The Shiny Stone is an item dropped by Golem in expert mode. It greatly increases life regeneration when not moving, using weapons, or using tools.

The increase in health regeneration is roughly 4x the base rate of regeneration (so from about 10/sec to 40/sec) but has a slow "spin-up" time to reach that maximum. The player is bathed in light and yellow particles when the effect is active.

Taking damage, using most items, and moving will all dispel the effect and start the "spin up" process over. If grappled (stationary), riding a minecart (stationary), or on a mount (stationary) the effect will remain active.

Combined with other accessories and Nebula Armor, this accessory makes it possible to regenerate at a rate >60hp/s in Honey. Without fully buffed Nebula Armor this is closer to 48 with Charm of Myths, potions, and Celestial Shell. This makes the Shiny Stone ideal for farming as a summoner in a vat of honey. Additionally, the use of Health Potions or a Fishing Rod will not affect the health regeneration rate.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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