn Change time to dawn
noon Change time to noon
dusk Change time to dusk Useful for Spawning the Eye of Cthulhu and/or other monsters/bosses that only appear in the night.
midnight Change time to midnight Useful for Spawning the Eye of Cthulhu and/or other monsters/bosses that only appear in the night.
settle Settle all water. Other than Save and Ban one of the most useful commands for the server. You know when everyone on your server thinks its cool to drain every body of water into The Underworld... Well this command will settle all the water movement quickly. Mostly because with enough water moving it tends to lock up liquid movement.

Possible Saving Bug

If you close the console window via the red x button in the top right, the world may not have saved.

Always use save/exit commands before closing the dedicated server, or risk losing any new items you put into chests/changes you made to the terrain.

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