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The Shackle is an accessory that grants 1 point of defense. It is dropped by Zombies somewhat rarely (1/50 or 2% for most Zombies). Shackles are most useful early in the game, when defense is at a premium.


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  • Shackles are relatively easy to acquire if you venture into the wilderness during a Blood Moon.
  • Due to its low reforging cost, this item is useful for getting rarer modifiers like Arcane, Violent, Lucky, and Warding.
    • With the "Warding" modifier, 4 defense is added for a total of 5, which is nearly equivalent to Copper Armor (6 defense with set bonus).


  • In real life, a Shackle is either a metal link used for linking devices together or chains used to restrain prisoners.
  • The Zombie Arm appears to have a shackle on its wrist.