The Shroomite Bar can be crafted at an AutoHammer. It requires 15 Glowing Mushroom and 1 Chlorophyte Bar to craft at an Autohammer and is considered the rarest bar in Terraria (Although because of the poor drop rate of Luminite and time it takes to reach Moon Lord, as well as the shared difficulty to farm Ectoplasm and Chlorophyte Bars, Luminite Bars/Spectre Bars are also rare as well) Due to the sheer number of glowing mushrooms it takes to make an entire set of Shroomite armor, it is highly recommended to make an above-ground Mushroom biome/farm to expedite the mushroom collecting process as soon as you can gather large quantities of Mud and Mushroom Grass Seeds. It's a post-Plantera item, because Autohammer can only be brought from Truffle after defeating Plantera.

Prior to version 1.3, Shroomite Armor was considered the best ranged armor in the game, because of its set bonus, which allows the player to deal extremely high ranged damage. On versions without Vortex Armor, it's the best Ranged Armor. In fact, the only disadvantage over Vortex Armor is that the helmets are less versatile and offer specified boosts (Which may not apply on certain ranged weapons, like the Piranha Gun).


  • To make every item using Shroomite Bars, you need 114 Shroomite Bars using 114 Chlorophyte Bars and 1710 Glowing Mushrooms. This includes all 3 headwear.
  • If the player has a large amount of excess Shroomite Bars that they don't want to use for any purpose, selling them is profitable, since it sells more than the combined sell value of 1 Chlorophyte Bar and 15 Glowing Mushrooms. (1 Gold VS 91 Silver 50 Copper)

Update Info




  • Added to the game.
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